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  1. I believe it has to be with main guns, not bombs mission says nothing
  2. swimming in space?

    Just noticed, on the container pickup ship, space port... there is our adorable torp guy still polishing that torp (well... rocket :), a poor guy cleaning the deck... and one guy behind... SWIMMING in space??? I mean... you can "swin" on zero gravity inside a ship, with an atmosphere... but in the middle of open space... you have nothing to push against... Just a small detail... but guessing it's an april's fool joke? ;)
  3. Best cap conquest DD by tier?

    Thanks to all for the answers, looks like germans take the point
  4. Hi, just wondering which is in your opinion the best cap contender DD by tier, please, and why. Sonar/Radar, NO deep torps, decent guns, good HP TIer X: Z52? Gearing? Grozovoi? Tier IX: Fletcher? Z46? Tiex VIII: Lo yang? (hydro) kidd? (heal, fletcher on tier VIII, but only 1 torp launcher) Akizuki (slow, but those guns...) VII: Gadjah? (deep torps, but excellent guns) Mahan? Blyska? Thanks
  5. which one? interested
  6. Richelieu acceptable, can make it to work and shines in operations. Gascogne... lightly better secondaries for worse AA and crappy gun layout. Gascogne not good, but those secondaries funny (funny, not good) Definitively gascogne not a decent tier VIII, just for the guns (not good and bad position)
  7. Republique Heliport

    And of course looking at minotaur, russian cruisers or other ships, its post WW2 on many ships.
  8. Republique Heliport

    Just a suggestion as a fantasy but plausable ship... if the big H on the surface on the stern is an heliport... all the obstacles on the approach path should NOT be there, those 2 57mm turrets, the director sight and the small radar turret are on the most dangerous place for an helicopter to land on that pad. On a real ship, they would NEVER be there unless that big H is not an helipad. Regards
  9. Piece of cake... you can make 2 missions at a time (3 if premium) so they stack together. A secondaries built richelieu on coop makes easily 200 hits per match, if you play smart and avoid torps and ramming. Just go 10 km from enemy and keep there, getting many secondaries hits (i averaged 200-250 ribbons per match). Or use the aigle, abuse smoke-island cover and get 100-150 per match. No need to rush, and remember you can have 2-3 missions active at same time. Good luck and patience
  10. Aigle

    Sorry, really a mehboat, almost garbage. If only had decent firing angles... Fast, hard hitting, good HP... and that is. Has to be abeam for using 5 guns, almost unusable torps, mediocre concealment. using it for missions and campaign, then will be a port queen. In an ungent need of buffs, concealment, torps, firing angles, turret rotation... for a start.
  11. Agreed, very fun ship with surprisingly decent AA... just the armor is garbage, but the 16 guns make a lot of lolshots. Highly recommended
  12. For fun...another "what if". Russia?

    Stalingrad not really important, the objective was the caucasus oil fields. The only important effect would have been liberating the 6th army for field operations (the industrial base of the city was already destroyed). Leningrad would habe been a moral blast, plus the chance to reach murmansk and cut off the atlantic supply lines for URSS. But real interesting one is Moskov, not only for the significance, but for the centralized urss railroad system. Taking moskov would have seriously impaired the strategic movements of armies, supplies, etc. Unfortunately for Germany, that would probably just make the war a lot longer, 2-3 years maybe... because URSS would not surrender, almost for sure, and the supply lines of germany were stretched to the limit. Nobody, never, has succesfully invaded Russia, and 3 great superpowers tried, the sweden, the french, the germans. Too big territory, too hard winter, too stubborn people
  13. Des Moines Upgrade?

    But on pure snipers is really valuable... i like them a lot on my yamato, musashi and in general on heavy BBs. Turret turn is already abysmal so not a great difference here, and RoF helps leveling off the enemy ships
  14. Campaigs suggestion

    Just a suggestion, when you completely complete a campaign (all tasks, campaign with honors) would be nice to hide the campaign from the campaigns screen. It's a little annoying to see a campaign you already completed, and when you have several campaign active, it complicates a little searching and choosing a new task.