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  1. Roma Kobayashi camo in a nutshell.

    I kinda get the vibe, "Your Holiness, the Pope, they want to make a special camo for Roma." "Hmm, hold my beer." Done! "Wait, that is not what I meant... oh nvm."
  2. Captain Voices

    You can also set it to standard and then it will use any voice you have chosen, but the unique voice of each captain if it has one. Would still prefer the way it worked before.
  3. It reminds me of a beer can mixed with the Pope's hat. Her Holy Drunk Roma!
  4. Roma

    To me it looks like a weird Pope hat. So my Roma will now be called Her Holiness. Historically, she did have a nasty hole punched right through her....
  5. Can I shut off badges?

    Agree with the poster above. I don't mind seeing the badge so much, but it is blocking the view of many things I want to see. Maybe moved to the side, and perhaps have it scale in size to the percentage of damage done to you the sinker did, up to 100%. So say, the person who sunk you only hit you once for your last few hp, you see the minimum size text to the left saying the name and showing the badge. The person who got a devastating strike on you gets a larger text and badge shown to the left and would be harder to miss seeing.
  6. Can I shut off badges?

    You guys missed one.. Though in all seriousness, I think the flash of the badge of the one that sunk you could be toned down a bit. In several cases, it is just the badge of the person who got the last shot in.
  7. Well, I am more interested in this question in regards can I save 5k doubloons or do I need to spend that if I want too. Also, I have not seen anyone do a video or explain how the HSF campaign/collection is going to work, only pictures of the collection without much detail. When does it start and does one go about doing it if they so desire?
  8. Pictures of HSF Camos?

    Random question to throw in here. Any word on how to get the collection to get the camos? Is it just a click to start or some missions involved?
  9. Musashi comes out tomorrow?

    You would think, but from Dev posts today and the 7.0 update notes, Musashi comes out tomorrow. It now appears that Musashi and Missouri will be both available until 7.2 patch, where Missouri becomes museum premium for those that don't already have her.
  10. Had this happen during prime time. First match of the day too. Ended with my team winning by points. Just Bismarck and their Grad left, but Bismarck wisely ran and let the caps do the work. I mainly managed to ambush their carrier and took it out.
  11. Stalingrad is going to be the Clan Wars reward. So this just makes a big mess of things. Alaska is cool, and will eventually shop up. However, she would be a pain to balance. And in real life, Alaska and Guam just ended up being a waste of resources. They were viable during the design, but made obsolete before being finished.
  12. Well, as you haven't provided ANY proof so far, and I gave you ACTUAL scenarios, yeah, videos might be a bit much but, I am done too. So far, all I have seen is HOW YOU FEEL. I understand that. I understand the annoyance of the damage system. But I CAN SEE what would happen without out it as well. And frankly, with this player base, I don't have ANY FAITH in game play improvement, but it actually getting worse without team damage. It would be tough to PROVE to me otherwise, and I haven't seen any yet.
  13. Yeah, friendly fire was in the first Halloween event, and how many people turned pink to that is the reason why it was changed (and also the amount of griefing). I saw it happen. Scenarios after that had no team damage, for that reason. Okay, I will do this. I will argue to remove Friendly damage. 1. It can stop griefing. People shooting the team takes two ships out of the game. There is a system for that, it can be improved, but non griefers learn not to do it rather quickly. 2. It doesn't make people think anymore without it than with it. Still trying to win the match is hard enough for some. 3. It would make the game easier and safer to play. Now, I will counter myself. 1. It would introduce NEW forms of griefing. Now you can RAM and block people without any care, blocking their shots, and denying them the right to play without any consequence. How many times I have seen people chase down and kill and block my ability to shoot is unreal. I hold my shots, they die to the enemy, and their failure to work with the team hurts. Now, without friendly fire, THAT BEHAVIOR WOULD BE GREATLY ENCOURAGED! I could now run right up to the enemy my team is shooting at, eat my teams torps, just to get the kill myself. Forget the team play, now it is open season for solo glory and racing for that kill secure. You don't like someone? Just get right next to them and start shooting. The enemy sees you, and start shooting at you. Oh, they guy you don't like gets it. No blood on you. I can go on and on. You don't plan on what people WOULD do, you plan on what people CAN do. And without friendly fire, this game I could do many things that would make it feel and play rather damn cheap. And if I can do that, how many people will realize it and do it themselves. Would I do that? No. But I plan on what people CAN DO. Yes, the TK system can use twinking and people need to report griefers. But guess what, there is a system for that, and it can be slow. Now, all the griefing that can be done with no team damage, how long do you think it would take to actually punish those people? 2. First of all, people are not thinking enough on winning the match as it is, so you can't get much lower than that. But to say friendly fire doesn't make people think, or at least look out for teammates? Torp spam is an issue that has gotten several ships nerfed. Now, you can torp spam around teammates! How hard would torps be nerfed after that? That mechanic would be abused like heck. In scenarios, people use it to their advantage. Would not stop them in other modes, and ships would have to be rebalanced. If there was no friendly fire, I can very easily see entire teams chasing down the mission target for that day firing everything they can just to get the kill, as I mentioned above. They wouldn't have to worry about teamplay, it all comes down to who can get the last shot and block your fellow teammates last shot. As much as an arcade this game is, REALLY? You want to be at THAT LEVEL? That is not much a stretch of imagination and thinking, AND YOU CAN'T SEE THAT? This is a YOU issue now... 3.. Well, except for stuff mentioned above, nah you got me there. Now, prove to me how turning Off team damage will make all these wonderful teams just magically start working together in harming and not just get in each others way! They are not camping in the back due to friendly fire. I am willing to listen. If you can play out the scenarios with realistic teamplay and show videos on how it would work, more power to you. Also, tell me how it would all griefing would end.
  14. Scenarios have AI ships on friendly sides that do not care about destroying you or running into your torps. Also, the waves of enemy ships that spawn right next to players at times also does not help in forced holding of fire. That is not proof, and it was actually needed. Your argument with that holds no merit. So, I am still waiting to see YOUR proof instead of HOW YOU FEEL as well. Friendly fire forces some people to actually pay attention and think. It works in Word of Tanks, Airplanes, and here. It also does help root out some trouble makers. That is enough for me.
  15. The answer is I have seen actual game play for both systems. Phones don't do well with team damage because of screen size and information availability. People don't think enough already in this game, and now you want them to be able to think less. Sure, it will make the game easier to play, but if you are trying to tell me there would be no cost, I think you convinced yourself on that lie. And same can be said to you, PROVE that turning off team damage won't result in worse game play.