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  1. I don't care how we win as long as we win
  2. You do realize that the only ship types that most people spec RPF on are ... wait for it ... DD's.
  3. Not quite sure where you got that from, but that's not what he is talking about. Having 4-5 DD's per team is not anyone's version of fun.
  4. Right, because if you read the forums much, pretty much half the mechanics in the game are reason this game is going to fail. I will just add this to the list. Radar has a counter, it has limited range and duration, it's counter is situational awareness. There are also only 14 total ships in the game that have radar, and effectively only 11 that will actually use it once you take out the RN cruisers. DD's effectively have no counter (soft counters like hydro and spotting planes only really counter torpedos, not the ships themselves except in very specific situation) in game because nothing really counters detection other than aircraft. So you have a whole class that has no real effective counter other than a consumable that lasts for 30 sec or less and only goes 11.something km max.
  5. That's because radar as a mechanic is overall good for the game. Certain applications of radar, not so much(looking at you Black, MO, and the stupid idea for RN BB's).
  6. If you are playing cruisers, you should be used to being outranged, out spotted, and insta deleted anyways. An Arizona can hurt you just as bad as an Alabama. So not much changes. 203mm guns will hurt any ship in the game, both with AP and HE. I love seeing T10's I'm my tier 8 cruisers, it's free fire damage since each fire burns for more HP on a tier 10 ship than a tier 8 (due to larger HP pool). It's not like Montana shells hurt any more or less than NC shells(oh, that's right, they are the same).
  7. Destroyers counter every other ship in the game through vision. They counter themselves with smoke. They are the only class that can essentially 1 shot battleships and every other ship in the game. Their concealment and smoke gives them an advantage that no other ship class in the game has. They are the only real class that has the ability to both provide and deny vision, which is incredibly powerful. DD's are not even close to weak. Cruisers have neither armor, firepower, nor concealment. Everything kills cruisers and kills them fast. Good or bad DD play is often the deciding factor in a match, often withing the first 3 minutes of a game. Destroyers have a ton of influence over game outcomes, far more than any other class. In competitive environments, teams bring cruisers because they have to. They bring destroyers and battleships because they want to. DD's and BB's are far and away the most powerful classes in the game at the moment (well, outside of carriers, but that is a different discussion).
  8. Radar in and of itself is not bad for the game. One of the primary roles of cruisers is to counter DD's. In order for them to do that, they need to be able to counter DD's concealment. Having a short duration ability to counter camo is appropriate. The real problem here is giving radar to BB's. The more tools BB's have the less they require support from other ships. The game was designed around classes of ships providing mutual support. If your arguing that radar makes cruisers to powerful, that argument is fairly laughable. Radar, however, does make BB's too strong. Ships like the Belfast and Black that have both smoke and radar....just no. That is game breaking.
  9. 1. Play the lowest tier ship the mission allows, lower tier ships have a greater chance of being set on fire than high tier ships. 2. Play ships with the highest fire chance and greatest chance for high numbers of shell hits. 3. Offer sacrifice of the MasterCard to the RNG God's.
  10. Good ideas. I left the ones I would be most supportive of. The biggest one I would like implemented is 4. Winners and losers get a fixed amount of XP and credits. Add a couple of repeatable ranked missions that give bonuses for killing ships, spotting ships, etc.
  11. IMO playing anything other than a Leander is hurting your team. Yes, certain maps Cleveland's and Budy, can do well on, but IMO, CA/CL as a whole are far too lacking in survivability for the close range fighting that normally occurs in ranked games. Leander is the only one that really has any survivability and that is only because she carries her own smoke. Also, IMO the De Grasse is better than both Cleveland's and Buddy's. Better range than Cleveland, higher rate of fire and floatier shell arcs for firing over islands than Budy. 8km torps, and it goes 40+ with boost active, oh yeah, and absolutely insane turret rotation speed. Any cruiser that gets caught out is going to get wrecked anyway so armor is irrelevant. Do not even think of running a CL in ranked without a 14 pt CPT either, must have IFHE and CE.
  12. I suspect it's an engine limitation, effectively, running Hydro and Radar only serve to increase your ship's proxy spotting range. Running it any other way would require a ton of spotting checks to be done simultaneously.
  13. Don't worry, WG spent countless hours developing those useless special mods. That was the most pressing game issue at the time.
  14. You will never know until you try, there are plenty of players of all skill levels playing ranked. You will not be holding your team back any more or less than anyone else. Give it a shot, you may enjoy it. Just know that the maps are effectively smaller and team sizes are smaller. Stay with the group, focus down low HP targets. At the end of the day it's still pewpewboatyboat. Playing ranked will challenge you in different ways than random and will open your eyes to different tactics and strategies.
  15. Your contribution nearly always matters. There will be games where your team straight potatoes, and there will be games where you just get outplayed by the enemy team. There are times when you can get a ton of damage and a couple of kills and contribute almost nothing either to a win or a loss. There are also times when your own numbers are not all that great, but you still make significant contributions to a win. Positioning matters. When, where, and who you do damage to matters. When you cap matters. Sometimes someone has to die, and die early, it's a nature of the game. Sometimes that death is meaningless and hurts the team, sometimes it gives your team an advantage. Also, there are times when you have no realistic right to win a game, but the other team throws. There will also be games that you should win, but you or your teammates throw. Focusing solely on the endplate numbers can be and often is misleading. You have to actually analyze your gameplay. Some of the Wotlabs guys from tanks postulated that in 20% of your games your team would have won regardless of your contribution. 20% of your games would be losses regardless of your contribution. Those numbers are from a different game. In a 7v7, each player matters more, likely moving those numbers to 10% respectively. How you fight the middle 80% determines how good of a player you really are. That doesn't mean that what you did in those top and bottom 10% games is meaningless. You can still be out of position on a win, and you need to recognize that. So yes the majority of the time, your performance contributes to the outcome of the game. There is a big difference in the terms "contributes to," and "solely responsible for." Very rarely are you solely responsible for a win or loss. However, your play very often contributes to the outcome of the games you are in.