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  1. Graytopian

    i get killed by a torp that missed me!

    desynchronization, your ship is not where you think.
  2. Graytopian

    camuflagem tipo 20 moskva

    No sir there will be no compensation as you have already received rewards from it.
  3. Graytopian

    Great Idea WG

    Totally agree. Wargaming as done exactly what they said they were going to do with the RB in the first iteration. RB = controlled Paragon points!
  4. Great advise! Thank you.
  5. Graytopian

    All my ships are gone!

    It is really easy if you have game center. You just click on your name and change accounts
  6. Graytopian

    Clan Brawl December 21

    So what I know is that it is 9v9 T5. Is there any more information available yet?
  7. Graytopian

    what just happened ?

    Issue was fixed and compensation are available on the WoWs website now.
  8. Graytopian

    what just happened ?

    Ty sir. English is prefered
  9. Graytopian

    what just happened ?

    So today I got a reply in Russian to my ticket. Is wargaming even going to acknowledge the gaming error?
  10. Graytopian

    what just happened ?

    I also have submitted a ticket last night and got the same response.
  11. Graytopian

    Survivability Expert - Gimme for free

    I do have to agree with other posters. It's hard to try out the changes on CVs unless you spend doubloons on resetting them. I feel like captain on CVs should be able to be reset for free because of these changes.
  12. Graytopian

    Secondary armament overhaul

    What if a future rework made secondaries like WoWs Blitz? Where you have to change to secondaries, aim and fire them?
  13. Graytopian

    Clan treasury payouts?

    While we are on the topic. Will clan battles be the only way to add funds to it or will players be able to add in as well?
  14. Graytopian

    Audacious - 1st Impressions

    I have done very slow passes and the bombs still land very slow. Personally I thought there was some kind of glitch with them because I am still not seeing the explosions.
  15. Graytopian

    All Hail IFHE Secondaries

    So is this true with Bismark too?