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  1. Ragnar has cruiser sized guns, basically...
  2. Since we are getting Dalarna, what about a similar-looking super destroyer, like that of the 'Super-Ragnar', and make it unique with a similar mechanic as the satsuma/hannover- the ability to run combat instructions in place of alternative firing mode. With that being said, this " super Ragnar " would be like Dalarna with 3x2 153mm (or whatever caliber the Ragnar's main battery is) guns. like Ragnar, it carries NO TORPEDOES, but like Dalarna, it as depth charges located on both sides of the ship, rather then bow on.....also, it carries more aa guns in place of the torps that was in Dalarna. unlike Ragnar, it carries normal speed boost and def AA as its consumables in place of radar, although it carries a heal (even though it would be like that of that soviet version of the RB German cruiser, which is still WiP, and it has long duration, and above normal reload rate, and more of them, only for this purpose, it would be 4 max, or less)... It carries HE and AP, with values exactly like Ragnar, if not (slightly) faster reload. Also, its maneuverability and CE would appear nerfed, with depth charges, artillery, survivability, and AA Defense being improved. Now for the big Question- Should it be a "split super ship" from t10 as its starting point of the split and cost 15% more creds then Dalarna, or should it cost Steel/RB/coal/etc. to get?
  3. Submarine_M1

    players say one more time...

    Id prefer the homing torps to only work on Subs, like a anti-Deepwater torps, with far more limitations vs BBs, CA/CLs, CVs and depending on balance... even DDS, where it does no DMG or is % based, and does only 5% or so overall....and 75%-100% vs other Subs Deepwater torps cant work vs Subs as well as DDs and in some cases, CA/CL, so why not the other flip of the coin?
  4. Submarine_M1

    Ijn 15cm dual purpose gun question

    Ty for the info 😌
  5. Submarine_M1

    Ijn 15cm dual purpose gun question

    Isn't the 55° elevation (or higher) be a factor for it to be able to be an AA mount, as would an improved reload and type of shell, or is it much more specific than that? I'm genuinely curious
  6. Submarine_M1

    Ijn 15cm dual purpose gun question

    i understand.....i appreciate the info :D
  7. Submarine_M1

    Ijn 15cm dual purpose gun question

    in case any of u were wondering.....
  8. Submarine_M1

    Ijn 15cm dual purpose gun question

    i wasn't sure... ty for the info...
  9. Submarine_M1

    Ijn 15cm dual purpose gun question

    this is the mod itself
  10. Submarine_M1

    Ijn 15cm dual purpose gun question

    I was referring the modded turret on NavalArt as 15cm 41st type, but idk if it is a dual purpose or is it only exists on the mod?
  11. As we are getting closer to seeing the ijn light cruisers, I happen to have a question- is the naval 15 cm main battery based off on the land version of the artillery, or is it completely fictional? If not, is there any info on the turret? I only asked, because I seen a mod on it in a different game (NavalArt) but wasn't sure if it is real or not.... I'm not asking about stats, nor the ships planned with the weapons, I'm just wondering on the existence of the turret, in paper or otherwise Ty for the info ahead of time 🙂
  12. I can see the squall teams to run Jinan and 2 yamagiri teams, mostly for ToRpEdO sPaM :V Otherwise, it's a waste
  13. Submarine_M1

    Naval Art

    hello, i been in the forums b4, but it was awhile ago also...lol....ill try to make it smaller :V