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  1. Graytopian

    Armored Knights Recruiting 18+ (Fresh Update)

    Hello Knights are you still recruiting? I am currently in a small clan that does not have enough members for battle.
  2. Graytopian

    All Hail IFHE Secondaries

    So is this true with Bismark too?
  3. Graytopian

    What ship should Bill Halsey captain?

    So I was thinking of putting Bull on a Helena as all my other ships have 18 or 19pt captains already. What are your thoughts?
  4. Graytopian


    So is the legendary mod worth losing your detection range? I have tried both, and I am back to super stealth.
  5. Graytopian

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    So the legendary mod takes out your detection slot. Is it worth it?