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  1. Depends on the ship - my Amagi can certainly hold it's own and I've even had decent luck in the Hipper(currently grinding) spamming HE at BBs from behind islands and hunting DDs when the map thins out a bit. A tier 8 cruiser should still have the advantage vs. any tier 10 DD if you can isolate one later in the match. You definitely need to adjust your playstyle in certain ships to play more of a support role, stay with the group, and make sure you don't overextend and always have an escape plan if you get focus-fired. ..
  2. It's pretty simple really. WoWS is not a sim. Gameplay > Realism. Detonations do not provide fun and engaging gameplay, they are the antithesis of it. ..
  3. The one great thing about the Phoenix at that tier is it's gun range(16.5km iirc). You can dance around all day at 15km setting ships on fire and other low-tier ships will struggle to return effective fire if you know WSAD hax. It's also a pretty fast and effective DD hunter. ..
  4. Fun and engaging? Not for the person that got detonated, not for his team, and not for the person who detonated him because he essentially just got lucky. While I understand detonations happened in real life battles, this game is clearly not a sim. For a balanced/competitive/skill-based game it just functions as a random, [edited] mechanic. ..
  5. 3/10, 14 point new times roman all in bold would be better. ..
  6. And yet the Zao still is performing well. You are facing a hard sell here, there are dozens of ships in the game more in need of a buff than the Zao. ..
  7. While I appreciate the research you put into your battlecruiser proposal, conventional wisdom and actual statistics confirm that the Zao is not underpowered and is doing just fine. ..
  8. Balanced teams would be ideal but sometimes MM is reliant on what ships people are in queue with. I think uneven numbers on each team is a bigger problem, i.e. if one team has 2 DDs and the other has just one in domination mode...the team with the extra DD is likely to enjoy a capping (and spotting) advantage that can easily snowball into a rout. ..
  9. Math is hard. /facepalm ..
  10. Welcome! Just curious though, why do you and sis play on the NA server instead of EU? ..
  11. I think that high-tier cruisers, especially tier 10s, are in a good spot and can more than hold their own. A Zao or Moskva or Hindeberg can easily beat a tier 10 BB(the supposed counter to cruisers) in a 1 vs. 1 battle at 15km. If anything it is some mid-tier cruisers(tiers 5-8) that feel more like vulnerable support ships and have a harder time carrying matches. ..
  12. Was it cancelled? That stinks...it wasn't a great show IMO but it was watchable and had a few interesting characters and plotlines. Fortunately we still have The Expanse, which has some outlaw Firefly/Dark Matter elements and might be the best sci-fi series since the Battlestar Galactica reboot. ..
  13. Izumo can be underwhelming, but TBH the rest of the IJN BBs are pretty damn good, especially Yamato, Amagi, Fuso, Kongo. She might need a small buff(turret repositioning is unlikely) but I'm generally ok with one or two mediocre/turd ships in any line. ..
  14. I have not received the rental offers either, not sure what the criteria is. Multiple tier 10s, active player with 4k + games, 400-ish gold, never bought a premium ship, not in a clan. ..
  15. Step one: Buy a proper mouse for your laptop, your aim(and overall performance) will improve immensely. Touch pad is probably not cutting it precision-wise. ..