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  1. A hoop skirt is certainly befitting of a kanmusu representing a rigid airship.
  2. Do airship girls count as ship girls?
  3. In seasonal news, it's that time of year again.
  4. Something I've been wondering about Amagiri: Do any of her lines reference her chance meeting with JFK?
  5. Lost it at Eila and Sanya loading a mortar with surströmming. https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=17861246
  6. I don't know why you keep misspelling Murcia.
  7. Murcia? Well, it is along the Mediterranean, and I hear the beaches there are really nice. The actual city of Murcia itself is located well inland, though.
  8. The reviews are in. Theron Martin was surprisingly generous towards this series.
  9. "And Shiranui, stay off the dance floor."
  10. You mean Houston? He's still cool in his own way, it's just I'd rather play as old Hox if given the choice. I've largely moved on to the newer heisters, though. Speaking of Hoxton... RJ's hitbox so small, she'd be a Touhou character. (Never really played dodge builds in PD2, though.)
  11. On that note: I would definitely pay to see Shiranui try to jump-kick Kaga in the face. EDIT: I really hate the word filter.
  12. "Hell if I know. I read a Stephen King book, though, started exactly like this." "You've reached... STEVE. He's unavailable at the moment. Leave your number at the beep. BEEP. No, I'm kidding. It's me, Steve. It's all right here." "Sorry, we just had a small weapons malfunction over here. Er, over. Sir." "We have some mighty big rats." "Are you meaning to tell me these pagers are not working? I was doing some experiments in that... area of... things." "Er, my bad. There was some hair gel... situation... yeah." "Are these pagers not waterproof? I was conducting some experiments in that area of... things." "I'd double check your end. I have little faith in our... technical... support." Wolf is awesome, but as far as the original heisters go, I prefer playing as Hoxton. I currently alternate between Sokol and Sydney, and I'm also quite fond of Clover, Dragan, Bonnie, Jiro, Jimmy, and Scarface.