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  1. Dr_Powderfinger

    What mid tier Cruiser are good as straight gun boats ?

    Shchors is the best mid-tier gunboat cruiser I've played and is one of my favorite ships in the game. It's big and squishy but has a bunch of fast-firing railguns with excellent ballistics that can reliably hit most targets at max range. Awesome kiting ship. Take IFHE(captain's skill), WSAD dance at range, and other mid-tier ships will struggle to land hits as you pepper them with salvos every few seconds. Enemy ships will hate you. Budyonny and Chapayev are also pretty good. Some German and French mid-tier cruisers are solid gunboats as well - Konigsberg, Yorck, Hipper, Charles Martel. edit: Now that I think about it, aren't all cruisers "gunboats" of one flavor or another?
  2. There is certainly nothing behind you that can block your ship from reversing, but the screenshots you provided don't show the underwater obstruction at the front of the ship. It's possible that if you had your rudder hard to one side or the other(instead of in a neutral position)that the front of your ship is wedged in and getting stuck on the "lip" of the front obstruction as you attempt an angled(not straight) reverse. in other words, your bow is getting caught on rocks as it swings to the starboard side and your stern swings to the port side. It's like backing out of a small garage in a car and turning the wheel instead of backing up straight - the front corner of your car is going to hit the garage wall. Do you remember your rudder position? I'm just spitballing here though, hard to tell without underwater screenshots of the forward obstruction. It might be a bug...or poor terrain design.
  3. Dr_Powderfinger

    To Colorado or not to Colorado?

    I hate to see Colorado/New Mexico/New York on my teams because they always seem to be out of position and/or behind the flow of battle. The lack of gun range and speed renders them an afterthought in too many instances, it's hard for them to flex or to kite or pursue kiting ships, and when they get caught in a bad spot they typically are not going to escape. It also doesn't help that the US BB line is popular with new players on this server. Some people can use them effectively though. Make sure you are decisive and efficient in your map awareness and positioning, otherwise the Colorado(like New York/New Mexico) can be a liability.
  4. I just want to know when we can buy the matching tartan camo for our ships. Havelock is a gentleman and a scholar and should always be color-coordinated.
  5. Dr_Powderfinger

    What a Surprise... who could have guessed?

    If Petro and Kleber are strong enough to be banned from clan battles, then why haven't they been nerfed? Makes no sense.
  6. Dr_Powderfinger

    Fun and Engaging Matchmaking 3 subs per side +CV

    FFS don't forget about CVs. 4 CVs in a match is an abomination, nobody wants games like that. Add 3 subs per team and....ugh. There should be a hard limit of one CV per team. Ahskance do you know if devs have considered a one-per-team CV limit?
  7. Dr_Powderfinger

    Subs “Balanced by being more vulnerable”

    Don't you see why this is problematic? 1 v 1 situations happen a lot in the game, I suppose it's game over when one of those is a sub? What other ship in the game requires the entire enemy team to defeat it? CVs are awful to fight against and you can't even say that about them. Good luck with that in randoms...
  8. Dr_Powderfinger

    What is your favorite tier

    Tiers 6, 7 , and 8 are my faves and are fairly close in quality. Tier 10 kind of sucks tbh. The ships are potent but the gameplay is too static, lots of ships standing back at long range waiting for enemy players to make mistakes and get deleted. It's not dynamic and aggressive play tends to be punished, not rewarded. Also...superships.
  9. Dr_Powderfinger

    Matchmaking are you drunk?

    Ideally the MM should have split up the tier 6 ships (and their divisions) onto the 2 different teams so the match would be more balanced in that respect. But yeah ultimately the players are to blame, fail divisions. Also in agreement that there should be some sort of warning when players attempt to form mismatched divisions.
  10. Dr_Powderfinger

    karma ratings

    Karma is pretty much meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but IF you can play well and aren't a troll or a-hole in chat then your karma tends to end up positive. If you are a terrible player then all bets are off.
  11. Dr_Powderfinger

    Am I a Bad Player?

    Good players have bad games. Bad players have good games. In the grand scheme of things one game means very little - play 100 games in the Vlad and we might have some data to work with.
  12. It's a charitable sentiment OP, but let's be honest: "Thoughts and Prayers" isn't an effective way to help out people in need. It's just something people tend to say when they are unable or unwilling to effect change. Plunking down some whale $$$ for premium ships might actually indirectly help WG employees, however!
  13. Dr_Powderfinger

    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    Take off the rose-tinted glasses. What are you are describing is a best case scenario for the BB, and rarely does anything like this occur. Why are you assuming all BBs have great AA? Most in fact don't. Why are you assuming the CV has been spotted early, and is in range of your guns, and isn't LoS protected by an island? Typical CV/BB interactions aren't like you envisage them. Counterplay is limited. Most CV/BB interactions are one way traffic -the slow BB hopelessly trying to avoid or dodge much faster plane attacks, getting chipped attack wave after attack wave, acting like a damage sponge, while MAYBE shooting down a few planes. IF at the end of the match the BB is lucky (and isn't dead yet) and IF his team has done well and pushed thru enemy surface fleet then he MIGHT have a chance to finally shoot back at the CV. Lots of ifs and maybes and luck to even get to the point where you can shoot him. It's one-way traffic until then in most cases for the BB, your best case scenario is a rare exception. Oh and if that CV wanted the BB dead and focused it, the BB would be likely be long gone before it ever got that best-case scenario chance to actually shoot the CV. The BB(and other ship types btw, not unique to BBs) is a damage sponge in 90% of it's interactions with a CV, your best-case scenarios are not typical. I could go thru the rest of your post, but that might wear us both out ! We can agree to disagree. Also CVs were a tangent, this thread was about subs.
  14. Dr_Powderfinger

    Refuse to Play a Games with Subs

    What? You say "a CV literally cannot do anything but run if a BB comes for it".(which isn't true, CV can still send planes at a BB chasing it) but I'll humor you - when and how does the BB coming for the CV happen? It certainly isn't happening at the beginning or even the middle of a typical match unless the CV is making horrible positioning errors. One-way traffic until then. You also say "most CVs I see that end up facing a BB die horribly when they run out of room and planes". Lol, ok yes. At the end of match when the CV is out of planes and has been spotted and your team has pushed through enemy positions to the back of the map and the match is over. What about before then? what about early game/mid game? It's all one-way traffic. CV dishes out spotting and damage, BB maybe shoots down a few planes. And what if your ship just has crappy AA? Most importantly if that CV picks you out and wants you dead before that endgame scenario, you are probably dead. BB shooting the CV usually only occurs at the end of a match that's already been decided. "Prevailing" only means mitigating damage up until that endgame scenario you provided. Up until then it's one-way traffic.
  15. Dr_Powderfinger

    When to use AP over HE

    You've got it basically right. HE most of the time, AP vs. broadside cruisers and sometimes (depending on AP quality/range/armor) broadside BBs.