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  1. i wonder...with a main battery build Keblér (with 1% hp left with AR) having that legendary commander on, and 5 dev strikes while having main battery reload or 2 left.... that would be either 13.6 shells going off during the entire duration of the main battery reloader boost consumable (at 1.1 secs reload).... or it will be bugged to be nonstop firing at 100% for about 15 secs (less then 1 sec, for sure :v ) i hope someone will make a video on it ;-)
  2. I want this on my République :D
  3. Submarine_M1

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    Here is my favorite- harugumo haru is a gunboat with improved he, but also has unusually good aa (I would rate it the top 3 of the DDs of t10 for aa, with gearing and groz being ahead, solely on def aa) with that being said, unless you div up in a cv match, always use ifhe and range/ dakka build, as she is ment to be a late game DD, and she is brutal once she is able to find a target late game, when their hp is low..... if you go aa, use the bft, aft, and manual aa skills as priority, along with the modules and the aa signal to bolster the cv hate, and don’t forget to select the side with cv planes
  4. Submarine_M1

    ST New Mechanics and Consumables

  5. Submarine_M1

    ST New Mechanics and Consumables

    1) kinda.....it increases DMG, not pen 2) yup....as well as DDs and even BBs, if one is (un)lucky
  6. Submarine_M1

    ST New Mechanics and Consumables

    Kinda similar to what I thought of, only the opposite of values- where I was hoping for low dmg and higher pen.... I prefer the semi armor piercing better tho
  7. Submarine_M1


    Welcome to the 20k club, SOON tm
  8. Submarine_M1


    I’m the same way, and I have more than 2x the battles played....I feel that my positioning and a little bit of aiming would cost me my wr and other stats....
  9. Submarine_M1

    Can we get a list of Band Topics so we don't get banned

    heres my favorite one irl, tho I love music from here, and cod finest hour
  10. Submarine_M1

    Why does Colbert have 127mm guns?

    I promise it only has speed boost, heal, and repair party, with hydro or def aa....it’s not like the real French dds with main battery reloader....which is very rare for the top teir ship of that nation :v as for the ship itself, it has 8x2 of the dual purpose mains, and great aa, which I can see players doing
  11. Submarine_M1

    LAST CHANCE - Azur Lane Collab!

    Welp, looks like I’m out of luck getting Montiplier and yukikaze, both ships and commanders.
  12. Submarine_M1

    Leaving wows for good .....possibly

  13. Submarine_M1

    Leaving wows for good .....possibly

    I understand....i was frustrated, because the div that I was with I was hoping that they could teach me how to play correctly....but I understand their reasoning.....I just felt worthless because of the number of battles I played, and still not passed 50%.....
  14. Submarine_M1

    Leaving wows for good .....possibly

    I was hoping not to do this.....it is saddening that a game that I love, but I felt that I was abused by the player base because I was and is “not good enough “ on the game, and my stats reflects that.... i happen to have autism and other disorders, yet I was verbally abused by them, and yet even with the slurs to me, wouldn’t be fixed, yet I was striked once, so it seems that I am nothing....so to improve the player base and the game, I’ll need a vote to see if I should leave..... if i do leave, you can thank a few of the superunicum clans for my departure, since having autism is a hinderence to my capability to live normally.....