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  1. Bravo4zero

    OH those tasty Lemmings ....

    That pic there is a Halland/Gearing wet dream!!
  2. Bravo4zero

    Z-39 in Rank.....not bad

    Totally understand mate. 1am for me too so was getting a bit “end of the day” sloppy. Dont worry about the names not being blocked. I recognized your name and in your description regarding your daughter and not worried about being named! It’s all good
  3. Bravo4zero

    Z-39 in Rank.....not bad

    @Kuramitsu You had a blinding game that game mate. I was in the Jervis that got blatted when the Atlanta made the “surprise” push into B ... my mistake as it was the 2nd time in that match I’d got caught with my pants down ... “just the wrong guy, in the wrong place at the wrong time!”. Thanks for the carry mate! BTW, as I said in the match, real life > pixel ships no matter the game mode so taking care of your daughter was a priority over winning the game. It was commendable in chat for you to say that! Good luck mate and hope you can push through the ranks!!
  4. Bravo4zero

    This seasons ranked

    I don’t always play ranked seasons as spend the time I have to play divisioned with clan mates or doing clan battles. When I do play I tend to wait till later at night. If I lose a game, I walk away for 5 -10 mins then usually will have a “fresh” team next battle. If I win, I might hit battle again and hope to get at least some of the players I played with last game. Seems to be working so far this season. 3 loses in a row (same as randoms) is an instant “call it a night” and do something else! Less stress on myself and teammates as it’s possible I’m the “weakest link” in that scenario! Good luck all!
  5. Bravo4zero

    General Clan Questions

    Something to consider is trying to recruit some other players. Simply state you have no interest in divisions, clan battles etc and that’s it’s simply for those who wish to get the bonuses others have mentioned. There are players out there that do join clans just for the bonuses and it will benefit you all by doing that as you’ll earn more oil to build the buildings in the naval yard and thus get more bonuses/discounts. Discounts included are cheaper tech tree ships, discounts on modules (iirc) and extra coal bonus which helps to get special upgrades and eventually “coal ships” from the armory. There is a section on the forum for clan recruitment so if you post your “advertisement” some may show interest. Good luck mate!
  6. Bravo4zero

    Help understanding (a) current CV meta

    Thanks mate! Very true and missed that one!
  7. Bravo4zero

    Going Old School (PVE Thread)

    Great info mate, thanks! +1
  8. Bravo4zero

    Help understanding (a) current CV meta

    ^^^ This @Lylanthwol I play CV’s very rarely (Naval Battles, OP’s and CB occasionally). As for why DD’s look like they are going to zip into a cap then go off somewhere else can be for numerous reasons : • The DD is the only DD on you team and the opposing DD maybe one with hydro, radar, better detection range or a radar cruiser is spotted going to that cap • Overwhelming enemy team pushing that cap and he has little/no team support • Spotted by CV or CV dropped fighters. A detected DD can easily be a very dead DD • Area denial torps before choosing a different cap • Some maps the cap circle is smaller than the DD’s detection range so you have to choose wisely the cap your going into • Limited exit strategy from said cap leaving it difficult to go dark if spotted Those are some of the things I always consider before going into a cap. Winning a cap at the start of the game doesn’t guarantee a win so getting deleted yoloing for said cap is futile. Hope that helps mate!
  9. No offense intended mate but if you’d looked at Naval Battles you’d have seen that Italian BB’s aren’t on there. As someone else stated, only tech tree lines are available in Naval Battles otherwise clans would have to “buy” to compete. Roma’s a good ship (imho) although RNGesus needs to be on your side sometimes for the dispersion. It’s also prone to overpens do to its excellent AP shell ballistics but can work wonders against broadside tier x ships. Good luck mate!
  10. Bravo4zero

    Hey, guess what happened?

    What tier ships are you playing mate? Any particular ship type? Queue dumps can happen at anytime of the day. When you go to queue, look at how many CV’s are currently in the queue. If you’re playing tier 3, 4 or 5 there are always lots of CV’s in queue. They are most likely the reason you’re being queue dumped at those tiers.
  11. Bravo4zero

    Which Destroyer LIne

    Welcome mate! Hope it works out good for you!
  12. Bravo4zero

    Which Destroyer LIne

    If you can get the UU it’ll bring your detection down to Shima level (5.6km). Use the 16km iirc and torp speed boost skill brings them down to 13.2km. You can slot DFAA instead of speedboost giving you some extra AA (although it’s debatable). With that great detection range, excellent USN smoke, 13.2km 71ktns torps with lowing detection range and base AA of over 5km AA you can be quite effective against CV’s, stealth torp the longest radar and your guns are still pretty potent. It gives you pretty good utility boat. Just my $0.02 but it’s working pretty good for me in CB’s Good luck mate!
  13. Bravo4zero


    To take full advantage of some of Scharnhorst’s qualities (secondaries specifically would be useful for ranked imho) you really need a high point Captain. At the very least I would suggest a 10pt Captain to allow you to spec for fire prevention as KM BB’s have deck armor and superstructure made out of petrol (gas) soaked tinder ... you’ll see plenty of HE spammers this ranked season (Atlanta’s, Flint and even Belfast has the capability). Youll also want to load up modules to help with secondary build (if you go that way) and fire prevention. Some signals will also help. Its a great ship for Operation Naria!! In all, it can be a high “investment”. Good luck in ranked whatever you choose to do mate! BTW, Yuro’s video that RipNuN2 is still one of my fave videos to watch even if a little dated now!
  14. Thanks mate, I’ll take a look. Must’ve missed that one
  15. Bravo4zero

    PT, balance changes

    I’m interested in this one too mate! Wonder if it just relates to the position of the consumable? Iirc Speedboost is in the last position of consumables whereas other ships tend to have it more to the left. Could be wrong as I’m not in front of my PC to check