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  1. Sock5

    WG try this idea first?

    Any of the buffs from the Training is a balancing nightmare. It's a terrible idea.
  2. Sock5


    Such a lazy attempt at "fixing" this issue. This now means that the last tick of continuous AA damage wastes less damage on the tick. WOO. You still haven't addressed the issue of CVs being up-tiered. You still haven't addressed the fact that you are still telling players to adapt, that skill will trump all, but yet you force players to go up against a system that requires no skill at all (AA). You've shown a hobby to ignore the suggestions/feedback from the playerbase. You still are forcing these heavy-handed "fixes" on the live server. Guess we'll wait for 8.6 when you decide to hand out the next batch of CV nerfs because the few that are stubborn enough to still play CV will adapt and skew your numbers to making it look like the class is still over-achieving.
  3. Doesn't even address the AA problem. You simply just throw a red herring out into a different direction thinking that'll fix it.
  4. Sock5

    0.8.5 AA DPS change

    I feel like your situation you were a Tier 8 CV going up against a Tier 6 ship. Because that has to be the only explanation. Or, you were playing against a player who didn't have any AA skills in their ship. This patch is the worst one to come out of the gate and the fact that WG is pushing these tests into the live server is extremely disheartening.
  5. My only real question is how will they address the Torpedo Bomber heal and the Adrenaline Rush?
  6. Sock5

    Casual Player looking for fun clan

    Consider the TF16 community. We do it all: Casual, competitive, clan wars, divisions, training. https://taskforce16.enjin.com
  7. Sock5

    Searching for a Clan

    Consider the TF16 groups. We are solidly active and have a good mix of casual and competitive captains as well as both sets of TF16 compete in Clan Wars. We also do plenty of divisions and training. Swing by the website to say hi and we can get the TeamSpeak info to you quickly. https://taskforce16.enjin.com
  8. Sock5

    Your last Die-Hard

    Got it in my Neptune against a Mogami. He charged and rammed. Also got my favorite Flesh Wound with the Neptune too as one of its secondaries put the Bismark on fire and burned him to death. People were questioning the highlight of Neptune fire killed something.
  9. Sock5


    Are the players able to see any data as to how many players are playing CVs pre-rework and post rework?
  10. Sock5

    Are the F-S-W RN CVs not sellable?

    I got 2 of them through (premium) containers. They're super easy: Earn 5k XP (though it may be base XP).
  11. Sock5

    Update 0.8.1 - Feedback and Performance

    So how are fighters supposed to work now? I've had several instances in which they fly out of their bubble and hunt down my planes half way across the map....
  12. Sock5

    Midway Question

    There could be a few things that could be happening. Maybe you are seeing that when the Midway launches his attack, it actually splits the squadron into 2 (the planes that attacked and the planes still able to attack). Then the planes still good are able to swing around and keep striking. The other Midway was using either the fighter consumable or you were too close to the bubble of the fighters to trigger them to attack you. Even though you fly away, they can chase you out of the circle and still do damage. Damage is not the only way to earn XP. Spotting damage, defending, spots, all contribute to your XP (plus a win helps).
  13. From what I got out of it, the incentive to getting Warships Premium when you have Wargaming Premium is not worth it at all.