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  1. Wow! Congrats mate! I’d love to see that replay
  2. Great write up mate! +1 Ive been dabbling with CV’s also. I’m it a great player in any of my ships but like to play mostly DD’s although do play all the other classes. As you said, playing the CV’s allows you to find their weeknesses and help with your counterplay as a DD or other ship. It’s the same reason I started playing more cruisers and BB’s. Knowing your enemy will always allow for a better counter play! Learning to deal with CV’s I’ve found no different than learning to play against radar. It’s still a work in progress but I believe I’m learning.
  3. Bravo4zero

    I hate free ships and doubloons!!

    Very well written mate. Paradigms and cultural differences are something that many don’t consider in everyday life and I wish more would. I could give some classic examples of this.
  4. Bravo4zero

    Least favorite T10?

    Worst Tier X to me is Des Moines. I hate playing against it and suck in it (worse than my other ships)! Favourite is Harugamo/Hindy/Groz in random and Z-52 in CB
  5. I’ve used Sierra-Mike flags on my CV’s to speed up the ship. It gives you (on most) enough speed to out run or at least keep distance from most CL/CA that get through to you but it’s situational. As for planes, they all have speed boost as far as I’m aware
  6. Thanks for the quick response mate! Like Yoda, a fountain of knowledge you are!
  7. Bravo4zero

    AA sector locked on screen.

    Never had that happen to me but appreciate the fact you found a fix so if it does happen to me I can resolve it quick(er)
  8. Bravo4zero

    Solo warrior in the Audacious!

    Well done mate! As a CV Capt I applaud you .... as a DD Capt ... I hate you! Lol +1 for the game/achievement either way!
  9. I’d imagine it’ll take a while to level out at the lower tiers as people are still grinding through the CV’s. Tier 6 and 8 may be the sticking point (on NA server any ways) due to having premium T8 CV’s. This will probably take a spike for a while soon (tm ... no idea how to get the little “tm”) due to the 5 premium CV’s going on sale but I guess that depends on demand. Could be wrong on any/all of this but who knows. Sure it’ll be an annoyance for a while for the non-CV players as well as the CV players (tier 6-8) but also sure the 2 x CV’s per game will settle. Take a deep breath and let it take its natural course.
  10. Bravo4zero

    Audacious - 1st Impressions

    Thanks mate. Hoping to work up a few more Capt points before the free respects finish and have a play around with my points. Appreciate the help!
  11. Bravo4zero

    Audacious - 1st Impressions

    The rockets arm/aim time is a bit slower. You certainly can’t complete a tight turn after a turn and make a 2nd turn easily. I usually try to attack DD’s full broadside but if not possible at least try to get an angle on them. The level bombers certainly do drop slowly. I got up, made a cuppa tea before the drop finally hit and have found hitting a ship from stern a lot harder. The dmg output from them seems ok ... not amazing but ok. How do you have your Captain set up mate? I have mine invested in speed and survivability and working on concealment.
  12. Bravo4zero

    Audacious - 1st Impressions

    The rocket planes are pretty good I think although as you say OP, they are slow to re-arm. I was able to defend myself from a lone Yeuyang that managed to slip through hitting him for 4-5k dmg. Luckily I’d whittled him down a bit at the start getting ~13k dmg. When he got to my CV I finished him off with a full flight of rocket planes and a couple of lack-luster hits from my secondaries. The level bombers do relatively good dmg and seemed to set fires on most full drops. Still got a ways to go to be profishent in Audacious but getting there a step at a time. Was really hoping the tier 8 prem would be available today so it would help speed up my Captain build. Running a 13pt Capt isn’t helping my cause.
  13. Bravo4zero


    There’s an option somewhere in the WG Game Center for downloads. It is by default “throttled”. If you change this to “unlimited” it will speed up the download ... if this is the issue you’re having. Sorry I can’t remember the exact place and not near my laptop to check. @Radar_X could this be the issue? I have mine set that way and got the download 1st thing this morning with out issue
  14. Z-52 was my most played ship in last seasons CB. It’s great for hunting down other DD’s especially in a cap contest. With RPF, the blazing gun speed (with bft, AR and gun reload mod) add the hydro and it’s a monster.
  15. Bravo4zero

    To WG: Those ships have BAD AA in CV battle

    I’ve been neg-rep’d for “.... obviously hacking to have made that shot!”, I’ve been neg-rep’d for “..... our DD lost the game for us!” when finishing top XP after solo capping all the caps while the rest of the team sat huddled behind an island, I’ve received multiple neg-reps for simply playing a CV and “ ... ruining my game!” and I’ve been neg-rep’d for dev-striking a BB at the beginning of the game with torps (don’t charge the smoke fellas, a Z-52 with hydro can see you coming even if he’s in smoke). Mostly neg-reps equate to “I’m taking my ball!!”