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  1. Given an actual comparison using Kremlin shows how absurdly unbalanced the game will be, even when it still is somewhat unbalanced with reworked CVs, this is a quite concerning topic, Im yet to hear from someone who has no problem at all with it. Overall well written post bringing this huge issue attention, +1
  2. KashimaKisu

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    This thread honestly covers a lot of the current (and honestly past) DD and CV balancing issues and is really well thought and done. I agree with a very vast majority of this post and believe it is one of the many right voices of opinion towards WG and not only the CV Rework alone, but the past issues for years that affected DD play far too significantly to the point of players being drastically overwhelmed and having to play around CVs with captain builds and general set ups. (This can also apply to various other classes and how it has influenced consumable choices) Overall really well done post from an experienced DD player that voices concern and problems within the system that should be looked into. +1
  3. Just because German Battleships have the hydro-acoustic consumable does not mean you can play more careless when it comes to your movement and your map positioning, you still drive a fairly large battleship, it is no where near a cruiser. If you try to just rush a cap as well thinking you need your secondaries to do all the work, of course a consumable wont save you even with semi-decent usage of it. This also can easily be said with any other class or line of ships in the game with or without the hydro-acoustic consumable. I don't see why a complaint about "DDs being too op" over the forums would be valid especially in this case.
  4. KashimaKisu

    Flooding is kinda useless now

    Flooding changes dont really affect DDs in my opinion, in a sense its kind of a buff as people will be far more careless with DCP uses. These flooding changes are more so that people can stop screaming about how "OP" CVs are and how flooding is such a huge issue with CVs. Sure, DDs got affected as well in result but its honestly nowhere near as huge as CVs torpedo squadrons and Flood DoT stacks being extremely annoying and consistent. You'll be probably doing around the same damage in a DD if not more, since people use to instantly DCP floods like crazy when smacked by torps. Besides, you have to still hit with torps to even get floods in the beginning, any good DD player with consistent torps will be pretty much unaffected in the long run, especially after Radar changes.
  5. Very spot on points that I strongly agree with and support, +1
  6. KashimaKisu

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    This is outright dumb. 2 knots wouldn't really change anything nor is Montana "too fast" or "historical" at all
  7. KashimaKisu

    Hello Everyone!

    Congrats on your new position!
  8. KashimaKisu

    A proposed new direction for the CV rework.

    As I obviously am disappointed I may be getting the delete key off the game, that isn't quite the main focus of this forum post. The main focus is to bring out an idea revolving around the CV Rework that's an alternative which can be far more universally approved by the community, rather than a new Rework System that is making large amounts of players quitting the game and never wanting to touch carriers again. Now another reason why there is no mention to the removed carriers is because this strictly is off on only the Rework itself and things many players have already had a chance to experience during the Rework Beta test waves (which is disclosed at the end of Kaga's beginning paragraph if you can read), rather than stuff from the WoWs Articles and Dev Blogs.
  9. KashimaKisu

    A proposed new direction for the CV rework.

    Rip for posting earlier than you intended, though I do honestly agree for the most part. I feel like with how the community is taking the rework at the moment, an alternative should be looked at.
  10. KashimaKisu

    Please don't CV snipe in the CV beta

    Sniping is a thing that occurs often in games, This is something that is going to be apart and present throughout which can be used towards feedback.
  11. KashimaKisu

    Nice us what we want, now what you think we want

    Title could use some fixing, however I don't agree nor disagree with this though I can't exactly find a good point in this video
  12. KashimaKisu

    Once Again a Start of Week

    Ah I have not seen this post earlier in the morning, that explains it well
  13. KashimaKisu

    Once Again a Start of Week

    There seems to be no Server Maintenance happening as of now, I can log in as normally as any day.. Perhaps try again within 15 minutes or so, if not by then either re-log your account completely in the Wargaming Game Center or have a quick restart if you feel that's necessary