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  1. Straight to port after match?

    1st...if you don't have an issue and you aren't directly being addressed you probably don't need to chime in...just sayin" 2nd...I had that problem over the weekend and the response I got was that they (Wargaming) are working on it. I was in a Leander and had a pretty bad a$$ game but nothing was ever recorded. No end of battle results or even the fact that we won. It would have been a great exp bump for me had it recorded, this weekend was 200% for first victory. I didn't even get that.
  2. Match making question

    In a tier 1-4 you get up tiered +1/down tiered -1 (+1/-1) tier 5: +2/-1 tier 6-8: +2/-2 tier 9: +1/-2 tier 10: 0/-2
  3. Bringing Corgis back from the grave

    Not gonna lie, I think that would be pretty cool. ...you know, until he gets accused of sexual harassment...
  4. Bringing Corgis back from the grave

    I think WG should immortalize him by naming a captain after him.
  5. No More a Corgi

    Perhaps Captain Niko's replacement will have his own love for animals. Lizards? Bears? Octopi? or...Badgers?
  6. Minimap?

    I have been in a serious rut lately. I only get a couple games in a day and lately my win rate has gone down badly! Not sure if it's something I'm doing differently or I'm getting screwed by match maker.
  7. Win not recorded.

    This weekend I had a pretty great game in my Leander where I had at least one cap, 4 kills, and tons of damage. This would have been my 1st win of the day and should have profited me a nice 200% exp. Alas, it was not to be. Right at the end of the game it just kicked me back to port without recording the win, there was no end of battle report, and because I didn't record it there is no record of me even being in the game. Has anyone ever have this happen or heard of this?
  8. Caption the profile image above you.

    Who's looking to get poked by my...arrow?...
  9. How Not to Get Chat Banned

    I am sometimes guilty of calling people out due to frustration but the game is usually well over by the time it gets to that. I have been trying to take a minute to reflect before saying anything deconstructive and instead coach those people that might not see what they are doing wrong not doing to help the team win. I am trying and I hope others will do the same for me. tearing people down when things are already bad doesn't help anyone.
  10. Ok, so...where can one download such a mod? You know, not for me but a friend of mine...yeah...he could really use this. If there was a link posted I may have missed it through the 14 pages.
  11. Seagal's departing!

    If we are gonna stick with a Captain from Under Siege we should go with Gary Busey. His voice would be great in game!
  12. Best Ships of All Tiers

    Although I agree with you on most points I have to disagree with you at tier 8. The USS North Carolina has performed so much better for me than the Bismarck. Yes the Bis is very tanky but the NC can put out way more fire power with bigger and more accurate guns. I can't speak for tier 10 because all I have is the Gearing there.
  13. I Hit a Rock!

    Very funny! Well done. ENCORE!
  14. Kinda bad player wanting to learn

    If you don't have any success finding a clan you can always post questions on the forums, here. Our community would be happy to answer any questions and give you tips upon request.
  15. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    OP, If you have problems playing DDs maybe post a replay on the forum. There are many people that can tell you what you are doing wrong/right. You could also go on YouTube and learn from other players. Someone like Capt_Rye is good a good DD captain (especially the Fletcher). You can also check out Flambass, he has a lot of ranked DD videos posted.