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  1. Skuggsja

    It's simply not your place to say..........

    Ridiculous. They make single-player games for a reason. If you want to unwind and have fun do it where it doesn't affect others playing an online multiplayer game. Play Co-op, use the training room, or do operations. Imagine applying this attitude to baseball. You're essentially saying, "Yeah this is how the game is played but I just want to do it my way," and proceed to run from home to third base. Then your teammates are shouting, "turn around you moron," and instead you tell them, "you're not my real dad, I do what I want. Besides I'm having fun."
  2. Skuggsja

    Screen Freeze with new update

    Set my max frames to 75, as that's what it ran around previously, and it all works again. Thank you, really appreciate this.
  3. Skuggsja

    Screen Freeze with new update

    I'm going to have to try this as I'm having similar-ish issues. Played the day before the update just fine. Yesterday it was playing all choppy with my frame rate at over 100, where is usually runs at 75. Some ships were moving across the water in little bursts while others were moving just fine. Today I log in and my port is all choppy, not a problem yesterday, and my ship carousel is switching back and forth from 3 to 4 ship lines shown. It's ridiculous. I wonder if it's a graphics issue as well.
  4. The Russian BB special sigma based on range. It is part of their design. They are more accurate within shorter ranges.
  5. You're not taking into account that Soviet BBs have some of the best armor and most accurate guns in-game. Their range is a balancing factor. Also, their AA isn't horrible or great, it falls right in the realm of mediocre. Giving them spotter or DFAA just takes away from the design to keep them balanced. They are meant to be played closer in range, bow on. If they could perform at super long range with spotter it makes quickly unfair. The moderate AA gives them a reason to turn or another way to take damage when they can just park bow on and deflect more damage than most.
  6. Skuggsja

    PACLs: Were these even Tested?

    I will say that the PACLs are very rough to play. They arent forgiving of mistakes but they can do exceptionally well, just like every other ship in the game. Not every ship available in-game is for every player. You might even be a great CL/CA player but for some reason, you cant play a specific nation's cruiser. It happens.
  7. As long as they compensate those of us that earned ours, as they said they would, I'm ok with it. I paid around $25 for my P.R. The rest was all just the ability to play endlessly at work, due to the holiday shutdown and me doing security at the time. Its not that I want to gate anything from anyone, I just don't want all that effort to ever be meaningless. If I can grab a steel ship or a premium tier 10 (Or whatever combination of lower premiums) then I'll be ok with this all.
  8. Skuggsja

    Cv's cause toxic gameplay

    Don't you get frustrated when an invisible destroy torps you into oblivion? How about when a cruiser sets you on fire numerous times in a row from behind an island or smoke? Ever gotten wrecked from across the map by a BB you can't see, let alone shoot back at? Radared when you cant get away? Eaten a stray round for a citadel while dodging the entire rest of the salvo? This is PvP. It's not made for your comfort, it's made to compete.
  9. Skuggsja

    When is Next Event

    Well, they've been using the timer for ranked for what, maybe a year now? Also, the last few "team events" like this used the same timer . . . so you must not be paying much attention. That's not to say I don't agree with you fully, the timer sucks. However, its been in place for a considerable amount of time.
  10. Skuggsja

    Why is Wargaming forcing subs on us?

    I think a factor that is being overlooked is that not everyone has to be pro-sub or anti-sub. Perhaps those numbers are accurate for those that truly want subs and the numbers we see in the forums are accurate for those truly against them. That would leave 90% or so completely indifferent to them. Consider that forum usage is <5% and sub usage is between 4-8% which seems relatively equal in a sense. That leaves hundreds of thousands of accounts not being used in the tally.
  11. If you think of it sort of like an RPG character it might help. Imagine very ship gets 10 points for balance. If you put 4 points into speed, 3 points into HP, 2 points into guns, and 1 point into torpedoes you get something like Kleber. If you put 1 point into speed, 3 points into AA, 3 points into torpedoes, 2 points into healing, and 1 point into guns you get Halland. These are all distributed based on the playstyle intended for the ship which is also affected by the class. Each class has 5 additional points that are added simply based on the class design. For example a BB gets an additional 2 points in armor, 2 points in HP, and 1 point in healing while a DD gets 3 points in stealth, 1 point in maneuverability, and 1 point in speed. The idea is to make each ship class unique and then make each nation unique within the class all the while keeping ships balanced.
  12. You're clueless. This is how super testing works. Stop trying to snitch on people for doing what they're supposed to do. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/250987-supertest-academy-enrollment-4-feb-1-mar/
  13. Skuggsja

    Asymmetric Battles

    I've been saying the same thing. Most randoms become asymmetrical in less than 4 minutes.
  14. Skuggsja

    PSA: Asymmetric Battles

    Asymmetric battles don't actually offer anything new outside of Tier 7 facing Tier 10. Even a large portion of the players saying they like these battles seems to based on the ease of grinding Tier 8 against higher level bot opponents with more normalized experience and income gain than in Co-Op. Most randoms you play can easily become Asymmetric in number within 2 to 5 minutes of the match start simply due to poor decisions by players. What actual change does this mode bring to the game? Take away the benefits of easy grinding Tier 7/8 against bots and it's just more of the same. WG needs to start really investing time into new modes. This mode isn't presenting any new depth or strategy to the game, just another way for players to expedite their grinds it seems. I hate to be so negative but outside of Sci-Fi modes for Halloween and April Fools, WG cant seem to find any way to create a variety of play or depth to the game.