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  1. I love it when they get so salty they scream SHILL!!
  2. Yeah I noticed that as well, I originally posted after seeing the home page earlier. After my post I saw it sneaky sneaky Wargaming...
  3. It happens every day .. with variable server restart times. *EDIT from homepage " WE RELEASE THE WORLD OF WARSHIPS UPDATE ON MONDAY 19TH AT 03:00 PDT TO ADDRESS THE CURRENT FPS ISSUE SOME PLAYER ENCOUNTER."
  4. Alienware dark screen in daylight

    Look in notifications for night mode, be sure it is off. Also check your gama in game.
  5. Lexington found...

    Billionaire Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder and Seattle Seahawks owner, has made another huge nautical find: the USS Lexington, which was lost at the Battle of Coral Sea 76 years ago. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/03/05/uss-lexington-discovered-by-billionaire-paul-allens-crew-76-years-after-wwii-sinking.html
  6. All dem Wargaming bots.... haxors
  7. What will WG do now?

    It's not like this wasn't an open secret...
  8. WG, can you just - ... not?

    That's a lot of fire breathers...
  9. Interesting bug/exploit

    Romulan islands
  10. Aslain's Mod

    You can get almost all the use full mods at the proships website, I use it when Aslains is out. Is basically the same thing; and has always been safe. Ready to run with new version of wow's Proships -> http://proships.ru/news/
  11. Just did a search, and won't post links but I have now seen two of them.... and you have to pay real $.... Makes you feel bad for the ones that are 'cheating'.
  12. Counter or Follow?

  13. confirmed 'in before the lock' trending at wargaming.
  14. Server down again?

    oops, sry my bad
  15. Server down again?

    Apparently according to support there is an emergency hot fix coming out today https://na.wargaming.net/support/news/591