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  1. Dr_Powderfinger

    Whats your Captains Anti-Skill?

    Contrary Captain: When I see a lemming train or my team ignoring a cap, I will always go the opposite way(usually in a fragile cruiser or a BB that is spotted from the moon) with the quixotic belief that skill can overcome half the enemy team. ...
  2. Dr_Powderfinger

    Tier 8 Cruiser Thoughts

    Tier 8(and tier 9 to a degree) are IMO fairly rough spots for cruisers overall - they feel like they are at at the ebb of their relative power, get uptiered frequently, and there aren't really many standout cruisers that make you go "ooh" or "ahhh". Most of my cruiser line keeper ships are at tiers 5-7 and tier 10, there seem to be more potent and fun individual cruisers in those ranges(virtually all of the tier 10s are good). ...
  3. Dr_Powderfinger

    kill assist

    Focus-firing low health enemy ships is smart play and wins games. If your team isn't doing it then it's probably losing. There are no respawns in this game. Permanently removing a wounded enemy ship from the match ASAP should always be a priority. ...
  4. Dr_Powderfinger

    If subs are introdduced - what will you do?

    So many of the questions in the poll are dependent on implementation. Lets see what gameplay looks like before bringing out the pitchforks(or the cheerleader pom-poms). ...
  5. Dr_Powderfinger

    Why do people bother playing?

    Welcome to the internet. This is not a WG or WoWS specific problem, seal-clubbing and AFKs happen in virtually every competitive online game. ...
  6. Dr_Powderfinger

    There's something I'm wondering about this game

    I read every post in this thread, including yours, have played this game for two years, and have seen zero credible evidence of WG "fixing accounts". When you make accusations the burden of proof is on you. ...
  7. Dr_Powderfinger

    Mid-Tier Mondays - The Cruisers

    Agreed. Shchors is an absolute beast when played correctly - granted she is huge, has poor concealment, a fat citadel, and isn't a brawler...but has high dpm with absurdly accurate long range railguns that let you uptier effectively and simply overwhelm lower or same tier ships with your firepower. If you have the positioning and WSAD skills to stay alive it has highest damage potential of any mid-tier cruiser, and barring a lucky BB salvo there isn't a tier 7 ship in the game(non-CV) that can deal with a properly kiting Shchors at 16km. Phoenix, Konigsberg, and Budyonny are my other mid-tier faves. ...
  8. Dr_Powderfinger

    What are the most satisfying ships to play?

    FWIW OP: 2) I also thought Lyon was overrated(mostly for terrible firing angles on main guns), but keep working your way thru the French BBs. Richelieu and Alsace(post-nerf) are both good and Republique is an absolute gem and a blast to play. 3)I love the Konigsberg too(less so Nurnburg) but had a much better experience with the Yorck, Roon, and Hindy than you did. Hindenberg is so versatile...if you don't love it try another build or playstyle, it rocks in multiple roles. Anyway, my list(I will define most satisfying as "fun and effective" or alternatively as ships you continue to play regularly after you finished grinding the line). BB/CA main: Konigsberg Budyonny Shchors Hindenberg Zao Fuso Amagi Republique ...
  9. Dr_Powderfinger

    What stat best equates to skill in WoWs

    You might have unicum skills in a vacuum, but if you are constantly having problems with your connection, your girlfriend, physical handicaps, your dog, etc...and the end result is that you have a 45% winrate, then you are EFFECTIVELY a low skill player. The end results are all that matters. i.e. if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears... ...
  10. Dr_Powderfinger

    What stat best equates to skill in WoWs

    Low sample size. Your example cites one match. Everyone has experienced that. Nobody expects your winrate after 5 (or a dozen) matches to definitively indicate how good you are. The key is that over large sample sizes (of hundreds and thousands) of games those good teams and bad teams even out for virtually everyone, and what you are left with is your impact on your team's chances to win(solo win rate). The analogy I like to use is poker. If I were to sit down at a table with pro players, I can get good cards and I can win hands and might even end up with the most chips after an hour of play. However if we were to play thousands of hands(large sample size, lucky cards even out)over the course of a year the pro players would eventually and inevitably demonstrate their superior skill and end up with the most chips. Same concept in ships. ...
  11. Dr_Powderfinger

    What stat best equates to skill in WoWs

    Poll is missing solo win rate, the only true answer. (Overall winrate can be massaged thru division play) All the other stats can be informative, but the end goal is to win games, right? ...
  12. Dr_Powderfinger

    Best lines for new players?

    BBs - Germans and RN are easiest to play for newbs, but if you aren't mindful both lines can promote bad habits that dont serve you well elswhere (Germans might not learn about citadel protection, Brits might not learn how to use AP properly). Any of the other lines would work fine as well, BBs as a whole are probably the easiest place to start for new players. CAs - IJN, German, Russian, French all should work for newbs, as long as they learn how to WSAD having good range and accurate guns should help keep them alive. US(floaty shells, island hugging) and RN cruisers (made of paper, smoke reliant) might be too challenging for some new players. DDs - I dont DD much but US seemingly are the most well rounded and versatile( good guns/torps can brawl, contest caps)
  13. Dr_Powderfinger

    Unbalanced Matchmaking <- this CAN be fixed

    Skill-based MM would constitute a massive change to WoWS (and WoT), with many potential complications and implications. We would need a new more complex MM, a new rating system for players, the player experience would change immensely with all players tending to 50% winrate, etc. etc. etc. WG has given no indication huge changes like this are in their plans. In other words, it ain't happening. I'd suggest adjusting your expectations(sometimes your team is the hammer, sometimes it is the nail)and enjoying WoWS as it is constructed, trying competitive modes(ranked/clan battles), or finding another game. ...
  14. Dr_Powderfinger

    Shchors is great BUT......

    I have CE, DE, and IFHE on my captain and the Shchors is a beast. 100k games are not uncommon. Stay at range, WSAD juke incoming BB AP, and let your dpm railguns burn down half the enemy team. You can get more aggressive later in the match and hunt DDs and wounded ships. However while damage is easy to come by it's not always a great carry ship IMO - it's better at kiting than pushing flanks/caps and it does not brawl very well (poor concealment, soft, fat citadel, mediocre agility.)