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  1. new afk rules

    This is about people cannot control that the power, the internet or something go's out then he gets penalized because of a random thing and gets penalized notification that he may get pinked or worse.
  2. new afk rules

    I am not the only one with random things going on.
  3. new afk rules

    ok, I was just panelized for being afk because the electric going out in the first 30 seconds before game started. so this new rule is pointless when they cannot account for random things in everyday life.
  4. Clan

    Need a good small clan too help grow the clan and too help me grow my fleet.
  5. Supercontainers been a little weak

    What we need is everything to be what it should be. More credits should have unlucky containers should only have low Amount of silver coins then regular containers should have Neutral Amount of sliver Coins and Super containers should have Doubloons or a high amount of silver coins. More signals and camouflages should have Unlucky containers should have low Quantities of Camouflages or signals then Regular Neutral amount of camouflagers or signals and Super containers should have high amount of camouflaged or signals. More consumables should have unlucky containers low Consumables or low Mountable upgrades then Regular containers should have neutral amount of consumables and mid mountable upgrades and Super containers should have high quantities of consumables or expensive mountable upgrades. The last 1 "try your luck" should have a higher chance of getting a Super container Of one of the 3 or a ship that you do not have with no Captain and no port space. More then 0.1%.
  6. Looking for able to speak Japanese clan

    If you are up for it. We can create a Clan, my Japanese is not fluent, but still I would like to create a Japanese speaking clan for players who are in japan. May have to get on the Asian sever for a real Japanese speaking clan. Sorry there is no clan that is actively looking for new members that I know of. If you do find one please tell me I would like to join. Thanks
  7. Looking a clan

    Unfortunately no, but would like too.
  8. Looking a clan

    Looking for a good clan to be a good team . Usually on early mornings.
  9. I am looking for a good casual international team. Thanks!
  10. Premium Ship Ideas

    The big E should be a t-10 And I would like to see the BB-43 Tennessee.
  11. Supercontainers been a little weak

    I too have had no supercontainers with "trying my luck". So they do need to update it or something. P.s. I have had one in the past 3 months.
  12. OK EVERYONE WE KNOW THAT WE WANT THE OPTION TO HAVE selective control for every ship the question now is when is it going to be available for us.
  13. would not mind if we had the option to select one turret,two,three or all turrets