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  1. Bravo4zero

    Bringing up an old question about Mogami

    If you’re planning on keeping the Mogami you could consider getting one of the new IJN Capts (Suzuki brothers I believe). That way you wouldn’t need to respec the current Capt when moving up to Ibuki and Zao
  2. Bravo4zero

    What's left unsaid about Subs

    Totally agree mate! I find it hilarious that the use historical accuracy for this decision on the DD’s which made mention of Premiums in the same sentence. Also forgot to mention no porpoising. It’ll take a “set amount of time” to dive and surface
  3. Bravo4zero

    Game Randomizer Chart

    Good idea mate to spice up the game play. Not sure your teammates (outside the div) would appreciate the “fail div” though!
  4. Bravo4zero

    What's left unsaid about Subs

    From what I’ve seen/read the answers to some points /questions above (in Waterline vid and Drvblog) : • No more hydrophone (not to be confused with hydro Acoustic) • Submerging is limited by battery life which cannot be recharged • Being radar’d depletes battery charge quicker. Not sure if that’s Hydro too • Battery charge is calculated by nation and tier. 5-11 mins Max was quoted for being submerged • Not all DD’s get depth charges depending on historical (whether they had them or not irl) • BB’s and cruisers get “airdropped” ASW • A new torpedo system is being worked on Guess we’ll need to see what happens
  5. Haven’t used the skill but would assume that once line of site is lost they wouldn’t be able to detect you like when firing your guns, you’re detected for 20 secs but if LoS is broken your bloom/detection resets,
  6. Bravo4zero

    Vampire 2

    I’ll have to wait to give it a try .. still short on RB points by about 6k so gonna wait till the x2 before I get it
  7. Bravo4zero

    Vampire 2

    Shame you quit at Jervis mate because Lightning is an amazing ship!! I rebought Jervis and kept Lightning once I got Daring. Vampire 2 is basically a “better” Daring Im basing that purely on what I’ve seen so far of course!
  8. Bravo4zero

    Ban Benham from Ranked

    You forgot to remove the 1st 65 secs of the game for the 1st load and also the fact the Benham has 2x4 on each side so requires a turn to launch from the other side ... if you want to be certain of the count!
  9. Bravo4zero

    What part of this would be fun for a new player?

    I’ll dust off one of my low tier (Ii-V) ship every once in a while but usually end up in a 3v3 game or such like. Kinda sad cos I love my Emden, Konig Albert and Nikolai and especially loved the Smith but now it’s not worth it as there’s nobody to play against
  10. Bravo4zero

    where is the vampire II ?

    Thanks mate. Just checked it tonight at it says 27 days. Got 47k RB already so time to use some of that FXP I have once the x2 hits .... Vampire II will be mine although it’s gonna kill me waiting! Lol
  11. Bravo4zero

    where is the vampire II ?

    Thanks! Doesn’t the new season of RB start around the same time Vampire II drops? I think it’s pretty close. Not at my PC otherwise I’d check
  12. Bravo4zero

    where is the vampire II ?

    Does it drop the same time (yeah, saw the date thanks) as the next season of RB x2?
  13. Bravo4zero

    Dockyard: ZF-6 Boosters

    Thanks for clearing that up mate!
  14. Bravo4zero

    Dockyard: ZF-6 Boosters

    Iirc the steel rewards come from completing the dockyard and then doing the stages again? I’m not 100% certain on this as I only completed Anchorage. I used boosters and completed a week or so before the dockyard ended but believe I got steel for completing the already completed stages again
  15. Bravo4zero

    Free XP ships coming out

    Thanks mate!