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  1. Forgot to put in that I repeatedly hit the X and nothing happened. The only way to close the launcher is to go on the taskbar right click and close window. Or close the process in the task manager.
  2. Just as the title says. Forever stuck at the stupid news block and cant log in.
  3. Simple solution. Dont buy anything from WG again. Problem solved.
  4. Simple solution. If they change what you paid cash for and wont refund that cash, dont buy anything else from them. Problem solved.
  5. Rbm121273

    Why are we not seeing much CV vs Cv combat?

    So that's why carriers are the set piece for modern fleets and big gun bbs are museums....just sayin.
  6. Easiest solution. If wg wont refund cash for the cash you paid for the prems, dont buy anything from them again. Problem solved.
  7. Rbm121273

    Wow you really screwed the pooch

    I bought a wireless mouse and set the mouse pad on the bunk next to me on the same side as the Ir reciever in my laptop in my rig and worked like a charm when I was out OTR.
  8. I too killed a Turkey, and still no flag. I didn't realize I needed to get a screen shot or replay of any event completion to be able to get credit for it. SMH.