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  1. Any requirements to be in? We normally play sporadically and she usually just plays on stream days.
  2. We're live again! Up to Tier 3's now. Still learning the ropes :) (just figured out that the white cone in torpedoes means you should fire there lol) Come by, hang out, platoon/division with us! <3
  3. Hey guys! Just got the girlfriend interested in World of Warships. She's a brand new player (and I haven't played in years) and was looking for company and friends to chat with while playing! Any and all help/pointers would definitely be appreciated! If you wanna come join the stream, we'd love to have you! "Mature" rating for language. NA Server. ENG/RUS speaking chat! Schedule (All times in US/EST): Sun: 2pm-?? Tue: 4pm-?? Thu: 4pm-??
  4. kittikat

    WoWs NA Twitch Streamers

    ttvMurphyOwO is the playername - ENG/RUS speaking http://twitch.tv/MurphyOwO Mature for language ^^
  5. kittikat

    Invite/Friend Code?

    oh jesus you get nothing for referring a friend. this kinda sucks compared to what WoT has. I don't understand why they're so cheap to reward players who bring in new blood. that's.. kinda gross. lol is it like WoT where we get bonuses for "platooning" together? or is it just "wam-bam-thank you ma'am and be on your way"?
  6. kittikat

    Invite/Friend Code?

    gf is looking for some games to play. she likes WoT a TON so i figured i'd scrape off the barnacles and go noob up some PVE battles with her in the other WG game (we don't speak of that aeroplane game anymore, do we?) ^^
  7. kittikat

    Invite/Friend Code?

    thanks! oh sonofa.. says i'm already a veteran. -.- i swear i haven't played this game in the past 3 months. i guess i was wrong? (does this include playing world of tanks?)
  8. kittikat

    Invite/Friend Code?

    Hey all! Haven't played in a long long time, but saw that "Refer a Friend" invite code thingy. I figured I'd send a shout out to see if anyone has a code they'd be willing to share to get a vet player to come back :D
  9. your avatar. i just keep watching it. what will become of me?

    1. kittikat


      LOL!! I just tried looking for a "like" button on your comment, to no avail >^.^<

  10. kittikat

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    got mine ready for OBT <<<< vvvvv
  11. kittikat

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Started watching this anime the other day. Haven't played WoWS in a little bit. Logged in about 40 games in one day cause of the anime. Now I'm hooked on this game again. And loving the anime >^.^<