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  1. Bravo4zero

    War Movies

    My absolute favorite war movie! This is the movie that had me sitting in the recruitment office to join the British Airborne. Who’d have thought they wouldn’t take an insulin dependent diabetic ... me at the time!
  2. Bravo4zero

    War Movies

    Great mini-series. It’s in German with subtitles. Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it!
  3. Cossack for me! The perfect match!
  4. Bravo4zero

    How did you get your GC?

    Paid for it when it was 1st released
  5. Bravo4zero

    They are shooting at me...run away!

    Always nice to have a team mate helping out! There are definitely some team players out there and it makes the game a much more winnable game when teams work together ... why I enjoy divisioning with clan mate/friends and CB. A good Cv pilot/team player is certainly a plus in the game right now!
  6. Bravo4zero

    Dont worry about Belfast getting buffs...

    I’m with you on that. Don’t care either way about the radar.
  7. The way I’m reading it is the MM .... look at all those BB’s to feast on!!
  8. Bravo4zero

    Why are detonation's still a thing?

    It’s the easiest way to earn detonation flags also
  9. It’s probably like my “Curse of the Atlanta”. Basically if I wanted a NO CV and play the OCEAN map, I simply had to play my Atlanta
  10. Bravo4zero

    Bismark Secondaries

    Only trouble I’ve had is selecting a target (I have manual secondaries on my GK/Tirpitz Capt with secondary build maxed out). I’ll click on the target multiple times but it won’t select it (circle/crosshaired “A”). I can try multiple different targets but none will select. Next game it’ll be fine. Happens every 5-10 games though and is seriously annoying as then the secondaries NEVER open fire. Ive tried turning secondaries off and on to see if that resolves the issue but no go
  11. Bravo4zero

    Proof DDs are still good

    The Harugamo does real well against CV’s too if DD’s are catching your interest mate!
  12. Bravo4zero

    They are shooting at me...run away!

    I’ve seen the discussion and while in theory it is useful, in reality it’s usually a quick sweep of the area, perhaps an attack on the enemy DD’s and then mostly they lose interest and want to go deal damage leaving the spotting to DD’s again. When I occaissionally play CV’s, if I’m low tier and we have another higher tiered CV, I’ll try to provide air support for our DD’s and keep the enemy lit but it’s not always possible dependent on if there’s 1 or 2 CV’s in the game. I’m not a big fan of CV’s but play occaisionally so I get an understanding of how to best play against them (same as I do BB’s and CA/CL).
  13. Bravo4zero

    CV Rework-WG go with the flow

    I find being up tiered is very difficult to achieve anything. In the 2 games I’ve played today (1 in Ryujo, 1 in Saipan). The Saipan fairs better because of its high tiered planes but Ryujo in tier 8 is just plane xp for the other ships. I was able to chase down the 2 DD’s and keep them spotted and get off attacks on them but try to attack any of the higher tiered ships and you’ll be lucky to get through even 1 attack run. The other problem is that usually you’ll go in with one low tiered CV and one top tiered CV on both teams. The enemy top tiered CV has a really easy job of sniping you as you have lower tiered planes and your CV AA isn’t up to the job of defending against it. Not a great player some may find this not such a difficult task. I do ok in bottom tiered surface ships though.
  14. Bravo4zero

    They are shooting at me...run away!

    Agreed mate. In some situations it can be helpful. The specifics of the one I was quoting there was only me and him. Trying to spot and cap by myself was a nightmare and once I was gone our team lost the capping capability and vision control so wasn’t ideal ... especially when he found them and did 0 dmg to them and got killed by them! Lol
  15. Bravo4zero

    If potatoes upset you

    And if you really want to make it a good meal add proper sausages as well (no brats, hotdogs etc). Get yourself to a European store and grab some Bisto if you want real gravy too!