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  1. New AP bombs are utter garbage

    I find AP bombs works better against tier 10 cruisers, not so much on tier 10 bbs. But in terms of accuracy I like the AP bombs more. So it’s really up to u. For me I went with the AP cause of the accuracy and a chance to do massive amount of dmg to seletected ships. But I know a lot of people prefer HE cause of dmg over time.
  2. New AP bombs are utter garbage

    If u are patient and wait for a gap can do lots of damage with the TB. Tier 8 is balanced I find. Just have to know which ship to hit. Calculated risk.
  3. Who have you seen in game

    Yea I don’t know what that guy’s problem was. He torped at 3km on purpose. If he keeps this up hopefully he will get banned.
  4. Please Learn to play German BB's

    Sniping with German bbs is not effective due the the bad dispersion. Mid range like 15 km is pretty effective. And also sniping from with German bbs also mean u can’t use your turtle back armour cause plunging fire can and will citadel u. I have citadel a lot of German bbs in my battleships cause they play at range where my plunging fires just wreck them.
  5. 406s or 420s for Der Große?

    I prefer the 406 on the tier 9. But on the GK 420s cause u have 12 guns compared to the 8 in tier 9.
  6. Please Learn to play German BB's

    People just need to know when to go in for the brawl. I usually stay at mid range at the beginning and see where the team goes and where the enemies are. Than when they are worn down i can go in with my secondary and start wrecking face. U still need to pick your battles. U can’t just charge into 3 ships. 2 maybe.
  7. SE on battleships?

    SE is a waste of a skill for BB. If u are afraid of torpedoes get vigilance in stead. SI is a must and I run BFT on my USN and German bbs cause USN I run AA stealth and German secondaries. Yamato I run SI and Vigilance.
  8. The race to get Mighty Mo. Who is in?

    I enjoyed mine so far and never look back. She will be one of my go to ships to play. So fun.
  9. Thoughts on USN CV rebalance.

    The problem I have with playing AS USN CV is it really is up to YOUR team to win. Sure I can spot and shut down the enemy CV. But if your team is utterly potato and can’t sink ships even though i am spotting for them the whole match it really sucks. So in my opinion dealing damage and having strike power has more influence in the battle. Sure u can say IJN has more striking power but u can sink ships too with your strike if u know how to pick your targets. And fighter micro is very important because u will need the fighter count end game to shut down the enemy cv strike as the number of ships are decreased which makes the USN cv fighter even stronger cause u only have a small number of ships to defend by that time. Overall as a whole I do like the change in the loadout for the Essex and Midway.
  10. What are we going to do now without 3-0-2?

    I think they will do the same thing to the IJN as well. It doesn’t make sense to only give a single loadout to USN CV and not do the same to IJN. It will be interesting to see what loadout WG will give the IJN. But so far I am pretty happy with my 2-2-2 Midway. Those AP bombs are deadly when hitting the correct targets. Haven’t tried my Essex yet. I have a feeling it will play just like my Enterprise with down tier planes which is no big deal for me.
  11. New AP bombs are utter garbage

    Took my Midway out last night and end up with 245k damage with the DB running AP bombs. Plays just like my Enterprise but with better torpedo spread. I don’t really have a problem with it so far but I do enjoy the 2 2 2 load out. The AP does a lot of damage to all battleships. And they were crying that the should nerf the AP bomb already. I think with the AP bomb load out it makes it a bit more competitive against the Hakuryu cause u can almost go toe to toe in deleting big targets. However that being said 3 squads of tier 10 TB still has the slight edge over the Midway’s Tier 8 TB. But if u are patient and go after their ships when most of their AA is knocked out in the later half of the battle it should be good. But I will need more games in it to be sure. But so far it just plays like an Enterprise so I am comfortable with it.
  12. Saipan vs Kaga vs Enterprise

    Enterprise is a very fun ship to play. But it is not a ship I recommend if u are starting to play CV. Saipan has really strong fighters if strafing and shooting down planes is your thing. Also u can run a 2-2-0 load out which provides decent damage. Kaga on the other hand is pure strike set up. Very fun when top tier but can be pretty crappy going up a good Saipan player and also tier 9 ships. If u are starting out and don’t intend to go up the USN line then I suggest the Kaga. I have all 3 and all of them has their strength and weakness and all are fun to play. Good luck!
  13. Enterprise AP or HE bombs?

    Good to know. Cause against most cruisers and dds its does like 800 damage most of the time.
  14. Enterprise AP or HE bombs?

    Nice game!
  15. Enterprise AP or HE bombs?

    I have switched to HE loadout and played 5 games so far. It seems that the fire and flood damage over time has more of an impact since I can hit all targets not just German B.B. and 3 of the 5 games I manage to score above 135k damage. Where as AP bomb load out it’s a hit or miss. Lexington does have heavier DB loadout but I prefer the Enterprise 2-2-2 over what Lexington has and also I love to play with Tb and fighters. I will try more matches with this set up and see how it goes.