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  1. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    Super container thread (a player feedback "Thank you" to WoWs)

    Yup, read up more and saw the coupon worked on doubloons, too... so BANK. Now I just decide what to do, what to do.... I COULD finish the Dutch cruiser dockyard and still have several thousands db's left over... there IS a tier 5 ship crate in there I almost got to, and a bunch of other stuff...
  2. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    Super container thread (a player feedback "Thank you" to WoWs)

    Well Happy Birthday to me. Okhotnik from one of my two super containers. So, thank you, WG/WoWs. Now just need to figure out which 7 or 8 to use the coupon on.... unfortunately, not all premium ships are in the Premium Shop. Wait, does it HAVE to be a ship with the coupon, or can I just flat-out buy a hoard of doubloons and still use it?
  3. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    Super container thread (a player feedback "Thank you" to WoWs)

    Well this one was cool, my esteemed clan mate: 1st "regular" daily crate earned, selected "More resources", and it dropped as a super container with 1000 doubloons.
  4. Same situation, KC.... although it seems I fared a bit better: had the fortune of the blind-as-bats bots on the red team. Almost feel it was just handed to me. When it's a turkey shoot and not a challenge, it feels like a sympathy match. Only lost 2 Aobas and a Leander from my side (Notice the game is now World of Warship... ). I can kinda see why the G Spee was taken from the Shop... or it was just blind damn luck. A lot.
  5. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    Accuracy of secondary battery

    Is the accuracy a flat across-the-board number? Logic suggests, the closer an adversary is, the more accurate your guns should be. Sounds like they need to code the accuracy on a curved scale, depending on caliber.
  6. LemonyFreshAnarchy


    Maybe a separate port/harbor we can opt to send rentals to, and keep them there expired to look at later (the "see in port" feature) or just delete altogether (the "sell for 0 credits" thing"). WoT's competition Armored Warfare (the one with unlimited free garage slots) has a Reserve Garage that's useful for storing rentals and expired ones there.....
  7. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Dutch Cruiser De Ruyter

    You get a Prime "reward" for both WoWs and WoTanks, so if you play both, it might not be so bad, if your budget allows for it. But if you use Amazon a lot for other stuff besides just to grab Prime Gaming loot, don't judge it to be "it costs me $13 for a tier 4 ship...."
  8. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Dutch Cruiser De Ruyter

    so we got that tier 4 Italian battleship, now we get a tier 4 Dutch cruiser.... too bad they're useless for 99% of combat missions. Tier 4s are only good for some Campaign chapters, then aren't really useful for anything much, after those are completed. Feels like getting these Prime ships is just a waste. Play around with it, then sell it for its slot, toss the captain into a useful tier 5 or higher. The game developers would be doing the community a favor if the combat rewards were changed to "tiers IV-X" instead of the current "tiers V-X".
  9. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    Leaked Footage Of Internal Tier 10 Russian CV Test from Reddit

    honestly, I'm surprised Japanese carrier planes don't get a kamikaze ability damage bonus.
  10. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    Scared to buy new premiums

    They need a "buyer beware" caveat for all the tier 2, 3, and 4 premium ships: these can't earn regular combat mission rewards. You have to at least be tier 5. Sure, there's some Campaigns that are "tiers II-IV" or "III-VI" or require a specific-named ship to complete 1 mission in the campaign.... but after those are done, everything under tier 5 is just taking up space. There's no reason to keep playing it, so no reason to keep it. But nothing to tell you up front: "these are only good for a small handful of Campaign missions: everything else needs at least tier 5 to earn any decent rewards."
  11. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    WG finally (also) ruined Bot Battles

    What seems to have broken bot battles just as bad: they said they took away Dead eye or whatever it's called, from human players. But the bots still get it. Losing half my cruiser's health from a BB 17km away when I'm moving along over 30 knots, that's some total crap. Getting set on fire and critted faster than you can repair, more crap. It isn't just "how many humans vs how many bots". It's these matches where the bots are ridiculously OP (what, do bots get programmed to have equivalent level 21 commanders with as many skills as those guys in the super battleships?) Too often, bot accuracy is total [edited]. ESPECIALLY when the bots early on suicide run destroyer-to-destroyer, then cruiser-to-cruiser.... then when all the humans are killed off and you watch how the match pans out anyway, the bots suddenly become blind as bats and struggle to hit the opposing team 100 yards away, yet killed me at several km.... more [edited].
  12. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    What did you get in your daily log on Super Container?

    Tier 6 DUCA D'AOSTA. I think it's Italian for "everything that hits me, sets me on fire, because almost 1/3 of my commander's skills are useless for this ship". Seriously, Commander needs some kind of firefighting perk to select. Not sure why it recommends a perk instead for smoke screen reload, when it doesn't have smoke screen. The other perks those consumable things reduce time on, won't save this ship. I think this one's permanently confined to port, until I find a better progression ship to stuff the captain into, that's more deserving of the harbor slot Duca's sitting in.. Then I'll sell it off. Free ship = "you didn't have to pay for it now, but you will pay for it later."
  13. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    Watch out for misleading digital prepaid cards

    Actually, that snippet from their website, it does not mention it converts to doubloons. It verbatim says, "Enjoy your Gold Doubloons...." No mention of "this $20 will be converted into equivalent in-game currency called gold or doubloons" "Redeemable for in-game currency" being a poor choice of words. It could just as well be interpreted to mean coal, oil, steel... any of the various tokens... They're currencies in-game also. Call them resources all you like, they still spend like currency in-game. By the same token, doubloons are a resource, too. They have enough personnel in their marketing department fluent enough in sufficient English to word it accordingly. And as far as gold base rate? Big deal. There's a bundle that's $19.80 for 5000. If you're gonna use base rate instead of bundle rate, it should only be worth 4000, not 5000. But technically at the nearest bundle rate, $20 is worth fractionally more than 5000. At least they could take the moral high ground and give him the 50 doubloon difference as a courtesy. Or chuck in a day of premium time. But it's still a good call on his part catching this: as appealing as it may seem, some folks may indeed be misled thinking it's gonna post as a Store credit that can be used toward cash purchases, when it obviously can't. Especially more so when it says "Redeemable for in-game currency" when in-game currencies aren't just doubloons. Lighten up, Francis.
  14. LemonyFreshAnarchy

    Skip Vanguard?

    Well I just started WoWs just about a week ago... And I bought a few of the bigger Santa crates, can't remember if the middle size ones or the top end ones. And this Vanguard came out of one. Now I'm still trying to get the jist of playing tiers 2 and 3 without being a torpedo magnet.... I don't even have two dozen matches. So I hope my Vanguard doesn't rust away in port while I try to "get more gooder" before I jump into tier 8 with this thing. Don't want to be "that guy".