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    Ryujo - Bug, or Feature?

    Not really sure where to post this, so I'll drop it here for now and wait for a mod to do something appropriate with it. The promise of free Brit CVs got me to finally break down and pick up the American and Japanese carriers I've had unlocked, but un-purchased, since December. Run 15 games in each of the Ranger, Ryujo, Hermes, and Furious. Paying close attention to the post battle results screens, especially ammunition resupply under the Spent tab in the Credits and XP window, I've noticed something. Each of the ships charges a service fee for every attack aircraft, torpedo bomber, and dive bomber shot down during the course of a match - except the Ryujo. Sadly, I don't have any screenshots to share showing exactly what I'm talking about but it shouldn't be too difficult to verify. For some reason, the Ryujo doesn't appear to charge a service fee for lost dive bombers. The detailed report might say I've lost 1 Attack Aircraft, 3 Dive Bombers, and 4 Torpedo Bombers, but the ammunition resupply tooltip claims I only lost 5 aircraft that match. Are the DBs not being counted toward lost planes? Is it a problem with the tooltip? Or are they supposed to be free? *Edit: Based on the service cost, compared to the other CVs, it does appear to be charging a fee for lost DBs even though they don't show in the tally on the resupply tooltip. I'd really like some clarification on this.