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  1. British DD Balance Changes (WOWS Dev Blog)

    Still wish they had engine boost.
  2. Puka Puka Fleet

    This thread still going? Mods must have had too much vodka and are passed out atm.
  3. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    Yup. I'm burnt out atm but I'll be back later. Just how the cycle goes with me: play for a couple of months, get burnt out for a couple of months, play for a couple of months, get burnt out for a couple of months, ad infinitum. It helps freshen things up if one takes breaks now and again.
  4. Puka Puka Fleet

    American server in a nutshell.
  5. How to pronounce Worcester

    Woo-steh Wus-teh War-ches-teh [edited]-chas-er Bae-con
  6. Do you still play Single-Player games?

    I have over 1600 hours on Skyrim and it's still going up. Not to mention the sizeable number of hours spent fixing it whenever a new mod breaks something. Also recently I've started playing a modded Total War Rome 2 again. I've got over a thousand hours on Crusader Kings 2. Multiplayer isn't everything. At times it's good to get away from the whiny asshats that other people can be, and relax in single player.
  7. 'soon' when it comes to Wargaming and British ships usually means 6 to 12 months after their reveal, and 3 to 4 complete overhauls later. WG needs time to roll their many sided die to pick random gimmicks for the British you know. It would take too much effort for them to make a fairly standard and novelty free British DD line.
  8. Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    Yes American dissent. Whilst not on the level of Alabama torches and pitchforks, there was certainly a noticeable number of dissatisfied voices and posts on the NA forum at least who were none too please that at the time the ship seemed destined to be Pan-America only. Reasons were rolled out as to why it should be Boise, from the over patriotic 'It was Murican! Should be Murican ship!' to much more reasoned arguments such as the one you present about it selling more if USS Boise was released instead. WG didn't exactly help themselves by remaining completely silent, and personally I feel Boise was a last minute change of heart. Whatever the truth that only WG knows, let's all look on the bright side. There's both now and twice the choice.
  9. Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    I see that American dissent managed to convince WG to release Nueve de Julio and Boise as clones of each other. Well I guess everyone is happy now. IMHO Mouse you could have just put a link to your Nueve de Julio review.
  10. Allowing for larger divisions in randoms

    So basically you just want WG to let you bring more mates to bully seals harder.
  11. The Number 13 design has alternate IJN fast BB line tier 10 written all over it. I imagine that the 460mm guns would be a researchable option, since iirc the historical design had 457mm guns.
  12. Who are you going to fight for?

    Eagles probably. I like the Worcester eagle camo better than the shark camo so I'll be aiming for that.
  13. hey WG, you made a typo in your patch notes

    I'm not entirely convinced with 8x 15 inch guns at tier 9 even with the gun reload booster thingy. At T8 I'd probably have bought it. At T9 I'm just going to save the free xp for something else.
  14. Murican camouflage

    MURICA! MURICA!!! MORE MURICA F* YEAH!!! MURICA DESU!!! Is anyone else beginning to get the feeling that the guy in charge of American camos is out of ideas? How many times can WG plaster the flag and eagles over the ships?
  15. A gunboat Shiratsuyu, Yuudachi. POI!

    Nah, Kantai Collection collaboration ain't happening. The KC devs just aren't interested in the international market, and I'd be very surprised if WG hasn't already tried to get them onboard. If anything it's more likely to appear in Warthunder since DMM who hosts the Kancolle game also hosts Gaijin's games. It's Azur Lane for us, which isn't so bad at all since AL actually has a sizeable number of characters that could fit American/British/German ships in WoWs.