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  1. Submarine_M1

    World of Warships @ PAX South 2019

    Ty for the information
  2. Submarine_M1

    World of Warships @ PAX South 2019

    i heard that there is 1 coming up on the east coast, so i was wondering if i may have 2-3 months in advance ? its mostly cuz i live in a company who cared 4 the special needs, and would needed at least 2 months in advance for events 1-2+ hours outside the Cleveland area that i currently live in... is it best to ask it here, or would i need to submit a ticket for the info? @Femennenly
  3. Submarine_M1

    CV Rework? How about Radar Rework?

    Here's the result to the question-
  4. Submarine_M1

    Your very first Premium was?

    My 1St was the tirpitz, and it was a gift from a really good friend. Ik hsf harekaze and hsf graf spee was my 1st that I remember spening $$$$$ on.....
  5. Submarine_M1

    10,000 games

    Congrats, welcome to the club I’m at 20k+ in randoms alone ;)
  6. Submarine_M1

    World of Warships @ PAX South 2019

  7. Submarine_M1

    World of Warships @ PAX South 2019

    Sadly I'm stuck in Ohio, so most likely I wont attend :( I just wish that with my current living situation I could travel to other states at least
  8. Submarine_M1

    Hood AA after CV rework?

    i was wondering the same thing, tho i figured its just the rocket aa that would be affected.....
  9. Submarine_M1

    WOWS should be sued for POS Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Just keep the ship, and wait till you unlock it again, then you can get doubloons worth of value ;)
  10. Submarine_M1

    The hardest two ship grind?

    Amagi to Izumo to yammi in the old days is a nightmare
  11. Submarine_M1

    Any other Let’s Battle Tour events for 2019?

    I understand ....I was hoping that they could hold the event in or near the uss Cod
  12. I am wondering if there is any more events for the Let’s Battle Tour, and if there's any planned for Ohio, as well as the costs to be there, prizes, and other info. I sadly missed the last event for Ohio, cuz (as a special needs male) simply unable to be there without any caretakers, and was hoping to be in there next time it is in north-eastern Ohio..... til next time, good luck and fair seas
  13. Submarine_M1

    Fun Fact: You Can Type Ship Icons In Chat

    I thought it was a sub symbol
  14. I had mine for free, and with the bundle as well....won it in a contest from WG...I’ll keep it til I earn the extra doubloons, then I’ll sell it