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  1. https://www.facebook.com/notes/world-of-warships-development-blog/submarines/2188157858177216/
  2. The day submarines invaded General Chat

    sadly, it’s true ( go about 34:20 of the vid)
  3. MSGA!

    If they make the 81 knot build a km or 2 longer range, then it would be relevant for the build for me, otherwise I would get shima last, sadly
  4. Bring back Project R

  5. Karma

    I second that
  6. Alsace getting Nerf'd

    Here’s some of the difference between the 2....
  7. Alsace getting Nerf'd

    I think it was nerfed for more than 1 reason- they will have this ship, similar to Alsace, at t10.....major differences is found on consumables, as it gets main battery reload as well as fighter plane in 1 slot .....
  8. nevermind

    Maybe they should add 1 credit extra to the last part for em. ;) -sarcasm intended-
  9. Smoke on yueyang

    Same with the gunboat ijn dds, as they will eat yy alive
  10. This shouldn't be allowed

    I was also being sarcastic, but I get what you mean ;)
  11. This shouldn't be allowed

    I also have internet issues, and my comment earlier was a sarcasm ....and I agree with you
  12. This shouldn't be allowed

    And ban people who has internet issues while you are at it
  13. Ranked AA Grozovoy Commentary

    I always love my grozovoi for its aa- even went bft instead of se, tho I would consider changing builds
  14. Which Harugumo build is best

    I went ce, ifhe, se, bft, ar, the perk that all DDs MUST take, and pm- it works well 4 me, since I made it my normal build, and my 2nd commander would have rpf and that other skill that lets you know how many are targeting you with main batteries in place of pm and ifhe- that would be the competitive build I would plan on making it....I also went main armaments mod 1, engine boost mod 1, aiming system mod 1, acceleration mod 1, concealment mod 1 and main battery mod 3.....will be planning on using it on both builds unless the legendary mod for harugumo is made public, and is better then either the concealment or the reload modules