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  1. I would really like to know who is responsible for this pathetic excuse for a ranked season and came up with the suggestion for a 1 vs 1 with no limitations to ship class? In what world is it fair for an Asashio to go up vs a cruiser or a CV to go up against a Kagero? Even Better Lets use maps limited to 22 square KM when some of the ships have 14km surface detection (I.E BB vs a DD) on one of these maps.... And the best for last the rewards if you want to call them that. According to the math you have to win 40 games and if by chance you go 40-0 the flags a smart player would use would total more than the rewards which is absurd and NO REWARD. I have been saying this for years now REWORK ranked to be a proper season and make the rewards worth the time we invest in the game mode!
  2. timmyg1004

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    Am I the only one who is getting terrible server lag spikes? it makes the game unplayable!
  3. timmyg1004

    Wow is Audacious weak

    There is NOTHING weak about her! she is in fact very strong and perhaps rivals as one of the best cv in the game at tier 10. seems like u just need some work on using her properly!
  4. timmyg1004

    Where Would You Ship?

    NONE of the above until i see the USS New Jersey listed! the MOST decorated USN ship in HISTORY!
  5. I`am in need of someone familiar with warships to create a intro video for my twitch stream using clips from my streams and replays i have compiled. Of course I would be willing to pay for this service so PLEASE if you are serious and willing to make some money on the side please contact me her eon the forum or on my social media @ https://twitter.com/tjg104?lang=en
  6. @FemennenIy @Femennenly is regards to the tier 7 cruiser damage contest,if we own the two ships do we get credits or doubloons as the rewards?
  7. first iam hearing of this- 200k is for sure within reach! keep an eye out folks its coming!
  8. I`am looking to hire someone in the community to create a stream intro video with a "stream starting soon" timer who is familiar with world of warships. Please contact me here on the forum or on twitch @timmyg1004
  9. timmyg1004

    Anyone gotten XVM to work properly?

    They are the ONLY aspect of pvp that matters. You need to know who you can rely on,who is there to win and who is there to derp around just having "fun". I use the term fun loosely as it is different for everyone as my fun is in winning and others might see fun as yoloing in and being dead at the 5 minute mark of the battle doing 15k damage. If you are unhappy with XVM hide your stats and be "that guy" and dont try to ruin other players perception of fun.
  10. timmyg1004

    Anyone gotten XVM to work properly?

    I support this thread.
  11. timmyg1004

    Server Issues?

  12. so peoples accounts have to be cleared to qualify to take part in a community event on a "special" account given by wargaming? Welp i guess that rules me out considering people report me just for being me on a weekly basis. I might not agree with the selection criteria considering those accounts being used for the event will not be associated with a players main account and assuming they will do whatever it is that would exclude them from taking part in a community event it is not up to me. I hold out hope i might be selected but iam honestly not holding my breath. GL everyone!
  13. no torp hits? #GetGud Kappa
  14. yeah this kind of community event would be loads of fun,especially for someone like me who is very active at all times of the day and plays all the tiers!