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  1. Dr_Powderfinger

    YES YES Thank you WG, love U

    The mighty Fuso fears no enemy.
  2. Dr_Powderfinger

    Weirdness when reporting

    Do you by chance use player panel mods? I use them, and have encountered the same problem when reporting/complimenting somebody in-battle. Seems to work fine if I wait until after the match and use the post-battle results page.
  3. I've got the FC and the Lepanto, and I find both of them have good speed, concealment, and armor (if angled properly). Add smoke and they have good overall survivability. The gunnery though....yikes. Bad accuracy, reload, range. No good ammo for DDs. Poor guns = low skill ceiling. Hard to carry in these boats.
  4. If it happens within the flow of the battle and you are playing using best practices, fine. Confederates and extra XP are nice. However switching targets frequently just to hit the 4/5/6 threshold and ignoring low hp targets/capping targets/DDs you should be focusing etc. etc. is just bad play and will result in fewer overall wins(and less XP). Encouraging new players to seek out this as a playstyle is a dubious proposition.
  5. Dr_Powderfinger

    Camera shaking when taking damage (fix)

    FWIW there is also camera shake when a ship nearby gets hit by large shells. I was in my Petro the other night very close to a friendly Yamato, the Yammy gets hit by an enemy BB and I got the camera shake without personally being hit. Not sure if that is a new feature or not..
  6. Dr_Powderfinger

    Petro's stats are bogus

    Small sample size. It should go without saying, but 30 hits in a single match does not prove anything. Needs (a lot) more data. Petro is durable overall but does not have any fire prevention bonuses.
  7. Dr_Powderfinger

    ST, Adjustment Firing mechanics

    It's an interesting concept and may be worthy of testing, but I already see a flaw with the way the mechanics work: It will probably encourage some bad play. Why? 1) Ships must remain "locked on" to target to get bonuses. 2) In a match, players are locked on and firing at enemy BB or cruiser, trying to build up their progress bar to get the bonus. 3) Enemy DD is spotted close by. 4) Players ignore spotted DD, who they should be switching targets to, because they don't want to reset the bar and lose the potential bonus. Probably an unintended consequence, but definitely not a good one. It's similar to the Deadeye effect, players trying to activate a bonus are encouraged to make bad decisions(camping back of map far from caps in the case of Deadeye) in order to get it.
  8. Dr_Powderfinger

    Truth Series Part 4

    Erm, kill-stealing isn't really a thing in this game. Focus-firing low health targets falls into the category of the most effective tactics for winning matches. Low health enemies can go dark, heal, find island cover, and maintain all of their offensive potency. Eliminate them(and secure the points for your team) whenever possible.
  9. Dr_Powderfinger

    Being successful with the Schors

    Some good advice in here. Stay conservative with your positioning early(late match you can hydro up and push isolated/smoked DDs), watch priority target(go dark if things are too hot), WSAD religiously, flank, and torture enemy ships from range with your high dpm railguns. I sometimes like to go to the weaker flank, Shchors is an awesome kiting ship and can burn down pushing BBs and cruisers from 16km while they'll struggle to hit you. FWiW IFHE is good on the Shchors, it really helps your damage output vs. higher tier ships. Once you learn to play the Shchors it's awesome. One of my favorite cruisers in the game.
  10. Dr_Powderfinger

    MM has no problem?

    Funny, I never see complaint posts about MM in the forums when players win 7 matches in a row. Math is hard.
  11. Dr_Powderfinger

    How to play Omaha ?

    Some good advice above. Omaha(like the Phoenix) is more of an open water ranged WSAD ship than the later USN cruisers. It's really squishy and BBs love to dev strike them, so get priority target, use your concealment, wiggle like a madman, and try not to be in positions where you can be focus fired. FWIW as a new player 60k is overly ambitious for average damage, even unicums will struggle to average that in the Omaha. 30 or 40k is probably a more realistic goal.
  12. Dr_Powderfinger

    How Do You Deal With Losing Streaks?

    A losing streak should not theoretically effect your ability to win the next game you queue for....unless your frustration makes you go on tilt. (or you are high/drunk/horny/distracted) In other words, it takes a little candid self-reflection: Am I losing because of bad teams/bad luck or my own mistakes?
  13. Dr_Powderfinger

    Pasta BB dead horse sad post

    The armor, speed, and conceal on the IT BBs is actually pretty good....but the piss-poor gunnery(range/accuracy/reload) really limits the skill ceiling.
  14. Dr_Powderfinger

    An update on upcoming (?) Deadeye tweaks.

    Adrenaline Rush is still very good even with the increased cost. I take it on every BB and cruiser captain, and so do most players.
  15. Dr_Powderfinger

    About Dead Eye..........

    While deadeye is a potent skill, people are misusing it in stupid ways. Camping in the back rarely wins games. It's still much easier to do damage to enemy ships from 10-15 km than it is from 20-25km. Fighting from the back of the map surrenders caps and map control to the enemy. Sure take deadeye and enjoy it while it's active, but don't abandon fundamental best practices for BBs - support caps, flank, and push forward when opportunities are available.