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  1. I hope this is the right place to put this, but there should be a safeguard so that Tier 5 CVs do not face off against Tier 6 CVs. I understand the rework is coming...but this is an issue and always has been. When one player is not able to use mechanics that the higher tier player is, it puts those Tier 5 CVs at a huge disadvantage.
  2. What was the debacle from last week? I got the email and while I know that I vent, it would be nice to know what exactly they are going after.
  3. I'm having the same issue with transferring captains. Transaction Error, no mods running.
  4. Kirov and Konigsburg would be good choices for cruisers.
  5. Sock5

    T10 camo or prem ship?

    Whichever one you will play the most.
  6. Knee-Highs are the best.

  7. Work on raging less. It's better for everyone.

  8. Becoming more aware of what the team is doing is my next step in getting better.

  9. So...month's almost out and I just started the last mission for July to earn that ship. Time to get hunting!

  10. On the quest to get to the higher tiers!