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  1. Mouse has said that it's a Conqueror class. This suggests that it might be a downtiered Conqueror like Musashi. If it's correct and Thunderer is a t9 premium, then it looks like Nelson may soon be up for the chopping block.
  2. The only way I see to fix the meta problems.

    I wonder which version of the alpha you were playing? Balanced CVs in alpha was certainly not my experience.
  3. HMS Thunderer huh. Because the Royal Navy really needed another battleship. It's not like they already have 4 of them. Come on WG. What the RN needs is a new mid/high tier cruiser to replace Belfast. When's HMS Dido coming?
  4. Use a Conqueror and break 30 modules in one salvo.
  5. How do I turn off the taunt screen?

    I completely agree with what was written in this fantastic post. I just wanted to say that it was all the more brilliant that A_CRYING_Hipster was telling somebody to strengthen their emotional fortitude.
  6. WG will the HSF collection return?

    Sadly I missed the opt in window, so I hope there's going to be a final offer. As for Thea I don't hit enough stuff with torps for her to annoy me. Best HSF captain is the cat.
  7. Which Special Commander is the BEST?

    French ones are the best imho. Improved EM and AR are great for everything. German ones are the worst imho. Their improved skills are only good for hydro focused builds and ships.
  8. WG will the HSF collection return?

    Simple question, will people who might have missed it have another crack at the HSF collection and additional captains at some point? At the time that it was possible to opt into it, I was just burnt out by WoWs. I didn't log in for months, didn't check the news, didn't know about the collection, completely missed it. My bad definitely, I have nobody else to blame. But now my collection of HSF stuff feels distinctly unfinished and it's bugging me. Is there a chance that they'll return? maybe as a last chance saloon type of deal like what happened with ARP and the captain/ship dump at the end of that collaboration (how long does the HSF deal last anyway?). If not I hope you consider it, I'd be happy to buy the additional HSF captains since I need more strange 2D schoolgirls screaming into my ear at high pitch, in a language I don't understand.
  9. Repairing ships

    British repair crews work hard. You've got to give them time for tea after they've basically rebuilt the ship twice over.
  10. Yamamoto is getting buffed soon with the upgraded Expert Marksman and Preventative Maintenance.
  11. Thea Kreuzer the HSF Graf Spee commander? The HSF Graf Spee is still in the shop, just buy that to get her with it. As for the commanders I bought the British, American, Russian, and French ones. You never know when you need a master marksman captain to help with some god awful turret traverse. Those guys have got good all round skills which can work with many ships and builds. I didn't buy the German one however. Vigilance and handyman just seem weak, and not worth the money.
  12. Requirements for Franz Von Jutland missions

    I almost purchased a Shokaku last night in preparation for the mission. So glad I held off now.
  13. Asashio After A Few Weeks: Meh

    Well... WG did kinda design Asashio pretty much for the purpose of trolling BBs.