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  1. Missed Code, I think

    Well, calling me silly. I looked at it again and it does say German ships. I hadn't played any today as I was trying to do some other missions and tasks. Sorry for the confusion. Take a look for yourself if you did the first part.
  2. Missed Code, I think

    The personal mission to acquire over 20k free xp, does that require a code to activate?
  3. Germany lifts ban on swastikas

    As others have mentioned, several countries have rules against that symbol. WG is centered in near or in most of those nations. I highly doubt things will change here. I still would like to see the old Imperial German flags on the correct boats, even if they have to change those to match some laws. I still find it a bit ironic that even though WG removed the legal issue symbol, they have all German boats from all time periods use that flag... Also, you have large markets not likely a certain legal flag that they do not use, even though it is currently in use today. And they have a flag several could find offense in, but being from WG is, they don't bat an eye. Not really a complaint, but just some facts that show WG has its own view on this matter. Edit: On a side note, I change all the nations flags. I use Red Alert 3's flags for Russia and Japan, the Cowpens flag for the US, a Great Britannia flag from an anime, an Alternate history flag for Germany (looks more like old Imperial), and others. All Hail Emperor George Takei!
  4. Katori Upgrades

    Wish we could equip it to IJN Mikasa... might make it OP though hehe
  5. I just play very cautiously. I nailed a Neptune for almost a dev strike and have top of the board both my tier 9 matches...
  6. Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Hmm, didn't know I could play that game so well..
  7. anyone else having this glitch?

    Hadn't you heard of the Octa-gun turrets the French developed?
  8. Best BBq joint you've ever eaten at?

    Back when I lived near Memphis, TN.. this place was the best http://www.commissarybbq.com/our-menu
  9. Caption the profile image above you.

    "I am caste as this anime trope?.... ugggh'
  10. @LittleWhiteMouse I have heard Salem actually has the tier X premium camo bonuses live instead of the standard premium camo. That would make her much more economically viable. Is there any truth to that if you know?
  11. T8 French DD Le Terrible

    Oh the jokes that will ensue.. "How is that new French DD?" "Le Terrible?" "Wow, that bad?" "No, I haven't tested it yet. I just know it's Le Terrible." "Dang, calling it terrible even though you haven't tested it? Some reviewer you are.." "Uuggghhh"
  12. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    This guy doesn't seem to get nearly enough attention for all the work he did. I hope he continues. And this might have already been posted but another shout out @iChase
  13. Not Human Error for TKing half the team?

    Can still be called "User' error. Or a Catastrophe..... I will go whip myself for that last one.
  14. Just Watched Star Wars: the Last Jedi on Netflix

    Thought I should throw this in. Spoilers if you haven't seen the movie yet.