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  1. You can theoretically be getting better and losing more at the same time if you are 1)moving up tiers(tougher competition/meta change) or 2)trying out a new ship type or playstyle. Also, sample size. Even unicums go on losing streaks from time to time, don't get too bogged down in the results of a small number of games. Look at the long-term trends.
  2. Dr_Powderfinger

    Have you ever seen a more satisfying picture?

    Nice one. This thread is going places.
  3. Dr_Powderfinger

    why does random look like this almost always?

    Nothing new, they are called random matches for a reason. Games like that have been a regular feature since early beta and is the nature of the beast with the way the game is set up(skill gap, snowball effect, new players, afks...).
  4. Dr_Powderfinger

    Nothing like Vinyl.

    Nice. Vinyl plus a tube amplifier(get one!) and quality speakers produces a warm rich sound you can't get with digital sources, despite all the imperfections. Plus getting to flip through, hold, and look at the art in a record collection is a lot cooler than scrolling thru a hard drive.
  5. Dr_Powderfinger

    Are you having fun?

    Even if you believe WG has made some mistakes in the last year or so(CV rework, PR event, power creep), when you hit the battle button and join a match it is still a fun and enjoyable challenge. IMO none of WG's missteps have ruined the core game experience(so far).
  6. Dr_Powderfinger

    Dear WG please stop this

    Ok I'll bite. Other than a late game situation(i.e enemy DD is closing in on your CV and you need to save him), how exactly does one "support your CV" in a surface ship?
  7. Dr_Powderfinger

    Aim assist mod

    Feel free to post the stat profiles of all the players(non-seal clubber) that have 31 gunnery dev strikes in 20 total matches, we all anxiously await the data that supports your claim. Should be easy to find evidence if you see it every day. Also, your clan uses no mods? Not even the legal ones that are officially sanctioned and widely used?
  8. Dr_Powderfinger

    Aim assist mod

    Protip: When good players die they analyze what mistakes they may have made, they do not get paranoid about cheating and cook up dubious conspiracies about hax or illegal mods.
  9. Dr_Powderfinger

    Dear WG please stop this

    I don't get why everyone is jumping all over the OP, seems like a legit complaint. Regardless of his skill level 3 CVs per side is not a desired outcome for anyone, especially at that tier.
  10. Dr_Powderfinger

    DID YOU KNOW?....................

    I always press "T" for turbo when I want to go faster, sadly my crews don't take orders well and they launch spotter planes instead.
  11. They are probably just inexperienced(or bad) players. There are zero cruisers that have torps as their primary weapons. Even the Zao, with 12km torps that can be fired from concealment, should feel fortunate to get a couple of torp hits every few games. Torps are very situational for cruisers and should not be counted on as the primary match-to-match damage source. All that said, there are times in a cruiser when withholding your gunfire to maintain concealment is the proper play.
  12. Dr_Powderfinger

    GK just isn’t fun

    IMO secondary builds have a hard time being consistently effective at tier 10, engagements typically take place at longer ranges and getting into places where secondaries can be effective is difficult and frequently suicidal. Those captain points are probably better spent on survival and main battery performance. That said i struggled with GK(pre-buff, have not played recently) too, it's not always a great fit with the current meta and it's my only tier 10 ship at less than 50% win rate.
  13. As you can see from the mish-mash of answers you have gotten so far, it's not an easy question to answer. Almost all of the tier 10 ships are good at what they were designed for, and your ranking of those ships is highly dependent on play style(both yours and the ship). The first step is to play enough to figure out which play styles you perform best with or enjoy the most. In other words, with cruisers for instance do you prefer CLs or CAs? Open water kiting cruisers or close cap support cruisers with smoke or radar? Are you looking for concealment, armor, range, dpm, alpha, brawling ability, fire-starting, effective torps, radar? Tech tree or premium? I.E. Henri IV, Smolensk, Zao, and Des Moines are all very good cruisers, but they all have very different play styles and roles to play in a match. Tier 10 is probably the most balanced tier with a few exceptions. "Best" depends on your skills/play style and what you are trying to accomplish with that ship.
  14. Dr_Powderfinger

    Casual players at T8+

    Even casual players can improve their skill level. Don't sweat the petty stuff, but make a reasonable effort to understand the meta and improve your high-tier play.
  15. Dr_Powderfinger

    Holidays really show WoWs at its absolutely worst.

    Look at the (possible) bright side, they might just be newer players that have yet to skill up sufficiently. The game does need new players, but as they are working towards their first tier 10 and still learning the basics WG throws them into matches with seasoned veterans and unicums. That's the cup is half-full view. For all I know these guys could be potatoes with 10k matches and the cup is half-empty ; )