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  1. What "dream" are you talking about? I dislike the change as much as anyone else. What I'm talking about is what would happen if the change did go through.
  2. Are you trying to tell me that just because it supposedly only affects the longest-playing and highest-skilled players (it won't, by the way), this proposed change would be a benign one? The fact of the matter is that it will make the strongest and best players more powerful, and it will make a lot of players part with a lot of money for FXP in order to keep pace.
  3. Why wouldn't they? If you're playing (especially competitively), there is absolutely zero reason to not rush these buffs. It doesn't mean that it's not a bad idea, and it doesn't mean that the players who stand to benefit the most from this change don't recognize it's a bad idea for overall game balance.
  4. I have absolute 100% full unyielding confidence that WG will be able to successfully balance this!!!!!!!!!!
  5. JakeNS

    CV class is being deleted

    How much to make it not a joke, though? Asking for a friend.
  6. JakeNS

    Cross Server Clan Battles problem

    I'm sure it will get fixed in time for Thursday's session!!!! I'd insert a laughing emoji here but apparently forum emojis are also broken for me lol.
  7. Is this a thread where we play along to low quality pooposting?
  8. The best part is that he actually does have a Fireproof achievement. https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1032571970-Nordlaender/!/pvp/achieves/
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  10. Public reminder to all future visitors that JakeNS is a frequent teamkiller and is not to be trusted.

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