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  1. Submarine_M1

    Yashima the new HE monster?

    if yashima had 1/4 pen on her mains, it would be 165mm of armor it can pen, with ifhe, tho i am sure it will be 1/6 pen instead
  2. Submarine_M1

    Yashima the new HE monster?

    I am certain that it could pen 110 mm of armor with ifhe.....which is not recommended
  3. Submarine_M1

    Fun Fact: You Can Type Ship Icons In Chat

    I figured I could micro key it, so I don’t have to type it all out tho
  4. Submarine_M1

    Fun Fact: You Can Type Ship Icons In Chat

    I think there is a few people who would use it to make the other side use smoke by trolling
  5. Submarine_M1

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    I feel as if all content possibles is already taken.... I just don’t know what I am able to do, since the only thing that I can think of is not really unique per say...... and me being mentally challenged, I will have an even harder time knowing what unique things I could think of for being a content creator lastly, Ik there is an internet requirement for streaming, and I am below the capacity unless I have my own router (I live in a group home, with roommates with special needs, and they too use the internet)
  6. Submarine_M1

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    I understand :(
  7. Submarine_M1

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    Otherwise I would love to join the ST club Soon ™️
  8. Submarine_M1

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    As for unique content, would that include playing with a controller that can be on screen thru a software, and playing the game in a silliest way possible? (like the 81 knot shima, and then some)
  9. Submarine_M1

    ST, Upgrades changes

    Also, I think seal clubbers could use the engine boost mod 1 on t2-4 ships sooner or later, I would imagine i could be wrong tho
  10. Submarine_M1

    ST, Upgrades changes

    85 knot shima And 95.5 knot Holland here we come :v
  11. Submarine_M1

    Real Clan WARS with global map when WG?

    I couldn’t agree more and as for the top 4, with the platinum gold silver and bronze rewards, can earn that and rare ships, with platinum rewards being 4 rare T8-10 premium ships for each clan members, and lots of steel and doubloons ....all the way down to bronze with 1 rare t4-6 premium ships, and 1/4 the doubloons and steel as the platinum can
  12. Submarine_M1

    How soon until Russian carriers?

    here is my opinion and idea for the aircraft, and some of the mechanics for the cv (for the t10 that is), jokes aside- as for the aircraft.....i feel that it should get ap carpet bombers that gets worst spread the more turning you do to the aircraft, and fast torps with low detect for the torp bombers......the rocket could be the same ones (audio, that is) from the katyusha rocket artillery :v as for armor and secondaries, on the t10, it could have similar armor on the hull as the kron, but it gets limited repair parties (x2 the amount of the soviet BBs tho, with 75% the cool-down), having 45-50 mm deck armor in most areas, and great secondary range and accuracy, rivaling that of the graf and to an extent, the USS mass..... the concealment and the maneuverability, in contrast, would be the worst of any other of its class..... it would also have the best survival-ability on 3 areas, and worst on 1.... the hull, the torp bombers and its carpet bombers would receive the best, and the rockets, in spite of carrying lots of heavy ordinance, will have the lowest hp pool... i was thinking of a spread of 3 at t10 for the carpet bombers, with 8 750 pound bombs per plane, for 2 flights, 2 torp bombers, with 1 torp per plane, at the run of 3, and the rockets aircraft would be 2 with 8 rockets (with the pen value better then the tiny tims, for less dmg) per attack aircraft, in 3 flights should be enough for the soviet CVs the speed of the attack aircraft would be between that of the ijn and Americans, and the rockets would start its attack run from 1.5 secs for 5 seconds, and resets after 3 secs, the torp bombers and bombers speed would be the same, at the level of the Brits, or closer to the Americans the unique mechanic of the bombers, with its aiming area being able to 'tighten up' and shaped like the he carpet bombers, but can get worst (with it going outward while turning), like the american and british rockets, as well as being ap, would make it great at hitting all but 2 classes with deadly results- the DD and SS would barely be affected by the dmg, but the rockets, being he, would able to kill such target far easier...... the torp bombers would be the fastest torps launched from a cv, at the speed of the uss black's torps, and for the dmg of the usn midway torps, give or take .....at .6 km detect and it is very short range, at 2 km distance, and its start point or the arming would be adjusted at .50 km area..... it would require more skill vs other cvs to master, and will reward those who is able to master the bombers and rockets as for consumables for the cv itself, it would get 3, unlike the 2 on other cvs..... the limited repair party, the fighters, and the 2 (3 premium) heal charges found on the battleships like that found on the USS mass and ohio - it heals little, but will last for longer then that of most battleships, but it will have a longer recharge, similar to the repair party on cvs.....the heal charge is not automatic, and require more micromanaging, which an experienced player will master for the attack aircraft's consumables, it would be identical as the other nation's attack aircraft , which is the fighters and the speed boost same goes for the torp bombers with a heal charge and the speed boost and fighters as for the carpet bombers, it is unique as it will get a heal that is less effective then the torp bombers, at 50% efficiently, with it lasting 75% longer (at 7 secs long instead of 5)....starting at t10...... if there was anything missing, ill try to add it here.....
  13. Submarine_M1

    Lexington-class CC Model circa 1941

    I thought it was BC as a configuration for battle cruiser.....still a nice idea tho :)
  14. Good luck and fair seas :(