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    World of Warships
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    Some animes, including Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Attack on Titan, and Girls und Panzer.
    I love German things!
    I love the Bismarck, even though some say it sucked.
    I love History...A lot.
    Minecraft! I'm actually a amateur Minecraft shipbuilder.
    Cats (As if it wasn't obvious enough, lol)
    Battlecruisers...Light and Fast, with a punch.
    Black and Gray are one of my favorite colors

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About Me



My gamertag/username is KreigsmarineKitty (KmK, Kitty, Kreigs.) and I am a proud member of the Forums and a Forum Kitty! Forum Kitties (Or Forum Cats) are members of the Forum who love cats. 

 My name's Zakary, if anyone needs to know. I wear bifocals but wish there where bifocal contacts :hiding:



- Ships of almost any type except carriers

- Tanks of every type except artillery vehicles

- Books! Lots of Books! (Series include: Warriors by Erin Hunter, Wolves of the Beyond by Kathryn Lasky, Finding/Saving Zasha, Artemis Fowl, Alex Rider, and many, many more!)

- Call of Duty (World at War and Advanced Warfare, mainly)

- Lego (I am most definitely interested in Lego! I've built a number of vehicles and I have a small Lego army. And I've posted a few Topics on them. Try to find them :) )

- WW2 and Civil War. These are the Wars I am most interested in, and I study about them quite a bit.

- Minecraft. Yes. I play Minecraft. I am a amateur ship builder and I've posted a topic on the ship as well, now, go look for it! :3

- Weapons of all sorts! (M1 Grand, Kar98k, M4A1, etc.)

-I also enjoy Airsoft/Airsoft Guns! I love CQC :3


And that pretty much sums up my basic interests!



- People that are so into anime they don't talk about anything else whatsoever. No like. And Poi is my favorite anime word.


Now that I've gotten any Anime hates out of the way we can continue with other dislikes.


- 1980s Music (I don't hate it...Because ACDC is awesome.)

- People who avoid questions/ Do not answer them



I know people have their own opinions and their own beliefs and these are mine. Sorry if you are offended. I cannot please everyone xD


I have a YouTube (<--------)

Videos include:


More to be made! (WoWS and COD, mostly)


My computer?:

ASUS Desktop PC M51AC Series. Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz.w/ 16 gigs of RAM, X64-Bit Operating System and x64-based processor. I also have a Topic on THIS. (Yeah I know so many Topics)


I actually have an imaginary country, but all I have are the armed forces, and I created it in a conversation...



The German-Based Country





Here are the armed forces



-15 DDs (Similar to the Fletcher-Class)

- 7 BBs (Similar to the Nagato/Bismarck/Hood/and New York-Class)

- 5 CVs (Of varying types)

- Over 100 small torp boats

- 20 Cruisers (5 Battlecruisers/10 light cruisers/5 Heavy Cruisers)


Standard plane for the navy is a modified sort of FW 190 A-5 and FW 190 D-12


Under contruction:


+5 CVs

+7 BBs

+ 4 Cruisers (2 Battlecruiser/2 Heavy Cruisers)

+ 10 DDs


I'm using that of the art weapons guidance systems, enhanced weaponry, I'm talking tomahawk missiles, 18 inch guns are standard for BBs, though 2 per turret. 155mm is standard for DDs, and they have up to 6 torp tubes (3 per side) and 15" guns for battlecruisers and heavy cruisers, and light cruisers use 12" guns. My CVs are super-quick with huge engines, and lengthened hulls for runways. And modified FW 190 A-5/D-12 can carry x1 750 KG bomb, and use 20mm cannons for the engine hood and x20 and x30mm cannons for the wings in case of enemy fighters. Max speed for the fighters nears up to 750 KM/H. Not to forget well-trained captians that actively participate in practice naval wars. 


My army consists of up to 1.5 million soldiers. Standard weapons are PPSH-41 russian submachinegun, mass-produced in the country. Side arm is the Colt .45.


Tanks are the:

Heavy: Modernized Tiger (45 km/h, reduced weight [i'm talking 50mm frontal armor]. The standard weapon is a 90mm autocannon with a 4 round clip.)

Medium: Less-Fat Panther (Exactly that. standard weapon is a 80mm with a 6 round clip)

Light: Luchs (Just a Luchs with a 3cm autocannon that has 95mm penetration. But the gun is modified to hold 15 rounds instead of 10.)


All soldiers have standard kevlar chest protectors and a semi-heavy metal under the Kevlar. At the risk of overheating the soldiers, some of the useless stuff in the packs they carry is taken out to reduce weight.


This is my Armed Forces. Let me enhance that.





BBs: BBs are a mixed bag. They are sort of like a mix between Nagato/Bismarck/Hood/and New York-Class. Using the defining characteristics of each ship to create an amazing BB.


DDs: DDs are a hybrid. Mixed between the Fletcher-Class and the Fubuki-Class. With the amazing torpedoes of the Fubuki and the guns/speed/reliability of the Fletcher.


CVs: CVs are really just really long ships. Engines are long and huge. Planes are modified FW 190 D-12/D-13 and FW 190 A-5 planes. 


Torp Boats: Torpedo Boats and are speedy boats with 4 torp tubes 92 on each side, each carry 3 torps)


Cruisers: Cruisers consist of Battlecruisers, Light Cruisers, and Heavy Cruisers. Battlecruisers are a mix of light cruisers and Heavy Cruisers. While taking the Light Cruisers speed and the armament of the Heavy Cruisers. Heavy Cruisers are pretty much slightly faster Battleships. Light Cruisers have torpedoes and are pretty much oversized DDs.






Planes are of 3 types: FW 190 D-12/D-13 and FW 190 A-5. These planes are based off of the real deal German Planes. Except they have many upgrades. Nearly recoiless guns with quick RoF and are hard to overheat. Guns are usually 20 - 30mm. Lock-on missiles are only added to the FW 190 D-13 type. The engines are modern jet engines. Enhanced frames are added to ensure the plane doesn't rattle itself to pieces when the engine starts.


Tanks are described above.


Army is also described above.


And for those 'Special needs' cats that cannot combat on 2 paws (Meaning that they cannot stand up) they get special 20mm hip-cannons and Exo-Suits. These cats are usually elite.