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  1. Don't get me wrong, British Battleship HE is way too powerful. However, how is it lazy to HE? Does it take much more work to move the cursor a few millimeters and click? What's the difference between trying to hit under the guns with AP and trying to the deck with HE? Point and click and RNG does the rest.
  2. I'm enjoying it and having the best season I've ever had, rank 5 as of now. My only frustrations are that other players don't always seem to realize some of the game play traits of tier 10 ships. For example, destroyers and the prevalence of radar. I wish you add some general tips to a screen that popped up when you clicked ranked battle and a certain ship class. It seems silly but pointing out the basics might be a good idea like " radar is much more common in tier 10 battles."
  3. This is exactly correct, especially at higher tiers. It's too easy to be killed by a single salvo from most any ship. Everything is countered too easily when pushing forward too quickly. I think it's the concealment aspects of Wargaming's games that cause an issue. It's too easy to take a massive hit from an unseen foe in both WoWs and WoTs. Concealment skills, modules, camoflauge, and everything else that benefits how hidden a vehicle or ship is makes pushing scary because it's not the enemy you see that is scary, it's that massive AP shell (or torpedo) from the unspotted enemy that gets you the worst. Yes, it's a basic infantry skill called Battle Drill 1A. Pin the enemy and flank. It works in ships, tanks, and real life as well. We refer to it as cross fire but it's the same thing and it's a powerful advantage. This is such a strong point. A lack of player knowledge, understanding, or even common sense has such a detrimental effect on the game.
  4. Asashio After A Few Weeks: Meh

    I enjoy her and appreciate the fear she puts into some ships, I too will engage with guns so that a battleships sees me and says "nope". She is very situational though. I've had games in which I've broken 100k damage in just minutes and lots more games in the 30k to 70k damage range. I think what I like most is how all the people that became hysterical were wrong. Just like every other new ship, mechanic change, or new captain skill (RPF) the game remains fun and consistent.
  5. Valid points, I was just trying to think of an example. I'm sure there are other, better examples.
  6. I would think that this could work using the current ribbons for defending a capture point. Perhaps if both your ship and an enemy ship are in the point you get a ribbon added every so often, let's say 30 seconds. It would help to encourage destroyers to contest points, I believe.
  7. People just don't grasp online game balance. You can't have a class or type of anything that has more HP/Armor and does more damage per shot against another class or type with 1/5th of the HP/armor and really low damage potential. It's like one of these posters going out and fighting a lion in real life. You're not going to win if you don't balance your chance of winning with a weapon. I also find it funny that people want to cry for certain aspects to be more historic but think carriers are or were to powerful. Historical, carriers should be the most powerful ships in existence at this time. Just look at Yamato, the most powerful battleship in history, destroyed by planes. This game has a basis in history but it is only a basis. It's not a historical simulator and people just need to accept that. Perhaps at some point Wargaming will release a complete historic mode in which the ships are accurate to history in performance. Then I would hope they force players to play every ship type a few times so they could grasp the idea of online gaming.
  8. yes yes yes ranked ranked

    QFactory and Audiomachine are both "bands/groups/composers" with similar styled music, the epic battle movie style.
  9. New USN line style of play

    Im not sute how many Atlanta games you have but I struggled when I first got her. I had barely moved down the U.S. cruiser line at that point though. I think she just takes some getting used to and she's really great in Operation Hermes for making credits. I'm thinking the new line will play a little more like Atlanta but still similar to the line now, like others have said. Islands will be your friend but you don't have to park behind one all game. I believe they'll be enjoyable but very costly to play with all their consumables. Tomorrow on PTS you can play the new Cleveland and that should give you an idea.
  10. No love for Russian Cruisers?

    For the moment it is probably just people prepping for the line split by grinding. I do think you're correct though, I feel like I don't see them as much as I do other ships. Could be a favoritism on the NA server as well, Americans playing American ships. I honestly don't play my Russian cruisers that much but I'm not sure Why, I'm just not as drawn to them. Perhaps because they aren't really as unique to me as other ships.
  11. German and Japanese are both awesome.
  12. My thought is that advice is somewhat flawed. Primarily your goal should be to spot and cap, it's what destroyers are good at. However, don't be afraid to engage in fights that you can. You obviously did and got two kills but a low damage total. I think it's just a matter of balancing damage vs capping/spotting. As a non destroy main, though I do play them, I know I find it frustrating when I'm being spotted but none of the friendly destroyers are spotting for me. Not that they should play to risky but spot when you can as much as possible. I also get a little frustrated when friendly destroyers aren't attempting to kill enemy destroyers when they can. Just my two cents.
  13. Bonus Assignments Cost Money

    It's no more necessary than the large amounts of experience that can't be used. I, personally, would rather not waste those flags or camoflauge schemes on a premium that has a bonus for it existing camoflauge. I like the idea OP but I'm not sure they would go for it but perhaps a compromise of +100% experience and +100% commander experience. That way they don't feel like they're feeding us 19 point captains for free.
  14. I don't really see an issue with the tier 10 cruisers. They all seem fine in my opinion but if you were talking about tiers 5 through 8 than perhaps. There are some really weak ships in this brackets.