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  1. Submarine_M1


    Also, how does this happen in clan brawl? (found it in FB)
  2. Submarine_M1


    heres what i got so far......
  3. Submarine_M1

    Maass disappointment

    I thought you were saying it as a pun, but I now understand what you ment..... added to what others say Maas has bad anti aircraft as well .... the Z(österer) 52 idk about how her aa is rated, but at t7, the maass aa is the reason why she one of the easier targets for cvs to bully, def at t8 and if unlucky in a fail division, t10 will eat her alive
  4. Submarine_M1

    Full Broadside

  5. Submarine_M1

    Full Broadside

    it wont be a proper broadside without secondaries :v
  6. Submarine_M1

    Secondary Gun firing Range Is A Joke

    im more worried about secondary gun's survival-ability and lack of armor......seems that secondaries are useless cuz it gets destroyed by mino and other rapid ap rounds and 1/4 pen high caliber he rounds .....i happen to have 100% survival upgrade in the modals....it still does barely anything......if only if it could buff for another 200%-250% more hp on those secondaries, without changing the hull hp on all ships (except the conq and kremlin which shouldn't get the secondary hp bonus) then it would make it easier for BB captains to use the said build... just my opinion....i lost all my secondaries b4, and was defenseless against multiple targets
  7. Ty, I’ll try to follow this so that I could learn about camera angling if needed
  8. Submarine_M1

    The top exp earner of na :kappa:

    And for the screenshots-https://imgur.com/a/IWZ9mvw
  9. Submarine_M1

    There She Blows!! Östergötland on Patch Day

    I guess he used doubloons for it, along with the 1st directive to earn it.
  10. ill congratulate @FearTheFuzzy for being the top exp earner, top 11 in dmg dealt and the 2nd player to achieve 12 kills in a match
  11. Submarine_M1

    ST, armor-piercing rockets

    Tho mino ap will destroy it... I assume ap rockets will do the same .....assuming that it hits the secondary guns
  12. Submarine_M1

    ST, armor-piercing rockets

    Welp....rip secondary build ships, since ap rockets will be another menace to them, it would be like mino and smol ap all over again
  13. Submarine_M1

    An epic match :v

    Ty! :3 all my solo warriors are with a controller :3
  14. Submarine_M1

    An epic match :v

    I micro key bind the symbols, so it is a press of a button as well