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  1. Shima "Legendary" Upgrade

    Its plain horrible nerf, considering that you can have 15% reload bonus OR 25% reload bonus with 80% penalization on torp aiming. that means barely 10 secs of advantage against the impossibility of torp while maneuvering (and not neccesarily a knife fight, many times I close in, drop torps while turning back). Got it, tried it, discarded it. Too situational, not a sidegrade but a full blown downgrade. WG should make the penalization maybe a 40% (still a huge penalty, but playable). As it is, is garbage.
  2. IFHE on Massachussets?

    Thanks all for the answers, IFHE it is (again). Best regards
  3. IFHE on Massachussets?

    On republique is great, on GK good, but have no info for massachussets.
  4. IFHE on Massachussets?

    Full secondary built on massachussets (what else? :) but with a doubt on the 3rd 4 tier skill... concealment expert or IFHE? Already have BFT, AFT and manual control for secondaries, of course Thanks for the answers
  5. Same, really love that ship... only if it was tier VII... ;)
  6. Un montón de dudas

    añadir que los cruceros britanicos tienen excelentes torpedos y baja detectabilidad, mas flexibles que los gringos pero mucho mas fragiles. Los cruceros ligeros americanos son bastante buenos (especialmente el worcester y el nuevo cleveland). Los destructores gringos son buenos para capturar, el fletcher sigue siendo de los mejores destructores (muy equilibrado, buenos cañones a medio/corto alcance, buenos torpedos). Los asiaticos son... especiales. Para ranked ese radar es maravilloso, gana caps, pero para random no es tan util (ya que eliges entre radar O humo). Los torpedos pegan duro pero NO a destructores.
  7. Its easy, Dynamo is for Sims and Cossacks... and they complement each other very well. Sims takes care of the pesky planes and good short range firepower (at long range its garbage) and cossack excels at long/medium range to kill those torpedo boats before they are a danger but AA is... negligible. A combination of 4 sims and 2 cossacks... invincible. But cossack needs good AA partners or it struggles through operation. Sims, however, can work on its own.
  8. Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    Thanks to all the answers, IFHE it is... and still the terror of enemy planes ;) Again, thanks to all
  9. Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    Thanks!!! that was the data I was looking for. Source?
  10. Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    SO IFHE is needed to pen the BBs at that tier, thanks. The fire damage is quite unreliable IMHO, so I will go for IFHE, thanks
  11. Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    My actual configuration is close to that, only I dropped CE for Manual Fire Control for AA (again, I use it as an specialized AA cruiser). My doubt is if the increase in pen with IFHE is worth with the 127mm at tier VII, looking for pen numbers and armor values at that level, I know the fire chances for DE but not the pen values for IFHE.
  12. Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    Thanks, but I use it as specialized AA, hence no CE and need to choose between IFHE and DE, no chance to get both on my configuration. Probably looking at the answers will be IFHE, so next question is which tier I skill to pick (apart from PT of course). PM looks like a good option to help those fragile turrets.
  13. Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    Thanks for the answers, as personal choice I run BFT, AFT and Manual Fire control for AA guns for the speciliazed AA role, PT as basic one, that leaves me with the choice of Jack of all trades or Last stand as the second skill and 5 remaining points... currently I have DE and both tier 2 skills (LS and JoaT) but meditating if changing it to IFHE and PM or IFA, getting rid of LS probably. That is my doubt, to rack up damage, IFHE or DE? The other skills are pretty fixed for a massed out AA cruiser. BTW, Manual Fire Control for AA is an absolute beast on this ship, combined with BFT and AFT makes 318 damage per second at 7.2 km... at tier VII. Add defensive fire and that makes 636 damage per second... at 7.2 km. Ideas? someone has stadistics or numbers? (penetration with/without IFHE for the 127mm, and superstructure armor on tier VII). Will it make a difference on pens or the increase is not worth anyway? Thanks
  14. Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    Have the dude now, mine is an specializec AA cruiser, but the tiny 127mm struggles to make serious damage. Is better IFHE to try to pen (considering the really small caliber, not 152 but 127mm) or give it away and try to increase those low fire chances? Someone make the numbers please, considering low tier (seeing tier IX) and high tier (top fish against V and VII) Thanks
  15. For that, you can join my clan, same style, just oil, bonuses and if you want, some teammates, but zero pressure to do things. And the more we are, the more bonuses for all, for free ;) Drop a request at kooks and be welcome :)