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  1. Fastwolf66

    IFHE for italian BBs?

    Question, is IFHE worthwhile for italian BBs? Of course it is mean for those weak 90mm secondaries, 15mm pen is ridiculous, the increase in pen compensates the lower fire chances on them? (looking at those pesky dds) Thanks
  2. In few words... support your DDs. Yes, team which have surviving DDs will win, but if one DD has team support (CLOSE team support) and the other not, that DD wins the dogfight. Is way more relevant the support than the type of DD.
  3. Fastwolf66

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    Please, PLEASE, give an option to reset ALL of them simultaneously. Snowflakes are a work hard enough, but also going one by one to reset... I got like 300 skippers.
  4. Fastwolf66

    Dubloon Ship question

    +1, the armor is a little squishy but I love mine brawling. Close range beast. One of my favourite ships
  5. Fastwolf66

    Twitch Code

    Not working :(
  6. Fastwolf66

    Really bad luck or obvious cash grab?

    Thanks, but here, misteriously, the rate of change is 4/1, not 1/1. Strange...
  7. Fastwolf66

    Really bad luck or obvious cash grab?

    Sorry, miscalculation, there were 4 containers, not 5. That changes a lot, the chances were just 27/4096, a whopping 7/1000. Now makes sense. (note the irony)
  8. Well... sorry, have to rage tell this... 5 containers of the Always Courageous collection, after completion the prize is a now mediocre american tier V BB. Have 3 elements of a total of 16. Open 5 RANDOM containers, each containing one element. so each one had 13/16 chance of being NOT duplicated, vs 3/16 of being duplicated. Results? obviously, 4 DUPLICATED and 1 new. The chances of that, gross, are like 81/65.536 or aprox 1/1000. So... I am really unlucky or WG really want us to complete the collection purchasing containers? I know they need money, but there are other methods, perfectly legit, to obtain money, and not laughing at the face of their customers, or playing them dumb. Like premium time, ships, captains... Sorry about the rage post but it´s really... PD: I know im not considering the not duplicated on the calculations, but was the last container so my numbers are right with the first 4 containers.
  9. Fastwolf66

    KOTS containers - what ship did you get?

    I guess so, but in my case, almost no options, all other tier VII owned, so was Poltava or California (or Kansas, BTW) so... California was :) Hope someone gets the Belfast, beast of a ship, very enjoyable. Yes, spent way too much on the game and kind of a collector.
  10. Fastwolf66

    KOTS containers - what ship did you get?

    California, slow turd but nice to know/training the upcoming US BB line... I got almost all other tier VII ships, was that or Poltava.
  11. Fastwolf66

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Too high hype, steel for sure. OR if they are desperate, money (that will be worth watching, many green players with kitas... lol)
  12. Fastwolf66

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    welcome back, I was missing you. PD: Tier X??? lol... a Kuma on tier X. No guns, no AA, no HP, against tier X CV and 12 km radar... maybe it needs more than 15 km torps... 20? PPD: that torp speed is plain BAD, plus detection ratio means torp soup will be mandatory to achieve results, so the hefty reload time will be a factor. One trick pony
  13. You got the captain, the slot, and 3k doubloons. That is, if you are lucky and get a ship, for 1500 you got 3000 and the other items. (Yes, WG give you for free 1500 doubloons IF you have the ship and IF the bundle is available)\ Excellent giveaway, only IF you have a ship bundle. If not, pure gambling until you get one of those
  14. I see many good ideas, other not so. Unfortunately WG will not rework this, but only if they listen... they can improve a lot the actual impossible gameplay. And many of them are not so hard to implement.
  15. Fastwolf66

    I am in love with T9 and T10 European DDs.

    Fully agree, only thing they really need is more speed, once they are spotted they have a big trouble, and nowadays even many cruisers are faster than them. Of course more damage per torp would be great, but that would make them really OP.