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  1. What will WG do now?

    It's not like this wasn't an open secret...
  2. WG, can you just - ... not?

    That's a lot of fire breathers...
  3. Aslain's Mod

    You can get almost all the use full mods at the proships website, I use it when Aslains is out. Is basically the same thing; and has always been safe. Ready to run with new version of wow's Proships -> http://proships.ru/news/
  4. Just did a search, and won't post links but I have now seen two of them.... and you have to pay real $.... Makes you feel bad for the ones that are 'cheating'.
  5. confirmed 'in before the lock' trending at wargaming.
  6. Server down again?

    oops, sry my bad
  7. Server down again?

    Apparently according to support there is an emergency hot fix coming out today https://na.wargaming.net/support/news/591
  8. but but 12k German torps are real on the cruiser..
  9. computer crashes right as battle is loading.

    I had the same thing happening with my dual 970's and a simple driver update fixed it all.
  10. Again?

    Parts :) ... Was my first computer... *edit - here is the Commodore PC
  11. Did Warships Fry My Computer?

    A few things, one check for background apps, or processes that are running hard on your hd's. (defrag hd?) I have seen this issue with chrome from time to time, clear your cache crap. The two of them related only caused a problem once which was an upgrade for the nvidia stream/record stuff. Does it load/play other games fine? Mod's It could be a mod or a corruption from a previous mod in the res folder? Without an extreme overheat caused by processing the game I seriously doubt it could do physical harm to your computer. Hope you get it back up and running
  12. Super Secret Cheaters club .

    Always take it is a compliment... heaven forbid learn the mechanics
  13. Don't play wows at 3am

    I was the caretaker and head chef at the oldest resort hotel in Washington state. For four years I lived with "charlie", it was quite an experience. The best was playing Diablo all night and walking through the hotel. I can never explain the things that happened there like saving us from a possible kitchen fire while we where closed for the winter to the feeling someone is supervising you. These things can get freaky, but you can live with it with the proper mindset.