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  1. If they would extend the range of Mikasa's secondaries... that would make it ALOT more competitive.
  2. I'd buy a tier 8 WeeVee in a heartbeat. Give me a Super Colorado (Better Accuracy, longer range, better AAA, better ruddershift, hit points, etc...)? Done deal. Or even a tier 8 Pref MM.
  3. Really? I find that speed penalty really bends me over if I hit it. I don't see much abuse on that really.
  4. It's crazy to see what people value from ship to ship in this game. "One man's junk"... and all that.
  5. Wow! A Fusō hater?!? She is my favorite Tier VI by far. And I bitchslap other ships in her.
  6. Only high tier ship I ever opted to 100% Free XP past. Spent the gold and went straight to Yamato.
  7. Wow... you're brilliant...
  8. This post is the best post.
  9. Plus a couple of 5" mounts. both are AAA monsters. Basically Iowa's AAA mounted on a soda can.
  10. Bismarck has better RoF, Secondaries, Speed and a North Atlantic "Knife Fight" armor scheme. NC, has big bad 16" shells, great Turing circle and better AAA. It really depends on what your play style is.
  11. Minbari Sharlins are pretty beardy...
  12. Lol! git gud
  13. So... you got butt luvin' from a BB two tiers higher than you... And QQ? you should have pursued their cruisers. It would have been a better use of your 16"ers.
  14. Gaurunteed they got at least a tier 3 DC. Probably a couple of them.