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  1. infestedshadow

    Tech Tree Ship reviews

    and where would i find those ?
  2. infestedshadow


    man.. you got less than a 1000 battles. Settle down it's a game, flank a side stick to your guns and play smart. Don't expect the whole world to cater to you, just aim to be a + on your team instead of an easily sunk ship.
  3. infestedshadow

    Missed shells? Da Kamerad, Flamu sees.

    On a different note it sure needs to be pushed up so WG takes a look at it.
  4. infestedshadow

    Missed shells? Da Kamerad, Flamu sees.

    nah fellas, all in your head WG didn't do any wrong here.
  5. infestedshadow


    feeling better?
  6. same amount of earned credit as posted above, i just tested it.
  7. infestedshadow

    Leave ranked Q when CV shows

    i dodge those queue every single time, i hate that the fate of the whole game sit on 1 player... and if you get the bad CV you're hooped
  8. infestedshadow

    buy smolensk for steel? need advice.

    the nerf hammer pretty much took a big hit on it, it'll be a squishy ship. I would save for the stalingrad