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  1. Zombie_Panda

    Clan wars div wont drop

    Anyone else having this problem? Seems to make the noise, whoever is in command but the game doesn't go into cue, just makes the noise and sits in port?
  2. Zombie_Panda

    Question about Google DNS for ongoing connection issues

    It should work wonderful. To test before you put it on your router go in and change the dns settings to the google dns in your network settings and give it a spin. You can get the google dns numbers with a simple web search, and there should be a step by step. This can all be rolled back by setting the dns back to automatic in network settings. Once you are happy just enter the information into your router setup page and you will be done. All devices on your wifi talk to the router, the router talks to the world so you only need to change the settings there for the entire network to use the google dns provided.