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  1. Bai, taking my wallet and leaving until the next gimmick line or DD's get nerfed into reality again.
  2. Its getting ridiculous how much HE is being spammed left and right... They need to do something to promote the use of AP again. I vote for huge HE nerfs but I know thats not popular. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Skipping the new DD line.

    Yeah, think ill skip the new DD line.. Dont see a point in them really. If I cant torp DD's in smoke then theres no point to playing them. Even with the radar gimmick at higher tiers.
  4. Nerf Khabs gun damage.

    She hits like a truck and can bounce 18inch shells... Yeah, shes not OP at all. No sir.
  5. Nerf Khabs gun damage.

    Nerf Khabs gun damage.. She blatantly over powered. She needs to have a handicap in some way. Some might say her stealth is her weakness, but thats bul. I have the ship, its not hard at all to stay hidden. I barely play her because I feel dirty every time, you dont even have to think in that ship, it just wrecks everything... NERF THE KHAB.
  6. About 1 in 10 people actually play their role. And Atlanta is more then capable at filling any role in this game. Shes very powerful. I dont even play her to hunt DD's lol.
  7. Cap BB's and DD's. No more then 2 per team. And buff Cruiser rewards to encourage playing them more.
  8. Seriously... HE NEEEEEEDS to be nerfed. Sure, I dont agree with DD's having such powerful HE, but I understand the argument of them needing to do damage. But nerf it on every gun above 130mm. I just got into a fight with a Hindy in my Yammy. He spams HE from his front guns, I mash him with AP. If my guns even hit, I was lucky to do 1500 damage. His average hit was 2k+ and he could hit three times to my one. Best hit I got on him was for 6k once and about 50% of my shots missed. So, nerf HE across all tiers, if its above 130mm then nerf it. And also make APHE only an option on guns below or at 130mm.
  9. Khabarovsk PTS Buffs

    Doesnt detract form the fact that the ship is blatantly over powered. Barely had to think and was scoring damage in insane amount and making enemies run for the hills. I doubt a stat baby like you will listen though.
  10. Khabarovsk PTS Buffs

    Really? I just got that ship and played three matches in it... Its OP as can be as it is. I didnt even have to think while playing it, guns hit for 2k+ more often them my BB's. Had no problem stomping the enemy ships into dust. All three matches were over 100k dmg... Now they are buffing it? IT DOES NOT NEED A BUFF!
  11. Why on earth does this OP ship have a reload that is on par with smaller caliber guns? She has 220mm guns, should at least be 15 seconds. Hindenburg has a 10 second reload and those are 203s. Just blatant Russian paper navy bias.
  12. I have been toying with idea of taking the deal and selling this ship, but why not let us swap out the smoke for radar? Would instantly make her good again, low detection plus hydro and radar? She would be an epic DD hunter.
  13. If you cant make DD's work then dont even try another class. DD's are easy mode.
  14. She just struggles, shes got a citadel the size of Texas that gets hit by anything from any angle. HE wrecks her, guns dont fire fast enough to be effective at range, cant survive up close.. She needs some serious love.
  15. Its Russian so add another 10% to the fire chance and thats actually what it is. Its been proven, Russian ships have a higher fire chance then is advertised.