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  1. Not_Your_Average_Potato

    Has anyone tried Kronshdat secondary build?

    It’s a waste of captain skills to spec it for secondary in my opinion. Reason being even though Kronshtadt has high hp pool the armour will not hold up in close quarters against B.B. shells at tier 9 and 10. Best way to get the most out of this ship like all Russian cruisers is stay at range and use their high volocity Stalinium shells. Cause at range the armour can actually negate some incoming fire. Much like the Moskva. The Moskva however is a lot more tankier than the Kronstadt. It’s a battle cruiser not a battleship. It has battle ship caliber guns but heavy cruiser armour. In short it’s best play at range and use its strength which are the guns. The firing arcs are pretty darn good. U are pretty angle when firing all your guns. Don’t need to go broadside. U can also read up on Littlewhitemouse review about the Kronstadt. It’s very well put together. If u want a brawler with secondary go with German bbs. Hope this helps.
  2. Not_Your_Average_Potato

    CW : Hindenburg impression

    Strongest cruiser in tier 10 cause it is jack of all trades master of none. Fits the roll or the cruiser cause doesn’t matter what MM throws at u whether it’s a cv or heavy dd game, as long as u have good situational awareness and decent skill u should be able to to do well and out play other cruisers at its tier most of the time.
  3. Not_Your_Average_Potato

    ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    So far I enjoy playing the Kronstadt. Could the gun be a bit more accurate? Sure. But I guess it’s called a battle cruiser for a reason. It does require map awareness to get the most out of her. Overall I like the change from playing tier 10 cruisers and taking the Kronstadt out keeps the game new, along with a few other battleships of course. But if people want the high alpha damage and easier to play ship I think the Musashi would be a better choice.
  4. Not_Your_Average_Potato

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    I find her not that bad. But the short range of her guns makes her take a lot of damage before u can fire your first shots. I usually take her out when I want to take a break from grinding. But like what OP said, she is not forgiving. Also find sometimes even though your aim is perfect, cruiser showing u their broadside at 8km. All my shots landed around but no hits. Guess the guns have really bad dispersion lol. Has anyone had that happen to them when playing her?