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  1. But that is where you are wrong. How can someone look fabulous with out a glass of wine?
  2. Sounds about right.
  3. How is your night going so far?
  4. The only (potential) disasters I have to worry about near my place are the two nuclear reactors. I don't need to worry about anything natural right now at least.
  5. Not anymore old man.
  6. Sometimes I don't use them because it can be an annoyance and waste of energy when you get a pain in the [edited]seat belt that doesn't want to cooperate. If I'm not driving very far they can go to hell, but I'll tolerate it if it's a further drive. If die I die, I never really cared about my own well-being anyway.
  7. More secondaries....
  8. Howdy all
  9. Me.
  10. Mutant, abomination pet promo.
  11. Has there been any movies on The Battle of Kursk? That would be kind of cool.
  12. Now, how much did you say the bill was again?
  13. But what have the Canadians ever done to be represented?
  14. WHAT I MISS!!!! GIVE FREDDIE FOOD!!!!! *shakes one of the decorative inside trees*