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  1. Super_Dreadnought

    WoWs is inflating premium time

    The real question is: Do you play WoT and/or WoP as well? If so you can still buy the normal WG premium time as usual, and nothing changes. And if you only play WoWs like me, and don't give a flying f~~~ about the other two? the ships-only premium time is better. What's with these strange people not liking more options?
  2. Super_Dreadnought

    Should I get the Cossack?

    I If you like what you've seen so far in the RN DD line, then get it. You won't regret getting Cossack. It's one of the best T8 DDs. Silver credits can be gained anytime. A good T8 premium DD for dirt cheap happens once in s blue moon.
  3. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    York retrofit.
  4. Super_Dreadnought

    G3 battle cruiser

    Adding to this, the designers went back to the drawing board after the WNT, and the result was the O3 design, which became Nelson and Rodney. All that survived and got carried over from the G3 design were the guns and turrets.
  5. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Tosa class Battleship Kaga alt is coming. My bet is that Amagi class battlecruiser Akagi won't be far behind. So in future you can have two kagas in your back line.
  6. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    RNGesus favours you. I've just been getting a bunch of German lolis I don;t want.
  7. Super_Dreadnought

    T5 CA balance

    All you people keep tempting me to rebuy Furrytaco! Damnit I have no credits as it is.
  8. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Yup, but the question remains: glasses or underboob?
  9. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I like building national fleets, though admittedly it may not be the most efficient system. I have a RN fleet, USN fleet, IJN fleet, and up to now on the EN servers there's been no KM backline options, so my 4th fleet has been empty. The shoe ins for my KM fleet backline are Tirpitz, and Graf Zep. Not about the last spot yet.
  10. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    http://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-04CV-Unicorn.htm Unicorn was basically a smaller sized Illustrious design, just like how USS Wasp was a reduced sized Yorktown. Unicorn was also deployed with Illustrious quite often early in the war. So it does make sense that she follows Lusty onee-sama around. Anyway, soon I shall build a proper German fleet! Come to me Derpitz and Graf Zeppelin!
  11. Super_Dreadnought

    Jean Bart new Favorite BB?

    I've only played 5 matches in mine so far. Not sure I could call it my favourite, but it's damn good. It waa totally worth using the 30% discount coupon on her.
  12. Super_Dreadnought

    PSA WoWs premium time, rules and stuff

    Basically if you regularly play WoT/WoP as well as WoWs, get the normal 50% premium. If you only play WoWs get the 65% WoWs-only premium.
  13. Super_Dreadnought

    PSA WoWs premium time, rules and stuff

    Why are you so bothered, considering that you don't really play WoT or WoP? how does having a WoWs-only premium lose value for you when you have a mere 1 game in WoT and 23 in WoP anyway? The crux of your argument is that people will value and play all 3 games equally, and that for the same money a WoWs only premium is of lesser value than a normal premium for those who also play WoT and/or WoP. Whilst it's true, the fact is that a lot of people don't care about the other games as much or at all. WoP is dead in practice, and WoT is declining. For people who only play WoWs and would have paid that money for normal premium anyway, the WoWs only premium is a better deal and of better value. Of course a lot of people aren't bothered. If they never valued the two other games anyway they lose nothing if a WoWs premium doesn't apply to them. Is it that difficult to understand that it's subjective and that to a significant number of people, a WoWs-only premium is much better than a normal one? Haing an option to buy WoWs-only premium is a good thing. if people really are bothered by it, well then just buy the normal one. It's not like that's going away.
  14. Super_Dreadnought

    Generic UK cruiser premiums: Yay or nay?

    You're definitely not alone. The need for a RN cruiser premium gets brought up all the time. Personally though I hope to see RN premium cruisers with HE too. I do not like the AP only guns. I despise how damage output drops like a rock when the enemy performs a fairly regular technique known as 'angling'. I'd like to see: Sheffield, London, Dido, Exeter
  15. Super_Dreadnought

    Advice for Uptiered DD players

    Um well... sometimes it's more polite to omit some details. Honestly it's hard to comment on your playstyle without a replay. I suspect that it's really more an issue of experience. You have less than 1000 games total, and just over 500 in DDs. I'd call you still learning. My suggestion is to watch some destroyer videos from CCs like Notser or Flamu. they generally have good commentary on what to do and why they did it. And then just keep practicing. DDs are difficult to play no matter what the BB only players think. Type something like 'Akatsuki World of Warships into youtube' and it should come up with something. Like this one from iChase It's usually a bad idea. In fairness i have to include myself in this criticism, since I've done that a few times. An isolated DD behind enemy lines is incredibly vulnerable. What I've mostly seen is that if a DD is realised to be alone behind enemy lines, they get cornered and killed. That said there are rare times when it works. There was one time in my Kamikaze on Two Brothers, where the red team left the entire eastern flank unattended (I must stress that it was completely no enemies). I (I had BB/CA backup behind me) was able to race behind, and do loads of spotting and chaos in the enemy back lines. There was also one time in an Akatsuki where I had the opportunity to sneak around and cap for the win, whilst the rest of my team were losing quite heavily. But those are rare occasions imho when the opportunity present itself. Generally charging around to the enemy rear solo doesn't contribute to the team, and will mostly get the DD killed.