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  1. Had a DD whine boat charging a friend of mine who was in a Tirp, Hans on the 155 was like "Hold Mein Beer!" BOOM, DD whine boat splodes from a Det. Loved it xD
  2. Agree 100%. HE was almost never used in ship to ship engagements.
  3. Wasnt on the list, but I hate the LOL, no skill, pen everything, thermite laced, thermo-nuclear, HE shells. I mean really? A 127MM gun is gonna sink Yammato? Really? -_-
  4. Lyon is just way to powerful... She needs heavy nerfs to bring her in line with her equal tier BB's. She can lol pen any ship from any angle.. Its utterly stupid. Either nerf her armor to much thinner, or nerf her main guns pen. One or the other.
  5. Thats why I was asking and not telling. But thanks for being rude.
  6. We can do it in coop, but why not OP's? Ops are like the only part of this game I still find fun, Randoms are just cancer...
  7. Seriously, remove the restriction on the new OP, let us play what we want to play.
  8. T10 Ops?

    Would love to see some T9/10 Ops introduced. I feel they would be crazy and a lot of fun. :3
  9. I got a leech who was just saying in chat how he shouldn't participate and did nothing the entire game. Where do I go to report him and send in the replay? This kind of cancer needs to be banned from the game.
  10. Atlanta Buff/Adjustments

    The ship is fine as it is. I can do crazy damage in her. Shes a very skill oriented ship and punishes mistakes. Learn her and she will reward you.
  11. Russian Bias?

    Its pretty bad... Russian napkin navy ships have gotten tons of shadow buffs over time. They are pretty much the best at everything.
  12. So yeah, gamble and you might get a .00001% chance at playing these ships early. I dont know what I was expecting from a Russian company really...
  13. Unnecessary Hate

    Just remove CV's from the game. They are horrible.
  14. Unnecessary Hate

    CV's = even greater cancer then DD's.