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  1. WolfmanJack99

    Anyone planning to take a DD into Ranked this season?

    CVs will play a very important roll in spotting and potentially finishing off any low health targets. There could be a lot of CVs with the ability to rent ships for ranked
  2. WolfmanJack99

    Anyone planning to take a DD into Ranked this season?

    Flambass says Daring and Yueyang. Since I don't have the Daring i'm gonna try taking the Gearing out with an AA build. If that doesn't work I'll be in one of the 3 US cruisers trying to shoot all them there planes down fer 'Merica!
  3. WolfmanJack99

    B-25 Doolittle's raid

    Too true! Sadly this B-17 crash landed near my home town a few years ago. I would have hated to be in this one at the time but I would have loved a ride-along in one. In fact, if I ever get the chance again I think I'll do that.
  4. WolfmanJack99

    Just found this add from wargaming on Google

    if you copy the code correctly it works. I was able to enter the code but I'm at work and will have to wait to see if it actually worked in game.
  5. Any CV. I try desperately to be good at CVs but I let my team down all the time.
  6. WolfmanJack99

    Can my laptop graphics card handle WoWs?

    Thanks, turbo. I did look at the system requirements but i had a hard time finding what my graphics card was comparable to and what it could handle. However, as you can see from my previous post it doesn't really matter so you can disregard this whole post.
  7. WolfmanJack99

    Can my laptop graphics card handle WoWs?

    Update: Bad news. I need admin rights in order to install anything on my PC. I had to go to IT today in order to install a few needed programs to do my job along with getting all the drivers and things up to date since the computer hasn't been used in a long time. I had been sitting with the guy for about 2 hours chatting about life and gaming and having a good ole time (you know, buttering him up). As he completed everything that needed to be done he asked the infamous question, "Do you need anything else?" I quickly said, "As a matter of fact...WoWs?" Yeah, no. Corporate occasionally monitors what's going on so...alas. No gaming on the road. Looks like I'm in the market for a new gaming laptop.
  8. Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 I have a laptop that i got through work and I travel a lot. While on the road I need stuff to do so of course I gotta get my gaming on. I checked all the other system requirements and I'm good but I am having trouble finding any info about the laptop graphics card. Can any smart people out there help me out?
  9. WolfmanJack99

    which is better for tier X iowa or seattle

    I have the Iowa and the Missouri and I always tend to do better in the Iowa. She's not much of a brawler so she does much better from range. If you keep it well angled and use your speed to stay out of trouble it's a really nice ship. I can't say much about the Seattle or the Worchester . I'm not quite there yet. I'm still working on the light cruiser line, but I've put that on hold as I've been having fun with the mini ranked.
  10. WolfmanJack99

    Throwback Thursday - IJN Fuso

    It's a sniper. This ship is definitely not a brawler. Her guns are pretty accurate at a distance and in the right circumstances she makes a great kite ship. Stay angled and make people chase you.
  11. WolfmanJack99

    New Bonus Code for Dasha Patch

    oh, lol! I thought it was something in the video itself. I'm all looking to break some secret code somewhere.
  12. WolfmanJack99

    New Bonus Code for Dasha Patch

    Where did you find this in the video? Can you tell me the time?
  13. WolfmanJack99

    One of the best changes WG made

    The only time I have seen an unbalanced match was the other day I had a 7 vs 7 and out team had 2 DDs with the enemy having one. The reason for the odd matchmaking, I believe, is due to the CV que. NA CVs aren't as plentiful as on the EU servers (or so I've heard). Their long wait time may have contributed to the uneven MM. In all, I like the way the game is atm. GG Wargaming
  14. WolfmanJack99

    Motivation Monday - The New Raptor Rescue

    It is challenging but do-able. I like the changes. It keeps you on your toes. If you stick to the objective of protecting the CV you can win this no problem. In order to get the 5*s you need to have a cruiser (maybe 2) or 1 cruiser with CV support go south for the 1st enemy carrier and rejoin the fleet ASAP. The BBs ABSOLUTELY need to stick with the fleet and maybe a little ahead. Don't be afraid to take a little damage for Raptor. There also needs to be a ship or 2 ahead of Raptor to soak up some damage to keep him alive. Finally, smoking up Raptor whenever possible will help a great deal. You don't need to have the right team make up of ships but it does help. Someone to smoke Raptor, at least 1 BB, and a CV to spot the enemy carriers for secondary objectives and to keep attack aircraft from messing up your allies.
  15. WolfmanJack99

    That Ship You Should Do Well In But Don’t

    Hmm, I may have done the same thing. I'll have to take a look next time I'm on. Reloading faster won't matter if you can't hit anything.