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  1. Dr_Dirt

    So how is the Russian server handling CVs?

    EDIT -- sorry. I found the thread. Little White Mouse didnt say anything about the CV rework and the RU Server Reaction. It was stated by others that posted to her thread about recognizing a good CV rework when we see one. Little White Mouse was commenting about the RU Servers Reaction to CVs just a couple days ago -- like last Thursday or Friday. As I recall the gist was that the RU server has had a negative reaction to the CV rework. But I may be misinterpreting her comments. Cant find her original thread.
  2. Dr_Dirt

    Improving Team Play in CV

    Fascinating. All I ever read on this forum from the dozen or so hardcore CV pundits is the post 8.0 anti-CV mantra is limited to a few people that post to this forum. The CV pundits keep saying the vast majority of WoWs players have no anti-CV bias. And yet here we are -- again -- with more players complaining about all the in-game chat salt against CVs and players that play CVs.
  3. Dr_Dirt

    Did WG do enough to delay CV initial spotting?

    Yes. But WG removed the match start launch delay because they were afraid CV players would get bored with that whole 45-seconds of down time. Its sort of a satirical dig on the part of WG toward the average attention span of people that play CVs.
  4. Dr_Dirt

    Ranked - Even with 9 ships...

    Try to look on the bright side...at least there were no CVs
  5. It's a piece of cr@p just like the Shchors. I wouldn't worry too much about missing out on having one more sub-par premium to add to your Port dust collectors.
  6. Don't play ranked...or play ranked without modules. Just bear in mind that whatever modules you buy and put on a rental -- your going to have to pay WG 25-doubloons per to uninstall when the rental period is over. So you're gonna pay WG on both ends for these rentals. It's like renting a car. They give some amazing deal -- $10/day -- or whatever for the rental. Than when you get the bill there's a sh1t ton of additional fees slaped on. Taxes, gas, cleaning, and a number of other hidden fees. But hey -- the car itself was only $10/day
  7. Dr_Dirt

    State of the playerbase?

  8. Dr_Dirt

    State of the playerbase?

    Someone should do a LiveStrong Bracelet for WoWs. After the CV rework...LiveStrong Brah.
  9. Dr_Dirt

    The iChase Case

    ^ This. Exactly. And he's been saying this since pre-8.0. And yet...and yet. Just making my bi-monthly drive-by to this forum to see what's new. Gee...nothing since last visit. Still a lot of different people opening new threads about the current state of CV-cancer. Still the same handful of Kool-Aid drinking CV luvers defending CV game mechanics. I mean seriously, it is the same ten or twelve dudes defending this crap in every forum thread about broken CV game mechanics. Just watch these threads and who always appear to "defend" the current state of CVs. Its hilarious.
  10. Dr_Dirt

    Took a survey

    chicks are always telling me how good I look in foil.
  11. I disagree. I think it would be a very useful exercise. Forum lobbying on both sides of the CV and DD fence continue along in the same droning loops. I see the same dozen or so people on this forum posting on every "CVs are broken thread" about how CVs are just fine. Yet we get a new patch every couple of weeks that's heavily focused upon on-going CV issues. I don't live on this forum like some. I pop in every couple of weeks for a few days. Yet every time I pop in here for my fill of WoWs forum bile -- at least since 8.0 -- I'll see multiple threads about broken CVs or how can CVs be fixed. I could care less about the queue argument that some folks want to cling to. There's already a WG precedent for this sort of thing. An opt out option for match type was provided in WoT a couple years back. I never experienced any perceptible lag in match queue after that opt out option was implemented into WoT. Put in a CV opt out option as well as a DD opt out option. Let players vote with their feet. If a large section of the silent majority start selecting a DD opt out or CV opt out we'll know where the consensus is.
  12. boy that didn't take long. Apparently this is supposed to be the trump card for anytime a CV opt out button thread pops up. I'm cool with both opt out options. Let the chips fall where they may. That's the true test on the popularity or unpopularity of a given class of ships in this game. JUST DO IT!
  13. Dr_Dirt

    Took a survey

    Your account has probably been put on WG's suspicious players watch list. I'm guessing you'll be subjected to a special match maker algorithm in which every match you play in you'll be bottom tiered. And your Tier 10 matches -- all your teammates will either be pink or sub-40% w/r "I playz fer fun". Until you buy a Krispy Kream or Roma you'll remain on the watch list.