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  1. Skuggsja

    Thank you, War Gaming

    It's really not all that bad. It plays like its tech tree and premium counter parts. Dont shoot at super long range in Hope's of getting massive damage. Use her speed to flank. Use secondaries for that little added damage and fire chance. Dont be afraid to shoot HE sometimes due to quarter penetration values. The ships no OP but it's not horrible. Your wrist and fingers must be exhausted if the grind was that difficult.
  2. Skuggsja

    Fixing Battleship AP

    Sounds to me like you shouldn't be going off alone and that the support of at least an allied destroyer or cruiser would have changed this outcome drastically.
  3. Personally, I could care less about tier 3 ships as the rewards just arent worth the silly game play. I'll earn her through 40 missions which shouldnt be too bad.
  4. Seems to be an error for everyone, as I am experiencing it as well.
  5. Skuggsja

    WG logic at its worst

    I dont see the issue with some ships simply being standouts at their tier, especially tech tree ships that are available to everyone.
  6. Warspite is a really good tier 6 Battleship. Galant is beyond medicore as a T6 destroyer. It's one of the few ships I wish I hadn't bought.
  7. Skuggsja

    Hmm, which premium ship to buy?

    T-61 synchronizes better with the German line due to the gun caliber. Z-39 runs the 150mm which are only options on the Gaede and Z-23. Thus, AFT and BFT, as well as IFHE, can all be questionable choices depending on the ship. Personally, I prefer my premiums to not only gain me cash but to train my commanders. I want them to synchronize so that my captian is trained to be the best on both ships. It's like how IFHE and Demo Expert can add damage to Belfast but are useless for the rest of the RN cruisers. That applies on the flip side too, my Belfast gets no benefit from my Fiji captian with torpedo reload expertise. Also, Boise is.... not as good as Helena or Atlanta. I bought it because I didnt realize the difference between Helena and Boise was so large.
  8. Skuggsja

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    This "Hall of Fame" thing is really pushing for players to get kills on top on their wins. The more points you get the more rewards. There are a lot of people doing stupid crap to get those points.
  9. Skuggsja

    Do many Unicums ever pick Vigilance?

    Im just an average player but in my opinion itonly expands torpedo detection but not ship detection so I skip it. If it increased sho detection as well for hydro I'd do it in a heart beat on a lot of ships but until then, nah.
  10. Skuggsja

    I am disguted and feel cheated by the game

    Also dont discount lag. Ever seen splashes land around your ship but take no damage and think "phew" only to take damage? It's just a bit of lag in the connection.
  11. I agree with that fully and dont mean to take away anyone's chance of winning anything. I just feel that there should be a bit of a fail safe if you purchased containers. Maybe for every 10 you buy your guaranteed at least the lowest mission even if it's a constant repeat or something. I really do hate griping about this but the disappointment is very real.
  12. I've decided to never purchase a crate again unless it's to start collecting pieces of a collection. The idea of gambling away real money to get a chance at something I'll be handed anyway is silly. Dont get me wrong, I spent money on crates this go around, two sets of 5. I also earned every possible crate and spent all my sovereigns on crates from the Arsenal only to get the tier 5 out of 20 -30 crates. I'm calling that good enough and qont be purchasing anymore as it's just not worth it. I also hate to be this guy, but, I find it unfair that some random person can pull all 4 missions having never spent a dime on the game where as another that has spent hundreds, or even over a thousand in the last 3 years, doesnt get any guarantee of pulling anything. Yeah, I know... "entitled", but at this point the less you spend the more you actually get.
  13. Skuggsja

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Still nothing more than 12 hours later. Not sure if this is going to take a while or what.
  14. Skuggsja

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    I remember seeing your name up there... how did you get so many points...
  15. I feel the same way for the most part. I have been a part of games that are primarily cruisers but they are few and far between. The newest campaign and tech tree line brought American cruisers out in force but that seems to be fading now.