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  1. Enough with the radar B.S.

    He cant use the age old, time tested, and incredibly stupid tactic of rush cap...sit on edge of cap circle...pop smoke, wait in smoke cloud regardless of situatiion tactic anymore
  2. How do I play - Friedrich Der Grosse

    Run the 406's, put on the reload booster, and enjoy a 24 sec reload on a tier 9 BB. Quantity over quality. I was never much of a fan of this ship. She takes damage far too easily. The massive superstructure essentially negates angling. Also drop the secondary range module. Live with 8.8(or 9.3) km secondaries for the extra gun accuracy. I have considered switching to zombie builds on everything past the Bismark, and likely will give it a go on my Kurfurst CPT next time I find some time to get a few games in.
  3. I personally hope to never see ranked at tier 6 ever again. The ships at that tier are just so...bland. Also, the maps are pure and utter crap. Zero gameplay variety. Ring and Strait specifically can burn in the 7th Circle of Hell. WG needs to seriously look at the map design and cap numbers and locations for this mode.
  4. Honestly that really makes sense, DD's are likely the most skill intensive class in the game. Average players will generally underperform while good players will generally overperform. I would expect the class to be lower on the XP scale as a whole. Also makes balancing DD's a nightmare.
  5. Is this happening in WOWs?

    If you turn on the Enhanced interface and dynamic crosshairs in the vanilla client, it pretty much tells you exactly how to aim your shots, it takes like 2/3 games of practice after that. Couple of rules I have figured out. All for full broad targets traveling full speed. For shooting at BB's lead with the number in the the middle of the ship. For Cruisers lead with the number on the nose of the ship. For DD lead with 1.5 times the number on the nose of the ship. Too easy.
  6. They also need to separate skills that buff both secondary and anti-aircraft armament.
  7. Don't need to, both suggestions are stupid. Radar is fine as it exists. It's at most 2 minutes of effectiveness broken down into 40 sec intervals per ship per game, smoke needs some tweaks mostly to discourage smoke camping BB's. If DD players would stop making grandiose and preposterous statements like "radar is instant death" and "the only way to avoid radar from unspotted ships is to avoid all islands and sail around the map edges" and crying about every game adjustment as an end of the world nerf to their precious ships then perhaps people might take them seriously. Are you counting the secondary aimpoint change from a couple patches ago as a DD buff. How about the German hydro nerf, that was obviously a DD buff. AP bombs, not very effective on DD's, there is a DD buff right there. You see, applying the same logic many of the forum whiners use about nerfs means there are numerous buffs to DD's also.
  8. Yes it is. Until you give the ability to fire accurately at minimap targets like ships could IRL then your argument is pretty much void. It's the same spotting system that makes up the entire game. Line of site vision is and has never been a requirement to target ships n this game. This is a Warships arcade game let's not turn it into Navyfield.
  9. A couple issues with this. First, the CPT skill tree is not really as harmful to BB's as he states. I could take a zero point commander in a BB and be nearly as if not just as effective in my BB's as I am now. Meanwhile, cruisers and DD's essentially require a 10 point minimum captain. Light cruisers pretty much require a 14 pt captain to maximize their potential. Concealment expert and IFHE are incredibly powerful skills on cruisers there is nothing anywhere near as powerful for other classes. So much so that they are essentially required skills for cruiser play. A few adjustments I would make to the game. 1. Globally rebalance concealment ranges and remove CE from the skill tree. 2. Globally adjust HE penetration and fire chance values similar to what you did with the German cruiser line and remove IF HE from the CPT tree. 3. Add a muzzle flash effect for smoke for guns over 155mm. Where those ships are spotted for a reduced time (say 10 sec instead of the standard 20). If Chappy shooting from smoke is that big a deal, then you better remove Kutuzov from premium shop. 4. Give cruisers from tier 6+ the ability to carry 3 consumables. Tier 7 + heavy cruisers need a heal. 5. Give IJN DD's that have torpedo rearm booster the ability to carry it with smoke(make the options smoke or speed boost). Give it 2 options (1) a 10 sec boost that only loads 1 launcher or (2) a 30 sec boost that loads all launchers.
  10. That's not how the whole vision system works. Ships spotted by other ships are fair game in every other situation in the game. Why is radar different. Otherwise, your response is just plain absurd. You must be one of the idiots that takes his DD straight to the nearest cap circle and pops smoke as soon as he crosses the white line every game while never establishing vision first. (Obviously you are not but just saying) Those are my favorite players ever when I'm driving my Atlanta or Chapayev. They have no chance because they are sitting still. They then cry in all chat about how radar is broken and should be removed. Every other class in the game has to deal with similar issues. Does radar or sonar working through islands make sense, no. Neither does a Des Moines or Atlanta being able to accurately target ships that they have absolutely zero line of vision on while they are firing over islands. Is it pressing issue that WG desperately needs to fix, not in the slightest. There are plenty of other issues with this game that I could stack far ahead of radar working through islands, if it even needs to get fixed in the first place, which I seriously doubt.
  11. There are usually no more than 2-3 radar cruisers on an enemy team. Again, the team lineups are visible to everyone. When taking actions during a game, you know if the enemy Desmoines or Chapayev are detected and where they are located. If they are not detected, that tells you that their location is unknown. You take actions based on the fact that you do not know their locations. Other classes of ships do this all the time with enemy DD's. You have an unlocated DD, especially an IJN DD, you take that into account when making tactical decisions. You identify what you know (there are radar ships in the match), what you don't know (their location) and then make decisions based on that information. You can also look at areas where other ships are detected, areas where your ship's are, if the ship was located previously, which direction was it moving, what is that ship likely doing based on previous experience with ships taking similar actions etc. Will this 100% prevent you from ever getting radared, no. But saying that you are getting radared by unspotted ships is not a game mechanics issue, it's a playstyle issue.
  12. Battleship: When to use HE and AP.

    Well, first off, these people are not correct. BB should be AP almost 100% of the time. The exception is shooting at angled BB's at mid ranges, not shooting at DD's. AP overpens from German and American guns do essentially the same damage as HE hits. While HE will never hit harder than 1/3 of the listed damage, AP has the chance to do full pen damage, especially if the DD in question is angled at all. AP will also overmatch all DD armor (except Khab belt armor) so neither should ever bounce. Keep in mind, you do not have to shoot at the hull of BB's. You can aim for superstructures also. When a target has been burning or has taken a number of HE hits it starts to get damage saturated. AP will almost always do more damage against saturated areas than HE will. New Mexico especially, has great pen and pens angled armor very well. So I probably would have leaned toward switching back to AP after a couple good HE salvos. Bayern secondaries also are not really all that scary. His big secondaries shoot AP which will mostly bounce off BB armor. The biggest thing with New Mexico against Bayern is that he can overmatch your bow, so you do not want to go straight bow on to him, you want to bait him into shooting your angled sides. New Mex is a brawling machine. While slow, she turns exceptionally well. You should not be afraid to take any same tier BB in a brawl in her. You just have to plan ahead with your turrets.
  13. Gnevny is good at backing up other destroyers, it's not really good at being a destroyer itself. It works well as the 3rd DD on a team, but since you can't know team compositions before the battle starts, its not really the best pick. The biggest drawback is the suicide torps, you cannot use its torps to counter smoke.

    Oh no, I saw that I...can't...even...

    I can translate. "I'm a potato and cannot make one of the most OP ships tier for tier in the game work. I run to forums and cry that a ship with a 57% winrate and 20k more average damage than it's peers is weak and needs buffs." What do you guys think. Was I close. This guy is why we need the down vote arrow back on the forums.