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  1. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    you'll go far in the world of real decisions based upon real money. yeah -- my $100. that kind of mistake gives me zero confidence in participation in a relatively marginal approach to a pixel ship release.
  2. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    wow -- seriously -- confidence in any thought of doing this just plummeted.
  3. Server Issues

    looked out my window this morn. saw a small mammal running around. pretty sure it was a weasel. yup -- it was a weasel.
  4. Atago premium camo

    yeah -- prolly this ^
  5. Mini Map

    mini maps...MINI MAPS!....we dont need no stinking Mini Maps.
  6. vent thread

    My Vents: The number of forum threads about radar saturation ruining the game. This followed very closely by my other vent about the amount of radar that WG has "wisely" (ahem) decided to introduce into the game. WG Patch Cycles: Fix-break-fix-break-fix-break-fix-break-fix-break-fix-break-break-break-break....Fix?
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  8. Moderated by Volier_Zcit
  9. of course I can't resist by posting the obvious...
  10. perhaps we need a new sub forum dedicated to only radar threads. radar love indeed.
  11. Admiral Makarov. At least I think I purchased it. I may have won it from a gift crate. Anywhoo...this is a ship that I really enjoy playing. It really is excellent when you can trick a couple ships into chasing your stern. Kitting in this thing is a pleasure. My issue with Markov is I almost always draw a mediocre to bad team whenever I play it. Its a really fun ship for me to play, but a complete bad luck ship in terms of my win rate with the thing.
  12. a lot of it comes from shear repetition of play ... you kind of get used to judging how fast a ship is going. someone above suggested bracketing via staggering turret fire. this is a good idea. albeit there are still limitations -- particularly for longer ranged fire. it takes multiple seconds between firing and splash. Ships will alter speed and course during the lag between ranging shots. if you haven't already poked around on youtube for WoWs helper videos you should give it a try. there are a number of community contributors that have produced guidance videos on how to aim. how to better apply lead and deflection and etc. Just search youtube for "World of Warships" and "Aim" or "Aiming"
  13. someone should do a count on how many radar threads there have been over the last three weeks.
  14. a lot of players are just going to react instinctively to the torpedo alert sound and may not instantly recognize they are only deep water torps. If they are focused on some other event -- or events -- occurring somewhere else on the battle space and then they get schwaked with a torpedo proximity warning they may get grumpy -- particularly if as a function of muscle memory they go right into evasive movement. Granted if they are looking at the approaching torps they should recognize the deep or "deeper" water torp symbols and get back into their happy spot. I'm not condoning Z-46 guy getting salty in chat. But probably just about all of us have been torp'd from behind by a friendly at some point in our WoWs "careers" and I'd guess not many of us have been thrilled about catching a friendly torp or having to doing some wild evasion sh*t to avoid friendly torps.