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  1. Daigensui

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    So we can help you out from your confusion: Within the post-WW1 super-Dreadnaught era, a battlecruiser refers to a ship with a caliber of at least 13.5-inches without the armor to defend against said gun for the sake of speed. Given that the Alaska was specifically designed with 12-inch guns and to be immune against said 12-inch guns, already it defies what a battlecruiser is. It's not even fast enough to escape a regular battleship, never mind have the armament to do anything against a BB. Heck, RN made it a specific goal for battlecruisers to be at least 5 knots faster than contemporary battleships. More importantly, the Washington Naval Treaty definitions are not something that are written in stone. They were specifically arms race limiting restrictions, and have nothing to do with actual functions or roles. To refer to them about how to classify ships is not understanding why those classifications were made in the first place. For more information, you can check this thread or this FTR article. In addition, here are specific post excerpts from the first link: ====== Although to be completely honest I could have, and should have, gone into far more detail then I did.. I actually cut out a lot of stuff most of which was extra technical. Or operational related. Also the ship really is a Large Cruiser. It is NOT a Battlecruiser nor is it a Fast Battleship or "Pocket Battleship". It really is its own class of Cruiser. ====== Well, chasing something down is a lot of math and its not just flat out speed. At the cold and hard end of the day, catching the opposing battleship matters very little because Alaska cant take the hits. Sure, it could catch a battleship... eventually... (Iowa going flatout 30.3 +-0.3 knots @ 196 rpm for 4,710±140 nm Radius (56,500 tons displacement) (Iowa is actually listed as a 57,100 tons avg displacement if you wanted to get more technical) vs (Alaska going flatout 30.5 +-0.5 knots @ 254 rpm for 3,390±150 nm Radius (33,650 tons displacement) (Alaska is actually listed as a 33,800 tons avg displacement if you wanted to get more technical) vs (South Dakota going flatout 27.1 +-0.4 knots @ 181 rpm for 3,900±170 nm Radius (45,800 tons displacement) Now do you see the problems with chasing down a Battleship? Mind you the data above is from wartime conditions. And we haven't even covered the sea keeping abilities of both ships. Source: War Service Fuel Consumption of U.S. Naval Surface Vessels. 2ed ed. G.P.O., 1947. ==== United States Naval Administration in World War II, Bureau of Ordnance, No. 75 Guns and Mounts... in the post war refers to the ships accordingly: b. History of 12"/50 Three Gun Turret The design of the 12"/50 three gun turret was undertaken at the instigation of President Roosevelt when he requested the Bureau of Ordnance to investigate the size of gun capable of combating German cruisers of the Deutchland class. The Bureau made a number of preliminary studies of 10-, 11-, and 12-inch, one gun, two gun and three gun turrets before a final decision was reached to develop a new 12" gun. The original design called for four turrets--- two 2-gun and two 3-gun 12"/50 turrets. The design was carried out to the preliminary procurement stage when the decision was reversed. It was decided to put three 3-gun turrets instead of two 3-gun and two 2-gun turrets on ships of this class. The main reason for this change was to have all the turrets alike in order to simplify the manufacture and procurement of associated equipment. The ALASKA was the first battle cruiser built since the first World War. The main difference between this type of ship and a battleship lay in the thickness of armor. For this reason the battle cruiser was lighter and therefore had greater speed. At the beginning of the program in 1940, plans called for the building of six cruisers of this type, with the USS ALASKA as prototype. The number was later reduced to three. Actually only the ALASKA and GUAM were finished in time to enter active duty with the fleet. The HAWAII was under construction when hostilities ceased but was scheduled to be finished and placed in the inactive fleet. Source: http://www.history.navy.mil/research/library/research-guides/us-naval-administrative-histories-of-world-war-ii-in-the-navy-department-library.html https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/Admin-Hist/075-Ordnance/075-Ord12R.html Although the reality is that the Alaska is a Large Anti-Cruiser capable of out ranging anyother cruiser(gunnery), out roaming (radius of action) and capable of independent operations. Unlike a Battlecruiser which is going to be tied up with larger numbers of other ships. It is the Anti-Cruiser role that people generally tend to forget. Putting the Alaskas up against other Medium to Heavy cruisers would probably work out in Alaskas favor... Against a battleship is just complete suicide with no remotely positive outcome at all. I hope CCs can educate themselves before making historically inaccurate statements.
  2. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Eh, things are more on the civil side this time. That being said, might try being more active in this thread after I finish up a writing project for a contest.
  3. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Given that Nardack has made statements in three languages (Korean, English Japanese) and posted the original Kakaotalk chat which the developers fully acknowledge, there is nothing unclear about this: the developer outright asked to write "I do not support feminism" (Red) for simply clicking like on ROD (K7's illustrator) tweets (Green): The evidence is right in the open, there is no ifs or buts here. Trying to ignore this and go with "feminism is tainted" is exactly the type of reactionary sentiment as saying "the civil rights movement is tainted," especially since neither Nardack or ROD had anything to do with Megalia in the first place. "Megalia" is now just a label thrown around to discredit any and all anti-misogyny thoughts, like when "commie" was a derogatory word used to bully any even slightly progressive thoughts. Now the issue is heading towards mainstream politics now. This sort of misogyny has triggered even established "old school" political organizations such as Korean WomenLink and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, both of which have direct connections to the ruling party. As I said before, there is no ifs or buts here. There is no "alternate viewpoints," since that means supporting ingrained misogyny and crushing workers' rights.
  4. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Morgane, let's just say as someone who has been looking at this from the very start (never mind knowing Korean), trying to lecture me about the ""picture" is sort of.... shall I say, endearing? Since, this isn't quite the appropriate place to lay out all the details, I'll keep it simple: It's not about SJWs, it's essentially a McCarthy Witch Hunt where any challenging of the male superiority is being bashed down. ROD was hit because she retweeted a short cartoon objecting to how men want their partners to be pure virgins while they get to go rump with prostitutes, and Nardack's case was her just liking ROD's tweets concerning the whole K7 controversy. Megalia isn't even part of this. More importantly, the logic here is the same as this: Just because a few African Americans advocated armed struggle against racial discrimination, the "civil rights movement" must be crushed and those N****S put back in their place in society. Your invoking Godwin's Law this early leaves me speechless. I'll continue with more details (in fact, there are two threads over at Sufficient velocity where this has been discussed) through PMs if you want. I do hope you would reconsider your.... problematic conclusions.
  5. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Artist has ‘Azur Lane’ Art Removed for Refusing to Reject Feminism Artist Responds to Azur Lane Game Controversy Linking Feminism to 'Antisocial Groups' Not having strong feelings.... well, let's just say that would be ignoring injustice. But your life, your call.
  6. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    You know, I appreciate KC all the more given how Girls' Frontline and Azur Lane have shown their dirty misogynist faces.
  7. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    My resource expenditure compared to previous events is interesting. Winter 2018 / Summer 2017 / Spring 2016 Comparison Fuel: 80, 528 / 89,753 / 82,918 Ammo: 4,7711 / 43,340 / 50,414 Steel: 45,761 / 31,285 / 23,473 Bauxite: 32,967 / 23,532 / 41,881 Bucket: 275 / 362 / 433
  8. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Yes. However, it should be noted that in a separate interview, Tanaka said that the general stats themselves would not be improved. Probably just adding the 5th slot (6 with RE) and increasing plane number.
  9. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Musashi Kai Ni will have 5 slots.
  10. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    It's an annual series where the TTK bullies Suzuya with absurd amounts of New Years Money as if she's in a compensated relationship with him
  11. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Oh, you got that? Are you going to C93 on the first day by any chance? Someone wants some Akizuki goods, so was wondering if you would be going.
  12. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Sumeragi-sama E-4 Kou Phase 2 Resource Consumption Fuel: 5,534 Ammo: 5,350 Steel: 3,336 Bauxite: 1,626 Buckets: 6 Fall 2017 Campaign Current Total Fuel: 28,388 Ammo: 18,645 Steel: 15,940 Bauxite: 10,867 Buckets: 125 Going for boss tomorrow.
  13. Daigensui

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Sumeragi-sama E-4 Kou Phase 1 Resource Consumption Fuel: 1.113 Ammo: 438 Steel: 698 Bauxite: 474 Buckets: 0 Fall 2017 Campaign Current Total Fuel: 22.854 Ammo: 13.295 Steel: 12.604 Bauxite: 9.241 Buckets: 119 Resting a bit while I play WoT.