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  1. Bravo4zero

    ISE in OPS?

    The guns can be rough but was playing with clan mates so we were able to use the planes from CV and Ise to good use. Ise planes can also take out the DD’s with a bit of practice. We’ve tried it with 2 x Ise and a CV too but that didn’t work out as good
  2. Bravo4zero

    ISE in OPS?

    ^^^ This. Used her quite well in Newport as you’re able to spot the long range ships that disappear at the beginning and can hang up on the BB’s with a CV
  3. Bravo4zero

    Mods policy without listing forbidden mods

    I got you mate. I was pointing out what you mentioned “praise for his dedication”. I use the WG mod pack for simple things like colour change of “indicators” (RPF etc) and the battle timer because I’m to lazy to work that out for myself! Lol Mods can be a slippery slope but your right. If you stick to the WG Modpack or certified, you should be ok.
  4. Bravo4zero

    Mods policy without listing forbidden mods

    Only time a mod in Aslains mod pack in WoT had an issue he immediately removed it, fixed it and then reapplied it. All it did was fix the “target lock” at close range where WG’s in game key didn’t always work.
  5. Bravo4zero

    What was your first Computer?

    My cousins had a C64. We played Spy vs Spy to death on that thing!! It was an amazing machine for its time! and was colour! My ZX81 was mono. Sinclair didn’t release colour until the Spectrum 32 came out. I never got that as I got a Sega Megadrive next! Lol
  6. Bravo4zero

    What was your first Computer?

    Sinclair ZX81. It came with 1k ram and you had to add a 16k Rampack that plugged in the back and ALWAYS came loose and fell out after typing 3 hours of basic code which you could only save to a cassette deck. 1st game on it was called Maze of the Mazogs that took 6 minutes to load from the cassette deck and usually took at least 2-3 attempts to load! http://oldcomputers.net/zx81.html
  7. Bravo4zero

    Best End Game Pic Ever

    Kinda looks like Twin Brothers looking north on the East side of the map
  8. Bravo4zero


    Karma is somewhat meaningless in the game. Sure, it’s nice to have those +1’s etc but they don’t really mean anything when you consider you can be neg karma’s for finishing top, not playing the way another thinks you should play, not doing things that aren’t even possible (yep, been neg-repped for not laying a smoke screen in my Halland!) or playing certain classes. I use my “+’s” and very rarely use the negs unless someone is being a complete “gob-sh1te” in chat (spamming F keys, belittling other players etc) but I think of them like work. I keep 128 site WAN up and running about 99.99% of the time yet the same person that’ll complain and have a go when it goes down (that 0.01% day) doesn’t knock on my door and say “thanks” the rest of the time. Ill give you a +1 for the idea but to me it’d be something to “skip” (the video) and make it even less “worth” if/when I do get a +1
  9. Bravo4zero

    Are hybrid ships good, bad, or just different?

    The key with Ise is timing the attack runs of the planes. You have a 30-ish sec cooldown on your guns so if you’re able to send your attack planes to strike in that window it can be pretty brutal. It’s definitely a positioning, remembering to enable your auto-pilot, keeping your guns locked trifector experience. I’m not great at doing it but have gotten it to work when top tier to some extent but don’t play it enough to ever be great at it. Tone I haven’t played much at all (I think I’ve only played it twice … 1 time for a snowflake) but I was up tiered and the planes just melted on the attack runs … bad play on my part. I’ve seen some better skilled players do really well but I’m not one of those players
  10. Bravo4zero

    Anyone get one Of These Emails

    I got the same email but it also had a link to claim my birthday gift. The “Claim” for my birthday link didn’t work and neither did the “Login for containers” option.
  11. Bravo4zero

    Anyone else have this experience?

    If you want to be sure of a win, be sure to be the 1st one to die, don’t have any xp/eco signals on, make sure you’ve done less than 390 dmg (you can only let your secondaries get 1 hit) and certainly don’t have NB enabled for a 250 BXP try. Guaranteed win every time! In all seriousness if I lose 3 in a row, no matter how good or bad I’ve done it’s time to go do something else as 3 in a row usually means that streak will continue. Alternately I’ll switch to co-op and select a fast firing ship, preferably with fast firing torps and gain my wins there or do a couple of OPs then try again for 3 more matches in random. If I get the same result (3 straight loses) … it’s not my day for ships!
  12. Taking the Bentham into co-op I can pretty much guarantee you won’t have a problem with racking up damage Good haul mate! Congrats!
  13. Bravo4zero

    RN Commanders

    Thanks mate for updating that! I have both the brothers and also have Jack in my Mino. Jingle runs my BB’s and the other Dunkirk brother is in either Leander, Fiji or Edinburgh .. or might possibly be in Jervis! Lol
  14. Bravo4zero

    RN Commanders

    I think the Dunkirk brothers are still available in the armory .. one for dubs (1500) the other for coal. They have some special Captain skill bonuses and are 10 point Captains. Ian Cunningham is the “special” Captain but iirc he’s 172k coal. They all have usable skills in the RN CL line. Hope this helps. Good luck mate!
  15. Bravo4zero

    New Years event

    If you doubloon up to Repulse you can start the missions now. Otherwise you have to wait till the next round of missions unlock. From what others have posted I believe it’s said you then have 6 days to complete all the missions.