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  1. I was hoping someone smarter than me would figure this out and share. +1 and Thank You!!!
  2. I ended up spending $377. Used your tactic of using dubs for lower tier Prems, got every single Prem available. Only screw up was 1 short for a 10-point Captain in the Jap line (got 3) to accelerate my grinding. But I also spent a boatload on real money in WoT too (got the Type 59 {tank not camo lol}). All in all I'm up to 540 days of premium as a result. And yes I threw some love to WoWP too. When the Visa bill comes in I might be divorced but on the upside it'll give me more time to play ....just kidding P.S. I know I'm going to be swimming in accelerated XP for more than a year with all the camos I have but until my captain's skills (and my own) improve I'll slowly move up from tier 4-5 where I'm currently at. Being the lowest contributor in a match isn't fun. So yes I might be that guy with 19 point captains trolling tier 5 lol. I'm still learning the game mechanics but I have to think a 10-point captain in tier 8 is still gimped? And without the personal skill even worse. So far all of you serious players out there I'll do you a favour and stay in the shallow end at with my fresh batch of higher tiered Prems.
  3. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year Elo. Your thread was fun to read. And glad you got your Alabama. I got my Type 59 in WoT for Xmas so I now how it feels to win something you wanted.
  4. Ok so it's my 4th box of 20 Big Gift....mainly since I didn't start WOWS until a few months ago so I missed out on last Xmas plus few years worth of buying, winning Premium ships. So I thought I'd give some of my money to WG to support the development of this game, WoT and WOWP. I'm 15 boxes in on this set and picked up a Mutsu, Kidd, Kii, Sharnhorst and Nikolai I right out of the gates. To be fair on my 3rd set of 20 I only got 1 ship (Huanghu sp?) so YMMV. I know this is a huge haul and I'm not bragging. I read LittleWhiteMouse premium reviews so I know I got a rare OP and a ton of Gudbotes. Just saying the boxes are still paying out. No tinfoil hats needed over here. And yes I promise not to play anything greater than tier 5 until I get better. Nobody needs me screwing up their tier 8 matches (I learned my lesson in WoT on that one). So many videos to watch and forums to read before scratch more paint off of my tier 6's+. Thank you WG and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!! Opened the last of my 5 boxes...Graf Spee.....6 ships out of 20 in this batch....