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  1. nickalaso123

    What coal ships to buy?

    I'm in a current predicament where I can't decide on what T9 or T10 ship to purchase. I'm a BB mean so Georgia and Thunderer are being considered although Smolensk is equally as tempting since who doesn't want Russian Bias? For those who have purchased coal ships, what would you recommend and why?
  2. nickalaso123

    Soviet BB drop chances

    Played for a few days now and opened about 15 of those free soviet era crates and have yet to receive a single soviet bb mission while I've seen people get all 4 missions after like 10 boxes. Is this just bad luck or are the chances so abysmally low that it would be better to just grind them when they go live?
  3. What are the odds of getting the soviet bb mission in the free crates? I've opened like 10 of them so far and have yet to receive a mission