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  1. Sotaudi


    @LittleWhiteMouse sums it up pretty well, as usual, but there are some things that should be clarified. First, With all do respect, LWM, this is a myth that just needs to die. And, to be fair, it is understandable. A DD heads out at the beginning of the match and all the bots in that sector turn towards where the DD is even though it is not yet seen. It happens match after match, so it is natural to assume they know where the DD is and are going after it. Only, that is not what is happening at all. They are not going there because there is a DD there. They are going there because there are no other targets to react to, and they are simply using the bot version of RDP (or, more accurately, they are using the AI skill needed to predict where enemies are likely to be, which was given to us as the RDP skill). That tells them where the nearest enemy is, and with no other targets to react to, they move to the nearest one. Do the same thing in a cruiser with the DD holding back, and the bots will react exactly the same way, moving towards the cruiser, not because they know the exact position and class of every ship on the map but because they are simply moving towards the closest target. ArdRaeiss, a developer who worked on the Operations implementation, put it this way in an older thread on alleged bot "cheating." It is RDP telling them where the closest ships are. They do not have an all-seeing view of the battlefield. As to the guns facing towards the unseen target, that is to be expected. RDP is telling them there is a target in that direction. With no other targets to focus on, naturally they are going to point their guns that way. By contrast, if there are other seen targets, they will still move towards the closest, but their guns will engage the known threat, as noted here: They are engaging someone else, so their guns are pointing towards the known threat, but they navigate towards the closer, unseen target because RDP is telling them there is a closer target in that direction. The "closer" part brings up a second important clarification. Bots definitely do prioritize the lowest health targets which can result in them ignoring a closer, higher health target to shoot at a lower health one further away. However, it is extremely important to note that proximity is also part of the targeting algorithms. While health tends to have a greater weight, there is a point at which proximity trumps health. This explains this observation: When there are two targets, one at lower health and one that is closer, there is a point at which the target's proximity will trump the health prioritization. Bear in mind that "proximity" appears to include the direction the guns are already facing. That is, it is possible to be physically (in a virtual sense) closer to an enemy and on lower health than an ally, but the bot will remain focused on the ally because the bot would have to turn its guns to shoot at you. Much of that doesn't really change your main recommendations. Whether the bots move towards that unseen DD because they "know" there is a DD there or because RDP is telling them the closest target is that direction, they are still going to move there. Health still has a greater weight, so as you point out, "expect to be targeted" if you are on low health. However, knowing, for instance, that they will prioritize the closer target means you can be in a DD at the beginning of a match and wait for someone else to get closer to the enemy first, causing them to react to that person, leaving you free to then move where you wanted to go. Knowing that proximity can trump health means that you can use positioning to get the focus off you despite being on lower health. Finally: While I have not seen any indication that they use Surveillance Radar, they definitely do use Hydroacoustic Search. I have been detected in smoke and have seen the icon indicating enemy Hydroacoustic Search is active as well as having seen it at other times. This is also a factor in them dodging torpedoes since hydro will detect torpedoes earlier. Other than those clarifications, the advice is sound as usual.
  2. Sotaudi

    How was this a draw?

    I believe the game timer is like what they do (did) in WoT. The game does not end for a few seconds after a capture. I had a game in a KV-2 where I was the last player on my team chasing the last player on their team around a rock on the edge of the cap right as he capped. A couple of seconds later, I took a snap shot which killed him and our team won the game with a "kill all" condition even though his team capped first. I have seen the same thing in a simultaneous cap. One team capped, and the second team capped a second or two later, resulting in a draw. I am pretty sure that the same is true in the timers on this game.
  3. Sotaudi


    I keep at least one ship at every tier so that I can play with friends who are just starting or grinding a new line. While I have a couple of other Tier IIIs as well, the St. Louis was the one I specifically kept for that purpose. However, the Armory now has the Charleston available. It is basically a Premium version of the St. Louis, and comes with a permanent camo. It is a fairly inexpensive buy for coal, so I purchased it, and I use it instead of the St. Louis now.
  4. Sotaudi

    I thought people were kidding.......

    The planes see the flags moving, and they think you are waving them over.
  5. Sotaudi

    Time to Rebuff the Khabarovsk

    I don't know, I find somehow humorous that the OP's suggestions to rebuff the Khabarovsk are being rebuffed.
  6. The list is grouped by type (CVs first, followed by BBs, then CA/CL, then DDs). Within each group, it is then sorted by ship name. I have never paid attention to further sorting, but I would assume it is, as Amiral_Marie said, alphabetical order by player name.
  7. Sotaudi

    Telling bots from people?

    Nah. It was because the :Bots: in Coop games were all reporting each other as bots after every game, and it was overloading the reporting system.
  8. Sotaudi

    CVs in Co-op

    I play USN CA/CLs more than any other nation and class, and I have always tended to spec for AA. However, the only "Clear Skies" achievement I ever received when I was playing Randoms was because two Langley's decided it would be a good idea to try to focus on me in my Texas for the bulk of the game.
  9. Sotaudi

    Another day another nerf on cvs

    It specifically said that the trajectory calculations were being done incorrectly resulting in bombs hitting the target when "the aiming circle only slightly "touched" the target with its edge." So basically what they are saying is that people were getting hits for all but completely missing the target where the only possible hits would have been from RNG favoring hitting the outside edge of the dispersion circle instead of favoring the actual drop point near the center of the drop. The non-sequitur here is that this change is actually favoring being more accurate, and you are complaining that randomness is being favored.
  10. Sotaudi

    Does New Orleans have super heavy AP shells?

    When in a heavy tank in WoT and someone would make a comment about "heavy tanks," I would sometimes reply, "I am not heavy. It's this armor. It makes me look poofy."
  11. Sotaudi

    rented boise.

    The C turret is actually one of the strengths of the Boise (and Helena and NDJ). Its placement is such that it has slightly better angles for firing to the rear than for firing forward. Its rotation is also sync'ed with the rear turrets rather than the other two forward turrets. That means that, these ships are built for kiting. When you shift a target behind you from the starboard side to the port side (or vice-versa), the C turret reacquires the target faster than the forward turrets because it will rotate towards the aft like the rear turrets will rather than around the bow like the two forward-most do. While the A and B turrets are taking their time coming around by way of the bow, the C turret just has to wait for the superstructure to clear. This means you can keep six to nine guns on a target as you zig zag as you kite.
  12. @Skuggsja, I fully acknowledge you said "fail" may not be the right word; however, I have to agree with this: CCs can't "fail" us because they don't owe us anything. They are simply producing content they feel is interesting and hope enough other people will do likewise and watch it. They are simply expressing their opinions. If you don't find the content interesting or don't agree with their opinions, then don't watch it. If you think the information is lacking, either communicate that with them to encourage them to produce it or produce it yourself. Don't take that the wrong way. I am not saying that in a snarky kind of way. However, that is the answer to the way things get done in a free society. If there is a need, fill it, or give others incentive to do so.
  13. Sotaudi

    New Ammunition Type

    The erratic course changes until they hit the island should result in an accuracy debuff against those shooting at them, but conversely, the player's accuracy should decrease by 50% because they now see two versions of each enemy (and ally and island, for that matter) and who knows which the real target is.
  14. Sotaudi

    PSA- A Specific Co-oP Match Making Change in 8.2

    I have to agree with @AdmiralThunder. With all due respect, @iDuckman, you have to do some serious mental gymnastics to read even the slightest ambiguity into that statement, and I mean, high-paid-lawyer-legalese, Clintonesque "depends on the meaning of 'is'" level of gymnastics. In order for "similar" to refer to the non-mirrored ship, you would have to read the sentence to say: Increased the chance that a mirrored ship can appear opposite a player's ship in Co-Op in place of a comparable, but non-mirrored, ship. But here is what it actually says: Increased the chance that a random researchable ship of the same tier and type can appear opposite a player's ship in Co-op Battles in place of a similar ship. Players can bring in Premium ships. They are not researchable. Likewise, match maker knows what ship the player has, so there is nothing remotely random about it. That means that the first ship cannot be referring to the mirrored ship, which also means that that sentence would have to be read (in your context): Increased the chance that a comparable, but non-mirrored, ship can appear opposite a player's ship in Co-Op in place of a comparable, but non-mirrored, ship. How would that even make sense? The problem is you failed to take into account that it has been known since before the game released that the bots did not drive exact copies of the player's ships. They tend to be stock versions usually with no camo, and different captains skills. As such, they are mirrored only in name, meaning "similar" is perfectly appropriate for the Bot mirrored ships and actually more accurate than "mirrored." Sorry, but Admiral is absolutely correct. There is no ambiguity in that statement. It is saying that there is an increased chance that you won't see a "mirrored" ship across from yours.
  15. Sotaudi

    Salt in Co-op

    Well, if I have to tell you, then …