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  1. Dr_Dirt

    Shells falling 1k short

    BB shot dispersion has always been excessively goofy in this game. Its tweaked "in the interest of play balance". Personally I think plays should have to rely more upon WAD in the defense than reliance upon goofy shot dispersion game mechanics.
  2. Dr_Dirt

    This is Why We Complain about CVs

    I dont really have much of an issue with high tier matches and CVs. However, at low tiers many matches will routinely have 2 or 3 CVs per match. And there does seem to be a lot of high match count CV players that seem to like playing Tier 4 CVs. A lot of boats at this tier level have zero or almost zero AA. Experienced CV players know this and take advantage of these AA'less pinatas. In addition, low ranked players just starting to move up the various tech trees are trying out T4 CVs. These two factors combined result in so many low tier matches routinely having 2 or 3 CVs per side. And yeah I still occasionally play tier IV ships for giggles -- I'm sooo ashamed of myself.
  3. You answered your question with your question.
  4. Dr_Dirt

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    Perhaps. But what is clear is WG spends a lot more time and effort pooping out new premium ships than fixing existing issues with the game.
  5. Dr_Dirt

    Is Wargaming Biased Against Germans?

    yeah...I'd probably still be angry with anything German too if I were Russian.
  6. Dr_Dirt


    yeah...I play it on Narai all the time. Decent boot...although not as good as the Sinop. I really havent played it much in randoms. Now that Narai is been axed by WG for...errr...uhhh...reasons...I doubt I'll play it much.
  7. Dr_Dirt

    Raptor Rescue

    Narai is -- or was -- way funner than Raptor Rescue. I'd much rather play Narai with slightly wonky AI for transport movement, than an unbroken Raptor Rescue.
  8. Dr_Dirt

    Great White Fleet= Brain dead on WGing

    yup -- Charleston and St. Louis were also both in commissioned status during the tour. However neither participated in the tour. Here's a list of Ships that actually participated in the Great White Fleet Tour. https://www.history.navy.mil/browse-by-topic/exploration-and-innovation/world-cruise/ships.html While a line-up of 16 pre-dreadnought BB's all painted white and tan was impressive by USN standards for the time frame of the tour (1907 to 1909), HMS Dreadnought had already been commissioned (1906). Dreadnought kind of put a damper on the spectacle associated with the line-up of 16 USN Pre-Dreadnoughts.
  9. Dr_Dirt

    Great White Fleet= Brain dead on WGing

    I don't think so. The protected cruiser USS Albany was around and in a commissioned status during the Great White Fleet tour. But it doesn't appear like Albany was one of the ships that actually participated in the tour. USS South Carolina (BB-26) wasn't commissioned until 1910 so it would have missed the tour by a couple years.
  10. coronavirus is a plague that needs to be addressed...too
  11. If I get it through the missions -- great. But with a Gun range of only 13.6-Km I wouldn't consider spending real money on it even with smoke. Now if it had a spotter aircraft module option to interchange with the smoke module I'd consider paying cash for it.
  12. Dr_Dirt

    Narai 'pulled' . . . WHY ??

    That's unfortunate. Narai is -- IMHO -- the best OP currently in rotation. If any OP needs fixing it's Raptor Revenge (or whatever its called).
  13. Dr_Dirt

    Best Seal Clubber?

    i'll admit I don't seal club often. but when I do, its Orlan -- or Dos Equis -- whichever is closer. last time i stuck a 19pts cap in an orlan and clubbed for five or six matches I was accused of cheating at least twice. WOOOO!
  14. Dr_Dirt

    Un Known

    Hapa? I don't follow the context here...but I only lived on the Islands for six years.
  15. Dr_Dirt

    Best Seal Clubber?

    Orlan with a 19-pt captain including advanced firing training, concealment, and demo expert skills. WOOO!