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  1. Sotaudi

    Shouldn't Ships Actually be Anchored in Port?

    When you beat the Kobayashi Maru, questions arise.
  2. Sotaudi

    Leaving WoWs

    NDA violation for showing screen shots from upcoming addition of submarines to WoWs.
  3. Sotaudi

    Your very first Premium was?

    My first Premium was the Sims, which at the time, as others have mentioned, was one of the pre-release packages guaranteeing a spot in Closed Beta. Thus, she was also my first ship ever in the game because, technically, I had her before I even signed in for the first time. I got her to get into Closed Beta, and I specifically chose her over the other choices because she was a (USN) DD, and in MMORPGs, I typically have a Rogue/Assassin type character, so the stealthiness of DDs appealed to me. The first Premium acquired after the game went live was the Arkansas Beta. I obviously got that as a gift Premium for having participated in the Beta. My first purchased Premium after the game went live was the Atlanta. I got her right after release after seeing the rain of incoming shells from people who had her during the Beta. The Atlanta has long been my most played ship by a good margin. The Sims was, for the longest time, my second most played ship. She lost a position to the Perth a while back, so the Sims is currently in third place, but the Boise is probably going to be contesting that spot soon. I have never regretted purchasing the Sims. The only real nerf she has suffered from was the nerf to Open Water Stealth firing, which affected everyone. However, she has received some good buffs since the game went live, including becoming the first Premium (including WoT and WoWP) to get the ability to switch module loadouts (torpedoes in this case). According to a just released announcement, it looks like she is about to receive some buffs again. The Boise may have a tough fight after all.
  4. Sotaudi

    The tallest mountain starts as a stone

    Thanks. I'll be here all week folks. Try the buffet, and don't forget to tip the waiters.
  5. Sotaudi

    What did WG do to USN CA AP?

    I didn't take it as mean. But it was a glaring mistake I usually would catch. It deserved a "you ditz," from me anyway. But, yeah, that is why I used the analogy. When I was in the Navy, I deployed on eight different ships, ranging from 533 feet long to 598 feet long, or about 53 feet shorter to 12 feet longer than the Pensacola, so I have a fairly good sense for how long that is. However, most people have never really seen a warship up close and personal. Most have seen them only on media or from a fair distance. That simply doesn't give you the true its "FREAKEN HUGE" sense you get when you are up close and personal. On the other hand, most people, at least in the US, have been to a football field, so they have a natural sense of how big that is as a reference point, making it a useful analogy (if you don't screw up the conversions). Of course, our Canadian Football fan friends will have to adjust since their playing field is 110 yards and their end zones are 20 yards, or 150 yards total. It is a bit harder for soccer, the other football, fans. Official FIFA fields apparently can range from 90 meters (i.e., 99 yards or 297 feet) to 120 meters (i.e., 132 yards or 396 feet). However, they all give a good sense of how big the Pensacola is, 1.6 American Football fields long or 1.3 Canadian Football fields long (both including the end zones) or between 1.5 and 2 soccer fields long, depending on how big that field is. Speaking of Carriers, I was never deployed on her, but I once had to go aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) to help do some training for their weather office, which was about dead center of the ship one or two decks below the flight deck. That sucker was just shy of being twice as long as the Pensacola at 1,122 feet. I remember getting a sense of this is "FREAKIN HUGE" standing outside the weather office, looking down the passage way, and seeing the compartment hatches in the bulkheads shrinking ever smaller in the distance. It reminded me of looking at a doorway reflected in two mirrors and shrinking into infinity in the distance. Imagine that image looking forward or aft. THAT is truly FREAKIN HUGE.
  6. Sotaudi

    The tallest mountain starts as a stone

    Most fissures are at the surface, so they are well above the ocean floor, and they use nets or poles, lines, and hooks. However, there are some spear fissures that get a bit closer to the ocean floor, at least in the shallower areas. Not sure how that ties into mountains, though.
  7. Sotaudi

    What did WG do to USN CA AP?

    Nothing wrong with accuracy. And you are correct. I was in a hurry and forgot to convert yards to feet, or I was using the "new math" they teach kids today, not sure which. However, for the sake of accuracy (and what's left of my ego), note that I said "counting the end zones." I chose to include the end zones because I was trying to give an image one could visualize to get a sense of the distance. While we intellectually understand that the goal line to goal line distance is 100 yards (300 feet as you rightly point out), when we visualize a "football field," we tend to visualize back of the end zone to back of the end zone rather than just goal line to goal line. Thus, a football field, including the end zones, is technically 120 yards long, or 360 feet. Thanks for the correction. I will edit my reply. And thanks for leaving out the "you ditz" the mistake so rightly deserved.
  8. Sotaudi

    Key commands list

    If all you are looking for is what each F-key does, the easiest thing to do in a match is to simply press Tab. To the left of the team list is a list of all the F-keys and what quick chat message they trigger.
  9. Sotaudi

    What did WG do to USN CA AP?

    First, all the shells do not hit the "same armor." That is, dispersion spreads the hits out over a large area, so even if you hit the ship with all 10 guns, they are not all hitting the same spot. Some hit the superstructure, some hit the torpedo bulge, some hit between the bulge and the superstructure, some hit the bow, etc. Just because they all hit does not mean they all hit the "same armor." Add to that the ship is around 586 feet long. Counting the end zones, that is over one and a half (1.63) football fields long. There is approximately 390 feet between the mid point of the front most turret and the mid point of the rear most turret. That is still longer than a football field back of the end zone to back of the end zone (360 feet). This means, especially when firing at close ranges, shells can becoming in from significantly different angles. Depending on the angles of the two ships and the range, the rear turrets could be hitting at an angle where there is no bounce chance and only have to deal with armor while the front turrets are hitting at an angle where bounce is calculated. That could easily mean that the five rear turrets don't bounce and four of the front guns pass the bounce check while one does not.
  10. "Real life mechanics?" How exactly is a torpedo that fails to detonate because the "contact pistol fails" going to cause 10% of the damage a full-on explosion will cause? I mean, seriously, exactly how big does the OP think torpedoes are, and how fast does the OP think they are moving to expect a torpedo to "overmatch" a ship's armor? Either way, the whole argument fails when magnetic and other proximity detonations come into play.
  11. Sotaudi

    How is Flooding Balanced?

    You balance flooding by either putting an equal sized hole on the other side of the ship or by pumping an equal amount of water to compartments on the other side of the ship … or did you mean something else?
  12. It is also a god-buff to BBs because can already reliably pen DDs and most cruisers from any angle and can get citadels on Cruisers from any angle. Thus, not only would they continue to do massive damage to DDs and Cruisers with their AP, they would now be able to start fires and flooding with those shots. At the same time, DDs would struggle to do damage to BBs except with torpedoes and Cruisers damage against them would drop dramatically, especially against a well angled BB. Of course, when someone has more than twice the number of battles in BBs as they do in any other two ship types combined and is only 2% short of having more battles in BBs than all the other ship types combined, I suppose this kind of proposal makes sense.
  13. Sotaudi

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    The Atlanta is my most played in Coop, followed in order by the Perth , Sims, and Marblehead. The Boise is currently my go-to ship. I enjoy playing all those ships. The Okhotnik is a lot of fun as is the Smith.
  14. Sotaudi

    Indianapolis Need Buff

    I am not disagreeing with your premise in general, but the highlighted portion is not completely accurate. For the sake of accuracy, starting at Tier III, British cruisers get a heal, the Belfast being the only exception. The Boise, a Tier VII USN Cruiser, gets a British-style heal. Thus, it is neither accurate to say that no cruisers get a heal until Tier VIII nor even that no USN Cruisers get a heal until Tier VIII.
  15. Sotaudi

    How do you play the Cleveland?

    My original Cleveland captain is now a 19 pointer, but he got moved to other ships long ago. My current Cleveland captain is a 16 pointer I believe. I don't have access to the game at the moment, but I always go with CE first for CLs because, while IFHE definitely increases damage potential, being alive has a much greater impact on the amount of damage you can do. I pick CE at 10 and IFHE at 14 if it is a CL captain, so my Cleveland captain now has both, but because he is still leveling, IFHE is only a recent addition. For my 1 point skill, I always take Priority Target first on most ships, especially CLs. Even if it is not 100% reliable in PvP because players can, and will, pre-aim without selecting you as a target, it is always good to know when people are actually targeting you Even without that, bots don't juke you like that, so it is especially helpful in Coop. I will come back to the 2 point skills. For the 3 point skills on USN CLs, I tend to favor Basic Firing Training to boost AA, but given that USN CL Tier VII and VIII AA is already pretty potent even without activating Defensive Fire AA and that, in PvP, you may not see CVs for many games (at least until after the CV rework) I have relegated this to a good second round choice. Demolition Expert I tend to view as good for the USN CAs since IFHE not a good choice for 203mm guns. It is also good as a counter to the fire chance reduction you get with IFHE when you take the latter. However, USN CLs are already good at starting fires, and while it is reasonable to argue that it is a good way to increase DPM until you get IFHE, I personally really hate running out of a consumable when I most need it. For instance, its late in the game and it would really be nice to radar or hydro just one more time to finish off that DD that is going to get away. Similarly, if you are low on health and there are torpedo bombers coming in, one more DFAA would be really, really nice. As such, I tend to go for Superintendent on the first round 3 point skill, then decide on BFT or DE after getting both CE and IFHE. I haven't noticed a problem starting fires with the CLs even after getting IFHE, so I lean more towards BFT if CVs are an expected consistent threat. Superintendent is particularly the first choice for the Boise because it has the super heal, and one more heal is always good to have. I went that route for the Perth for the extra smoke charge. It is also the route I took for the British CLs since they have the heal and smoke but no HE, so DE is largely useless. The Belfast has smoke, radar, and sonar, so I went with Superintendent for it as well. I cannot remember if I have Superintendent on the Cleveland, but I could see going either SI + DE or DE + BFT on it. So that is two 4 point skills, two 3 point skills, and one 1 point skill. That leaves 4 points, two of which have to already have been spent on a 2 point skill. For CLs, you have to quickly learn the "Dance of 1000 Incoming Shells," so anything that helps your turrets keep up with your maneuvering is good. As such, I always choose Expert Marksman as my first 2 point skill. This leaves two points left. While I think that Last Stand is largely mandatory for DDs, I don't find myself unable to move or steer often enough in a CL to justify it as mandatory. High Alert or Jack of All Trades are arguably good for the cool down reductions, but I think Adrenaline Rush is probably the best choice for the final 2 points. As far as damage goes, in the Tier VI Cleveland in 107 Random games, I averaged 33,638. Those games were mostly early on and none of them had IFHE. While I have 1085 games in Random, I am now primarily a Coop-only player and rarely play Randoms anymore. As such, I don't have any games in Randoms in the Tier VIII Cleveland. In Coop, I have 108 Tier VI Cleveland games averaging 42,528. Those again were largely earlier on and none of them were with IFHE. I have played 72 Coop games in the Tier VIII Cleveland, and I have averaged 43,940 only the last few of those (<10?) were with IFHE. You mentioned the Helena. My Helena captain is very similar to my Cleveland captain, only he is at 14 points, but he does have CE and IFHE. In the Helena, I only played enough games in her to get her to Elite because playing her convinced me to buy the Boise, the latter of which is now my fourth most played cruiser at 316 games (behind Atlanta, Perth, and Marblehead). In the Helena, I averaged 42,255, all of which were before I got IFHE on that captain. The Boise uses the Helena's captain, and it is averaging 46,842 damage. While a lot of those games were without IFHE, a good chunk of the latest games have been with IFHE.