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  1. Well as a Music lover. I have always had studio or like wise speakers for my cpu. It took a while to figure out TeamSpeak settings so that I would not echo whilst talking and ect. But now I play with Advent fronts (5") and Infinity rears (3") along with center and and a sub woofer. Why even use a Headset unless you have neighbors that hate you! I also have a Creative Sound blaster Platinum card but really current audio is fine.
  2. Halli_SPARTA

    Can we get some lights here?

    The game is not dark. It appears your monitor is very old or you need to up the gamma on your card. https://www.itsupportguides.com/knowledge-base/windows-10/solved-windows-10-screen-brightness-too-dark/
  3. As a Tennessean I would buy the ship. and RIP Charlie Daniels he was born in North Carolina but became a TRUE Tennessean and Patriot !!!!
  4. Halli_SPARTA

    Please make World of Destroyers...

    I say take a CV and make each plane a World of War Plane type, so there is one player in each Plane. They have to stick to formations until a certain preset as is like loading of Torps and a Cv operator allows what area they fly to.
  5. Halli_SPARTA

    Dasha Perova... where is she?

    Beside we now have WG-Mademoiselle who is way better looking!!!
  6. Halli_SPARTA

    Champagne, is it worth it?

    Flambass says he will never ever play it again.
  7. You may try to render ahead in your Nvidia settings so ram holds more preload.
  8. Sorry but it is your service/equipment as mine shows what the stream is broadcasted in. Every now & then it will drop to 760 but if you select 1080p in the settings it should stay there unless your losing packets or you provider is throttling you.
  9. Halli_SPARTA

    3rd time team killer

    Can't tell from the mod/cheat your running what is what on that screen shot!!!!
  10. Halli_SPARTA

    Chat bans are now triggering without talking

    Changing your name will help. p.s. Ban Rocket planes!!!!
  11. 1. Rocket Planes 2. See above
  12. Halli_SPARTA

    This rockets needs to be fixed!

    I already used this in another post but hey!!! It took me 14.8 mins to make so!!!
  13. Halli_SPARTA

    Question: What is this chain for?

    So it works just like fishing Planer boards. Awesome info by the way.
  14. Halli_SPARTA

    I got Enterprise today!

    Nice I received Enterprise in a SC and have yet to play it because I'm not a Cv player.
  15. Halli_SPARTA

    Question concerning turning AA on and off.

    I see none. Or have I missed something?