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  1. It’s Time to Boycott T8 Premiums

    I find most the tier 8s can hang just fine vs. tier X ships.. at least in THIS game.
  2. In Memory of a fellow...

    I Had no idea about Dseehafer till I saw a post about it under "who have you seen in game". I really enjoyed his passion for the subject matter and of course his articles. I Ran my precious Tirpitz down the enemies throat 'till I completed this mission in his honor. Sleep easy, bud.
  3. Who have you seen in game

    Hello, saw you too!
  4. Ideas for the Massachusetts

    This is actually a great idea.
  5. Trouble logging in?

    Oh, it;s definitely me.. it's just damn strange.
  6. Trouble logging in?

    I even tried uninstalling and re downloading. The new client does the exact same thing.
  7. Trouble logging in?

    Well, unfortunately I have ,met my end here. I cannot run any Products from this company. It wont even let me go to my profile from the upper right hand side menu. Chrome just says This site can’t be reached worldofwarships.com took too long to respond.
  8. Trouble logging in?

    Weird, neither one works for me. Even after resetting the PC.
  9. Trouble logging in?

    Just wondering if anyone else is having issues logging in to the WoWS or WoT servers? My client just says it cannot connect to the updates and shows up black with the little "wheel" in the middle. WT works fine and so does everything else.
  10. Silent Thunder: April fools shots fired!

    I love Cold Waters, so this would be pretty cool if they did it right.
  11. Richelieu Turrets Too Fragile?

    Small price to pay to have all 8 guns installed in fast rotating turrets and facing forward.
  12. I’m CURSED with my Lyon

    When I started playing WoT I really wanted a M48 Patton in the worst way. So, when I finally worked up to one I was pretty fricking excited. Annnnnd after 500 games.. I had a 27% win rate. 27. Percent. Keep in mind, I was a 54% player overall with thousands of games under my belt (My tiger one was at like.. 57% with 500 games.. and this was the old "pre buff" Tiger 1), who spent most of his time in tiers 7 and 8. Also, rarely, if ever did I 'toon up in Platoons. I could f***ing tread, man.... and I even put up decent numbers in the M48. But, for whatever reason, I was put on every Tater team you could imagine and as a result I had a WR that even a bot could best. I think I got it up to 50% or so after a while.. but it wasn't easy. I was pissed untill someone brought up a great point... "I was victim of the small sample size" and Even 500 Games is nothing in a game like this. Anyway, I agree with some of the other folks here.. take a break from her.
  13. musashi vs yamato

    The only real difference between Yamato and Musashi is if there is a low tier CV. Than Yamato is a better choice. Here is why... Musashi sucks against ALL CVs. Even tier VII flattops can ruin her day. Yamato sucks against same tier CVs, but can somewhat defend herself from lower tier CVs. Other than that, there is no appreciable difference in performance between the two. 9 times out of 10, Musashi will be the better pick because she is a tier lower.
  14. Apology offered

    LO ... and behold... many butts were hurt that fretful day. Many and more.