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  1. Super_Dreadnought

    Should I buy Prinz Eugen

    My recommendation is to try out Hipper first. You're already at Nurnberg so it's not too far. If you like Hipper, then you'll probably like Eugen. If you don't then you've saved yourself some money by not buying Eugen. Broadly speaking, Eugen is just a Hipper with slower reloading guns and worse maneuverability, but with a heal in exchange. So yeah, try out her free older sister first.
  2. Super_Dreadnought

    Jean Bart $80 Really

    I bought Jean in the store when I had the 20/30% (I forget) coupon. That made the price palatable enough for me. Wouldn't have bought it otherwise.
  3. Super_Dreadnought

    Can we get ARP to make a quick comeback?

    That's what Iona is for.
  4. Super_Dreadnought

    Can we get ARP to make a quick comeback?

    I say that there's nothing in it for WG because it'd likely cost them more than they can earn back. Presumably WG would have to be the ones paying to use ARP again, and get new voices recorded. And for that at best WG can create camos/clones, and captains for Yamato and Musashi. The past Kongos/Myokos/Takao were free so it's not like they can sell those a second time around either. And consider that ultimately these collabs are to bring people into the game, specifically the japanese market and the weebs around the world. WoWs had the good fortune of being released during a time when the idea of warships as anthropomorphised girls were becoming popular. WG tried getting Kantai Collection on board, but failed since the KC guys hate everything foreign. ARP was the next best choice. Then the HSF collab happened next, and now AL is the next hottest thing and closest competitor to kancolle. Arpeggio of Blue Steel is old. There's no way around that, and the scene has moved on. The anime is 6 years old, and the manga progresses on a roughly monthly basis, with the speed of a rock. IMHO there's very little new blood which could be brought in by another ARP collaboration.
  5. Super_Dreadnought

    Can we get ARP to make a quick comeback?

    I confess that I've never used this guy.
  6. Super_Dreadnought

    I feel Yukikaze is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

    My idea was to get rid of the front IJN 127mm gun and replacing it with another 100mm that looks like a Chinese box. Sure one can justifiably say that then it no longer matches the historical loadout. But it fits my idea of Yukikaze being a Harekaze replacement, and that sacrifice of historical accuracy was one I was willing to entertain. I must stress that I lament the fact that others will not be able to get Harekaze ever again. I saw Yukikaze as the best candidate to become a replacement. In this case I was willing to bend the history. But if you are dead set against it, that's a valid opinion too. Regarding the current Yukikaze in testing, if she get's no speed boost, then my suggestion would be to give her RN DD style improved acceleration, in addition to what Yammy150 suggested. That would give Yukikaze more agility to make those high risk attack runs or getaways. And historically Yukikaze's survival was more about not getting hit, than being able to rebuild herself like a zombie anyway.
  7. Super_Dreadnought

    I feel Yukikaze is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

    Ah but you see, Sandy is actually considered top tier in CN/JP thanks to her retrofit. So she gets the last laugh. On the same day in fact. They were both in the shop at the same time, and for a limited time if you bought one, there was a personal mission to grind out the other.
  8. Super_Dreadnought

    I feel Yukikaze is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

    Clearly it would have to be her theme tune. Which would play for the full 79 seconds. Every. Single. TIme. The. Horn. Is. Pressed. It could be a fun minigame of trying to get as many people - including teammates - to shoot San Diego as possible.
  9. Super_Dreadnought

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    Er... I guess it looks prettier than the base Edinburgh. Could give it DF. That's unique since no RN cruiser has it. And the whole point of removing the X turret was to throw more AA weapons on it. given that a modern 1950s Sheffield only has 3x3 guns, it have to be put in at tier 7. I would recommend buffing up the accuracy and/ore reload to compensate.
  10. Super_Dreadnought

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    Another vote for Sheffield. However I'd like the late 1950s 'modern' version, to differentiate her from Edinburgh.
  11. Super_Dreadnought

    I feel Yukikaze is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

    If i misunderstood, then I apologise. But regarding another IJN DD... COMRADE HAVE ANOTHER GLORIOUS MOTHER RUSSIAN CRUISER! WG works in mysterious ways beyond mortal understanding. But yeah it looks bad atm. I expect it to change drastically, but atm she's Kagero and Harekaze's brain damaged younger sister.
  12. Super_Dreadnought

    I feel Yukikaze is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

    Lol, I was just about to write about her too. Honestly WG missed an opportunity by selling Montpellier instead of San Diego, who is infinitely more popular and memeable. It just needed to be a Atlanta clone called San Diego, and it would sell. And other popular AL characters WG could have used for US cruisers could have been Helena and Honolulu. I'd say St. Louis too, but that name is already taken by the protected cruiser.
  13. Super_Dreadnought

    I feel Yukikaze is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

    Very true, and at some point her torpedoes were removed as well under ROCN service. the US 127mm guns she got in later life were also open mount. but it's not like WG doesn't bend the rules and plain makes stuff up even when it comes to premiums. Hood rockets and Asashio specialised BB killer anyone? But my point at least was that Yukikaze was by far the best choice to be a Harekaze replacement. That chance looks like it will be wasted, and we'll get another torpedo boat again. In fairness. have you SEEN AL Yudachi's artwork? Honestly the AL IJN DDs are fetish-ey at hell, and clearly designed to appeal to a certain demographic in Japan. WG probably don't want to have the FBI crashing through their roof. For all Yukikaze's faults, at least her AL design isn't a no bra, big tiddies, underboob, loli. That stuff may have a place in anime but I can't blame WG not not wanting to touch her with a 10 foot pole, and announce yukikaze instead if there is indeed an AL collab on Yukikaze.
  14. Super_Dreadnought

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    The Bellona sub class had 1 less gun turret. 8x 133mm 6.7sec reload guns at tier 7 is not enough. 10 guns or bust! And maybe drop it to tier 6 as well.
  15. Super_Dreadnought

    I feel Yukikaze is a bit of a wasted opportunity.

    WG imho should have made Yukikaze the 'IJN Harekaze' and then sold it TWICE as Yuikikaze and Tan yang in the IJN, and PA trees. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/2343-rocs-tang-yan-former-ijn-yukikaze/ Now that the Harekaze is gone from sale forever, yukikaze was a the prime opportunity to replace it. Historically it did mount basically the same guns at certain points so why not?