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  1. Skuggsja

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    I'm not even sure that removing CV from Clan Battles would solve all the problems that are being complained about. I feel like power creep has become all too much in this game. It happens in all games of course but to me its spiraling out of control in WoWs. I cant imagine what the next lines will be. Just think, before CV was in clan battles players were running with 4 Klebers. Smolensk and Stalingrad are way out of control. 457mm or larger guns are becoming more and more prominent. CV in clan battle made CBs feel stale but power creep is already doing that by creating a roster of ships that are "must haves" for CB and anything outside of those ships are pointless.
  2. I enjoy not feeling so tethered to my team, like when they lemming train and such. Even if my whole team retreats to the back of the map, I still get to play how I want to a degree. That's a good point. I like being reactive I think. That moment you see a battleship stuck facing a DD by itself or two battleships brawling close range and you get to alter the course of that by flying in to add damage is really enjoyable to me.
  3. I havent been playing them half as much but there are some really enjoyable aspects in playing them. All the balance and hate aside, and just from an individual meta stand point it's a nice break from the other classes. -I enjoy the ability to play without the need to constantly adapt to my team. -The game play overall is more interactive, even if plenty of time is flying to a target. - The game play feels far more strategic or tactical to me. - The flexibility in being able to help allies or target specific enemy's is really enjoyable. It's just a hit different of an experience in the same game. I used to enjoy doing breaking up randoms, or whatever mode, with Operations but now there are so few that CV is a nice break.
  4. Skuggsja

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Well, let's just hope that this doesnt work out for the boycotters. Not because I care about CV anymore, but simply because if it were to work you're just setting a precedent for players to do this with all sorts of mechanics and ships. Hypothetically, by the end you will have CB consist of singular battleship duels with AP only because fire, radar, torpedoes, and flooding are all hated too.
  5. Skuggsja

    some people are so stupid its pathetic

    Just because your ship is somewhat ore forward doesnt mean you own the map space. Here we have a DD playing smart and someone warned but still rushing around a corner into 4 enemies and thus eating torps. He was dead either way. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes, which is exactly what the Kuma did.
  6. Skuggsja

    Why do cruisers even have armor anymore...

    Just remnants of the game being so heavily based on WoT is what we have.
  7. Skuggsja

    how to actually balanse the game

    Well, considering radar lasts 30 to 45 seconds or so in a 20 minute match and only 4 charges are carried, I'd say 5.4km detection is useful the entire remianing time of the match. Check this out from about 15:00 minutes on. It shows how influential DDs are:
  8. Skuggsja

    how to actually balanse the game

    Nothing. Leave it as it is. Having a ship able to play completely invisible with some of the most dangerous, high potential damage on the battlefield needs a counter. CVs and DDs, at least at the last CC summit, were shown to be the most influential classes in game. Radar helps to keep DDs from becoming out of control, not just damage wise but simply by spotting unopposed.
  9. Skuggsja

    how to actually balanse the game

    Impossible to implement this. If you remove the ability to see through islands all you do is create "no go zones." Would you want your ship to be the one to have to push blindly around an island to see if a Shimakaze has all 3 sets of torps ready for you? In late game it happens but that due to skill or nessecity but in early game it makes every island way to dangerous to venture around. Imagine the meta that develops from every DD running to an island to set up torp ambushes. No spotting, just Holy Grail plays for maximum damage. Radar and CVs are the best ways to keep this countered.
  10. How else would you expect them to get a firm grasp on anything without numbers? If things were balanced by player feedback only, everything would be a constant jumbled mess. Consider when WG was like "what do you, community, want us to do with Graf Zepplin?" They had to pull it from sale and it was left in development hell until the rework. That's brings up another point, the rework. Could you really trust the community to make carriers playable based on the reddit or forum feedback? The majority would have it that every ship could shoot down and entire sqaudron in 5 seconds and 1.5 seconds with DFAA. One finally example would be the G.C. example in which players said they would rather keep their OP premium to dominate tier 5 than to have it rightly balanced. The majority of players would decide the fate of every ship and it would be a mess. I think using the numbers is the only way to start rebalancing with a sprinkle of player feedback.
  11. I honestly prefer Ocean. It feels the least like WoT on water. Ocean really relies on players to grasp some fundamental mechanics to succeed. Of course, a majority do not but it's really straight forward as maps go.
  12. Skuggsja

    Sir Davos takes on the subs.

    This would be a great option I believe. An automated plane to go after detected subs. It could also take the place of rockets on Carriers, thus removing one concern for DDs. It also would make for an interesting premise for an IJN float plane cruiser line for ships like Yahagi and Tone to have something unique and useful without crossing the lines of crazy gimmicks.
  13. Skuggsja

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    That's a valid point too. My winrate is like 40% in Moskva. My averages are sub par, so did I actually save 7.5 million credits?
  14. Skuggsja

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    So let's break this down by previous examples: Guilio Caesar- Too strong for its tier, an absolute seal clubbing P2W ship at its release. For the health of the game and the ability to be able to continue sales, WG wanted to redesign GC to and transform her into a Tier 6. Despite offering what would essentially be an upgrade for anyone that purchased it, or dubloon compensation for those that didnt like the change, WG caved to the demands of players that said they would never buy a premium ship again. So instead of ensuring a healthy game, WG moved the ship to Christmas crates and allowed GC to continue making tier 5 horrible. The U.S. Cruiser Split - In a super generous move, WG offered free premium camos for any ship added to the tech tree to the players that owned the premium camo equivalent. Since the US cruiser split, no tech trees have required ships to be shuffled from light to heavy split lines until now. So a certain precedent was set, because the singular example existing showed that WG would compensate players more than appropriately. So WG will sacrifice the health of the game if players cry over their real money product being changed because it's fun to seal club but theyve also decided that my fun in Moskva has been appropriately rewarded because I saved fake credits while having "fun" in Moskva. (I hate Moskva, I cant play it to save my life). Why should I ever buy another premium camo for a ship? Not only will WG decide that I've had my fun and take it away, but I can just wait and see if it ever becomes free at only the cost of fake credits? Nah, that's really dumb because for the first time I actually agree with players that say WG has broken my trust. That's a lot coming from me. I've defended CVs, Submarines, the GC tier 6 change,and even remained silent on the PR fiasco. However, through that all I felt like the desicions made sense for the health of the game or due to my financial investment but this really bothers me. It's wrong. This isnt a tangible product, there is no skin in the game because it's all pixels and to say it's ok under the license agreement is a crock because that applied to GC being balanced for better game play.
  15. Skuggsja

    Coal: what to save up for/look out for in the armory

    Oh yeah! That's correct. The tier 9. Yeah they made have said "at least." I'm not sure. I just know 6 months was mentioned.