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  1. Tokamak_Raven

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    The protected status is what killed off the low tiers. It's absolutely pathetic. Even the mid tier games are being populated by bots or having less than full team matches depending on time of the day. It wasn't always this case. Low tiers used to be its own fun with its share of sealclubbers and fresh meat.
  2. Another example of how people don't understand statistics.
  3. Tokamak_Raven

    Can You Find my Win Rate?

    It doesn't necessarily mean that. If you're dying early that means you're taking too much risks early on, and if you die early then you don't learn anything. If you find yourself dying earlier than you'd like, you need to identify the actions you've taken that increased that risk and think of ways to mitigate the early risk. I think the best way to play the game is to constantly evaluate your risk vs reward and pick the choice that gives you the most favorable outcome. There are specific things to learn per ship, sure, but there are also general strategy and planning that are universal across all.
  4. This is a good suggestion. Another thing that may help: let player's input serve as the AA fire director for the ship, so the player can control the entire AA fire of the ship. If a ship wants to engage in AA, it's not paying attention to the other aspects of the battle or firing its main guns. Successful or skilled players will be rewarded more by managing both AA input and main gun/torpedo input. This also allows for the players to interact more with the planes, where well executed AA input can absolutely decimate an incoming flight. And while this may seem like a visible nerf for the CV players, this need not to be the case. Allow the planes to be subject to same visibility mechanics as ships. This would mean they'll be able to use similar tactics as surface ship players to engage and disengage into battle, use islands for cover, sneak in from outside visual range, approach from unsuspecting vectors, even have altitude as mechanic (like how you have depth for subs) etc. You can even allow carrier players to mass their squadrons into a big massive flight that'll take time to form up but will be devastating once the strike's delivered. The surface ship players can counter by either forming up next to AA ships or friendly carriers when there's an impending strike, or the opposing CV player can mass her own fighter squadrons to counter the incoming strike.
  5. I've topped the xp chart doing nothing but going around capping, so it's not too surprising.
  6. Tokamak_Raven

    newbie playing cruiser in random battle

    Oh, and when dodging shells, turn hard AND brake hard. This will let you dodge 90% of long range incoming shells. It's also good to show a bit of angle and then turn so that your stern's pointing straight at them to minimize the profile. Some cheeky cruiser drivers will also point the stern so you can't see the way the smoke is blowing and start reversing.
  7. Tokamak_Raven

    newbie playing cruiser in random battle

    Early aggression in a cruiser usually ends badly. There are exceptions, but it requires careful reading of the map, MM, and a lot of luck. 90% of the time it's better to wait and see. I usually spend the beginning of the game rushing to my favorite cruiser spot or trying to find angles to support friendly DD push. I'll take hydro over AA whenever I can. It can be used both offensively by pushing people out of their position or defensively by dodging incoming torpedos. Cruiser with hydro is nigh invincible against DDs. Activate it if you're pushing into DDs or areas where they'll be saturating with torpedos. It's also useful pushing into DD smoke and helping your team dodge enemy torpedos. Seeing torpedoes 3+ miles away really helps in dodging them. You can also blind spot people hiding behind island by sailing up to them and activating hydro. As long as you're outside the 2 km sure-detection range, you can see them but they can't see you. It's a powerful cooldown tool that can really shape the outcome of the game, vs AA which will just cause a minor annoyance to a small fraction of players.
  8. Are you running any camos/flags? fxp should be fixed amount based on regular xp. I do find higher/lower fxp if there are some rewards from missions (for example, if mission awards regular xp, free xp would be lower in comparison, and vice versa) The breakdown ppost battle should tell the whole story.
  9. Tokamak_Raven

    A (very) brief experiment with Juliet Charlie flags

    Detonation happens more if you're carrying harder. It's their way of keeping things balanced.
  10. Why do all the yueyang fanboys come out whenever someone brings up Allen M Sumner? I recall there was a similar thread last month and all people were saying was "buuuuuut we already have yuuuu yaaaaang....."
  11. Tokamak_Raven

    Discussion about Range

    This is actually an interesting point, and it's actually a result of WG trying to eliminate any sort of invis-firing. It used to be that the bloom after firing was a fixed amount, and some ships had the option of extending the gun range beyond their bloom so that they can remain undetected in the open while firing, albeit within a very small window at the edge of their firing distance. The advantage was largely inconsequential, and it was used mostly to punish noob BBs out of position, since the invisi-firing window was such that the shells would travel a long time to get there and thus easily dodgeable. Of course, the brainlets were having none of it, so eventually, to eliminate any kind of invisi-firing, WG decided to match firing bloom to maximum gun range. The reduced range can be both blessing and a curse. Blessing when it's easier to LoS other ships just by the virtue of them being too far away to detect you while firing, and you can LoS the target by simply moving behind an island. But there are some positions where extended range would've helped keep fire on target, and afford a more flexible deployment position. Everything considered, there's no reason to not upgrade. The ships with longer firing range need the upgrade, and they usually come with the faster shells to compensate for it. Keeping people out of your gun's bloom isn't always reliable, and you'd be better served by getting into good position so that no matter the distance to enemy you're well concealed while firing. The playstyle that you mention is akin to the battleships staying on the edge of the map to keep deadeye active. You're giving up everything else to hold onto that slight advantage that may or may not be worth it.
  12. Even the very air you breathe has carcinogents. You know they always go on about those anti-oxidants and stuff. Guess what they prevent? Oxidation. You know what causes oxidation? Oxygen. The very thing that's keeping you alive is also killing you. This is what they call an "Oxy-moron"
  13. Better solution: Players should not see any CVs until they have at least 1 CV in port.