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  1. Put this in suggestions too.
  2. FCA_Wichita

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

    Well, I am going to hurry and get it then. Still, not sure if I should take offense to this song or not... well, it is referring to something else.
  3. FCA_Wichita

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    People are quick to give negative Karma when they feel mad. People are slow to give positive Karma unless something really impresses them and they remember to actually do it. And, for quite a few, they just don't think about it. And, geek side of me, I used this clip for this.
  4. FCA_Wichita

    ARP Takao Red Camo

    Thanks. To WG. I have to watch my budget enough that I cannot justify buying a tier 8 premium ship just for a camo.. but I am will buy the camo itself in a heartbeat.. wink wink
  5. FCA_Wichita

    ARP Takao Red Camo

    @LittleWhiteMouse any word on this?
  6. FCA_Wichita

    Red Takao Camo

    Oh, just because, I made this awhile back.
  7. FCA_Wichita


    If you can bump my post in the suggestions with any good tags to WG staff, I would appreciate it.
  8. FCA_Wichita

    Red Takao Camo

    But we have the ARP Takao. It is the same ship. We are not talking about Atago.
  9. Can we have that sold separately or in game for Doubloons if we already have the ship? Or is there any other plans to get it for those who already have the ship?
  10. FCA_Wichita

    Red Takao Camo

    Who would we contact or tag from WG if we want to suggest they sell the camo separately for those who already have the ship?
  11. FCA_Wichita

    Red Takao Camo

    Takao started off with a red color scheme in the Manga and Anime, but switch to blue after joining the protagonist's side. It comes from them being the Fleet of Blue Steel.
  12. FCA_Wichita

    Red Takao Camo

    Well, I hope they offer the red camo for sale somehow if we already have the ship. Better yet, give it free
  13. FCA_Wichita

    Lol, $230 for all the ARP ships

    Before, they were just special ships. No credit boosts, no camo able to be applied, but did allow any commander on. Now they are treated as full premium ships. A nice change if you already had them. But if you expect WG to give away all 9 of them away for free again (including 4 tier seven and one tier 8).... okay.... They are giving away 4 free premium tier five bb's and one free premium tier 7 CA through a grind. That can be considered fairly generous. Also there is the licensing fee to think about. This is not something to be complaining about.
  14. FCA_Wichita

    World of Landslides

    5 matches in my Des Moines. In three I was near top score with over 1k base xp, one even 1.5k. All losses. Either teammates yoloed, camped hard, refused to shoot, etc etc. I had a match where 6 ships with a Domkski did NOT take a cap due to 1 Shima and a bb in the back ground. That green group had two bb's and a dd as well. Losses like this where you skill can do nothing to save the match really are frustrating.