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  1. Daring build- suggestions?

    Notser has a good video recently regarding the RN builds with a ton of information. Might be worth checking out!? I’d post a link but on my phone at the moment
  2. I’ve been buying boat loads of signal flags with the sovereigns. They well priced compared to the ones for coal especially as I have Bert Dunkirk now (in addition to Jack) and used others to buy Warspite (again) so got 6500 doubloons! Some good deals I think but if you don’t need them, the credits will help fund your Seattle and Kitakaze.
  3. I’ve had this happen a couple of times but not in any particular ships. The most recent was in a DD (can’t remember which one) where I had 2 fires and my engine, torps and rudder knocked out. I hit ‘R’ it went through the count-down but no cool-down afterwards but my damage wasn’t fixed. I hit ‘R’ again and this time it fixed it and went onto cool-down. I need to get replays setup again so I can submit a ticket and would suggest you do the same. It is infrequent but annoying none the less when it does happen. Forgot to say this was the 1st dmg I’d taken all game so it wasn’t me mistakenly seeing the dmg control party on cool-down.
  4. What was your favorite cruiser line to grind?

    I love the RN cruisers! I’ve kept Leander and Fiji. I did free xp out of Edinburgh to Minotaur so I could get the extra SC when you got one for each tier x. The Edinburgh was a good ship though. Minotaur is amazing but I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. Just have to remember you’re an oversized DD with a citadel .... or is that a giant citadel disguised as a ship?? Hindenberg is an amazing ship as others have said and Prinz Eugen is a monster now with the heal. I hate the Cleveland now but some peeps make it work fantastic and the Worcester is a demon (I don’t have it but hate playing against it). Des Moines doesn’t work for me at all but again lots of peeps do fantastic in it. Good luck mate and enjoy the line you choose!
  5. Save a Star

    Someone in a previous thread proposed a points system in which you had to gain “x” amount of points to graduate up to the next rank. I think this is the best option I’ve seen so far with the exception of how the points are awarded. How many points would you give to each player? Does only the top xp earners per team gain stars? If it is done based on dmg, which that is a huge factor for xp, would this promote playing for yourself over playing as a team? Should it be that the top 3 players of the losing team gain points as well (as an example)? As others have pointed out, as a DD player you can have a blinding game (spotting, capping and dmg) and still come below the guy that sat at the back the whole game sniping/farming dmg and taking little to no return fire. just my $0.02
  6. British destroyer smoke. Do you all like it?

    It still works well at tier 8 even though you encounter a lot more radar. Pop it as you run away to give you a chance to drop detection. NOW, add in your idea for a sigma/dispersion de-buff (great idea BTW) and the RN DD smoke would work fantastically.
  7. T-61 vs Shinonome

    It’s a good trainer for the high tier German DD’s, tier 9 and 10 as it has the same smaller caliber guns. If you like the 150’s then get the Z-23(?). Ive only played it a handful of times and don’t own the Shinome so can’t really give too much of a review or comparison but I like it the games I’ve played so far
  8. ^^^ This Also if you catch a DD without any friends he’ll usually pop smoke once you outspot him. I’ll then pop hydro and move in closer (1/4 -1/2 speed) until he lights up. You’ll get a couple of salvo’s off before they can react, usually running away as they can’t see you. You have excellent acceleration so can keep up long enough to put some real hurt on them. If you need to break off, pop smoke and turn away. Rinse and repeat until they’re dead!
  9. You ninja’d me with that response. As desturbed1 (sorry on my phone so not even attempting the capitals etc), Gallant with all the economic flags. You could attempt it in co-op but I’m guessing it’s have to be an absolutely outstanding game for that amount of coin! If you have the Gallant, practice it randoms mate. After all the RN challenges will give you some of the RN DD’s. What better a time to practice with them!? Good luck mate and hopefully you crack it!
  10. The flags they handed out recently and camo’s from the missions you’ve done help with this A LOT! Obviously if you have prem time and play the highest tier RN DD you have also helps. Good luck mate!
  11. Same for me. Still only have the Dunkeque (sp) as my French BB but have all the RN DD’s from playing the missions. I did play the majority of these in RN ships though ... Gallant, Leander, Fiji, Belfast and Minotaur. I wanted the set but was missing until Jervis. Bought a Cossack and very first game in that got the Jervis! Good luck to those that don’t have any yet! May RNGesus smile down on you soon!!
  12. I watch all of Flamu’s and other CC’s videos. They are great for ideas, advice etc, etc. The thing to remember and what some seem to miss is that most these guys are unicum players. In the hands of your regular player the OP ships aren’t always so OP .... my Belfast for example. The Daring has some pretty good utilities and perhaps is OP but I’d imagine the amount of players that can use this to its maximum potential will be pretty slim. My point is that just because a couple of exceptional players show how “Op” a ship is, don’t expect it to be an “I win” or “OP” ship when you see it in randoms. So calls for nerf’s already may be a bit preemptive. Just my $0.02
  13. With the Belfast gone there is no RN CL. I’ve copied and pasted some info I posted in a previous post similar to this. The Edinburgh is the last class of the Town Class RN CL.. Her sister ship is in fact the Belfast .. funny how the prem is tier 7 and Edinburgh tier 8. There was also the Southampton Class and Gloucester Class both boasting multiple ships Southhampton Class has 5 ships : Newcastle, Southampton, Sheffield, Glasgow and Birmingham (my grandad served on the HMS Birmingham during WWII) Glouster Class has 3 ships : Liverpool, Manchester and Glouster I’d be happy to see any of these balanced as a tier 8 trainer but for obvious reasons would love to see HMS Birmingham. P.S. No gimmicks needed!! No HE, just very similar playstyle to the rest of the RN CL’s
  14. Standardize the consumable keys.

    Like OP says I have the same “problem”. I’ll set off the wrong consumable because of the key differences even on the same type of ship! In WoT you can change the order of your consumables on each tank. Why not allow this on ships?
  15. I do pretty terrible in all my ships but the 3 I really can’t get to work are the new Cleveland, Des Moines and Haida. Did ok in old Cleveland as it could angle and get some troll bounces. The new one ... port queen and will most likely stay that way!! Forgot the Belfast!! May be classed at OP but I do better in the Fiji than the Belfast ... go figure!