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  1. Submarine_M1


    I'm just referring to the minimal amount it takes to get the amount, if you mean what I mean ;) And no problem <0
  2. Submarine_M1


    Yes, but only if you login everyday for 14 days
  3. Submarine_M1

    Favorite Anime

    Arpeggio of blue steel and this one anime called monster hunter stories: ride on
  4. OK....since of the info, I thought up on 2 different upgrades- Antisonar mod 1 & Improved sonar mod 1 It's just a rough draft for what I feel might work....I only gotten the drawing down (Ik I'm horrible at it, but hopefully its clear enough ) and as for the stats, I think it should be similar to Concelment mod 1 and target acquisition mid 1, but more geared towards subs....otherwise, I don't want to say the number, as it might not work out
  5. This is just a thought, but with the submarines, IF it gets released, would a rework on the concealment mod 1 and target acquisition mod 1 be nessesary? Or if not, what would you choose for t8 and above submarines? I was curious, cuz I feel that the later will be very useful for spotting, more so then concealment, and its cuz of the underwater detect mechanic.... As it is shown above, and thinking of the 2 km detect underwater, Is my reasoning for the choice.....Ik concealment mod 1 would be good cuz of dispersion, so I feel it depends on the nation it is on.... Discuss below what you think....
  6. I'm just hoping for the Soviet BBs and a legendary commander, known as the inventer of the battleship, the only true man- John "Jackie" Fisher (which I'm sure he will be released with the release of dreadnought )
  7. Welcome to the 10k club, my friend.
  8. Submarine_M1

    BB secondaries are worthless

    I think 800 or so kills with secondaries is ok.....also, as I played the game, I learned that wasd hax is the best way to survive a match....without it, I would be lucky to earn 10 hits, if any....situational awareness is key so you can kill more targets, and play the ship as they are intended, such as the long range yammi build, and tanky Großer Kurfürst build. It’s fun to use manual secondaries, but most of the damage is in the main battery for a BB, rather than fires ( except the Conqueror, it’s a different story) so I would build it accordingly.... sorry for the long post, just have to share my thoughts on the op
  9. Submarine_M1

    Harugumo and Daring Upgrade Ideas

    I understand..... ik my ideas wouldn’t work
  10. Submarine_M1

    BB secondaries are worthless

    Any players that try Graf Zeppelin? Would the 2ndaries of them be viable enough for the memes? :v
  11. Submarine_M1

    Harugumo and Daring Upgrade Ideas

    Love that idea better, tho I like concealment a lot....maybe in the 4th slot?
  12. Submarine_M1

    Harugumo and Daring Upgrade Ideas

    I prefer the idea of ifhe -like capabilities as a legendary mod for daring, and for harugumo better dispersion (bout - 8% to -11%)and rof(2%-3% more decreased reload)with much more nerfed turret transverse (by bout 5%-6% more then the main battery mod 3), both in the 6th slot
  13. I doubt that, but it is possible
  14. I also know that you will have them back next year, most likely have to do missions again tho