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  1. Only one way to fight aliens.... Dark Magic!
  2. Two matches today. First match, two Igor's went to the opposite ends of the map doing nothing. Second match, one Jackal stayed afk, others never shot at the catapults. Yeah, neither ended well.
  3. Wow, I thought you modded that.... well, 4k worth it... hmmm
  4. Lert's new war music:
  5. Warning, its an ad, BUT WHAT AN AD!
  6. I know you are talking about game balance, but part of me so went.... "Yeah, isn't that how it ended up in real life?"
  7. Well, for the CL line, tier 6 would be a paper design, then get Brooklyn (with the St. Louis 39 an upgraded hull), Cleveland, and then two more with Worcester being one of them. For the CA line, I actually think WoWs Blitz got it right. Tier 6 Pensacola (would have rate of fire nerfed a little, detection nerfed a little, handling nerfed a little), Tier 7 NO (losses radar, losses concealment module, slight rate of fire nerf) and Indianapolis, Tier 8 Wichita (has better everything over NO and NO is struggling at tier 8), Tier 9 Baltimore, Tier 10 Des Moines. Alaska class is a premium of sorts, more than likely will be considered a BB in this game. Oh, for eye candy and to show WoWs Blitz cruiser tree
  8. Thought I would throw this here. Notice the difference on Blitz than PC?
  9. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/doin-me-a-frighten/
  10. When I went to the store, it said item was unavailable.
  11. I got a mission for the Krasyn Kreme, but I already had it (won from a supercontainer). Think this thing bugged out for me.
  12. All of the soft Stats would be better on Wichita than New Orleans. Thus it would be kinda hard to make Wichita a premium tier 8 if New Orleans was still there. They would have to soft nerf some things to keep it balanced against the New Orleans. She had better armor, rate of fire, AA, maneuverability, etc. Wichita was based of the Brooklyn style light cruiser and marked a rather large change from the previous treaty cruiser designs. The Cleveland and Baltimore were heavily influenced by the Wichita, thus making a logical step between the tiers. If they do split the tech tree, they can logically have the Brooklyn be able to research both the Cleveland and Wichita, thus giving players a chance to skip the Pensacola and New Orleans if they wished. And as I stated, this is how it is set up in WoWs Blitz right now, except there are no light cruisers past tier 5.
  13. For the October Revolution special camo, I have this song.
  14. Well, one thing they can do is follow WoWs blitz tech tree. Once the cruiser line is split, bump Pensacola down to tier 6, (would receive a slight rate of fire nerf, slight maneuver nerf, and slight detect range nerf), bump New Orleans to tier 7 (slight rate of fire nerf, loss of concealment module, loss of radar), and then put Wichita in tier 8. Wichita has better armor scheme and AA than New Orleans, faster fire rate, and ties into the Baltimore very well.