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  1. Thank you for the very accurate explanation of the disappearing ships.  I went to WIKI and did a lot of reading on the subject, of which, yours was easer to understand. 

  2. Napoleonic Era Warships

    holy cow -- another Avalon Hill refugee. I thought I was the only one left.
  3. Napoleonic Era Warships

    been along time since I played it, but yeah fun game.
  4. Scharnhorst vs Warspite

    I like my Scharnhorst better than my Warspite. My 2-cents.
  5. I'll be curious to see what the new module for the Shima will result in.
  6. Pan-American nation in!

    yeah -- there's that argument too I suppose for some. not an issue for me as I have more than enough variety in USN captain trainers. I think from a business perspective -- and I suppose from the WoWs gaming community perspective as well -- its a good move to get South American premiums ships into the game. I just think the history of the ship being considered is questionable due to its ignoble history. Not sure what the WG marketing department is thinking in this instance? Why not do the General Belgrano instead. And yes it ended with a submarine attack. But it sort of feels like the Nueve de Julio would be the equivalent of introducing einsatzgruppen as the first German tech tree for a game covering ground combat in Europe during WWII.
  7. good God y'all... gots' to love the gold Pickelhaube
  8. gratz on getting to 5th base. 400 matches - damn! I wouldn't have had the patience. If you're having fun -- push on brah.
  9. PT 0.7.5 Part II Impressions

    he's probably a Ben Franklin kinda' guy... “Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves,” (yeah sure for the obscure...William Lowndes..but who the heck ever heard of him)
  10. being shot right in the Beer Can while driving a Roma. and the really embarrassing part is the Beer Can is always the last part of the ship to sink below the waves. Birra Moretti...uccidersi a forza di bere.
  11. win percentage, should I care?

    that's entirely a you question. do you care?
  12. Pan-American nation in!

    I think the discussion about the Nueve de Julio so far has been focused upon its rather creepy history.
  13. No HMCS Haida for Canada Day

    yup...I'm guessing there's also a lot of money to made from Canadians with an HMCS premium available to tempt their credit cards.
  14. I'm not dreaming ?

    Got one as well as a gift. I think in an X-Mas Crate. Fun boot. Shot patterns will go wonky on you every so often.
  15. Pan-American nation in!

    all good ideas...but I still have to wonder if the choice of Argentina for the first SA prem is a function of WGs bottom line.