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  1. Undoubtedly best ability to carry damage in any chosen part of map. Provide the best strategic and tactic abilities. The only class which can deal damage and don’t risk it’s own hull. It’s like DD in smokes, but even better – he isn’t afraid of radar, sudden torpedos, he shouldn’t care about smoke screen time, shouldn’t be near the front line to make his damage etc. The best class for scouting. Planes can be everywhere, according to their speed, with fighters consumable. Initiative. CV player make a decision when, where and on which target he will make an attack. Or where to scout and for what purposes. He always can evade the battle or immediately escape from the battle.
  2. Carriers grant too much vision. You can't not take a carrier. One carrier will spot your entire team within the first minute. Your carrier can't stop this because they don't have control of their fighters. The enemy team will know exactly where you are deploying your ships at the start of the game. The carrier can keep your team spotted consistently for the entire match. Planes are so fast it can quickly flex to other sides of the map. The enemy team will always know the exact/approximate location of your DD. You wont ever be able to sneak a cap, the CV can spot and disrupt it. You can't flank the enemy, the CV will always see it. You can smoke to hide your ships. Something Wargaming has spent so much effort to remove and nerf. Smoke meta means invisible sniping meta. Smoke meta is not fun. If you don't want your DD to die to the CV, then you had better have brought a Gearing or Grozovoi. If you don't bring DD because of how oppressive CV are, you're bringing more cruisers. Can't wait for 20 minute matches where everyone just snipes from 20km because they are permanently spotted and the enemy knows your deployment and capabilities at all times. Can't push because the enemy will know it before it happens, the CV can punish it wherever it is. You took less survivabillity skills because you need AA skills to not die to the CV. Ships have to stay together or risk dying for free. Less ship diversity. Less Tactical diversity. Doesn't sound fun.
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    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Why are all the Akizuki class so great?