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  1. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 18th, 2018

    Oh I know. I was just throwing that in. It kinda goes along with the, "nerfing your favorite ship" you were talking about.
  2. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 18th, 2018

    Yes I do know that the Cleveland has gone through a few changes since it's original release. Currently it'll be going through even more changes with the new US CA split and the Cleveland moving to tier 8. I know the WIP videos aren't a representation of the final product but from what I've seen the Cleveland will not be as powerful as it is at tier 6. I'd call that a nerf.
  3. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 18th, 2018

    I'm pretty much US all the way (National pride). I started the game playing and loving the US CVs but ever since the load out changes for carriers it's been a horrible grind. I'm on the Essex now but I hardly play it because of all the hate that comes my way if I'm being beat in the air. I've noticed that early in game if the other CV driver is better than you (or any friendly CV) you are gonna have a bad day. For now I've put the CV line on the shelf. I do, however, LOVE the US cruiser line and have done so from the beginning. I now have the Des Moines. Cruisers are soft targets but I love the rapid fire of ALL cruisers. In the right position you can really put the hurt on the enemy team and make BBs run away with their tails between their legs. I have been dabbling with other lines and some honorable mentions so far would be German cruisers and IJN Battleships.
  4. Wednesday Wisdom - Snacks and Provisions

    In the morning b4 work... At night while the wife is asleep... It might get a little messy with the dip but I love it!
  5. Don't sail in a straight line ever. The more you "wiggle around" the harder you'll be to hit. That goes for incoming rounds as well as torpedoes.
  6. If anyone even reads this far... a lot of good advice here. I'd like to reiterate the importance of map awareness. Just like when you are driving your car in RL you have to check your gauges to make sure you're not speeding, your car isn't over heating, or you have enough fuel in your tank. Mini map. Look at it regularly and don't get tunnel vision. The mini map could help you find a better target (like one showing broadside) or a DD that just showed up around the island near you. This will also help you stay alive longer by seeing what targets can shoot at you. On that note priority target (captain skill) helps keep you out of trouble. If you are being targeted by more than 2-3 enemies you need to move into a better position. Focus fire. When targets start getting weak, you should have as many ships firing on that target as possible. A wounded enemy is still capable of killing you or your allies.
  7. Request: 3d printing section.

    This is cool! I'd like to see your D&D minis also.
  8. Check for software/app updates that might fix the issue. A music app I have used to pause when I'd open other apps but after the music app updated it was all good. Sometimes you just need to restart your phone after an update (even though it doesn't tell you to).
  9. Caption the profile image above you.

    I don't really have anything to shoot at, I just like to make my guns go, "pew-pew-pew!"
  10. Thank you for your service - USAF and USMC

    From a former "[edited]" aircrewman... my condolences! I know what it's like to lose a fellow brother-in-arms.
  11. premium cruisers

    I love the Cleveland, however, I think you mean Atlanta but whatever. The only premium I've played that is currently for sale is the Graff Spee. I like it because I can feasibly train my BB and CA captains without missing out on a particular skill. It's a bit of a hybrid with it's big guns and torpedoes which could also make it an ok DD captain trainer. Kind of a mini-Tirpitz. Slow reload so don't get into any brawling matches unless you know you are gonna nail your target with those torps. Best used at med-long range using AP to nail broadside cruisers. It's good at this because of the shallow arch of it's shells.
  12. After watching this training video I feel like I could now land safely on a carrier. Thanks for this. I love these old films.
  13. Cruiser Personality Test

    Me too... this sums up my game play. BTW, i love the Graf Spee! Graf Spee You're a tough cookie, but your heavy-handed approach also slows you down. Sometimes you forget about your vulnerability and charge into fray when you should take your time and plan out your next move.
  14. Cruiser skippers and our strategy

    Heh, it is hit and miss for me. Sometimes a few, other times I see many. It also depends on the weekend event or what challenges are going on.
  15. Cruiser skippers and our strategy

    Slow down, wait for rounds to fly, turn and kite away while firing over your shoulder. Use WASD to dodge incoming fire. Get out of range of your detectabilty and go dark for a few moments so you can move into better cover. Once into position, start firing. That being said, you should never put yourself in the position (in open waters) to be fired at by more than 1-3 targets. Use island armor to shield you from as many ships as possible (especially BBs) while still being able to focus fire with your team on a good target. As soon as battle starts I too like to support my DD during cap so I'll look for the best island to move to in order to support him/her. An Island I can either hide behind and arch shells over (while remaining undetected) or one to protect the side of my ship from being smacked by the oncoming team. You also want to be cautious of ignorant DD captains that like to YOLO at the beginning of a match. Don't follow them.