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  1. MaddMazz

    CV's are Awesome

    I would like to see a limit to 1 CV in low tiers 1-6 or a total limit of 1 and would like to see more CVs when I am playing my cruisers with great AA. Unfortunately where the bulk of CVs are played is a problem. I always feel short changed when there are 0 CVs in multiple back to back games. Mega buff low tier AA to deal with them or have arms race type AA buffs depending on the quantity of CVs in a game.
  2. MaddMazz

    Ships Currently Dominating Ranked

    Really good info.. Thanks for posting. I know everyone hates CVs but it seems without them island humping smokers run free and it turns into a more BB centric game mode. Top 25 most played. name players total battles Smolensk 3759 55980 Shimakaze 2856 50050 Grosser Kurfuerst 2986 45115 Montana 2632 41467 Gearing 2499 38435 Des Moines 2977 37922 Yamato 2364 33718 Kremlin 1913 26965 Thunderer 1666 24472 Hindenburg 1694 23063 Venezia 1346 21473 Minotaur 1364 18124 Moskva 1513 18021 Stalingrad 1108 16677 Zao 1135 13778 Republique 1038 13351 Daring 983 12501 Harugumo 1072 12397 Puerto Rico 903 11372 Conqueror 809 10898 Hakuryu 711 10446 Midway 736 10308 Worcester 948 10182 Yoshino 719 8851
  3. MaddMazz

    Why so many Smolensks in ranked?

    Makes sense.. Unfortunately it boosts BBs in that scenario as without DDs and CVs it takes a long while to burn down healthy well played BBs bow on with cruisers and even BBs with the health boosts. Overall its been interesting to see what everyone brings to the table and how they perform. (See you at the party Richter)
  4. Wow.. I had seen people saying it took them 300 games 1 season and 120 or 170 another season. I guess I had to see it to believe it. So at my level it would probably take 600 games. That's just nutz... What's he mostly playing during those 9h?
  5. MaddMazz

    Ships Currently Dominating Ranked

    This.. I have seen a few Venezias but nowhere even close to the Smolensk. Both teams usually have at least 2. Also I often see as many BBs as cruisers. Few DDs most of the time and rarely CVs for me at least.
  6. MaddMazz

    Why so many Smolensks in ranked?

    Have seen a few Minos but not many.. Cruiser to cruiser when I can get close to a Lensk they just shoot out crits. Very few Zao's. I guess the combo of low health and no radar/hydro and a lack of CVs. Also I notice a lack of DDs to make them seem worth it.
  7. I had pretty smooth sailing in my first foray into ranked.. Was around 60% over 40 plus battles made it up to rank 9 and some stars. I did this by playing during off prime potato times and most games seemed to be competitive win or lose. Then slowly things seemed to deteriorate until now I think I am done falling back down to R10. Checking the WRs on my team after each recent game and it hasn't been good. Maybe they should make the ranks somewhat more irrevocable or points based but have additional rewards for ranking over once you hit R1. Sort of like preregistering in other games. You would rank for the rewards then instead of getting stuck at 10 and quitting, you would start over if you make it to R1 and rank again for additional rewards. This would end all the star farmers and the frustration this mechanic creates. Have the points be based on performance with a bonus for winning similar to base xp.
  8. Is this the star farming potato's boat of choice? They don't have radar or hydro, are very fragile, can only work while in smoke or behind an island, get punished hard for mistakes. They don't seem to bring much to ranked but are easily the most popular boat? I would rather have DMs or Hindys.
  9. Glad I am not the only one. Had a great weekend Fri/Sat/Sun.. Log on today 6 losses in a row... Maybe I will try back tomorrow.
  10. MaddMazz


    Funny you should mention this as I was just thinking the same exact thing. I'm not a great player but it's pretty obvious that the team that supports the caps usually wins. When I look and see my team sitting back where their max range only reaches to the center of the cap I more than usually end up with a loss. Winning team 5k off or entering the cap. Losing team sitting back at max range. Once you cap it's a lot easier to defend than to try and retake the caps. I try not to yolo the cap if the other team is properly supporting and yours isn't but it's very frustrating dying a slow 20 minute death but what can you do? \0/
  11. MaddMazz

    Premium Ship Questions

    Super great info.. Super great community members..... /salute I have a Kii from a box or something so that looks like a good one. Ill take a look at the others.. Thanks for the kind and insightful replies.
  12. I have a couple of questions regarding WoWs premiums. 1. Do Tier 9s make the most credits as far as general credit grinding? 2. How much of a difference is there in credits earned between 8 and 9? 3. Is it as much of a benefit as it seems to only get up tiered by 1 instead of 2 by playing tier 9 prems? Out of the currently available 9s & 8s what are the top ships? I have a lot of 5s some 6s a 7 or 2 and 1 8... Thinking of maybe picking up another one.. Thanks