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  1. Skuggsja

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    Not going to lie, considered doing this myself. After all, there is a to Invision at the bottom of the forum. Not sure I'm ready to commit to that though. As exciting as this, I'm hesitant. Not to rain on anyone's parade by any means but rules and moderation concern me. There is no doubt that there will be a large number of similar posts all over again. As someone accepting of mines, subs, and CVs am I just going to join another forum where I'm amongst the minority? Here I am someone that tries to make sense of design ideas and prove that somethings that are hated share parallels with other game mechanics. Would that still be possible and would it be comfortable like it is here. I wouldnt want to be lost in an echo chamber and be the odd man out while being attacked over a video game. That goes both ways too. I can be a real mean SOB but keep myself in line with the rules for fear of bans. Just my two cents.
  2. Skuggsja

    Any plans for a unofficial forum?

    Someone could set one up. This forum has a link to Invision boards at the bottom even. It's $90 a month for it though and would be a crazy amount of work and dedication.
  3. Skuggsja

    To all....

    Thanks, man, appreciate the time spent and the discussion had. Best of luck!
  4. Appreciate you slimeball! Take care man!
  5. Per the title, I'm going to miss these forums. Yes, I was driven crazy by misinformation and off-the-wall opinions but trying to sort through it all and help people make sense of the game was so enjoyable to me. I feel like I was a member of a debate team here. Many posters opened my mind to new perspectives on the game and its design. Hopefully, even if one person found some merit in what I saw it helped them understand something about the game they didn't before. Man, I really enjoyed talking about why X, Y, or Z decisions may have been made or how they fit into a grander scheme. I often spent my time on lunch breaks or just moments of boredom reading through threads. Before that, years ago, I was hit by a wave of undiagnosed PTSD from my time in Iraq and Afghanistan. The game and the forums were such a great escape from depression and anxiety. In time I went and sought help for my issues and have since overcome them. However, these forums were sort of a safe space for me to not think about all the bad. I was allowed to just discuss a game I enjoyed with a lot of great people, and in those times I didn't find my brain stuck in "repeat trauma mode," continuously circling the drain of survivor's guilt. It may sound silly but sometimes you just need a distraction and to find something you really enjoy to escape until you're ready to do the work and heal. The game and the forums did that for me. With the forum gone in 24 to 48 hours, I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has made it an enjoyable, or at least entertaining experience. There are many of you that I have enjoyed interacting with and sort of considered "forum friends/allies," or even some that I'd call "frenemies," that were never going to agree with me or me with them. Despite that, I appreciate those interactions. There are a lot of people I want to shout out but I won't remember everyone which is on me, my brain is about fried nowadays (getting old I suppose). @desmo_2 @Slimeball91 @HazeGrayUnderway @ArIskandir @Crucis @Jakob_Knight @paradat @Wolfswetpaws @MnemonScarlet @YouSatInGum @Asym_KS @CriMiNaL__ @Pugilistic @Lord_Slayer @Ensign_Cthulhu @Reymu @GoldDust2015 @HyperFish and @Ahskance and I'm sure more that I haven't seen around, thanks, guys. Whether we agreed or disagreed I enjoyed the time spent debating everything here. Best wishes to you all, honestly. May the gods favor you always. Edit: @Sailor_moon I cant tag you! I see lord_slayer had a hard time too. Not sure what the deal is there but you're meant to be on my list. Best wishes! As for WoWs and WG, I'm not sure how much of the garbage I can take. Your gameplay is sliding and now you're getting rid of the most appealing part of it all for me, the gaming discussion and its community. The end is near for me in this game, I feel holding interest here is going to be so much harder without this forum. As many of the people here are posting videos and songs about departing, I present the death of Ragnar Lothbrook from Vikings to represent the death of WoWs Skuggsja as I am sure I will find better games to play and things to focus on:
  6. Skuggsja

    ArIskandir's last thread and Farewell

    @ArIskandir Hey man, thanks for the shoutout. I really appreciate it. I honestly really enjoyed your / our discussions on the forums. I greatly appreciate your level-headed and even approach to the game mechanics. Your posts were often a breath of fresh air amongst so much winning. I will truly miss the discussions had here and many of the faces (Well Avatars really) that I've come to know. I've realized now that we might not all agree but those of us frequently active here were a pretty great community. It saddens me to see yet another forum I've loved just disappear like this. I honestly feel that the gameplay of WoWs sucks anymore but between sunk cost fallacy and my interest in all the talks (debates, arguments, or whatever you want to call them) it always kept me around. Now with the removal of the forum, I feel my time here is coming to an end as well. Again, I appreciate the shout out and it was great interacting with you here. Best wishes to you in real life. May the gods grant you favor. Until Victory or Valhalla @ArIskandir
  7. Skuggsja

    What time of day will the WoWS forum shutdown?

    Also, will that time be accurate or is it going to be a mess like CBs with daylight savings time?
  8. Skuggsja

    BB players...sigh

    @Final8ty Exactly
  9. Skuggsja

    BB players...sigh

    While this might be a troll topic, I'm going to just run my mouth for a minute. Battleships are the most match influencing class. They're also the games easiest to play ship class and draw in its worst players. There are no skill checks for BBs. Anyone can take a BB and struggle bus through a tech line. Battleships have: 1. The most HP per tier 2. The most range per tier 3. The most damage per tier 4. The best torpedo protection per tier 5. The best ASW strike range per tier 6. The best secondaries per tier 7. The best homing torpedo tracking loss range per tier That's just a generally true for BBs with a random one off here or there. Despite all of this, BBs seem to take the worst positions in game and then expect all the ships on their teams with lesser values to do more actual playing with than them. The inherent advantages that BBs have as a standard being taken to the back and corners of the map are a horrible design flaw of this game. It's the inability to balance these ships that have ruined game play. Combine that with people's obsession with the class and being the most forgiving ships to play and you end up with why WoWs is going downhill so fast.
  10. I agree. Forum usage has slowed quite considerably. However, it's still active enough to keep my interest and let me leisurely browse discussions. Discord might as well be twitch chat during KoTs. Just constant word vomit spewed to no end. No real conversation, just as many people crammed into one place as possible randomly talking about 50 subjects at once.
  11. Isn't the same to be said for any class though? A Shimakaze with 1 HP still has 3 torpedo racks, a Montana with 10 HP still has 12 Guns, or a Yodo with 5 HP still has both 16 guns and 16 torpedoes. Sure, the ship has to play differently to avoid being sunk, but those ships are still capable of large amounts of damage. If a CV has 10 planes that all drop 1 Torpedo, with each torpedo doing 1000 damage, and it loses 6 planes than the maximum damage that can be done is 4000 instead of 10000. Bit of an extreme case. 30% AA would imply a large amount of damage from HE all game without sinking. I'm not sure that is really much of a thing anymore. Haven't really noticed anyone doing it and I dont use it as its generally pointless. The exact reason we get to "regen planes." It's a horrible design mechanic. Imagine if surface ships had to play more realistically like a DD with one set of torpedoes and no reloads or limited ammunition for any ship. I'm not against repairing other mounts, AA or secondaries, but it's going to have to be balanced. It doesnt make any more sense that a ship that is brutally damaged gets to be full strength with AA because it survived with a few HP. Also just have to say, getting smacked with some rockets for a chunk of damage sucks, but no more than playing the cruiser eating a citadel early in the match from a distant, unspotted BB.
  12. Skuggsja

    End of the Forum

    I just cannot comprehend this thought process. There are so many names here I've interacted with. I feel like I know some of these people based only on interactions had here. Its been so interesting seeing all the different perspectives and seeing what people love or hate about the game. Its been enjoyable helping people learn some of the in and outs of the game. Its been fun having debates, even if they go nowhere. Its just sad really, and goes to show how far WG has fallen from grace. This is truly a nail in the coffin for me. The forums are what keep my interest when I cant play or even what draws me back when I dont feel like playing.
  13. Skuggsja

    End of the Forum

    This is ridiculous. There is no good reason for this. None at all. You cannot have a conversation here like you do on Discord. A horrible idea and partially game-ruining for me. I love talking about the design and concepts of the game, even if it is just sort of an argument half the time. I like to visit the forums on my breaks and when I'm doing little things to waste some time, maybe have a little conversation. So now that's gone in a week. The only reason to shut down the forum is to silence players. There is no other benefit aside from saving $1000 a year on Invision boards hosting. Thats a drop in the bucket to a company with a value of over 1 billion dollars.
  14. I'm not saying it's overpowered, I'm saying it's insanely strong right now. There isn't much argument to be made, you lose more planes than you used to. Recent additions to the game have all increased the AA power each individual ship has (Dutch, Pan Asian, Pan America Cruisers and British BCs all have strong AA with access to DFAA). Also, access to DFAA has increased. No, no ship can outright deny a CV from attacking, that is called gameplay. The idea that the CV can run out of planes without doing damage with a full squadron means that the CV would not be able to play the game if it has only partial squadrons of aircraft. That would mean the CV cannot play the game. The "logical argument" is no different that the "illogical argument," as it all boils down to the perception of damage. You don't have to be a horrible player to think something like CVs should be able to be denied all damage. No level of intelligence matters when bias and emotion are the key to the arguments made.
  15. They don't regenerate planes. The time is meant to show the planes being brought up from the hangar and prepped for takeoff. Generally, most CVs won't have more planes than their hangar capacity, which is about the same as the RTS days. AA is insanely strong right now. You dont get it, you dont play CV.