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  1. crickethunter_brown

    this game is perfect

    its just amasing the trolls of azz holes come out in every post you have to wade threw the troll bull crapto find the topic...
  2. crickethunter_brown

    Brawling in the Biz at T9

    most likely against level 6 and 7s...
  3. crickethunter_brown

    Sorry, I can't get mad at WG

    the ship is a piece of junk it is no better then the same ships in its class in the stock levels try comparing them ownce its called a waste of time.
  4. crickethunter_brown

    Hizen extra mision?

    the hole point is or was is to win the ship you have to or did have to pay to get it, you have to remember every thing in this game you have to pay for 1 way or another, or settle for the crappest piece of crapin the game, and if you buy something and then after you have payed for it they nerf it to different spects to fit the game.
  5. crickethunter_brown

    Warning to new players

    I have been told about this for weeks all I got was d**b a** trolls telling me my spelling was wrong. So in other words im right. The stock line of this game is so weak a spit wad from a straw has more damage ability then any stock ship out there, and if u should make it to tier 7 through tier 9 u will be put the tier 7 ships with tier 8/9 ships and tier 8 ships with tier 9/10 ships for at least 9 out of 10 battles. Sure the game can be fun if the highest you want to go is tier 6 then not so bad. More over, if you do go to the higher tier with the stock ships the XP payouts are the same as the production of the strength of the ships very low. You are the first ship seen and the first ship sunk so if you are dumb enough to coin in this game then you will be like a lot of others broke over a pixel good luck.
  6. crickethunter_brown

    playing lvls 2+ higher

    to all those NEW players out If you think this game gets any easer and you are going to grow fast wait till you hit lvl 6 ships all you are going to get is stuck with games where the ships you are going against are 2+ lvls higher that means less points less bonuses less stars why because they will not fix the dang matchmaker so that u have little chance unless you fork out the cash, or getting put on the loosing team 75% of the time again because they will not fix the mm, have great time trying to grow.
  7. crickethunter_brown

    questionairs Why?

    taco I really do not care what a stinking troll has to say about anything If i want anything from you I will ask you by name!!!
  8. crickethunter_brown

    questionairs Why?

    also why do u put a podcast for people to watch when the crap that they want you refuse to do anything about I have watched 1 of the podcasts they are dumb they talk about what they are going to do or say they fixed, this and that what they want to add, but they do not tell us anything that matters that need to be fix in the game it ridiculous.
  9. crickethunter_brown

    questionairs Why?

    why do u keep asking after a game what we though about the match we just played when u will not listen to a dam word that anyone post's on the forums page, 9 out of 10 games I play my team looses you have the mm screwed up, my team gets blown out big time 9 to 2, you put lvl 7 against lvl 9+ players, you nurf every thing and anything when the hell u want after someone has already paid for it. and then u ask a dumb dam question how did you like the game you just had to help game play why ? I have a better idea fix the crap put player ships with there own lvl's and put some stinking fun in this dumb stinking game and stop asking stupid questions that u already have the answers too.......
  10. crickethunter_brown

    change the dang mm

    dang it change the dang mm so the dang lvl 6stockb ships do not have to every DANG GAME HAVE TO PLAY 8+ ships and or the lvl 7stock ships have to play against 9+ EVERY DANG GAME you dame well know a stock ship can not last and will be the first dang ship out its dang [edited] you can find enough players to put lvl 5 ships to put in there own group but when it comes to any above that screw them we will make them play 2+ lvls higher so we can screw there points to hell and I know I am not the only one [edited] about this dam how hard is it!!!!! Sit back play have fun how the heck do u do that when you last about 2 dam minutes in a dam game?????????????????????????????????????
  11. crickethunter_brown

    Hizen and the yahagi

    well took the yahagi out again and its NOT a good its a worthless ship the speed is not all that good 30 something and it gets u in the fight but when u need to get out it runs out of power and they then can hit the crap out of u, it has concealment of 60ish dd's are 90's guns are no good the torps take i think over 90 sec, paper thin armor yup a piece of junk you know you work hard to get crap in here only to find out it is really crap u are getting, no wonder its free and no one uses it in the game...
  12. crickethunter_brown

    so I did a check against the MM

    I did a check on the battles involving basic ships it seems I was right after all they are fixing it so the basic ships get screwed I did 16 games played 3 lvl 5 games all were even or 5 verses 2 lvl 4 that was it. Then I played 7 lvl 7 basic ships and 3 lvl 6 basic ships and every one of the games had mostly buffed ships that were 2 lvl higher and If I had a lvl 7 ship there was a average 4.5 lvl 9 ships in the same game and of the 16 games 8 were big blowouts 3 were very close 5 were 5 to 2, also of the lower lvl ship 90 % were basic ships not buffed ones... So I see that this game is not different then any other games out there screw the non-payer, its a crock of crap that out of 10 higher lvl games not a single game was my ship lvl the highest ship lvl.. it's no wonder that my points have gone into the toilet, and my longevity of my staying in the game when I have 2+ lvl ships shooting the hell out of you and not to mention my attitude. I can see why a up and coming new player will stay in this game unless he has a ton of cash, all I'm trying to say is fix the dang mm it proves its screwed up every one is most likely say stop whining well It is not right that every dang game lower levels have to go against 2+ lvls higher it needs to be adjusted...
  13. crickethunter_brown

    Hizen and the yahagi

  14. crickethunter_brown

    Hizen and the yahagi

    so anyone that has used these ships are they worth going for because i just got the yahagi and im telling you at this point is is not worth the pixel it is made with it is not very conseled, hits like a paper spit wad,, and the armor is as thin as paper. in 5 games i have been citideled 6 times.
  15. crickethunter_brown

    Cruiser seems very week.

    no what we are tring to say is they nerfed the hole dang basic ship fleet a week or just under 2 weeks I could do some damage to ships now i can not scratch the paint on them same ships same game whats differant????