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  1. What is your Karma score right now

    That is if u can get clan mates to sync drop and end up in the same game. Also not sure about other clans. I rather div up with my clan mates and win games than to end up on opposite team. But doesn’t matter which way u go there are always be guys that will ruin the game. But hey it was worth a thought about the karma system. Oh well guess I can waste my 11 reports on noobs now.
  2. What is your Karma score right now

    I have a suggestion about karma. If WG wants to encourage team play how about actually rewarding players with high karma points with either a super container, premium time or something along those lines. Let’s say every 100 karma points will redeem u a super container or every 200 karma points get u some premium time. That way I think it would get rid of the salt from random and this actually might encourage people to play as a team or team play actions. Just a thought.
  3. What is your Karma score right now

    As of last night. 454. Hopefully one day these karma score can get u like a super container or some rewards.
  4. Did anyone else won a battle last night in rank and didn’t get awarded a star? Happen to me for the last game of the night. Won the match but did not get a star. I didn’t log back on go check today as of yet. Just wondering is it a bug and do I need to submit a ticket or replay?
  5. Cool! Repair party for Prinz Eugen?? Diff Buff?

    Picked up the Prinz Eugen couple of days ago after the buff. I personally feel the the heal is great cause it allows me to stay in the battle longer. It’s good that they made some difference between the Hipper and the Prinz. But I don’t think the Prinz is trash like some of the guys claim it to be. It’s pretty strong and the guns are pretty good. Yes the HE is not as good as some of the other cruisers but the AP and choosing the proper shell type makes this ship so strong. I feel the Prinz is actually pretty competitive to the Atago now at tier 8. And I actually enjoy how they buff both the Hipper and the Prinz. Basically the Prinz is like a mini Hindi at tier 8.
  6. Hipper- viable for ranked?

    Ran the Hipper and decided to pick up Prinz Eugen after the buff. I did both pretty good in them in rank. The Prinz for sure has better staying power cause of the heal. The dpm buff to the Hipper is good but if u have both I would bring the Eugen cause of the heal. If not the Hipper works but u need to play a bit passive and not take risk. Playing them has got me to rank 10 so o guess I played them correctly.
  7. German 203mm might need a pen buff

    It’s balanced. Good Alpha when ships go broadside but even a slight angle the damage drops. U just need to know to use both ammo types effectively. When I first started this game and played cruisers I struggled. But over time I am averaging over 100k damage easily now with the Hindenburg. Paired up if u run the reload mod it is a beast when played correctly.
  8. Tier 10 German vs US BBs

    Depends on your play style. Gk has more staying power due to larger HP pool. But u still need to angle to make it work. It’s best to get mid range and support your team. And with hydro it allows u to push dds. However that being said. Montana has slightly better guns and very good AA. And for sure more maneuverable and can dodge torpedoes. Gk even though with hydro due to his size u will eat at least 1. I love to play them both. I am not afraid to be close to the cap to support my dds. But unfortunately some games, my dds yolo and dies or does not play the objective cause me to kite away. Gk is more forgiving due to the armour not eating citade therefore a good dmg sponge. And with the current meta I did not go secondary build. I went with pure survival and stealth allowing me to get into position and go dark to heal when needed. Honestly both are good choices. But if I have to pick one. The Monty has a slight edge due to the guns and better AA. More all round ship for all situations.
  9. Bismarck seems extremly mediorce...

    The gun dispersion on all the German BB line has always been mediocor. Unfortunately it’s never been a sniper type of ship. How I play the Bismarck and Tirpitz is try to stay at mid range. Tank some damage and support my dd and cruisers and hopefully they will do the same and allow me to slowly push a flank and get into secondary range and wreck face. The guns perform well under 12 km. Yes it still might miss some shots cause u only have 8 guns compared to other bb in its tier. Also the gun layout is not the greatest cause u need to go almost broadside to fire all your guns. And also try to limit one side of engagement if u can cause even though u can’t get citadel exposing yourself to multiple crossfire will get u to port fast. That’s probably what I see most people do in German battleships is rush in and getting caught in crossfire and can’t recover from.
  10. The Gneisensau is a keeper. How's the Scharnhorst?

    Sharnhorst is what I consider a battlecruiser in this game. Tanky but handles pretty well for his size. Even though the guns are a smaller caliber it will make quick work of broadside targets including battleships if u know where to aim. I personally like that challenge, cause some cases u need to know what ammo type to use. I have the Tirpitz and was hesitant about getting the Sharnhorst. But once I did I never looked back. Only weakness is CV loves German battleships especially USN. But overall it’s a solid shop and I am happy with it.
  11. IFHE on the Donskoi

    It’s almost a must. But if u are carrying your captain to the Moskva then no. Moskva does not require IFHE.
  12. Moskva gameplay tips?

    Never be the first one infront unless all bbs are dead. U can some some hits but won’t last long when focused. Practice angling. It can bounce some high caliber shells but at the right angle. Never go bow on against a bb at close range under 12km cause they can overmatch your bow and citidel u. Always keep moving and WASD. Also stay at range if u can. It’s not a brawler and the dpm is not like a Des Moines and does not have torpedoes like the Hindenburg. I am not Unicum in my Moskva but I am pretty sure above average. So far that is how I play my Moskva and it seems to be working out for me. Good luck and have fun!
  13. Help Needed: D. Donskoi

    From my experience the Donskoi is a support ship. Never be the tip of the spear unless all other bbs are dead. Also always keep moving is the key. At tier 9 u should have priority target by now. It is really useful in terms of telling u how much WASD u have to do. Also try to only limit to one flank where u can get shot at. Never be exposed to get cross fired on cause u will die really fast. Also using island as some cover one side is also viable depending on the maps. But in a nutshell it’s a kitting ship and is good at range. But try to get close enough to use your radar to help the team. I know it’s easier said then being done. But if u get this done right it will help u when u get the Moskva cause I find the play style is very similar, besides the fact Moskva can be spotted from the moon. Also the Moskva can tank some hits at range. For me as of late I really enjoy playing the Moskva. It is my go to ship to have some fun and to blap some dds with the laser guns and long range radar. Good luck!
  14. New AP bombs are utter garbage

    I find AP bombs works better against tier 10 cruisers, not so much on tier 10 bbs. But in terms of accuracy I like the AP bombs more. So it’s really up to u. For me I went with the AP cause of the accuracy and a chance to do massive amount of dmg to seletected ships. But I know a lot of people prefer HE cause of dmg over time.
  15. New AP bombs are utter garbage

    If u are patient and wait for a gap can do lots of damage with the TB. Tier 8 is balanced I find. Just have to know which ship to hit. Calculated risk.