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  1. timmyg1004

    Public Test of Update 0.8.1: Round 2

    I have never submitted feedback because we all know they ignore it anyway.And yet they work on a "rework" for over a year and still do not have a sense of game balance and are out of touch with what the community actually wants and needs.
  2. timmyg1004

    Cheating in ranked - WG please take action

    is this a serious thread? MM could have easily placed both of these players on opposite teams. and who are you or anyone for that matter to tell someone they cant play a game mode at the same time simply because you get butt hurt that you cant win. get real son
  3. timmyg1004

    You Killed the game!

  4. timmyg1004

    You Killed the game!

    exactly and this is a PROBLEM
  5. timmyg1004

    You Killed the game!

    they had time to fix it. the problem is the ppl actually creating these changes have no concept of how the game actually works and the "loopholes" as you say are evidence of it
  6. timmyg1004

    You Killed the game!

    it is a niche class and only a certain type of player did/should play them. there was plenty of players who did well in them and actually played the class properly. but all of that is out the window now.
  7. timmyg1004

    You Killed the game!

    you are talking about prior to the patch iam sure because now simply hitting the F key you make them vanish from sight easily returning when df is down to strike at will. before they had the ability to get close sure and trigger df and maybe suffer a small loss but the planes did not vanish like they do now
  8. timmyg1004

    You Killed the game!

    actually no it was not,they reduced the range/effectiveness of all the aa on every class with this update. please actually do your homework if you are going to refer to game mechanics.
  9. timmyg1004

    You Killed the game!

    3 months then the NA server population will get to the point where it turns into world of warplanes
  10. timmyg1004

    You Killed the game!

    no I`am leaving because it took them 3 public tests,several months of internal testing and it took me all of 45 minutes to find everything wrong with the update and they still PUSHED it out.
  11. timmyg1004

    You Killed the game!

    did u not read what i just said? the cv now has the ability to hit the F key negating the defensive fire retreating its planes from detection then coming right back after the df is down.
  12. timmyg1004

    You Killed the game!

    We have done some testing all morning on the current patch and this is what the results are.3 atlanta full AA build within 5km from each other against 1 cv who is not even trying to kill them and we only managed to shoot down 42 total planes. So we went to tier 10 with 2 wooster a gorzevoi and a gearing ALL full aa builds and again the cv not actually trying to kill us and the cv was able to bait all of our defensive fire consumables effectively wasting them and in mid attack run hit the F key making them vanish. then proceed to kill us with no fear at all. I stream on twitch and was making a serious effort to genuinely change my attitude towards the game and the player base after I was made an affiliate and making strides to become a partnered streamer playing this game (that i LOVED). I was even taking time out of my week to conduct training sessions for clans so they could improve in CW. But this patch was the nail in the coffin for me and I`am sad to say have uninstalled the game unless there is SERIOUS efforts made in the future to actually balance the game play.
  13. replay from 7.11 if you have the ability to have older clients on your pc this will showcase the true power of the Henri IV aka the hahahehe. somehow i dont think the azuma could do this! https://replayswows.com/replay/36548#stats
  14. timmyg1004

    Extreme Lag Spikes in Game

    oh it is not fixed it is happening today again!
  15. timmyg1004

    PSA: Bourgogne part 2

    this comment= LUL