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  1. Kirov and Konigsburg would be good choices for cruisers.
  2. T10 camo or prem ship?

    Whichever one you will play the most.
  3. I think you can mold him into a fine cruiser captain.
  4. I would say ships that are across the board requiring little skill in order to succeed well in them.
  5. Premium Ship Review #100

    You got me! Fell for it, hard. Congrats on the 100th Review!
  6. There's an actual strategy here. The T10s are expensive to run by design so that you either A) Get premium to mitigate that. Or B) Play lower tiers to earn credits. You can also purchase the gold camo for the DM...that makes most games profitable. My Mino has it and I don't run premium account, but I still earn credits.
  7. I don't think so, because there are the two levels of Ranked play, so you want to see how many peeps are on for each level. This does that.
  8. US AP can do a number to most IJN BBs as well, including several RN BBs. It's not exclusive to German.
  9. My highest is 7...compliments of the Minotaur.
  10. Need T8+. So your last sentence is best!
  11. Got it once or twice with the Langely before the removal of the ALT.
  12. Sorry but I have to disagree with some points. When I was watching other videos it didn't seem like it was accurate with its 306m dispersion, it looked worse than British RNG. And 36% isn't that great of a percent, that's the same as a North Carolina & Alabama...(German BBs are 34%) and you don't see many of those slinging HE.
  13. The 100 Club

    Tirpitz: 175 Warspite: 127 Saipan: 106 Enterprise: 116 Kaga: 107 Neptune: 133 Fiji: 121 Minotaur: 123 Several are on the cusp of getting to 100. (Alabama and Missouri are both at 96).
  14. AP bomb nerf

    Sorry that you actually have a counter and need to play smart when an USN CV is present. And no, they shouldn't be nerfed. They're terrible against other targets.
  15. Small sample size vs. considerable sample size. Anyways, one instance of 1v1 isn't going to truly determine which ship is better. And this is more of a feel than anything else. I personally believe that the Missouri is the better of the ships when it comes to overall teamplay. The Musashi has it's gun and health.