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    Congrats OP and here I thought you were re-purposing it to run Linux ;) ... now if I could only find my old Atari 1040ST and get a replacement cable for the whopping 100Mb external HD and I could play all of my old games again too. To think the HD only cost me $1000 used back in the day lol
  2. Ritual__Murder

    If you could see one ship come back

    Never say never. The WoT team sold the super mutant despite promising never to do that to the player base that were early adopters.
  3. Thanks RipNuN2 that fully explains it. I had bought the Vanguard and Lazo from the Armory only to have the pay out exactly as you mentioned. Cheers!
  4. It was the Lazo and Vanguard...but I still hadn't unlocked the Fujin so really I was still ahead on the payout. Like I said I ran to the armory and bought a tier 7 & 8 ship with the doubloons. I guess my point is for those who are in the same boat take a screenshot per your suggestion and submit a ticket if warranted.
  5. Must be a bug in the system but I was paid out doubloons instead of a ship....at least they were both 11,000+ ships... I was confused since that wasn't supposed to happen until you had all available ships! No I don't have screen shots and I'm not complaining since I bought ships in the armory with the funds. Was just surprising and confusing both times.
  6. Ritual__Murder

    Have you won Missouri, Musashi, Benham or Belfast in any crate??

    I took the same strategy last year to get re-rolls until I got all 3 tier IX's from the crates. This year I am missing 26 ships but Little White Mouse rated 5 as gudbotes, 20 as mehbotes and 1 as garbage. But I figured I'd try my luck on 20 crates after my lucky WoT haul. But like so many others I suffer from gambler's fallacy it seems. I was "rewarded" with the Siroco and signals. I ended up below the expected value. Happens but at least I know I contributed to keep the WG servers going another year.
  7. Ritual__Murder

    Have you won Missouri, Musashi, Benham or Belfast in any crate??

    Congrats reamnaval!!! I disagree and believe he did. Yes it feels the hauls this year are much lighter for prem ships and doubloons but with the thousands of crates bought why not some crazy lucky rolls. It's not RNG, it's the Law of Large Numbers that we will all tend towards the expected value which I believe has been set lower compared to prior years as so many posts and messages state (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_large_numbers). So while we're all grumbling why not some outliers like reamnaval? Be happy for him. Don't have any expectations and you won't be disappointed. I got the Obj 703 II and E75TS from 25 crates in WoT yesterday. QuickyBaby and DezGamez bought hundreds between themselves and didn't get either. Then I bought another 25 to load up in gold and got the E75TS twice and was paid out 23k in gold. No one believes my post on the WoT forums. Wishing all of you and WG staff a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
  8. 20 big gift containers got a tier V Siroco out of the 26 ships I could have "won". Camo, flags, coal... 4k in doubloons (so I bought the W.Virginia with my discount coupon for doubloons). Underwhelming compared to last year is stating it lightly. But then I got 3 tier IX's last year (yes including the Missouri). However on WoT I bought a 25 container package and got the Obj 703 II and the E 75 TS so what can I say? I'm greedy? Yes!!! Am I thankful? YES!!! Somebody has to pay WG to keep the servers and development going. I don't mind being one of them. Wishing all of you and WG staff a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  9. Ritual__Murder

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Thank you worked for me. Flag with 10 camo...nice!!!