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  1. I posted along with many others about the game crashing before (for the last several months/patches, in fact) but it's very clear now that this happens most often when playing the Bayern. In fact today it seems worse than ever. I crashed 3 times straight in the same battle. Happens whenever I go into settings to change the view mode from window to full screen -- which by the way is ANOTHER bug, since the preferences never hold from session to session. I should mention I'm on a mac. Never had any problems whatsoever a few months ago but now the game is virtually unplayable. By the way, is there an official way to report this to WG or is this it?
  2. Game crashes constantly now

    Yes, same problem here as all of you - crash, crash, crash. PLUS, being on a mac, the setting for "window" is always on rather than "full screen" (never used to be that way prior to a couple of months ago) which causes loss of computer control during battle. So when I rejoin a game after a crash I'm often thrown into a pitched battle and immediately have to start fiddling with the settings. Needless to say those battles never end well. What's with WG, anyway? This used to be such a terrific and stable game but it's now becoming a question of whether I really want to play it anymore.
  3. Bayern crash

    What about it? Is that a standard report form of some kind? Where do I find it? Thanks!
  4. Bayern crash

    Been crashing a lot lately, and noticed it seems to happen particularly (possibly exclusively, not sure yet) when I play the Bayern. I'm on a Mac using the Mac wrapper. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. V-25 is killing the game

    Corvette Kapt - Well, I THOUGHT the Sampson fit my play style because for all its low tier disadvantages I enjoy destroyer duels -- especially against better destroyers who can fire more torps than me because I love the challenge of turning into the torps and seeing if i can maneuver though them and then killing my prey at close range while they are reloading. Don't get me wrong, I get killed tons but I enjoy the adrenalin rush when I do come out on top. With the V-25 they can do the same thing to you much more easily since they are more maneuverable AND they can still fire torps while moving toward you. Anyway I have since added the V-25 to see if I can learn its weaknesses from the player side but it doesn't give me the same adrenalin rush for some reason. By the way, looking back through past responses I noticed people weren't finding my stats. If they are referring to my V-25 usage those were in coop battles (don't want to burden my team with noob mistakes). My guess is those battles those don't get tracked.
  6. V-25 is killing the game

    Thanks Iron Dog. Point taken. I myself am surprised at my ill-considered headline and it has finally sunk in that that was the problem. (No pun intended). I think it was because my Sampson had just been killed by the thing for the 10th time in a row so that headline was borne from momentary venting. Speaking more calmly now, I do still feel the V-25 throws low tier games out of balance if say one side has two or three and the other side has none, so I'm still sticking to my guns on that (OK that pun was on purpose) but can also understand why chronic complainers might be annoying and make people touchy. So in the future I will hold off on nerf suggestions until after my frustration has subsided a bit. :) So, constructive advice appreciated. And yes, it is just a game after all.
  7. V-25 is killing the game

    Wow, what a reaction. My apologies if I came off as whining. OK, my subject line was admittedly over the top so my fault there. No, the V-25 is not "killing the game" but with forward shooting torps and higher hit points than a Samson it sure seemed like a candidate for tweaking to me. If no one else shares that opinion then OK, that's my answer. I don't see the need for an insult-fest. Thanks to the few of you who offered useful comments and/or advice. Yes, I will adapt and overcome. That includes the hostility in this forum.
  8. I've greatly stopped enjoying WoW since the V-25 has been introduced. Super maneuverable, all but impossible to hit with either torpedoes or shells from even medium range and when you do the damage doesn't seem commensurate with its puny size and construction. So all advantages and no disadvantages. I tried playing the ship briefly and sure enough, it was too easy to cause mayhem and thus no thrill, so I dumped it. Am I all alone in this opinion? Full disclosure: I do tend to like playing low tier under-equipped ships (much prefer Sampson to my Wickes or Clemson) for the challenge of it, perhaps more than most people. But facing V-25s isn't a challenge, it's just annoying.
  9. Every once and awhile I apparently touch the wrong key during a destroyer battle and suddenly I'm following my torpedoes to the target and lose all awareness of my ship's situation. I want to change the key that enables this or disable the feature entirely but when I looked in settings I don't see the appropriate command or key associated with that feature. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  10. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I realize I can change to full screen for the duration of a single session using the procedure you all described. But the game doesn't STAY in that setting when I relaunch it (it used to). My question is, how do I get the game to DEFAULT to full screen and stay there so I don't have to remember to do it every single time? All the other settings stay the way you set them but this one switches back.
  11. For the last couple of patches WoW now launches in Windowed view so I have to go into settings every single game to change it. If I forget to make the change then I invariably lose control of my ship in the middle of a battle and always at a crucial life or death moment! Please tell me how to change this. I have a Mac so do I need a new Mac wrapper? Thanks!
  12. Yes, I get the INVITE no problem. My question is how do I ACCEPT it? I see no button anywhere to click on saying "Accept." I've been invited dozens of times and I have rudely not answered because of this. Seems like a major UI flaw to me.
  13. This guide doesn't seem to explain how to accept an invitation to a division in mid-battle. What do I click on to accept? The buttons described in the port screen are not there. I have been invited several times but don't know how to accept, and I don't want to appear rude by simply ignoring them.
  14. Finally found this forum!

    Thanks for the welcome, guys! Yes, Fog_Heavy, I remember distinctly being awarded points when I got TK'd. I took some time away and missed a few updates but when I came back that feature was removed. I find it demoralizing now to know that the game doesn't recognize you were killed through no fault of your own.
  15. I don't know why but it took me forever to find this site. Anyway, been playing for awhile in the shadows, thought I'd finally come out into the light and say hi. Playing Tiers 2-5 right now. Where do I post a gripe about the removal of compensation points for getting team killed?