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  1. CaptDavid

    CV's suck so bad now

    if your Carrier falls under attack while you are using aircraft the Carrier is doomed
  2. Carrier controls are a joke, done playing CV until fixed
  3. just got mine what can I say its tier X I need to experience this ship for awhile to form an opinion.
  4. CaptDavid

    Black ships... No thanks!

    I need a Black ship with sails something I can use in the next pirate event
  5. CaptDavid


    Guns that fire every 3 seconds ok I guess the barrels are made of Adamantium and never over heat because in the real world they would melt down and explode there's an idea.
  6. CaptDavid

    Ranked Battles

    Thanks for that- I know my point is simple Premium ships are excluded as well anytime you choose to exclude members of your own community I would consider it unfair, example I can play in the arms race with my tier 9 BB but not ranked battles that is senseless. imhop for me the grind does continue someone noted that WG's has never sold tier 10 ships and never will they said that about submarines to in the past never going to happen well time will tell.
  7. I bought the Tirpitz and all the module upgrades love that ship still use her when I'm not in my Bismarck or Friedrich der GroBe, getting any premium ship is a smart move and a coin maker. ~enjoy
  8. CaptDavid

    Good ramming fun DD?

    Killed four ships ramming yeah I was running the ram flag and I was in the Friedrich der GroBe just can't help it lol especially when they throw it it into full reverse to escape there doom, in the end it was the Iowa's main guns that put a stop to my fun damn it lol Advice always run the Ram Flag!
  9. when I see those three ships I have to play the long range game behind cover you can't shoot what you cannot see they hide in the smoke and rip you a new one firing guns every 3 seconds would melt the barrels in the real world today I had over 30 torpedo's fired at me dodged them all but one I was down to almost zero HP you can see what that does, Something should be done about certain ships that are indeed OP.
  10. CaptDavid

    Displaying USN DD Versatility in Nicholas

    Nicholas great DD
  11. CaptDavid

    Friedrich Der Grobe - IFHE or Demolition Expert?

    I use demolition expert very effective , Just got the Friedrich der GroBe yesterday 4 rams 4 kills then a salvo from the Mo finished if not for that I would have remained a threat had 4 heals left oh well the secondary's were lethal to the DD's as always just like the Bismarck yeah I was running the Ram flag...lol to bad we lost the match
  12. Not so ok you have me on the Soviet ships I don't have any red ships today but the HMS Emerald is a winner she's not a brawler so run accordingly.
  13. CaptDavid

    am i lucky? got jervis and acasta so far

    Ok its pure luck now I have the Icarus mission,