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  1. oh yes... everybody wants a buff for the DoY... please. Gorgeous and famous ship, but given for free so it had to be mediocre... Cmon WG, DoY deserves a buff, specially on RoF. And not so many players have it nowadays :)
  2. Fastwolf66

    My 2018's Premium Collection

    A few discrepancies from me... Kamikaze = Mediocre Massachusetts = Bad Murmansk = Bad K. Albert = Bad P. E. Freidrich = Terrible Lo Yang = Mediocre Kamikaze... godlike if well used, so OP WG had to retire it Massachussetts depends on personal taste... has become one of my personal favourites, specced for secondaries is a beast, if top tier really good. Murmansk, even after being power creeped, is a decent ship. Long range good guns, excellent torpedoes, decent speed and agility. Was excellent, now playable (weak armor) K. Albert... another ship retired for being OP... and rated as bad? P.E. Freidrich... mediocre, but not terrible Lo Yang... a ship used a lot for ranked cannot be mediocre. That sonar, good guns, good speed... an excellent DD when played to its strengths. Indianapolis... good??? errr... ??? really??? Giulio Cesare... only good??? another OP ship, only drawback is the matchmaking, but when top tier, a beast if played well Atlanta... good and then Flint... decent??? havent played flint, but as a reward ship, should be better than atlanta (much better torpedoes and inner AA, smoke, for 2 turrets and radar... not sure) Scharnhorst, however, fully agree... one of my picks for fun, fast, enjoyable games. Love that ship Good point on this game, everybody has a ship that shoehorn his playstyle. But I have to strongly disagree on Indianapolis being good (was so bad that was given for free on an event) and Massachussets bad (fits my playstyle perfectly, agressive agile brawler with godlike secondaries and decent AA... only if it has 4 more knots, an observation plane or an hydro... :) Regards
  3. Fastwolf66

    Now I remember why I sold my Nurnberg

    Two options, kite and burn. or ambush and torp for those 5 kills. I get bored fast, I dont like the ship, so just ambushed and got the 5 kills in 4 battles... 3 of which we lost, but mission accomplished.
  4. +1 to scharnhorst, tier VII (sweet tier spot) and lots of fun, plus the special cammo is lovely. Kidd good (specially soon with all those CV rework). I love my massachussets, but im an agressive BB captain. Both tier VIII, not a good tier (uptiered to tier X plenty of times). Roma good if played well, and weird enough, I enjoy Hood (better armor than expected, high speed, godlike AA and tier VII)
  5. por partes... Si, se ha convertido basicamente en un arcade Los BB tienen varias ventajas enormes, lease: -Alpha strike (pueden eliminar un crucero con una buena andanada, citadels). -Capacidad de reparacion: el daño de HE se puede reparar casi en su totalidad. Los cruceros solo obtienen eso en los tiers VIII o mas (salvo excepciones) -Reserva de HP: tienen mas HP y blindaje que cualquier otro barco, pueden cometer errores y sobrevivir, atraer fuego enemigo y sobrevivir La velocidad es muy importante, los BB americanos y britanicos low tier sufren mucho. El BB es imprescindible que pueda moverse, huir o cubrirse para recuperar daño o presionar donde es necesario. Si mueres muy rapido a manos del HE, es que estas sobreexpuesto y/o solo, es vital compartir daño y cubrirse de vez en cuando para repararse. Cada clase tiene ventajas e inconvenientes, pregunta a los cruceros si estan comodos contra los acorazados... un error y desaparecen. YO juego con todo, y mi clase favorita de lejos son los acorazados, especialmente franceses y alemanes (ese blindaje y secundarias son fabulosos, y los franceses son muy rapidos) En cualquier caso, si, el juego se aleja cada vez mas de una simulacion y se convierte en arcade (lamentablemente), mucho mas ahora con el rework de los CV. Un saludo
  6. Fastwolf66

    Multitasking Problems - Manual Secondaries

    Isn´t too taxing, but... that change would be welcome, as the manual AA (fire without selecting, boost damage and precision if selecting)
  7. Fastwolf66

    CV Rework-The Good, Bad and Ugly

    Its easier than that... remove strafe, adjust damage and AA power, adjust carrier loadouts, remove AP bombs. Voila, CV reworked for good. As it is going, will dumb more CV game and overall game, and will loss classic players... and gain momentarily dumb young players, just to lose them after 6 months
  8. Fastwolf66

    Shima "Legendary" Upgrade

    Its plain horrible nerf, considering that you can have 15% reload bonus OR 25% reload bonus with 80% penalization on torp aiming. that means barely 10 secs of advantage against the impossibility of torp while maneuvering (and not neccesarily a knife fight, many times I close in, drop torps while turning back). Got it, tried it, discarded it. Too situational, not a sidegrade but a full blown downgrade. WG should make the penalization maybe a 40% (still a huge penalty, but playable). As it is, is garbage.
  9. Fastwolf66

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    Thanks all for the answers, IFHE it is (again). Best regards
  10. Fastwolf66

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    On republique is great, on GK good, but have no info for massachussets.
  11. Fastwolf66

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    Full secondary built on massachussets (what else? :) but with a doubt on the 3rd 4 tier skill... concealment expert or IFHE? Already have BFT, AFT and manual control for secondaries, of course Thanks for the answers
  12. Fastwolf66

    Harekaze Diverse, Powerful, and fun to play

    Same, really love that ship... only if it was tier VII... ;)
  13. Fastwolf66

    Un montón de dudas

    añadir que los cruceros britanicos tienen excelentes torpedos y baja detectabilidad, mas flexibles que los gringos pero mucho mas fragiles. Los cruceros ligeros americanos son bastante buenos (especialmente el worcester y el nuevo cleveland). Los destructores gringos son buenos para capturar, el fletcher sigue siendo de los mejores destructores (muy equilibrado, buenos cañones a medio/corto alcance, buenos torpedos). Los asiaticos son... especiales. Para ranked ese radar es maravilloso, gana caps, pero para random no es tan util (ya que eliges entre radar O humo). Los torpedos pegan duro pero NO a destructores.
  14. Its easy, Dynamo is for Sims and Cossacks... and they complement each other very well. Sims takes care of the pesky planes and good short range firepower (at long range its garbage) and cossack excels at long/medium range to kill those torpedo boats before they are a danger but AA is... negligible. A combination of 4 sims and 2 cossacks... invincible. But cossack needs good AA partners or it struggles through operation. Sims, however, can work on its own.
  15. Fastwolf66

    Atlanta, IFHE or DE?

    Thanks to all the answers, IFHE it is... and still the terror of enemy planes ;) Again, thanks to all