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  1. TwintailTickler

    GRAF ZEPPELIN Ta 152 C-1 with Rockets?

    And the BF-110 wasn't ever intended for carrier operations either but that didn't stop them from putting them on the upcoming T8 tech tree carrier (August von Parseval). WG works in mysterious ways... (Have to say it as a BF-110 enthusiast/dork) That aside, it would be nice to be able to choose something that doesn't have that godawful AP bomb pattern on Graf Zeppelin.
  2. TwintailTickler

    Please do something about DDs in Co-Op matches!

    The bots are programmed load HE for DDs, you clearly don't play enough co-op to know this >.>
  3. TwintailTickler

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Very true indeed, I made a post a while back asking for a turret rotation slider. Such a thing would solve my issue considering the only slider that controls turret sounds is the main sfx slider. Most other sounds are fine. The washing machine engines and loudness of the turrets are what bug me, really.
  4. TwintailTickler

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    I honestly would prefer the turret traverse to be muted, the new sounds are so bad I got a headache from them. I've had that sound cut out a few times and it was a godsend. So this is relevant: Was sailing alongside a DD in my Kutuzov. Could hear the DD more than my own ship. In chat after I mentioned that, they said they couldn't hear either of us.
  5. TwintailTickler

    new sound with 8.8

    I want the old ones back as well. What was wrong with the old sounds... now I want the old ones back or if WG thinks this is an "improvement" and doesn't want to backpedal, a slider for that godawful turret rotation sound so I can just eliminate it while keeping the other sounds.
  6. TwintailTickler

    Enough tier 9 and 10 premiums!

    I've also been waiting for a Derfflinger class in the game. I'm honestly starting to think they are terrified of making another König Albert or some nonsense at T4/5. IDK, just speculations of a person that is actually growing old waiting for a Derfflinger, 1920's Pisa and a Bremen class light cruiser. All I'd buy as premiums. I'm getting tired of design ships seeming to get priority over real ones from WWI that would definitely make a quick few bucks from people like me.
  7. TwintailTickler

    Ships I'd Rather see than another Tier 10.

    SMS Derfflinger, SMS Von der Tann, SMS Bremen or a sister. Littorio/Italia (tech tree), armored cruiser Pisa, 1920's version with the foremast. IJN Tama with her neat winter camouflage. I love my Alaska, but it's safe to say I'm not a fan of the longer, uglified T10 Alaska ...or any of the T9/10's announced.
  8. There was an excellent opportunity for the Scuttling at Scapa Flow, 21st of June, was just a flag though (ironically, considering I can't mount 2 on my German ships and would really like to :P).
  9. TwintailTickler

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    Omaha class cruisers are my favorite light cruiser class, so I dream of driving one. I have Omaha, Marblehead, Marblehead Lima and Murmansk in game. Just saying. It's a massive shame we didn't preserve one. I'm just an actual history buff though, liking many ships from all the eras. [Insert plea for Derfflinger class premium here, WG] Edit: yikes, quoted a first page post, heh. Well, whatever. Gimme Derfflinger/Lützow/SMS Hindenburg WG.
  10. TwintailTickler

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    Ah when I said Scharnhorst/Gneisenau I meant the WWII ships. Good info on their naming reasons in WWI though. Sounds like other certain ships lol I certainly hope they don't butcher them as well but time will tell (hopefully).
  11. TwintailTickler

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    Next year? Oy. PEF also has a different armor scheme than the predecessor Derfflingers, missing their turtleback. I still hold my view that the Derfflingers should be T4 even though everyone's envisioned tech trees put them at T5 for some reason. Could be that I see interwar ships everywhere at T5 and adding a battlecruiser class from WWI in when such a thing as getting into a T7 match with WWII ships exists... Mad buffing of soft stats would have to be done IMO. Then there's PEF again and what they did to her (still think she's a T5 at T6 because of the meme manual AA & "refit"). It just feels weird even thinking of fighting against/with a WWI ship against/with WWII ships, which is why I never have fully supported a battlecruiser line despite liking certain ones. Battleships basically replaced them in WWII because of advances in design, etc. (See Scharnhorst/Gneisenau and the silly argument on what to call them- I myself call them battleships because the Germans never called them anything else and they fulfilled the role). Whatever though. WG give me a Derfflinger class premium T4 brawly boat and I'll be happy :P
  12. TwintailTickler

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    All 3 Derfflingers were amazing, there's quite a few reasons why them and Scharnhorst/Gneisenau (WWII) are my favorite ships~ I guess we will see how they translate ...if WG finally decides to add one of them in
  13. TwintailTickler

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    Me being a minor wallet warrior and wanting a better looking Derfflinger would rather her be a premium rather than tech tree; she'd have the crest, a nice camo and I wouldn't need a friggin' dedicated captain (I'm lazy in this way, yes). Plus Von Der Tann would look nice in her historic paint too, don't you think? Tech tree ships often have non-historic refits in order for progression and it kinda ruins the looks for people like me. But, that's just me. I like the bonuses of a premium ship's looks and captain mechanic. In the end, WWI ships need some love, that's a fact. I thought the Paragraph flag was a hint at something soon, but nope.
  14. TwintailTickler

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    I was originally going to mention something similar, referring to Prinz Eitel Friedrich and her silly what-if refit. I swear it was to make her T6. Feels like a T5 ship, which is why I think the Derfflingers would be T4 ...Although WG can always buff in ways other than giving nonsense refits to fit the Derfflingers at T5 I guess. Either way take my money for pretty WWI German ships. Especially Derfflinger/Lützow/ [SMS] Hindenburg.
  15. TwintailTickler

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    Agree. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but SMS Derfflinger please. T4/5 premium German brawler would be nice. Bremen class cruiser as well.