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  1. Whilst I agree with what you’ve written (to a point) it’s only his 2nd post to the forum so probably doesn’t know about all the useful information in the forums (including LittleWhiteMouses write up’s) or the premium shop. So .... welcome @Zuk and enjoy viewing all the information available of these forums. I’ll provide a link for LWM write up once at my PC. LittleWhiteMouse's Premium Ship Write-up's
  2. Manipulative Match Making

    Thanks for the info mate. I won’t use the program but was interested if there was one similar to the xvm stats in WoT. I used XVM in WoT but mostly to watch as the predictated result was negated as often the team with the high win-chance became complacent because they get sure of the win. As I said, some gave up immediately if it predicted something like 27% win-chance. For me it only spurned me on to try even harder to win!
  3. Manipulative Match Making

    Can I ask how you know what winrate % each player has ornate you just judging them by how they play? The reason behind this question is because in WoT XVM has made games unbearable. While some may argue against this there are many times that you’ll read in chat “gg MM” or “another s@&t team” or “another loss” before the game has even gotten started because people look at their teams stats ... and give up!! I’d youre using a stat tracker it may be that it’s making it worse on yourself because you see the stats of the enemy and compare it to those on your team making you make different decisions than you might (hard push/flank/damage farm) has you thought you had a “fighting chance” before the game started. Just a possiblility
  4. Fun With AA Spec Destroyers

    Lol!! Revenge was sweet in those clips mate +1
  5. Hopefully the reduction in armor armor will effect the BB AP annoyance we now have and will cause more over-pen? Not a CV player but seem to be seeing some similarity between the CV’s in WoWS and Arty in WoT firstly with limitations in divs, the across the board nerfs and exclusion from CW. Although these are not exactly the same thing it kinda looks like a pattern!? I hope not because I know how much it sucks when you put in time and effort to grind a line (class) to see it get sucker-punched
  6. Benson, mod 3 torps.. worth it?

    IIRC you may also just want to stick with the B hull as it has an extra turret. The C hull replaces a turret with AA mounts. For me an extra gun is worth more than AA. As for the torps, the upgrade is worth it. Benson torps aren’t the best but they’re workable. Good luck with the Benson. She’s a fine ship and if you like her, you’ll love the fletcher!’
  7. Nah, they’ll probably have no torpedoes but have mines instead with a detection radius of 5km BUT they’ll have radar that last 20 minutes, a detection radius of 12 km, top speed of 18 kts and only able to fire used tea bags! That should be gimmicky enough
  8. I like all tiers pretty much although rarely venture below IV ... Koenig Albert does call me every now and again for a trip out though. I have quite a few premiums and love the difference between all the ships. Warspite is always fun but the ships I love the most are Scharnhorst and Fletcher ... they just feel “comfortable” like @Lert said. Love DD’s at all tiers 6-10, especially the USN DD’s. I want to like the KM DD’s and love my tier IV but Gaede and Z-23 hate me with a passion!! Only got the Gearing at tier X but I find the gameplay a bit of a snooze-fest and i’m not sure i’ll bother getting anymore tier X’s because of this. I prefer just to pick a ship and hit battle and take what comes.
  9. Unfortunately we live a "stat-centric" gaming world and many games stats are based on damage done or kill/death ratio. It's a selfish world we game in that's why I was REALLY looking forward to CW being introduced. While a little disappointed with how the testing phase with limited ship choice with hard limits and team size, I'll be interested to see how it develops. So far "ranked" has been the best team play scenario available and that didn't always pan-out. Great job Zoup, Thanks!
  10. Win rate with an AFK teammate?

    You might have to factor somewhere in your math that depending on what tier and class of ship it is can also effect the equation e.g. the AFK ship still spots ships within its view range, also has secondaries that will start firing if an enemy gets within range, still has AA that could possibly slow down a AS attack on the friendly CV. Not sure how this would figure into it but sure it does.
  11. Losing Torps in ATL?

    I’d give my torps away on the ATL for just a degree or 2 less on the satellite launching firing arc
  12. The real take on potatoes

    I’m a self confessed “potato” or “baddie”. I try very hard every game to apply what I’ve learnt from previous experience and from watching better players whether they be CC-ers or just skilled playing YouTubers. Here’s the thing many forget when talking about “git-gud” or learn to be more skilled. As @Lert pointed out, some players plateau. An example is my teaching my son football (soccer) skills. It took me a long time to learn how to take (and score from free-kicks). I was teaching my son foot placement on the ball, the part of the foot to hit the ball with and the position of the body when making contact with the ball. This took many hours/weeks/months of practice for me to achieve myself. In 1 hour of practice my son was continually kicking and placing the ball wherever I requested in the net. He has a natural talent for the game. My point is that any game or activity can have people with the natural talent to just see and feel what will work etc. and others may practice over and over and have a real interest in attaining greatness but will never quite get it. Just my 2 cents
  13. Kept the kutuzov because she’s fun and I haven’t really noticed a difference with the smoke changes as i’m Never close enough for it to make a difference (if I can help it). Kept the Belfast (although I can’t make it work for me) because my Grandad served on a town class Light cruiser in WWII (HMS Birmingham - C19).
  14. Gearing Help I am suffering

    Thanks mate! I need real help with my torps and hopefully this video will help with that. I usually watch Flamu’s videos but missed this one. I miss stealth firing :(
  15. Gearing Help I am suffering

    I’m not the greatest player in the world so my advice may be a little off but a very good player of the Gearing told me to spec it for stealth and torp. I have all the Capt specs set to make my torps faster reload and faster in the water and all modules for the same. As you say, the guns are great but I tend to use mine only if I need to early game. If a battle is taking place and enemy is spotted by someone other than me, I may smoke-up and lob my shells in to mix. In late(r) game you can use them with great effect as long as the enemy isn’t looking at you or you have an escape route putting an island between you and said enemy. I’m a team player especially in early game (randoms only as I don’t belong to clan) and rightly or wrongly so, use my torps for area denial (12.5km at 70kts does catch people off guard) however this comes at the cost of your own dmg potential. As you said, if you don’t get support it can be a really short game especially if the enemy use radar (I hate this!!!!). I have all the USN DD’s from tier 6 (sims instead of Mahan) as I love them! Gearing has its own play style though as far as I’m concerned. Good luck and fair seas!