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  1. i mean... i'll still give 20$ for the kids but i won't be giving 200$ now. That limited amount wasn't advertised and it got sold before it unlocked.
  2. Then there is no reason to Time Gate it on their site and make it appear as you can just get it there. Being able to "pre-pruchase" defeats the whole purpose of Time Gating the reward on there wouldn't it ? Also i didn't see or find any option to Buy a package ahead of the time the reward was released.
  3. Except everything sold and some sold before it was unlocked !
  4. See i would be fine with "competition" per say for the ship. but the reward being Sold before it unlocks... well that's an issue.
  5. Just another miscalculated thing by WG to be added to the lot. had everything filled out and the Missouri disappeared before it was available xD
  6. i understand the speed and all... but the Ship was Sold 3 minutes and 40 second before it unlocked. that's the issue!
  7. Ships ( especially Missouri) Sold before it was even unlocked... how does that even work ?
  8. infestedshadow

    Clan of Old Grumpy Men OGZR

    hi there, threw my name in for an application to the clan, i think i fit the bill for old and grumpy... well according to the wife.