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  1. Brohk

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Came to post this quote as well. I've already made my decision to quit the game for good and gone through all the motions (unlink payment options, uninstall). I won't pretend to be naive about the real world and I'm sure more than a few corporations are involved in shady, dirty or outright illegal activities, so this comes as no real surprise. If anything it just helps reaffirm my decision to move on. Best of luck to you Warscambling.
  2. Brohk

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    It was fun WG, at least for the first few years, but instead of drifting back from time to time (and spending more money), I'm done. I've removed all of my payment options, I've uninstalled the game and I will never return to this game or get involved with anything associated with your company. I know you won't miss me, after all I'm not your target audience, I purchased a Missouri for free XP and I'm not about to spend a single cent on a lootbox for one. Best of luck with your CC rework, maybe the third time is the charm, eh? Oh, and much like the CC's you drove away, I'll volunteer my time to help you out. Here is your response to me leaving; No need to thank me, I'll show myself out.
  3. Brohk

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    fire good rock good boat game men bad
  4. Brohk

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    You've been a shining example of the CC program for as long as I can remember, selflessly working towards the betterment of the game and players. To have spent so much time and effort for others, asking for nothing beyond clear communication and common decency, only to be spat on by the people who benefit the greatest from your tireless work, passion and enthusiasm for the game, I not only understand the decision but wholeheartedly agree. I wish you nothing but the best going forward. As for you WG, I may not play as often as I once did (and may never again), but I usually freely spent money for doubloons, premium time and other, less tangible "products". No more. This wallet is closed.
  5. Anyone remember back before the container system, those "daily" missions we used to get? You know, "Shoot down 30 planes; Reward - 35,000 credits" and available once every 36 hours? We've come a loooooooooooooong way!
  6. I agree with this, because I could gather two other players of my same skill level (WR/PR/etc.) and we wouldn't be able to pull off the 85-90% win rate that these players are pulling down. I've watched the streams for this division and between the constant communication, strong decisions and high skill level, I'm not surprised by the results.
  7. Let's see, you bring up the argument you claim to despise so much and effortlessly crusade against in a thread where it wasn't present, using a gross oversimplification of the issues and broad generalizations to paint the anti-CV crowd. No wonder this wasn't received well.
  8. Brohk

    The invasion

    You should edit the original post. Weebs can be very touchy when it comes to poking fun. Believe me, I know.
  9. Brohk

    Stricter punishment for AFK

    I understand this and that's why I don't think one AFK should warrant beheading or a permanent ban, but after multiple transgressions the penalty should get stiffer. Having said that, if people routinely have trouble loading in then that raises two issues. 1. Why continue to do so at the cost of your teammates. 2. Wargaming should do something more to help alleviate the issue.
  10. Brohk

    Stricter punishment for AFK

    I doubt WG would ever increase the penalty for going AFK in Ranked battles, but I'd be all for it, or at least progressively increased penalties for repeat offenders. Four of my first seven games in ranked had AFK players, three on my team and one on the opponents team. All four were losses. Since then, I've only played a few (three maybe?) games and I just can't be bothered anymore. I'm no unicum so I can't reliably carry dead weight on top of teammate mistakes, not that I can do that consistently either. The steel would be nice, but I'll likely just stick to Ranked Sprint going forward, unless I 'git gudder'.
  11. Brohk

    Russian carriers are coming!

    Don't worry, WG will balance everything out by introducing a new premium ship; the USS Ronald Reagan. For only $499!
  12. Brohk

    CV ai in co-op cheating???

    There's a lot to digest here. Bots in co-op essentially have cheats enabled in order to give them even a miniscule chance of winning and since the average win-rate for a bot is probably hovering around 2-5%, I'd argue they aren't even effective. Moreover, the only thing more pathetic than co-op bots win rate is the aim of bot CVs and their inability to dodge flak. I'm pretty sure bot CVs couldn't successfully rocket strike an island, and I'd bet money you took no damage from that flight or any flight thereafter. No lie, I've never had a DD struck by rockets in co-op, ever. The bots always miss, and badly. I'd also wager you shot down most, if not all of that flight. Why would Wargaming need to address this? Finally... Bruh. It's co-op. I play some games there myself on occasion and the last thing they need to do is make bots even easier to farm.
  13. Brohk

    What if we brought back controllable fighters for CVs?

    There was one, and only one time a CV successfully cross-dropped me in the RTS days and mind you, that was when most of my games were played. It was a Hak player who used all three TB squadrons to pull off a perfect trap I couldn't dodge out of in my Benson. I was sunk in the first few minutes of the match and I was absolutely awestruck because that had never happened before, and never happened again. @Ducky_shot is correct, pulling off a successful cross drop required a skilled CV player (or an oblivious DD player...).
  14. Depends on how much you have to spend, I like using my ECXP to retrain captains (190k for 19 point-er). However, you are correct, it can do that as well.
  15. The real benefit is actually captain re-training. You can move captains that need to re-train for the ship they are assigned to a premium ship and not have to worry about captain skills only working at 50% effectiveness. I think FXP is fine currently, and any addition to how much people earn on average just means inflation.