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  1. For fun...another "what if". Russia?

    Stalingrad not really important, the objective was the caucasus oil fields. The only important effect would have been liberating the 6th army for field operations (the industrial base of the city was already destroyed). Leningrad would habe been a moral blast, plus the chance to reach murmansk and cut off the atlantic supply lines for URSS. But real interesting one is Moskov, not only for the significance, but for the centralized urss railroad system. Taking moskov would have seriously impaired the strategic movements of armies, supplies, etc. Unfortunately for Germany, that would probably just make the war a lot longer, 2-3 years maybe... because URSS would not surrender, almost for sure, and the supply lines of germany were stretched to the limit. Nobody, never, has succesfully invaded Russia, and 3 great superpowers tried, the sweden, the french, the germans. Too big territory, too hard winter, too stubborn people
  2. Des Moines Upgrade?

    But on pure snipers is really valuable... i like them a lot on my yamato, musashi and in general on heavy BBs. Turret turn is already abysmal so not a great difference here, and RoF helps leveling off the enemy ships
  3. Campaigs suggestion

    Just a suggestion, when you completely complete a campaign (all tasks, campaign with honors) would be nice to hide the campaign from the campaigns screen. It's a little annoying to see a campaign you already completed, and when you have several campaign active, it complicates a little searching and choosing a new task.
  4. Negate areas, scare fleet, obliterate BBs. NOT a cap contest or a spotter. Speed good, usable guns on emergency or to finish off enemies.
  5. A nice survivavility build... looks pretty good. Priority target for me is a must on tier 1, tell if you are being focused or not (and then when to shoot and when to hide). Much better than the others at tier 1. The rest looks ok. As my yammy nosmally stays at medium to long range, i used BFT and AFT for protection against lone DDs and planes, because fires are not so common at long range (the main fire menace are cruisers, and normally I outrange them). But at medium range your build is preferable
  6. Decent armour, not great but usable secondaries. but slooooooow turret rotation (almost to british levels). As a midrange skirmisher is usable, but not excellent. Close range is bad, your armor will not protect you broadside, cannot shot guns on close range direct ahead, not so maniobrable and huge (so eats torps easily, albeit it had a good torp protection) To summarize, its an excellent long range sniper. Its usable on medium range. But at close range not exactly good. If still you want to use it not as a sniper, need to improve the turret rotation, and if you really want it close, you can sec-spec it (a waste on a yammy, his secondaries are decent but not impressive, better than americans but much worse than germans). Fire is a big enemy at any range (big target, huge structure, easy to hit). AA is plain bad, huge but short ranged. Wont protect you from tier X planes. PD: You dont need to hide on a yamato sniping from long range. You can outrange almost anything, and are normally inmune to long range return fire due to your armour.
  7. Fastest firing BB tiers 5-6-7?

  8. lol... cruisers with RADAR help a lot the team (none of these, the New Orleans, but really weak). Or smoke for a while (kutuzov). Z23 has the concealment of a whale, only better than russians (seen some kievs on the game... they did nothing, were an impair). BBs ok, german or american ones good, japanese valid. On dds, the four stars: Kidd: good firepower and speed, capable of repair. Just one torpedo launcher, and bad. Harekaze: acceptable guns and torps, but boy, that concealment... 0.5 km better than anyone, a winning item here Lo Yang: a nerfed benson... with a hydro, another winning item Benson: good overall, no gimmicks. Good torps, speed, great smoke, good guns. Jack of all trades Why not akizuki? looks great, excellent guns, but in one word: SLOW. A severe problem in ranked. Kagero can be a surprise, but have to pick the torp reload booster... and lose the smoke. A hard choice, in good hands is really good, but a bad move and its game over
  9. DoY has great potential, beautiful ship, great history, but... KGV shows what it should be. I disliked the cruiser type approach, and with the abysmal rudder and acceleration it cannot close to the ranges the hydro could be useful (not taking into account the horrible reload)... changing the plane for the hydro is enough, as it is now KGV is too superior, so almost no reason to buy DoY (and I did it) It really needs a buff... preferably on RoF, but on manoeuvrability could be also nice (due to the need to close in to use hydro) and secondaries, to separate it from the KGV. As it is now, KGV is good (not great, but good) but DoY is plain bad. And the AA is useless, too short ranged. Really, really need buffs
  10. So to use the ship effectively, you need first to be beaten to hell... nice...
  11. DoY really, really needs a buff... and not a small one. That RoF really impairs her. Even for a free ship.
  12. +1, they should fire even when not focusing fire, and provide a bonus when focused... any reason for a whole side of secondaries NOT to shoot with this skill? Agree with the idea, the skill shoould behave like the manual AA
  13. Buying a ship that I already own

    I had scharnhorst and bought the DoY+Scharnhorst package, for the doubloons (a good deal IMHO)
  14. Buying a ship that I already own

    I got 9500 doubloons for it on a package