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  1. THAT'S the reason. Yes I am in a clan... Ok, this makes sense now. THANKS!
  2. Thanks guys. The other branches of all ships/nations up to Tier VIII are on sale too, just can't seem to figure out until when.
  3. Does anyone know or can anyone point me where to find out when the tech tree discounts end?
  4. USN Cruiser Tree Split

    I gotta say, I would not be too chuffed to go up against a tier VIII in this...
  5. USN Cruiser Tree Split

    I've spent an inordinate amount of time reading my Friedman US Cruisers book, and well, until I see what WG actually comes out with, it's all guess work. On the flip side, I discovered another theoretical cruiser for my War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition mod/scenario.
  6. Yes, many nation's torpedoes could be set for high speed, short distance or low speed, long distance. USN's MK XIV I think was 49kts/4100 and yds.31kts/8000yds if memory serves
  7. Currently, we can switch between HE and AP shells. What about the ability to set your torps to go faster (with the resultant range loss)?
  8. Good point. Ok, well, I guess that's enough of this mental flogging. Thanks everyone for your input. Fair winds and following seas.
  9. Darn, I was hoping for a unanimous poll too. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. I particularly enjoyed the variations of "git gud bro". Yeah, I know it's an arcade game. I do find it disappointing to watch people play it like World of Tanks, particularly stopping dead in the water, bow on or angled slightly and just bouncing shots left and right. Or hiding behind an island. Beyond my strident OP, I wonder if there were ways to tweak momentum mechanics so that there would be more movement and less camping. One idea is to tone down acceleration/deceleration (except for the first 30 seconds so that players can get ships moving), but if you stop after that, it takes longer to start up again (exception if you run aground or a map border).
  10. Is anyone else bothered at the compressed rate of acceleration/deceleration in ships, especially cruisers and destroyers? Very many players treat the mechanics like the "rocking tactic" in World of Tanks. Ships to ship tactics are based on the ability to predict movement over time and distance. Ships that stop and attempt "tanking" should be able to be punished -severely. Want to stop campers? Change the physics model. Thoughts?
  11. USN Cruiser Tree Split

    It was always taught to me that the gun house was the turret without the actual barrels or the stock down into the ship.
  12. USN Cruiser Tree Split

    Seattle at IX needs to be complelling not to skip from Cleveland at VIII to Worcester at X. A Fargo would have to be a buffed Cleveland or a watered down Worcester. But... a logical "tweener" of 12 4x3 and 12 6x2 RF would be 12 4x3 RF
  13. USN Cruiser Tree Split

    I think the terms "guns" and "turrets" are being confused. If that picture is what it's going to be, those look like the gun houses for triple turrets