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  1. Zombie_Panda

    12.5 Update Issues

    There was a patch today.. be patient
  2. So it has happened a couple times that I have had random fire from my secondaries; just shooting at nothing at all. This includes shooting at mountains for no reason. Also I sank a bb who also continued to shoot secondaries even though he was sinking; he wasn't hitting me or doing any damage. So is this a known issue or am I just special ? BTW this has as I said no effect on the game besides the fact I hear secondaries going off and start looking around for the dd they are shooting at...
  3. I still find it mildly amusing that people are more concerned about the cv/planes they see coming as opposed to the subs they don't when it comes to this discussion.
  4. Zombie_Panda

    NA Server Down...Again

    Yeah that is what threw me, it is normal reset time and once again the server needs newspaper for the cage
  5. Zombie_Panda

    NA Server Down...Again

    It's the daily restart, be patient Edit : Mayhaps Not
  6. Zombie_Panda

    I'm done

    With 3xx games?
  7. I do find it mildly ammusing that there is always a delay after the announced server start. At some point you have to realize how much you are trying to do and give yourself some time to make sure.
  8. I had some similar bad problems, that got worse over time very slowly.. the problem was a failing cooling system that was spiking every now and again. I would suggest downloading and running HWMonitor while running the game to check your board/cpu/gpu temps, also watch your clocks on your cores for big drops which can also show overheat problems specially on an OC. It should eliminate this as a problem and allow you to look more into software issues in winbloze. Also as mentioned before check and update drivers and definitely check for your BIOS updates!
  9. Zombie_Panda

    Game lock/crash

    So my game at odd times is either crashing with a hardware error in windows " unrecoverable_error", or it comes up with the "terminate or restart" box. Either way I get the penalty of course. I have reinstalled the game on a different drive getting away from a possible ssd problem, updated all drivers (checked), and run in vanilla (safe) mode. Still no joy! I thought it was a problem with the card etc so I ran Ghost Recon break point for two hours no problem, World of Tanks for an hour no problem, as well as a number of lower graphic games. Does anyone have any kind of idea about this one?
  10. Zombie_Panda

    Premium Player Only Game Modes

    Do you have any idea the amount of ways this would break MM?
  11. Zombie_Panda

    Clans "squading" up in Random Battles

    I find when we sync drop we face off against each other 99% of the time which is great. Killin dem clan mates is a thing. You also have to remember to do it right to try and balance the divisions, and cv's very rarely work because of the overall numbers. I have seen people make a lot of this in the past (not you op) but the best part is facing off against your clan mates, if you get on the same team it just becomes clan wars...
  12. Zombie_Panda

    CV mains: What do you like from playing CV?

    One of the bonuses of playing CV is that you don't rely on your team as much. You are able to go and do your thing, read the map and make the plays you need to. CV's are important to the team, but in many ways the team is not important to the CV player outside of taking care of his team with spots and fighters when applicable. Let me stress here that the CVS's roles have to be paramount, you MUST spot for your team, you MUST try and save that poor BB who thought he could push alone. In the end CV playing is about 40-50% map awareness, and as we all know teams don't do that to well..
  13. Anyone else having this problem? Seems to make the noise, whoever is in command but the game doesn't go into cue, just makes the noise and sits in port?
  14. It should work wonderful. To test before you put it on your router go in and change the dns settings to the google dns in your network settings and give it a spin. You can get the google dns numbers with a simple web search, and there should be a step by step. This can all be rolled back by setting the dns back to automatic in network settings. Once you are happy just enter the information into your router setup page and you will be done. All devices on your wifi talk to the router, the router talks to the world so you only need to change the settings there for the entire network to use the google dns provided.