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  1. Freddie_Creamer

    Total War: Arena Shutdown Feb 2019

    Was fun while it lasted. Barbarian cavalry was the best.
  2. Freddie_Creamer

    Forum Game - Word Association

  3. Freddie_Creamer

    IFHE on Cleveland

    I remember playing Cleve on the Ocean map back in the day. Those weren't fun times.
  4. Freddie_Creamer

    IFHE on Cleveland

    That's why this was the only time I used elite commander xp to get IFHE.
  5. Freddie_Creamer

    IFHE on Cleveland

    Another question to expand on this. Is there any point in going a pure AA build, hybrid build, or should I stick with doing just a pure gunnery build? That's for both skills and upgrades. Planes don't seem to be that common right now (When they are in the game they hardly come near me. Defensive AA seems to do the job when they do) but I'm wondering about with the CV rework it would be a decision for later.
  6. Freddie_Creamer

    IFHE on Cleveland

    That's why I figured it would be the better first pick.
  7. Freddie_Creamer

    IFHE on Cleveland

    Should I have gotten concealment first and then IFHE? It doesn't seem to matter too much either way by the way I've been playing her.
  8. Freddie_Creamer

    You're the Sole T8 BB..Top Tier

    *Aroused Bismarck sounds*
  9. Freddie_Creamer

    Your favorite Western

    In no particular order: -The Rifleman -Deadwood -Blazing Saddles -Anything Clint Eastwood/John Wayne -Tombstone -Christian Bale Westerns are good too
  10. Freddie_Creamer

    IFHE on Cleveland

    I was thinking of either picking up concealment or some AA skills but there aren't too many CVs so probably concealment.
  11. Freddie_Creamer

    Man slapped in face by a Seal weilding an Octopus

    This is why they need to be clubbed. They are violent and evil. We must all do our part.........
  12. Freddie_Creamer

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Edgy Loners
  13. Freddie_Creamer

    IFHE on Cleveland

    I was wondering if IFHE is a good idea or a waste of 4 points. It's been doing pretty good for me so far, but I'm looking for other opinions from people with more experience on the matter.
  14. Freddie_Creamer

    Somebody Doesn't Seem to Understand...

    Cats....You just can't get mad at the fluffy little buggers. Even when they split your flesh open when they slip trying to jump on your lap.
  15. Freddie_Creamer

    Top ten reasons people hate BBs

    That's probably because of all the secondary shells that my Bismarck misses....sorry.