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  1. Skuggsja

    CV Rework Complete: Farazelleth is toast

    Sorry guys, I was being a bit sarcastic. I should have added /s I played RTS CV and it was people like him, that completely shut me out, that kept me from playing more than I did. In a way, I see as "what goes around comes around," but I also feel bad for those no longer playing because of the rework. A double edged sword really.
  2. Skuggsja

    CV Rework Complete: Farazelleth is toast

    Wasnt he one of the guys that created such a power gap that non unicum CVs needed a rework?
  3. Skuggsja

    Buff Smolensk to help counter Venezia

    @Ducky_shot I think destroyers need an armor buff as well as this buff to Smolensk. With the accuracy, shell velocity, and lack of over pens destroyers take way too much damage from SAP. I said something in chat about it and Italian Cancer Driver (ICD) told me to "jUsT DoDGe". Yeah right! Just another botched line ruining destroyer play.
  4. It's annoying isnt it? I cant tell you how many times I've thought "I can move, I'm outside his super accuracy range" only to be dev struck or limp away with low health.
  5. Skuggsja

    New challenges required

    That's a good point I can relate to. I've got just about everything done except for steel ships and improving my stats. More than anything I look forward to new ship lines but the way they introduce them and the ease of the grind has made that less rewarding now as well.
  6. Skuggsja

    New challenges required

    Uh oh. It's never a good sign when you're finding ways to challenge yourself outside of what's presented ingame.
  7. Skuggsja

    'Mercy' Rule now even worse

    Same guy argues with everyone about everything on the forum. Posts in every thread with how everyone is wrong about every aspect of the game. Its just obnoxious. Straight up, lifeless forum troll.
  8. Skuggsja

    'Mercy' Rule now even worse

    Just put him on ignore. Makes the whole forum experience better.
  9. Skuggsja

    one round in a Zara

    Exactly. They arent a ship "for everyone" per say.
  10. Skuggsja

    1st What if battle - more inside

    Sure, I'm interested.
  11. Skuggsja

    Leone, Leone, where art thou?

    Yeah it could be the tech tree Tier 10. I dont remember if it was stated to be a premium for sure. @SeaRaptor00, was Palio Emilo a premium ship?
  12. Skuggsja

    Leone, Leone, where art thou?

    Oh yeah, that's the DD that the CCs "got to balance" at the CC summit. At tier 10 I'm guessing she will be a steel ship or something.
  13. Skuggsja

    Twilight mode.

    I think this should be the new naval Battles on weekends. Clan vs Clan. Same setup without halloween theme. Turn filth into oil and coal and it's good to go.
  14. 4 years and 19,000 games is pretty telling of how I feel.
  15. Skuggsja

    Jingles Voice Pack Bug.

    This is purposeful. Jingles often calls ships by the wrong classification in his videos.