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  1. Ty for the info
  2. I was curious if we would be able to purchase a ship, and try it out in the Training room (not co-op) and if we dislike it more than we thought we would, can summit a refund on the coal and steel? It is just a question, nothing serious....ty
  3. Submarine_M1

    Game suggestion

    I'm looking for a game that's like world of warships and crossout mutant combo, and just like both those games I'm hoping for them to be relatively free or so with (some) in-game content. Is there any games like it as I suggested?
  4. Submarine_M1

    New Ship Ideas

    If it includes anime ships and/or submarines , my ingame name, arp i400, arp i401, arp i402, and their irl representative ship, arp hyuga, type XI, surcouf and the export version of Halland for the pan American DD would be nice
  5. And here I am hoping for a GZ buff with her secondary guns dispersion, as the buff does only include BBs, not cruisers nor CVs
  6. Submarine_M1

    PTS 0.10.0

    And here I am wondering why MvR had an ability to stealth secondary with the concealment and sec range on the ship.... 1/2 or 2.75 km in a storm mode iirc the air detection for MvR, in comparison, is the sec range
  7. Submarine_M1

    Santa Crates

    I am sorry if I am confused with it, but I wasn’t sure where to go to get the refund in the support page (would it be under in game assets, etc)? also, ty for doing this refund for us, and hopefully it would be fixed
  8. Submarine_M1

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    My apologies..... I understand...ty for the information
  9. Submarine_M1

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    Yea, tho in a similar manner as the ace combat mod
  10. Submarine_M1

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    @ROKA_na, i am wondering if you can make a mod like the one in the post, but for ARP voicepack? ty
  11. Have you not heard of the news about the hybrid ships? Ise and tone both can use mains and aircraft, and tone also has torpedo launchers as well....the bb and cruiser aircraft is pretty much not as good as the aircraft carrier’s aircraft....its there for cross fire, the same way someone thought that a STer was cheating by using torps as a tirpiz, back when she was in testing ......
  12. Submarine_M1

    A question about gift cards....

    i still also have the 4080 doubloons in there, in case u were wondering
  13. was it supposed to happen like this? if not....may i get an additional 50% extra for finding this bug? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  14. Submarine_M1

    additional account???

    I would either submit a ticket or wait until the next account transfers happens....good luck :)