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  1. Mods in WoWS

    So we know that at some point there are going to be quite a few mods that will be available for warships. My question is what kinds of mods would you like to see? Granted we don't know terribly much about the game yet, it gives you plenty of room to choose some different ideas. Try to give me some original ones :coin:
  2. Question About an FAQ

    I actually inquired about this on the reddit world of tanks page (don't hate me) and we had a short discussion on what would be a likely use for combining some of the different games. [–]Mini_Marine[RDDT](BatChat 25t, IS-4, IS-7, Obj 261, T110E5)Mini-Marine 11 points 1 month ago planes will fight a battle about 15 minutes before a tank battle for a territory, whoever wins in the air will get a bonus to spotting range(or some other buff) in the tank battle) Whoever controls the land over which the planes are flying, will have more anti air batteries to fire on the enemy air craft. Winning a sea battle off the coast of a territory, will open that territory up to landing even if it normally wouldn't be. As you can see, there would be something of a way to incorporate them all in one clan wars map. Although I think WoWP and WOWS could be used in conjunction with each other because of the fact that there will be planes already in WoWS and players would just individually take control of them. That would also have a need for a ton of new players to fill out the amount of planes that would be in a sea battle.
  3. These are just some things that I didn't find in the past half an hour reading through the Wiki: 1: Will shots be able to "bounce" or penetrate through armor without doing damage like in WoT, or is every shot one that can damage? 2: What will happen if a carrier is destroyed while it still has planes in the air? Will they continue to attack the enemy until they need to refuel or will the simply just cease to exist. 3: Flotation and listing seem to be a big thing in this game. Could a full salvo from a ship with a large armament cause enough of an impact or force (not necessarily damage) to cause the ship to capsize?
  4. Even with the advances in today's technology they would still be viable options as they still outclass many of the world's navy. Just because they don't shoot missiles (although they can be fitted to I'm sure) their range is still amazing. However, it would also take a lot less escort ships now because of the advances in destroyers and cruisers.
  5. It is stated in the Wiki that players would be able to name their ships from a premade list. What would be some names and the ships attached to their names that you would use or like to see?