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  1. (I'm not posting on the forums at the moment, just because I don't need the blood pressure rise from all the stupidity, and if I don't post, I don't feel the need to reply, but...)

    You said "Exactly. Some games are awesome and have a great time and other times I get the poo covered end of the stick and I dont enjoy it. It's part of the game, and is an essence the joy of any online multiplayer game. If players dont want to be challenged go play a game against the AI or a single player game with cheats."

    You're exactly right.  I think some of the notable unicums who are [edited] about CVs are the ones who are the best at taking advantage of concealment and other mechanics, and they've been doing it long enough that they're more or less seal-clubbing at T10, compared to the average player...and they don't want to give that advantage up. *They're* the ones creating the imbalance, and perpetuating it.   I think that's exactly what WG is hammering on with carriers. 

    If RTS carriers hadn't gotten to such low populations, this ultra-concealment meta wouldn't have ever happened, possibly.  From some things said by SubOctavian, I think that was the intention, anyway.

    Anyway, TLDR: Here's an extra +1 or +10 or whatever to you.  Good luck!

    1. Skuggsja


      Thanks man. I get it, about posting on here. I feel like it's the players and CCs that arent good enough to adjust, dont understand the balance problem without carriers, or are too happy with where they stand in the game already. 

      The thing is that the 1 dimensional play style and builds up to this point are going to kill the game faster than anything. If a game isnt challenging people will move on unless they are completely happy by their own performance in game being uber levels of good and feeling godly while playing.  The cookie cutter methods of playing and building ships are gone and people cant deal with that.