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  1. Skuggsja

    Why WG, why?

    If you've gotten your dailies done everyday yo should get 100 more fuel tokens in a couple days. You need 48 out 50 dailies completed. Not sure if you knew that or if it will help.
  2. Skuggsja

    Itailains are coming!!!!!

    Jump to about 20 minute mark and I think the reveal is less than 30 minutes.
  3. Skuggsja

    Why is Friesland flying a Polish naval ensign?

    The Pan European Tree doesnt technically exist yet so they threw the ships in under nations already in the game. On the stream today they showed all these ships under the pan European flag which I believe means its officially coming soon.
  4. Skuggsja

    Bored with game

    You are correct. It's more so an issue of having so little content available that may be new. Now they seem to be extending that time more and more. Its like: "Bored? Want new content? Ok well well just take what we could release right now and stretch over 2 to 3 months... unless you want to pay" I agree about the original NTC. I voiced my opinion about it. However, even after they had changed it people complained and that's what gets me. Also, yes about the GC thing and rebalancing premiums. Even carriers are the same. Not sure how many times I can be told their easy mode and OP by someone that hasnt even played through the line. Also funny, is if carriers are easy mode, stat buffing, and guaranteed to win ships why is everyone playing them like they do their GC or Belfast in tier 5/7 ranked? Just ridiculous.
  5. Skuggsja

    Itailains are coming!!!!!

    Heres the stream about it.
  6. Here. You can watch it for yourself. I believe they talk about the Italians at about the 20 minute mark. No DFAA, or Hydro. Instead a short version of the Perth smoke that only last 30 to 40 seconds but works at full speed. Ammunition used is AP and SAP. SAP sounds like its higher damage version of RN cruiser rounds. They wont start fires but have better pen for light targets and a higher alpha damage. Torpedoes are going to be like those on the premiums, long range and slow but with good concealment and moderate damage. They talked about them being low DPM but very high alpha ships. Theyll be more about calculating when and what to shoot with each salvo.
  7. Skuggsja

    Italians are coming!

    The Russian Stream tomorrow will have the Tier 8 through 10 ships and another Italian premium. I'll be sure to post it when I see it because I can watch youtube at work.
  8. Skuggsja

    Italians are coming!

    I watched the stream up until a few minutes ago. I love the look of Italians and unlike quite a few people I look forward to something new to the cruisers. Not having the typical consumables is a nice trait, however, the rolling smoke isnt enough to make up for the lack of utility. They wont be half as popular without something that makes them useful. Take ranked sprint for example, Belfast and Atlanta seemed to most common played ships because of radar. Flint is semi populated due to smoke. Overall though, most other cruisers are sporadically appearing. This is true in clan battles as well, with Radar equipped cruisers taking the place of Hindenburgs and Zaos more often. That's not to say the Italians need radar but they do need something to be popular and useful. On another note, I'm annoyed to Abruzzi and Asota wont synchronize with the line. My 14 and 17 point captians on them will require respec just to be useful if moved to tech tree ships. I really think WG needs to look at the outliers among premiums. Sure, some a great but overall they arent useful captian trainers which is key highlight of premiums.
  9. Skuggsja

    Italians are coming!

    So heres what I can tell you. The smoke will be a creeping smoke like Perth. However the said it is really short duration, I think 40 seconds was mentioned. It also works at full speed. I believe its "break contact smoke" They wont have access to Hydro or DFAA. They wont have HE but have SAP and AP rounds. SAP can start fires and pens light armor better. They will have slow reload but high alpha damage. The only similarity they have with the Italian premiums are the torpedoes which will be long ranged, slow, high concealment, but lower alpha.
  10. Its official. The spicy meat ball, pizza delivering Italian Cruisers are coming. SAP rounds. High speed creeping smoke.
  11. Skuggsja

    Siegfried First Impression [NoZoupForYou]

    I was really hoping she would have better secondaries and/or torpedoes. Considering how into the Battle Cruiser and Pocket Battleship the Germans were, I expected this ship to start of stronger. Hopefully she can get some buffs.
  12. Skuggsja

    Siegfried currency

    Alaska, Azuma, and Kronshtadt were all free experience ships. Being that this is a Tier 9 super cruiser for Germany, I'm guessing it will be 1 million free experience. Also, being that it's free experience real money in the premium shop will get it for you too. Just a guess though, but there seems to be a pattern.
  13. Skuggsja

    More and More Passive...

    This is more what I'm talking about. I've seen so many ships in spots that they cant get hit in but cant fire out of it's insane. It's like they arent even engaged in the battle. Being "aggressive" no means actually shooting anywhere. I had a ranked battle in which a Scharhorst and a DD chased me away from the cap and followed me the entire game. Meanwhile my 6 teammates had to face 5 all sitting in one smoke screen. Couldnt pull it off though and died slowly to a Flint and Mahan chaining smoke all while I had two ships actively chasing me and unsuccessfully dodging my torps.
  14. Skuggsja

    Bored with game

    Heres my list of complaints: 1. Boredom. Ship lines are becoming redundant. Russian Battleships like to bow tank, which is something some battleships already do well. French destroyers are just another line of Kahabas with some "unique" traits. 2. 17K battles and I believe I've parked every ship behind every island on every map now. No new maps, and no new metas. Its redundant and boring. 3. New content that has nothing to do with the game, like savage battles. New content locked behind 3 patches to sell loot boxes like the upcoming French DDs. Other new ship content locked behind steel that takes 6 months and maximizing all rewards to unlock. 4. The community is so negative anymore. From CVs, the only real change to the game in years, to things that haven't even come our yet like NTC. The forums used to be full of new tech line ideas, questions on captian skills, and just good posts. Now it's full of complaints and whining. 5. The potato base is expanding. One sided steam roles are more frequent than ever. Hiding and running have become the new standards of game play, parking in places you dont eveb engage in the battle. More than anything, it's the redundant gameplay now. New tech trees feel like power creeping versions of old tech trees. No new maps. Nothing shifts the meta, except CV but we see how that went. Everything is just the same over and over.
  15. Skuggsja

    More and More Passive...

    Some semi-valid points but I dont agree. Let me clarify though, especially with this ranked epicenter mode, that Im not talking about breaking contact with the enemy. I understand that there is a reason for it and I do it myself at times. However, at the begining of a match I cannot tell you the amount of times I see players go the safest/ most hidden position they can find, neglect the capture zones in their entirety, and actually take up position where returning fire on a spotted enemy is all but impossible. Saving a star should not be the goal either. That solo warrior play style is half the reason that ranked is so complained about. Players will forsake going in on a play to survive and farm damage to save their star. Also, your whole spiel neglects the fact that their is a rapid point counter in the middle of the map that if neglected can and does sway battles. There is a difference between calculated play and being overly passive.