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  1. To be honest, this game is becoming more and more less entertainment, at least for me. DDs cannot cap, tons of radar, BBs cannot push, tons of HE spamming from behind smoke and islands, CAs cannot flank, too fragile... is becoming a campfest, hide and snipe. Missing many things from the old times. I myself like to brawl and push caps, and the last months its a playstyle that barely can be played anymore. My GK is SNIPING (a GK!!!), my DDs are always next to an island and far from contesting caps, my CAs are BEHIND islands or at maximum firing range... because anything else is plain suicide. Not the playstyle I enjoy. Sorry WG, i dont play WoT more, and looks like this game is going same direction... and its a pity, the game has lots of potential.
  2. update 7.7

    seriously... someone will pick eagles voluntarily?
  3. Grinding modules for my tier X, I reached the 15.000 free XP part... so I boosted my GK with every free XP boost I had and here are the results... 10.470 XP in ONE battle... for 15000 needed? wow... The other missions looks like an average of 20 battles per part... this one barely 2. And it's not a good game (not bad, but not stellar neither) I wont complain, but it's strange... Premium time pays good it seems :)
  4. So the Hood is on sale..

    I found the Hood surprisingly fun. Got the speed to reach critical places or run, really great firing angles (using all the 8 guns while decently angled) and the armor is really good if angled, not for a battlecruiser but even for a BB. Has many drawbacks (that awful dispersion) but if you play it to her strenghts, is a very good ship and fun. Recommended, but only if you adapt to her particular playstyle (use it as a cruiser if low tier, as a fast battleship if high tier). If you liked Kongo, you will love Hood (only the dispersion is bad) Plus that AA makes for a lot of laughs with green CVs.
  5. Should I Quit the Line

    Shima has excellent conceal and useable speed, and their 20km torps are nice when used with torp acceleration (16km torps and reasonalble speed) that keeps you out of radar. 3 launchers means you can send heavy volleys of 10 and still have one 5 more fish to guarantee a flooding kill. Its a really specialized platform and not a cap contester, but different from any other DD. I like it
  6. Same trouble here, as info. Loading, hearing gunshots, probably playing, but view frozen on the loading screen, and cannot exit/kill application (had to use task manager). Steam version, all the other game types working perfectly.
  7. Exactly the title, someone could please confirm when is the closing date of the american cruiser collection? Thanks PD: yes, the campaign is forever, but the collection?
  8. Same trouble, what was the answer on reddit? I did the indianapolis mission once, and since then it hasn't appeared any more (and a lot more than 3 days passed)
  9. fixed, code works, the link is invalid. Just enter "activate wargaming code" link from wows main page (under your name, top right) and then paste code. In my case, 5 cammos (hey, it's for free, I wont complain :)
  10. I believe it has to be with main guns, not bombs mission says nothing
  11. swimming in space?

    Just noticed, on the container pickup ship, space port... there is our adorable torp guy still polishing that torp (well... rocket :), a poor guy cleaning the deck... and one guy behind... SWIMMING in space??? I mean... you can "swin" on zero gravity inside a ship, with an atmosphere... but in the middle of open space... you have nothing to push against... Just a small detail... but guessing it's an april's fool joke? ;)
  12. Best cap conquest DD by tier?

    Thanks to all for the answers, looks like germans take the point
  13. Hi, just wondering which is in your opinion the best cap contender DD by tier, please, and why. Sonar/Radar, NO deep torps, decent guns, good HP TIer X: Z52? Gearing? Grozovoi? Tier IX: Fletcher? Z46? Tiex VIII: Lo yang? (hydro) kidd? (heal, fletcher on tier VIII, but only 1 torp launcher) Akizuki (slow, but those guns...) VII: Gadjah? (deep torps, but excellent guns) Mahan? Blyska? Thanks