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  1. FCA_Wichita

    Premium Ship Review #118: Wichita

    I say she could use a Repair Party like Atago and Eugen. I know people have been screaming against Radar and OP premiums, but shouldn't mean now all we get are underwhelming and slightly UP (compared to Baltimore) premiums. Edit: P.S. It would tie somewhat to the Salem vs Des Moines as well. And Hipper vs Prince and Mogami vs Atago..
  2. FCA_Wichita

    Upcoming Ship Notes WIP

    I think they teased her again in the video update this morning. But, at least we keep hearing about her and buffs/nerfs. There is another cruiser that was presented awhile back with tons of other new premiums. All of the others are out and available. This one however, keeps getting cricket sounds from WG and NDA talk while Alaska doesn't have that issue. And this cruiser I have been waiting for and has a special interest to me. Hey, WG, any chance of compensation for the long delay and I can be gifted my name sake? Hehehe PS. Thanks for the update on what is going to be available and what currency. I have some to grind now!
  3. FCA_Wichita

    Where is USS Wichita?

    T-61 had some major OP balance issues.. Wichita I fear was a victim of "No more radar" and this AA change. Hopefully we will hear something soon.
  4. Wichita is mentioned again! Yay. But, I really hope this long delay in her release is they are debating giving her Cleveland like consumable list or a repair party, as she is becoming more and more just a lesser Baltimore with no other flavor...
  5. FCA_Wichita

    How to farm karma (Comprehensive guide)

    People neg rep very quickly, positive very slowly. Can't tell you how many times I got negged for not playing the game the way my teammate wanted me to play, even though I won the match for the team.
  6. FCA_Wichita

    Warship Wednesday!

    Well, two I have been wanting in the game for such a very long time now are under the SoonTM status. I wonder if I asked nicely I could get a certain name sake gifted? hehe But, I am with Lert. The USS Olympia really heralded in the start of the US being a major world power. She is still afloat (barely), and could make a great tier 2 Mikasa like cruiser. One of the Northamptons would be good for Tier 6.
  7. FCA_Wichita

    Where is USS Wichita?

    They changed her concealment and ammo type. Then, I believe they just are holding on until after the carrier rework so that the AA for this ship will just have to be done once live.
  8. FCA_Wichita


  9. FCA_Wichita

    Exeter T5 premium?

    Furutaka asks if it is just a joke to you...
  10. Shell pillows too please! From 5 to 18 inches! hehe. Also, nice to see word SoonTM on Azuma, but what happened to the tier 8 premium US cruiser?
  11. FCA_Wichita

    7 out of 10 Pet owners....

    My fat cat likes to sleep alone. My skinny cat uses me as a heating pad during winter. In fact, she lets me know very well that it is time for bed and she wants her human heating pad.
  12. FCA_Wichita

    USS Wichita now going to be promo ?

    Well, it is hard to tell if it will be bad or good as it hasn't been tested in ages. Last round of tests after the concealment change the testers still say it felt good, just lost that unique flavor. However, it is hard to say now. I truly think they are just holding out for the carrier change so they only have to introduce with the new AA instead of releasing it and Then immediately changing its AA.
  13. FCA_Wichita

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    It's meh for sure. Still, I get games like this. https://replayswows.com/replay/39500#stats
  14. FCA_Wichita

    USS Wichita now going to be promo ?

    Hmm, I hope they don't make her hard to get promo type....