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  1. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with any steel ship that seems like you might like it. I do believe Austin and Plymouth having high skill floors, meaning they're rewarding for players that have a lot of skill but not so much for average or less. (I dont know where you fall in that, didnt look) Also, use your coupon. It's a waste not to use it. They are only out twice a year. I dont know what the people suggesting you dont use it or your ship will be nerfed are talking about. That's silly.
  2. Boggzyy talks to The LaLa in this one. He has close to or more than 10k games in the Black Swan a tier 1. My initial thought was stat padding but he just really enjoys the basics of the game. All the things that he doesnt enjoy he simply avoids while still having his fun. While it's not for me, he made some good points about not wanting to deal with certian aspects of the game and wanting to completely master something. It's pretty interesting.
  3. Most importantly, this might be the change needed for Kitikami.
  4. Skuggsja

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    I honestly thought the concept of hybrids might be unique to the IJN as they seem to be the only actual users of them. So much for that.
  5. Skuggsja

    ST. 0.10.6, NEW SHIPS

    So, just completely out of ideas and giving up huh WG? Not impressed.
  6. Skuggsja

    What is Brawl even for anymore?

    My thoughts exactly. I've heard the same complaints about ranked from people playing with random groups and playing with clan mates just feels like another clan battle. The only difference seems to map layout. One of the biggest issues though is that its Tier 10 yet again.
  7. Skuggsja

    What's the point in playing older lines anymore?

    This kind of a mixed bag. Yeah, there has been some power creep but any ship in game is still capable. It feels more like the skill floor, the minimum amount of skill to play a ship, has been raised for some older ships while newer ships can be much easier to play. I agree that the IJN cruisers and PA destroyers have probably the most issues. Take Zao for example with its 40k HP, 17.5km range, and 15 second (-ish) reload, mediocre at best AA woth DFAA, and lacking armor. It's an HE spammer with some torps. Now they've added Nevsky with 20km range and 12km radar, Goliath with 1/4 pen HE and super heal, Henri with up to 50mm of pen with IFHE and 4 minutes of speed boost, and Even Yoshino with bigger guns and arguably better torpedoes (20km). While Zao is still playable and capable it's just a bit easier to do the same thing in other ships due to their ranges, armor, or gimmicks. It's not so much that Zao was power crept it's just easier to do better in some of its counter parts. Power creep to me would probably mean something more like the ship is unplayable. However, I can see where power creep could be looked at as a ship isnt as rewarding or easy to play as it's new counter parts.
  8. Skuggsja

    Why does the germans have bad dispersion in game?

    Play a Siegfried with Bismarck guns but amazing accuracy. Then you'll understand.
  9. Skuggsja

    This has to stop

    I agree the frustration. There a days that have games so bad it makes you never want to play again. How to fix it, I'm not sure. It would be nice if there was a way to not have horrendous days though.
  10. Skuggsja

    over 50k random battles

    I'm almost at 6 years of play with a year off of work and I have only 21k. I even ground out Puerto Rico for a total coat of $22. There is no way that's not some bot useage.
  11. Skuggsja

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    Youre right. However now just random with 5 instead of 7.
  12. Skuggsja

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    You're correct, nothing wrong with more game modes. However, if you expect the bare minimum of effort from WG why would they ever do more? Yes, this benefits those that havent participated in something but what about those who have participated in everything and would like something new? Who's opinion is more important? Is drawing in new players better than retaining more veteran players? I think that the answer would lie in the middle ground of supporting both sides. Also, what the difference between playing clan battles 7v7 at tier 10 and playing clan brawl 5v5 at tier 10? Like I said, that's minimal effort by WG. At least change the tier to 7 or 8. Finally, exactly! Why should I care if a new player gets to do something new to them? If it's something new to me, it's something new to them too. So who cares? See how that works both ways?
  13. Skuggsja

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    No problem my good man. Appreciate ya.
  14. Skuggsja

    Cruiser numbers still down

    Very true, they have always been more difficult. I think the change comes from the addition of battleships like Georgia, Vermont, Kremlin, Slava, Ohio, Shikashima, and so on. All Dead Eye did was highlight how good 457mm guns are. One round doing 15k in damage even on a bad shot just showed how very damaging these guns are to cruisers. Just my thoughts from my personal experince. I'm sick of taking massive damage from BBs across the map while spotted by a DD I cant counter spot. It's no different than the carrier interactions everyone hates, IMO. Yes you can play ships like Henri and Hindy like that but how much effect does it have on a battle? Farming damage is great but what impact that fire damage has to the game can be very minimal. Those examples also apply to mostly just Tier 10 cruisers and maybe a few tier 9s. Myoko and Mogami cant do that. Hipper and York cant really do that either, at least not as effectively. When I said cruisers are the most difficult to play I was just speaking in general terms. I'm not saying you're wrong just saying that there are always examples that wont fit into the general population.
  15. Skuggsja

    Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

    Why wouldnt I have input? I've been playing for 6 years, I have over 21k random battles, I have almost every ship in the game, I've participated in every game mode and event offered (even getting Puerto Rico for $22), and was a super tester before I quit when I started nursing school. I'm glad you're happy with what you're offered. I am not thrilled with it anymore and I'm offering my thoughts so WG knows where I stand and perhaps other players like me. We can have different opinions from different view points ya know?