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  1. I’m sure I remember CV’s having jets in CBT??? No thanks to missles etc ...
  2. Gaming & Speech

    Appreciated! Thanks
  3. Gaming & Speech

    Hate speech I’m against, obviously! Censorship I’m also against. The point I was trying to make is that in real life there are people out there that do need to “man up”, “grow a pair” or “get thicker skinned!” ... however you want to put it! People that get triggered/offensed by the simplest things. Basically if people acted the way they should in real life and not hide behind the anonymity of the internet there’d be no need for censorship within chat/forum posts/blogs etc, etc!
  4. Gaming & Speech

    While I agree with you to a certain point of view I also agree with OP on some of his points also! I was always taught “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!”. The problem comes from the anonymity of the internet! How many people that spout off in game(s), social media, blogs would DARE say 99% of the things they say on the internet in real life if that person they were saying it to stood in front of them? The problem we really have is that this anonymity has gone a step to far! I’ve been told “I hope your family die of cancer!!” or “I hope you die in a fire!” simply because I didn’t play a tank/ship etc the way that person thought I should play! Again, does anyone think that this person would say it to me in real life ?? I doubt it!! Mt worry is though that the more this carries on, the more censorship will be put in place to deal with stuff like this! Ideally people would grow a bit thicker skinned and the others would tone it down a LOT! I don’t want to live in a world where everything I say can offend someone because they’re a “powder puff” OR where people think that it’s ok to spout off some of the vile crap you read in chat/forum sometimes! Take a little time to think before we speak otherwise we’ll live in a world where we’ll be so censored you’ll hardly be able to open your mouth without being banned for something!!
  5. This explains how a CV Capt was able to drop torps on me from “inside” an island! I swear there wasn’t enough room to fit even a life raft between me and the island but the CV TB got me from island side! The torps must have slipped down the side of the island, hit the water, armed and then killed me! I gave the CV Capt a +1 for this as is was a very skillful drop and sat back in absolute amazement!!
  6. I use all my + karma points nearly every gaming session. I’ll do it for the reds as well as the greens on games I think someone played very well! The - karma points I use VERY rarely unless someone is just a complete [edited] nozzle and that tends to be for chat offenses to the team
  7. Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    Thanks mate. MLS is not a bad league to watch if you have a local team. A lot of big stars from the Euro leagues come to the MLS to "retire". Frank Lampard (ex-Chelsea and England player) just signed for New York City, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden and Man United) recently signed for LA Galaxy and Bastion Schweinsteiger (Germany and Man United) signed for Chicago last season. All are ex World Cup players for their nation.
  8. Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    Remember that the graph there is showing MLS not actual Football and I'd guess that it's possibly showing viewing on the TV not participating. If so, they might want to update that because the NFL lost a metric ton of viewers from the NFL not so long ago. ^^^^ This .... last time we nearly won we got defeated by Maradonna's "Hand of God!" ... bloody cheat!!
  9. Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    I think it'll be between Germany or France. Germany is my "back-up" team as usually England will lose spectacularly to some team like the Cayman Islands
  10. Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    Should actually be referred to as Football where you actually use your foot to play the ball. It really boils my piss that they call it Soccer. Perhaps American Football should be renamed American Handball ... and you're right mate, Italy and Chile should certainly be more embarassed by the fact they didn't qualify! The US team are getting a lot better though :)
  11. I still think you are all misreading the Development Blog. The radar changes are referring to the the Cossack radar mod1
  12. I read this as the radar mod on the Cossack is being nerfed. You'll notice in the "Development Blog" that it has 2 ships mentioned i.e. The Cossack and The Grozovoi and under each a list of changes. The Cossack has Radar Mod 1 listed as being an option and then under that it states the changes to radar. I could be wrong but that's certainly how I read it!
  13. Forgot to say. The ship I kind of regret buying is Saipan. I’m just ridiculously terrible with CV’s ... even worse than my normal performance. Hoping the CV rework will help me. I got a Kaga gifted to me and haven’t even taken it out! A friend has played the only game played in it!
  14. Eugen is a great cruiser now!! Try it! With the heal it’s much more a viable ship! HE is great on her!