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  1. Free premium time codes (Saturday only)

    lets hope i put it in on time P
  2. Can this just die already? Its been like.. 3days.(since i started reading forums again)
  3. Kitakami

    But.. I want KTKM. I miss her.
  4. Dont leak information regarding rewards to deserving ST's?
  5. Supertesters Speak Up and Help Solve This

    i believe the fujin was on sale again on halloween, as for the other two im not so sure about,might not be able to get those again for sometime.. or at all. i wasnt trying to say you were pointing fingers, its just i wanted to make the point to everyone else that might read it as well. i can understand that some ships wont go on sale and whatnot, you have good knowledge on how WG is working their premiums since the whole SP issue back in tanks.
  6. How many supertesters play CVs?

    saipan was tested, reported and submitted. WG deemed it balanced enough to sell multiple times
  7. Supertesters Speak Up and Help Solve This

    while this is somewhat true, the problem with this is that the supertesters, do infact test them, write how it performs and whether it is OP, or if it needs more balance. its only up to WG officials how they take the information, its much like how we wrote out alot of information back in beta on how things were performing, and if WG was listening to that information that we were giving.
  8. Supertesters Speak Up and Help Solve This

    next you'll tell me you want the iwaki alpha, or Ark beta, based off principles if word of the Alabama never got out, no-one would be complaining about it. or is it because of its tier? or maybe because its a museum ship? lol.. please... your complaints and 'reasons' are falling on deaf ears because you still sound like your whining about some data on a game.
  9. Flag

    double thread, please delete one. good sir
  10. Supertesters Speak Up and Help Solve This

    thanks for the input Cal, hope you guys get your rewards, and WG sees past all the selfishness of some of the community.
  11. Supertesters Speak Up and Help Solve This

    actually. The devs locked a thread and responded about the subject. Its just people dont read.
  12. Supertesters Speak Up and Help Solve This

    Supertesters deserve it, please stop being so selfish. I love to collect as many ships as i can, and not once have i found a problem with giving something in return to the supertesters.
  13. Is leveling this quickly possible?

    true, but I'm just stating on how to do It. But all in all it's probably Bull's hit... Also your view on a full days gaming isn't the same as mine. Mines where I wake up, and play till I cant stay awake.. A bit overboard but I don't have a whole lot to do on the weekend's.