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  1. Penalties? Seriously?

    OP seems a little confused. You do realize that in these two examples you have assigned blame to the wrong party? In the first example, it was not your fault, it was the fault on the ship that launched the torps. In the second example, it was also the fault of the ship that launched the torps(i.e. your fault). It was obviously not a clean shot or it would not have hit a friendly ship. You are ALWAYS responsible for your own ordnance. Don't launch if there is a chance to hit a friendly ship. Your torps, your fault. ALWAYS. ...
  2. What are "decent" stats?

    Just keep focusing on skill improvement, being a good teammate, and making the right moves to win matches. Do that and the stats will take care of themselves. ...
  3. Really good noobs?

    This. I'm not a truly elite player but I had thousands of games played in WoTanks before I came to WoWS, and I took some time to read gameplay guides and the forums before I started playing. I was at 50%+ at 100 matches and have never dipped below that. Gamers that know the drill will put in a little research and prep time before diving into a competitive game. ...
  4. Cruiser skippers and our strategy

    Lots of good posts in this thread, and each cruiser has different playstyles, so I'll just chime in on some points that could use emphasis: -Cruisers tend to be high skill-floor, high skill-ceiling ships. Survival skills like situational awareness, WSADing and kiting, and knowing when to go dark and reset your position or seek cover are your best friends. -Team role-wise cruisers should support friendly DDs that are capping, defend caps(typically you are the best on your team at this), and ffs focus enemy DDs when they are spotted. Nothing makes me shake my head like seeing cruisers plinking away at BBs when a destroyer is lit within reasonable range. -Cruisers may sometimes feel like support ships that have a hard time influencing battles on your way up the lines but a Hindenburg, Zao, or Moskva should fear no ship in the game. ...
  5. What should I do with my free XP?

    Save free XP for instantly researching modules and never worry about playing stock ships(and/or use for boosting captains/premium ships). Skipping ships altogether is wasteful use of resource IMO. ..
  6. That is mostly due to CVs targeting BBs more often than cruisers, and avoiding the strongest AA ships until there is nothing else left. OP makes some interesting suggestions. ...
  7. I do not feel this is fair.

    MM is going to get very complicated if you want it to consider and weigh every potential consumable mounted on ships. I'm with the other guy however - unequal amounts of DDs on domination maps is a big advantage to one team and should be an easier fix. ...
  8. Semantics. People are telling you in this thread that they do not enjoy detonating other ships. Bad mechanic is bad regardless of what subset of your Venn diagram is complaining about it most actively. ...
  9. C'mon Lert. Detonating somebody doesn't make me feel good or skillfull. I don't feel like I accomplished anything other than getting lucky and I feel sorry for the poor bastard whose match ended on a whim and whose team will likely lose after the arbitrary loss of a ship. It's a stupid mechanic for an allegedly competitive game regardless of whether you are the detonator or the detonatee. ...
  10. FWIW WTR and any other 3rd party rating system is constrained by the limited amount of information WG makes public. Caps/spotting/tanking/AA etc. aren't considered because the data is not available. It should be said however that those things are (indirectly) represented by the winrate portion of the formula. WTR is certainly flawed, but it's somewhat useful as a *rough* estimate of skill or measure of personal progress. ...
  11. Possible hoax for this Soviet split.

    Kirov at tier 9 is gonna be boss. ..
  12. Opinions on the Grand Tour?

    If you enjoyed Clarkson, Hammond, and May on Top Gear then you will like Grand Tour - it's essentially the same thing they have always done albeit in a cosmetically different format. Yes most of the bits are scripted, but that has been the case for many years. The personalities are the same. Season 2 just finished and it was certainly watchable, even when predictable. Meanwhile Top Gear seems to be finding it's footing in the 2nd season with new hosts - the first year was a mess but it has stabilized into a pretty enjoyable watch, and the hosts have a more youthful energy than CH&M in their latter years. ...
  13. DDs, cruisers with smoke(Brits), cruisers with good longe range artillery that know how to WSAD, kite, and use concealment - high skill floor on this option though(Russian/German/French/IJN). BBs tend to be vulnerable to CVs/DDs/focus fire when on their own. Team play is still preferable to doing anything solo.
  14. I picked poor teammate play, but I accept that is an unavoidable factor in random matches. -1 to poll for no option to choose detonation mechanic.
  15. What mods do you use and why?

    I run mods from Aslain's, some are purely for eye candy but many are functional and can improve your game performance if used properly: Hakabase Icons - lists gun and torp range for each ship in your side panel, definitely useful if you don't know if that DD on your flank has 8 or 10km torps. Zoom Out - Not only can you see more of your own ship(eye candy), but you can gain better perspective on the battle in brawling situations and is helpful to maintain situational awareness. Over-Target markers -HP and name of players displayed Colored shells and tracers - Red for HE, blue for AP. Instant identification of what is being fired at you or by teammates. Smoke Counter - Obviously useful. Chat Mod - displays names/ships/clans Fog Remover - It might look nice, but I don't want obscured vision in a competitive game. ....