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  1. Conversely, you get the Kraken but not the win.
  2. Brohk

    So CVs are about where you want them WG?

    Probably an unpopular opinion, but I'm starting to think CV's are actually pretty close to where they need to be, although there are things that must be addressed. Namely, stealth AA needs to remedied, fighters (rockets) need a buff for ease of use and WG needs to implement something to alleviate the issues of AA either being completely ineffective when down-tiered (-2 relative to the CV) or completely god-like when up tiered (+2 relative to the CV). The one area I feel most frustrated and I suspect most others do as well (non-uni's) is the pace of play. I've found myself having done 10k (or less!) damage done at 5-8 minutes into the match. The reasons for this are; either I can't penetrate the AA from blobs and/or ships two tiers higher, or I simply am not skilled enough yet to make effective strikes. I know I still have a lot to learn and making good or better decisions comes with that, but the whole point here is the sheer frustration that I feel when I am that far into a match and have managed little damage. What I've come to realize, although it doesn't really diminish the frustration, is that CV's become significantly stronger as the match progresses. Blobs break up, AA mounts are destroyed and consumables are used - all of which leads to a prime opportunity for CV's to strike. A great example is my Ryujo match today, at 6 minutes into the game I had zero damage done. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Yet, by the end of the match (lasted 13:34 minutes) I had 40k damage done. Nothing spectacular, but a far cry from the paltry zero I had just seven and a half minutes earlier. At times, playing a CV can feel absolutely hopeless but that feeling can turn on a dime. Is this a problem WG needs to address? Maybe. Is this a 'git gud' issue for myself to address? Probably. The more I play the reworked CV's, the more I genuinely enjoy them and the more comfortable they feel. What's remarkable is that prior to the rework, I played CV's a looooooooong time ago and rage sold them because I despised the RTS play style - never to look back or entertain any notion of playing them. I've still got a lot of improvement to do, particularly in the damage dealt category and while I'd love to blame the weaknesses of the class (and there are quite a few), I can't help but feel that my limitation is my decision making in targets, how I approach them, and when I release the bombs/torps/rockets. When I look at it from my perspective, it makes me think that after addressing the issues listed above... maybe WG is on the right track?
  3. Brohk

    Sometimes is just not good enough.

    Literally everyone gets a ring, the NFL pays for up to 150 and the organization can purchase more beyond that (player roster is 53).
  4. Brohk

    Sometimes is just not good enough.

    Great game! While he certainly would have gotten more XP in a win, he was still third overall in base XP behind two others who clearly had outstanding games (certainly when compared to the rest of the team, look at that base XP discrepancy on the winning side).
  5. 50% are bots and people running around with 20% and 75% win rates are a regular sight for you in-game?
  6. Aside from the fact that going AFK makes you less valuable than the rest of the team who, however poorly, are at least piloting their ships? Credits/XP are tied to damage done as well as a host of other factors that you certainly won't earn while alt-tabbed out. Moreover, there is still a chance to win, so why not play for it, what would you possibly have to lose? Serious question though, have you considered moving to Co-op? If you are that hung up on winning and win-rates, you can go to Co-op for a ~95% win rate while fighting bots who average a ~5% win rate.
  7. Brohk

    Tip for DD main [edited]

    Are people still on this "whiny dd's ruined muh _______" thing?
  8. Brohk

    World of Warship - NOT Fun Anymore.

    That's certainly one way to look back at the early days of the game, one I don't really agree with. Battleships with +3 MM, that was sure fun. 2-5 Shimakazes per side in nearly every match flooding every choke point with torpedoes, ah yeah that was the life. Atlanta being an unfair killing machine, yeah that was... wait, what? I've had the Atlanta for a very long time, it was my first premium purchase as a matter of fact, and I remember it being considered difficult to play because it was so unique and the average stats corresponded with that. The game has changed and evolved countless times now, not always for the better, but let's not pretend like everything was practically perfect in every way until the big, bad Atlanta was rolled out.
  9. Brohk


    Pfft, we all know Hype > Armor! Seriously though, I do remember the Tirpitz dropping and I am pretty sure I have screenshots of the hilarity that ensued somewhere in my old screenshot files. That was something, alright.
  10. Those containers sound like they part of the Great White Fleet mission rewards: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/teddys-on-fleek/
  11. Brohk


    If any ship release can get close to what we saw with the Tirpitz, it's the Alaska. Come on Alaska, I believe in you, do it for America!
  12. I seem to get both, matches are either 20-minute affairs with one or two CV's per side and one ship on the eventual winning side desperately trying to avoid planes, or ~10 minute steamrolls. If anything, it feels like there are more matches being drawn out to the end of the timer because of the number of CV players.
  13. Brohk

    New Radar is a Buff to Radar Ships

    Me: They buffed radar range on some ships and duration on most ships to compensate for an effective nerf in the form of a 6 second gap that allows the revealed ship the chance to move to safety (behind an island/out of radar range) before being the target of other ships in the area. The net result is a nerf in the overall effectiveness of radar as long as the ship being revealed takes advantage of the new opportunity created by the change. OP:
  14. Brohk

    No Fun

    *looks at WR* So... does that make me a semi-skilled laborer? Unpaid intern? College freshman? Assistant manager at Wendy's?
  15. I remember watching you play the Exeter in a match shortly after the loss of smoke, map was Two Brothers and I was in my Ranger, our team lemming trained to one-side while you pretty much held the other while I sent my planes over there. This song was all I could think about as you dodged for your life. Well that and, "Damn shame about that smoke thing."