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  1. Indianapolis plays very much like any other US support cruiser. It really depends on the team and you have to be aware of its surroundings. And I have found 8 inch HE shells have super RNG against dd's. You either hurt them or strike them with feathers that burn slightly. I don't tend to have to bad of a time in the Indi, and have had great games in it. I do prefer it over the Pensacola.
  2. I would say do it for the Super Heavy six inch shells, which would be for Cleveland and up.
  3. I thought it was odd that Lert would get news about a cruiser first, but I had some hope for one ship showing up. But now.. Come here @Lert, I need to have a talk with you about the dangers of dashing a witch's hopes.
  4. Dreadnaught would be tier 3. For tier 2, there is one ship I would like to see added only if WG does a 'save the' ship like they did with Texas. That is USS Olympia. Otherwise, though there are several pre Dreadnaught bb's and armored cruisers, I can understand why they would not be a higher priority.
  5. Details about WoWs x Azur Lane news.

    Azur Lane seems neat and I hope the collaboration goes well. It is the first game for me to create a somewhat decent Wichita avatar. (Not a sterotypical blonde bimbo type). The only issue I have Wichita in their game is that have her with light armor while Pensacola has medium....
  6. Your "Cursed" ship....

    Iowa feels cursed to me. Had an 180k damage game where I carried an entire flank.. only to have the other flank run to my side and hide behind me before eventually being wiped out as I got surrounded while they ran..
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing Wichita come in near Halloween... plus could use a Witch patch icon...
  8. You guys are missing a classic Red Alert
  9. I see all types players do this in all classes, (well, carriers do it differently), but it is not just a DD thing. And make sure before you accuse any player of doing such, that you actually are aware of what has happened and not just jumping to conclusions.
  10. In closed Beta, AP shells could cause impact damage even if they did not penetrate. The result was that no one ever used HE due to the fact fast firing guns could just melt any ship no matter where they hit. It was removed, and bounced/shattered shells were introduced. HE can always use some balancing, but to get rid of it entirely, is asking for something far more risky. Now, the HE battleships, yeah, that might need another look... but even those have issues as most of their damaged is repaired.
  11. 7.4 might be early as we haven't seen any of the new cruisers in ST yet. Edit: Poster above me jinxed me a bit.
  12. National Flags

    I still mod in flags from Red Alert 3 and other games hehe
  13. Oh great, now it is set up for several April Fool's jokes. Only some people won't be kidding about a satellite dropping on them.
  14. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Army you say?