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  1. The only problem with CVs is that surface ships never get to pick the fight. It's not about the damage of the planes or the strength of AA or anything. It's just that CV can choose how he wants to fight whenever and wherever. Being able to only passively react is always frustrating in a game. Unless this issue is addressed somehow, CVs will only be either OP or complete trash. But apparently if there were any way to address this issue, the navy would have figured it out in the 1950s.
  2. K_Krasus

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    Great review! I'm a somewhat experienced CV player reaching Essex and Hiryu, and I must say that I'm not impressed with Saipan. Not being able to have both TB and DB is quite unsatisfying, and the 2/2/0 load out put as many planes in the air as the old Langley or stock Bogue. Having experience with both IJN and USN CVs, I must say that more planes packed into fewer squadrons feels much better. 9 bombers in one squadron seemed quite tempting, but 10000 damage per drop sounded quite unsatisfying, as I can achieve the same with each one squadron of 7 planes on the Essex, and she had 3 of them in addition to a TB squadron. Handling many small fighter squadrons doesn't feel good either. The problem I'm having with Hiryu is that she has only T6 TBs and they are torn part by T7 AA. I guess this won't be a problem for Saipan, whose TB will supposedly have >2k hp. The problem I had with Ranger was that I kept using the 1/1/1 load out and I wasn't experienced enough to avoid enemy fighers. I believe I'll do much better on it with 0/1/3 load out now, seeing how I play the Essex with 1/1/3 just fine without making too much use of the fighter squadron. I don't believe Saipan can be as good as Ranger and Hiryu.
  3. K_Krasus

    Premium Ship Review - USS Atlanta

    Once in my North Carolina I killed a full health atlanta in 1 salvo at 15-17 km or something like that. But just as any cruisers and more so as a light cruiser, avoiding BB fire from 15km away should be piece of cake if you're paying attention. So I just got lucky in my NC.