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  1. Sure she has a pretty high damage Output... but OTOH the same she puts out is mostly fire. Most of which is repaired. I dunno, I'd say wait a bit.
  2. I don't think it's OP, per se. It just does not match up well for Kaga and really capitalizes on Kaga's weaknesses. Kaga can feel pretty OP when you get 12 fish in the water bearing down on an unsuspecting BB...
  3. I have dogfighting Ex and a 12 point Skipper in Kaga. Doesn't make a huge difference against tier 9 planes. The issue is you cannot really tie up his fighters as he can disingage with no penalty to pursue your strike fighters at will. As tier 9 planes they travel much faster to and can intercept quickly.
  4. It's hard to do anything in a Kaga when fighting a Saipan. Seems to be pretty point and click for the Saipan, where the Kaga has to get lucky to get even single strike off. Tier 6 vs. Tier 9
  5. These are all terrible... Well done!
  6. MMA is swell... but I prefer a good... Wait for it... aKIIDo match!
  7. I find that I can swing the rudder around fast enough to make up for the deficit. The constant "wiggle" has the added benefit of throwing off aim.
  8. Honestly, even with the better HE pen on GB BBs I still rely on AP as my damage dealer. I really only use the HE to deal with well angled BBs at range, finishing off low health BBs and DDs. Also, with the proliferation of GB BBs, by shooting HE you're playing towards their heal advantage. Basically, AP is still the best bet for the class so I would advise against it for a competitive build. That being said, some builds are just for "funnsies".
  9. I have a secondaries Skipper in her. Her large secondary battery Makes her pretty unique to play and can really tear up a DD that get's to close.
  10. Splashes are something real gunnery crews had to deal with... Personally, I think it helps out of position DD's for the better. Add to that they look awesome.
  11. I notice the exact same shells that shatter on Amagi, push deep into Kii. Still on the fence. Great review though!
  12. Yeah, seems to be par for the course with this guy.... However, some days I check this board and you'd think he had some posters on the payroll... "Flamu's test of _________" "Flamu comments on _______" "Flamu, His junk tastes like________" etc...
  13. Sounds like Amagi is my girl... although... "HOLY CRAP DEM BONUSES THO!"
  14. Yeah, I dig that hull too... a lot. Kii is the sexiest ship of tier 8 for sure.
  15. Thanks for the detail! I have Tirp and Bama and find the AAA of Amagi "serviceable"... Starting to sound like Prem Camo may be the way?