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  1. Also, I'm sure the OP wouldn't be ok with captian skills for cruisers like a 10% reduction to the chance of being citadelled or a 10% reduction in damage taken by citadels. How about a flag that also reduces citadel damage and two modules that would reduce citadel damage or chances for a citadel hit? Maybe another skill that reduces the size of the citadel on cruisers? Is that Ok? I mean we have fire duration reduction, fire chance reduction, amount of fires reduction, and time between use of damage control party reduction for stopping fires. We also have a flag that reduces fire burn time. Let's not forget two modules that reduce fire chance and time as well. Switch all those over to citadel reduction buffs and you can take away fire.
  2. This is a copied post I made on a Facebook group in reference to fire damage. I always use it in these when this issue comes up. Also, OP, until you play cruisers enough to have felt like a mere speed bump to battleships you won't get it. Come to the darkside and see. We often see people vent, if not openly whine and cry, about fire and fire damage. Today, I began looking into the mechanic a little more and discovered some things. While I'm far from a game mechanics guru or even decent at math, I did make a basic example in another post that I'll be posting here. I just wanted to show people that you aren't dying to fire and if you are, its probably your own fault for lack of properly trained captains, poor ship equipment, or just not being that well versed in the game. Also, Montana is used as it was the ship being addressed in the earlier post. The picture contains the fire damage percentages straight from the Warships Wiki. Without further ado, read and learn. " If you do the math a Montana has 96,300 Hit Points. Fire does 18% damage if it burns it's full duration. That 17,334 Hit Points. 3 fires burning for full duration is 52,000 Hit Points. Taking no other damage that leaves you with 44,300 Hit Points left. 2 more full duration fires is another 34,668. Still leaving 9,620. You'd still need another fire to burn for over 30 seconds to remove the remain HP. How is it possible to burn down? It's not. You're taking damage and also burning which is slowly taking away from your health pool but you're not really dying to the fire. This doesn't even take into account all the potential modifiers or damage control party and modifiers to that. I bring this up because in another comment you made mention of taking fire damage. I'm sorry to come across so crass but even in what you mentioned about taking 100,000 HP in damage over 5 games, you're not dying to fire. If we assume that 20k damage is your average amount of hit points lost per game than you're taking 20.7% of your damage from the fire itself. Nearly 80% of your damage is coming from other damage mechanics. Let's not forget that the fire damage is all repairable. Finally, start adding in your modifiers with this table and see where the damage drops off." The point is, if you spec a captain and put on the right modules, you can effectively reduce fire damage as a whole. You can help to prevent it, have it consume HP over less time, and totally negate it by reducing the amount of time taken to activate damage control party. You can also mount flags that help reduce fire burn time, increase the amount of health restored by the repair party time, and cut down the time between the use of the repair party consumable. Until the day a Montana doesnt do 13,000 damage to a cruiser with a single shell from 20km, you cant complain about fire. Yes, feel free to say get gud, but it is impossible to be angled properly at all times from all enemies. Also, when battleships cant park bow on and tank most AP damage, bounce, or shatter the rounds then fire can be readjusted. Fire helps balance the games for other ship types and it also helps steer the META. It should also help keep Battleship captains, in particular, from being able to specialize their captain's skills and modules to be completely offensive in nature and in essence a God Class. Im willing to bet that many battleship captains have BFT and AFT, Concealment Expert, and Expert Loader as well as Expert Marksman, Adrenaline Rush, and Manual control over secondaries or AA. However, they have forgone Basics of Survivability, High Alert, Jack of All Trades, and Fire Prevention. We dont even have to compare the modules as Im sure you get the point.
  3. A more in depth talk about fire.

    This is a post I made in a Warships FaceBook Group in response to a guy complaining about fire constantly destroying his Montana.
  4. I created the folder and added music. After a while I changed the music by deleting the old files and replacing them. It all worked fine. However, I again went for a music change and now it seems that every 3 to 4 songs the music just stops. I can go I to audio settings and deselect the play user music and then check the box again and it works. How do I keep it from stopping? Do I have to many music files? Maybe one is corrupt? Any help is apprecaited.
  5. I'm so excited for Roma in January. It'll go great with the T-61 I just grabbed in December . . . oh wait . . . it never came out in shop.
  6. There are a number of ships that had started testing and havent been released yet. T-61, Aigle, and Duca De Abruzzi were in testing first. Ashitaka was also released to CCs around the same time and is the only ship to have been sold. Also, Massachusetts was tested a while ago. I would say you'd see T-61, Aigle, and DDA before Roma most likely. Give it a month or so.
  7. Playing Tirpitz in Random for a Win
  8. And 1000 base XP for a tier 7 ship
  9. Shininome win proof. Despite how horrible I did . . .
  10. I dont know if this counts as confrimation but here is the one for winning in Shininome.
  11. So you have a couple of these but the Shininome, British 50K damage, and win a random with 1000 exp in tier 7 are confirmed here
  12. So you have a couple of these but the Shininome, British 50K damage, and win a random with 1000 exp in tier 7 are confirmed here
  13. Fire Mechanic

    Just to reiterate what others have said, fire is actually a healthy balance for Battleships. Primarily cruisers set fires, and some RN battleships, as a means to damage them. While yes, cruisers can always do some damage, you may only get 2 or 3 pentrations that cause a limited amount where as the battleship returning fire can hit citadels on some ships at nearly any angle. A bow on battleship could become completely impervious to damage due to the damage saturation and armor on those ships. Honestly, it's a needed mechanic or this would be a game of nothing but battleships. Also, the amount of damage by fire you can mitigate and repair are a huge factor. There are 6 captian skills available to help: High Alert -10% to reload time of damage control party, jack of all trades for -5% reload time of all mounted consumables, basics of survivability -15% reload time for repair, fire and flood extinguishing, survivability expert for +350 health pool points for each tier of your Ship, fire prevention for -10% to the risk of fire and reduction to only 3 fires on the ship instead of 4, and finally Superintendent for an additional charge of all consumables including repair party. That's not it though: damage control system module 1 for -5% risk of fire and damage control system modification 2 for -15% to fire extinguishing time. Last but not least: the India Yankee flag for -20% to fire extinguishing time. I'm not even going to get into the fact you can purchase premium consumables for silver credits which can reduce the time between repairs over 30 seconds or add an additional charge to repair party while also reducing the reload time again by more than 3 seconds. I hate to say it, like others have, but you have all the tools in game to reduce the amount of damage by fire, repair it, and reduce the chances of it happening. Thus, im forced to say that perhaps ypu havent fully grasped all the game concepts fully and should perhaps practice more and do some research.