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  1. Dr_Powderfinger

    When is the overpen mechanic going to be reworked?

    Some decent ideas here, but increasing overpen damage may not be workable because of balance issues. Increased damage would be a big buff to BBs and a clear nerf to DDs and light cruisers - other changes would be needed(i.e. buffs to DDs/CLs) if relative balance is to be maintained.
  2. Subs could potentially work, but like with CVs it all boils down to counterplay(or the lack thereof). Making CVs/BBs/CAs completely impotent against subs(or poor AA ships impotent vs. CVs) are just poor game design choices on a fundamental level.
  3. Dr_Powderfinger

    Who owns torpedoes?

    It's hilarious when people continue to come in these threads and blame friendly-fire victims for their own bad torp launches. Your ordinance, your responsibility. Own your mistakes. It's simple. Make sure the path is clear and reposition if it isn't. There are a million reasons why a friendly ship might need to change course, and their attention is of course focused on the enemy, not friendly torps coming from behind them. Give them the appropriate wide berth if they are in front of you. If you think it's worth it to make a risky launch and it hits a friendly, apologize and own your responsibility. Victim-blaming is not productive or justified.
  4. Dr_Powderfinger

    You load sixteen guns, whaddaya get?

    Sixteen rifles will provide you with a few awesome dev strike moments, but the terrible firing arcs are a big liability. You have to show nearly full broadside to get all your guns on target and good teams will make you pay for that. Different tier but IMO Fuso does that shotgun play style better(fewer guns but better ranged play and more workable firing arcs).
  5. Dr_Powderfinger

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Ok, and as time passed and technology and competition improved and car buyers became more sophisticated Ford made their cars in lots of different colors. If Ford only made black cars today don't you think sales might suffer?
  6. Dr_Powderfinger

    How would you "counter play" me?

    I agree regarding multiple ships. However the problem with this sort of counterplay, if you take it to it's logical conclusion, is the game devolves into blob vs. blob or lemming train vs. lemming train with no room for individual action or initiative.
  7. Dr_Powderfinger

    How would you "counter play" me?

    Most(not all) people that are complaining about CVs aren't asking for them to be eliminated from the game, they want CVs to exist but are asking for adjustments so that skillful counterplay is available to them. CV players can't have legit complaints about CV gameplay?
  8. Dr_Powderfinger

    How would you "counter play" me?

    10 pages, OP has definitely struck a nerve here. The lack of counterplay to skillfully combat a CV while playing surface ships is definitely an issue. Burying your head in the sand because you like CVs is not a solution. It's just not an enjoyable or rewarding experience for surface combat ships. FWIW I am not inherently anti-CV, i'd like to see WG get it right.
  9. Dr_Powderfinger

    What is ur fav ship?

    Current faves... BB: Fuso and Jean Bart Cruiser: Shchors and Hindenburg
  10. Dr_Powderfinger

    The REALLY short version

    Experience does not guarantee improvement, there will always be a % of bad players that don't get better. However for most players experience does help their skill development.
  11. Dr_Powderfinger

    The REALLY short version

    I agree it should be slowed a bit, mostly to give new players a little more time to learn the game and experienced players some time to learn how to play new ships properly.. All the various XP flags that you can stack has created XP power creep where it's easy for an experienced player to breeze thru a line. if you stack all the best flags with premium you can probably get 20k+ XP in a single match. Part of the problem is that gamers are conditioned to have a "must get to max tier" outlook in most games, where "end game" play modes are not available until you've maxed your level and geared up. This is not the case in WoWS.. You can get the same(or more) satisfaction and 95% of the game play of tier 10 while playing tier 6 or 8 or whatever. There is nothing magical that happens and little content unlocked when you move from tier 9 to tier 10. Many players with multiple tier 10s actually prefer the meta and gameplay at other tiers.
  12. Dr_Powderfinger

    Kill stealing

    Focus firing low health enemy targets is the most effective tactic, in fact players should be doing it a lot more often. Dead reds do not shoot back, eliminate them as quickly as possible and your win % goes up. The whole concept of kill stealing is absurd.
  13. Dr_Powderfinger

    Ships for Ranked

    Shchors is an underrated ship with a high damage ceiling, I love playing it, but it is probably better suited for randoms than for ranked. Check back in though if it works well for you.
  14. Dr_Powderfinger

    can a mod delete this plz

    Yorck is a good ship FWIW. I don't play co-op, but... You can't directly control who targets you(player or bot) while spotted, but you can control how difficult you are to damage. Positioning, WSAD, concealment, cover, angling. Focus on making yourself a pain in the [edited]for reds to land shots on. 1)Smoke screens(from friendly DDs I assume?) can help from time to time, but you should not be relying on them for anything unless you are divisioned with a DD player. Yorck is an open water fighter and operates well without smoke, I'm not sure why your tactics are based around it. 2)Yorck does not have repair party, maybe you mean damage control? In any case damage control is also not smoke reliant, I'm not sure why you need smoke to use it. 3)I have hundreds of games in my Yorck, and I have never once turned off my AA or secondaries. Why are you doing this?
  15. Dr_Powderfinger

    Make battleships Great Again

    I'm not opposed in theory to to BB or game mechanics tweaks, but lets be clear - BBs are in no way underpowered or needing additional protection from cruisers or HE, there are lots of tools and tactics to mitigate that damage and ships with smaller caliber guns need to be able to do effective damage in this game. BBs already average more damage and have higher survivability than cruisers or DDs. Any changes you come up with should not make this disparity even worse.