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  1. Mongoose296

    Weekly Combat Missions: the End of World War II

    It is not just WG it's the carelessness of the players also, There needs to be a ban on idle chit chat in game chat too many are here just to disturb others with foolish comments or thoughts about the game. Task at hand ladies. From here out I will blacklist all who want to use game chat as there voice instead of focusing on the battle. Who knows but ill bet you drive better if you don't talk.
  2. Most people wait to die in a cv match similar to a bb sitting still against dds. They need to fix the toyota cruise control or waypoint navigation first and foremost, Who needs to do a loop to make a turn??? Also on the ranked and cb sitiation the same goes for all who want to play either in or out of a Clan we have a Clan Battle participation rule either you play or be clanless
  3. Mongoose296

    You know what this game needs?

    This game needs people that understand that talents do work in Ranked Thank you for being oblivious.
  4. Most experienced players get aggrivated by new players ty for concern w all want to advance and wg only frowns on Misbehavior in chat poor play is reportable but they do nothing about it also if your really interested in team play or getting better clans are the way to go.  Biggest issue is use your boat as it was intended if your a dd you need to spot or torp bbs not torp dds radar if there are 2 on a team split up its useless to have 2 radar ships going 1 way and bbs if your a secondary buil use them focus fire is the best i can tell you good luck im quitting ranked its pathetic


  5. Mongoose296

    Naval Legends: Submarine USS Batfish

    Good job Hapa Fodder
  6. Mongoose296

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    You people at wg are being silly why pay to do directives for a pathetic ship yet again, And why is the Petrapovlosk not out , nevsky is junk just like donski keep your german pay to play dockyard wont get caught up in a subpar boat like the PR again or even worse researching the most pathetic boat the Colbert. Wargaming is making it difficult for me to keep 80 people interested in playing daily!
  7. Mongoose296

    Clan chat window gone

    LOL i didnt get kicked my clan chat tab has been missing for about 4 days
  8. Mongoose296

    What is the worst Tier 9

    Colbert wouldn't even be a good t8 wish i could sell the piece of junk for the amount of money spent regrinding and free xping it. No smoke no torps all I can say is don't fall for the regrind crap thinking you will get a good boat it's a flat out lie.
  9. Wargaming won't fool me again with purchasing cvs I will leave it to the only female that plays them and supports there rhetoric.