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  1. Sea of Fortune - Why?

    Ok ... so you are proposing that if two DDs go over to west of the islands of A/B, that a CA and maybe a BB go that way too? Now you have 3 or 4 ships tied up for ONE CAP. That cap will probably be contested so there would be no progress on it. Then to top it off, they won't be able to fire their guns at hardly anything due to the large islands. By the time the ships come back into play, the rest of the team is dead or severely damaged with no caps to show for it. I've seen too many DDs go to the west and die instantly to torps or 3/4 ships. I find it a fools errand to go west of those islands. A better strategy for the map is to cap A/B directly with side support from between all the caps. Of course take caution and step lightly when radar and hydro boats are around. It isn't always important to grab a cap right away. One thing that drives me nuts sometimes is that people get into the mentally that we need to cap right away at the beginning of the battle. It is better to choose where and how you fight than it is to own a cap within the first minute of the battle. I've had countless battles won when we were down 300 to 600 because they capped first, but paid a heavy price for doing it. bdnorcal
  2. @Pigeon_of_War Hi Pigeon Would it be possible to consolidate clans in the future? IE Combine two clans into one and not lose acquired oil and unlocked buildings/docks/ETC. My friends and I started a clan and tried to grow it large enough to participate in clan battles. Unfortunately we did not get large enough to participate in clan battles this season. Half way through the season we found another clan in our same situation. However no one wanted to switch clans because we would lose all of the "work" in acquiring oil/unlocks for the clan. Between the two clans we could have fielded a team for clan battles. Would it be possible to do this before the next season? Thanks, bdnorcal
  3. BORK! Thank you for the contest and it was fun to sink you. Happy Borkmas to you! Provided my schedule works for your next event, I'll be your escort with the opportunity for doubloons for sinking me!!!
  4. BORK! BORK! BORK! Former Corgi 142
  5. This is certainly an option. The only candidate we have for an encrypted text string right now is the "Morse code" from the redacted lines of the documents. That is still questionable whether it means anything or is a red herring.