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  1. I have fun at all tiers, tbqh. Even at tier 1, where I ran into this awfulness.
  2. It's all about managing expectations. As with all clan matters, it is the clan officers' obligation to address issues in a manner most befitting their clan. If the clan is already set up to be competitive at the highest levels like SALTY, and if everyone in the clan is trusted to be able to perform at those levels, then people can just show up and play. Great. That works for SALTY. If the clan is not set up to be competitive, and if everyone just wants to play CBs casually and have a great no-stakes time, then people can just show up and play. Great. Works for them. If the clan is not set up for competitive and there is skill disparity within the clan with unicums who still wants to do competitive, then the officers need to address that carefully. My clan has decided to rotate small numbers of people out slowly so as to gradually build depth in roster. Other clans may tell their non-elite players to just git gud and F off. What happens to the clan afterwards is all on how well the officers manage their clan's dynamics. Mismanage it, and people vote with their feet. More power to them. But these clans need to realize that with a wide disparity in skill, you'll never ever achieve 100% satisfaction rate. Ultimately, this isn't a problem for the truly competitive clans but for those of us who want to have our cake (less competitive, more social atmosphere) and eat it too (muh Stalingrad).
  3. We also had this rear its ugly head in the past week or so. We're a large and active clan that's never really seriously done competitive play as a whole. Going into Clan Battles, this was pretty much uncharted territory for us. At first, we were happy to let people explore. We let anyone make divs, and we were awash in rental Zaos. I think we hit 3 concurrent divs running in BOTES and another div running in our sister/overflow clan HOTEL. "Quantity over quality" netted us moderate, steady progress, and all was well...until late Gale or early Storm. By that time, people had noticed some of our divs consistently outperformed some of our other divs. Progress stalled, drama happened, and I've had to make some organizational changes as to how our clan operates in Clan Battles. As of a few days ago, we switched to having 2-3 dedicated callers. They make the divs with who they see fit, when they see fit. I have given them the mandate to do whatever is needed to progress into Typhoon ASAP. As such, sometimes we have two concurrent divs running. Sometimes we just have 1 div running, even when we have 7 people ready to play. Today, we had Div 1 go on a roll. Div 2 joined in later and started off on the wrong foot with an 0-2 record, so the guy in charge of Div 2 just shut it down for the night. Div 1 went on to go 11-1 for the night, and now we're in Typhoon 2. Div 2 was sad to have shut down so early, but they cheered all the same when we made Typhoon 2. Overall, I feel like most of the clan is on board with the reality that clan wars is competitive, and in order to be competitive, better players get more priority. There was some grumbling, but I think deep down, everyone is happy to see the clan do well. Ultimately, first, you need to define what your clan is. BOTES/HOTEL, for example, was never set up to be a "competitive" clan, and I guess it's fortunate that we don't really define ourselves as a "competitive clan". It was simply a clan for people that shared one particular community; we were just blessed to have so many unicums in our ranks. We are trying to reconcile our laughingly self-described "unicum social clan" image with a desire to get as many Stalingrads as we can for people. And to that extent, we are being faced with the reality that organizational changes are necessary. It's all about building as much consensus as possible within your clan and managing expectations, all the while acknowledging that you'll never make 100% of the people 100% happy.
  4. Ticket has been submitted. Can't wait to hear WG's official response! Taking bets on what it'll be.
  5. The better question is: How hard did you laugh when a Khab bounced your 16" super-heavy AP shell for the first time? 18.1" friends can play, too.
  6. Ishizuchi Katori (Zao of tier 3 before the invisifire changes and now still pretty darn comfy) Tachibana Yubari Kamiclubkaze ...Huh. It's all IJN. Tenno heika banzai, etc.
  7. NC guns are crazy accurate and hit hard if you can aim. Also, it's really satisfying to click planes and watch them disappear with MAA. Bismarck will take a beating, and it's also satisfying to farm 200 secondary hit ribbons and multiple CQE medals in a game. The main guns are more or less garbage, though, and they will troll you when you need them to come through. I'm nearing my 19th point in my Bismarck captain, and I'm considering running MSecs and MAA at the same time (though obviously, I'd be limited to only 5.4km outer ring AA range). All in all, against a smart opponent, I'd feel better trying to carry in my NC than I do in my Bismarck.
  8. The guns are good, and shell travel times aren't the only thing that matters. And I don't "need to get over the fact that it's performing worse than every in-line cruiser that isn't the P-Cola/Yorck" because I'm perfectly fine with that. :V And yeah, how dare WG put in better, free ships after selling a premium. It's not like Myoko and Shchors were available for grinding when the Indianapolis came out or anythi-OH WAIT. Too bad there weren't review videos or anything prior to its release. That way, you could make an educated buying decision before dropping real money on the ship. Too bad. :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^) Caveat emptor, friend.
  9. That area you're supposed to escape to at the end. I think it's in the northeast corner, marked by an anchor. There will be an area circled out around it. Make sure you tell everyone in your group to avoid that area until the 1st and 2nd groups and the 2 CVs have been killed.
  10. But I did buy the Indianapolis. I also have the Atago and Tirpitz. :V The other T7 cruiser is a fun ship, and I honestly think it is and was pretty good. Ultimately, both Pepsi and Indy are excellent guns mounted on papier mache hulls. You just have to play them accordingly. Don't force the Indy's "gimmick". You play to its strengths, which are its excellent guns. Much in the same way that if you force IJN CA's "gimmick" of torps, then you are going to get BTFO, but if you play to their true strengths, then you'll have a grand time. Both Indy radar and IJN CA torps are rarely-used novelties that are good to have when you happen upon a good situation to use it. You can't possibly use Indy radar the same way you use Belfast radar or Atlanta radar.
  11. I don't mind prems being below average. If someone wants to pay to get a mediocre/underwhelming ship to skip to tier 7, then go for it. I just hate the mindset that prems can't be allowed to be bad. I also thought that the Atago's heal was completely unnecessary, as was the Tirpitz's secondaries buff, so maybe I'm just a curmudgeon.
  12. That's why I said "almost always". Yes, if there's no one else to take the low-health BB off the field, I'll kill the BB. If other people are shooting at him, though, I'll leave it to them. Personally, for me, if given the choice between shooting at a broadside BB at 50% or a broadside Khab at 50% both at 11km, unless I'm also broadside to the BB and his guns are aiming for me, I'm fairly confident I'd choose to target the Khab every single time.
  13. I dunno. If I'm in a BB and have an enemy BB and an enemy Khab both 11km away, I will shoot the Khab almost always. I can angle against the BB, but if I don't try to take care of the Khab now, he's just gonna slip away, hit his totally-not-OP-at-all heal, and then continue raining fire down on me from 13km. Outside of stuff like Zao and Hindy, my shells have pretty much the best ballistics and travel time to actually hit the Khab at that range, and if he's running away or fully broadside, I actually run a decent chance of doing full pen to him because that nonsense 50mm plate can go suck a something. In fact, I think I shoot at Khabs more in my BBs than I do in my cruisers. Realistically, I have a much higher chance of landing shots on it in my Iowa than I do in, say, my Baltimore. I agree that USN DDs are don't-even-bother tier.
  14. :greg: Indy is okay. I don't do well in her, but that's fine. I don't need all my prems to be overpowered nonsense, and I think that ultimately makes for a poor business model. Also, Pepsi is good. Pepsi was good even before the buff. Please don't denigrate her good name.
  15. We ended last night with a very silly composition of 1CV 1BB (tier 5, no less) 2CL (including the overwhelming DPS of Duca) 3DD. Still 5 star'd it. The only even remotely challenging part of the operation is learning when the enemy reinforcements come at the end. 1) Dumb players play dumb. Go figure. 2) Aim better and enjoy the satisfaction of shotgunning DD pests in the face. 3) Wrong. 4) Wrong. CVs are very useful for spotting targets, searching out DDs and CVs, and spotting torps. 5) Position yourself better. 6) Wrong. That was Aegis on the PTS. (WG pls bring this back) 7) Play with """""""""""friends"""""""""""". 8) But cruisers are literally DPS.