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  1. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I have now acquired Hermi 1. Icarus left who I should get today.
  2. Super_Dreadnought

    Nation specific commanders for Pan Asia

    False. Europe =/= Pan Asia. I recruited a basic captain before on my Indonesian ship Silliwangi to check, and he is named Song Xiao, which is a Chinese sounding name. Same deal when with the Thai Phra Ruang. I couldn't recruit anyone who wasn't Chinese.
  3. Super_Dreadnought

    Nation specific commanders for Pan Asia

    I think OP is asking if he can get a Thai captain for a Thai ship, Indonesian cap for Indonesian ship, etc. To which the answer is no. All normal and event Pan-Asia captains, so far are Chinese.
  4. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I just put mine on SillyWang for now. Ironblood deploying half their navy into battle formation.
  5. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    3 Perseus, 2 Eagle, 1 Howe, 1 Valiant. Great, that's all of them I need from the gatcha. Didn't need to dip into my whale funds so huzzah, though I do still need to buy the skins. Hermione can be gotten with event currency, and Icarus with grind points.
  6. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    meanwhile I'm only 50% through Cheshire's first 1 million xp.
  7. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

  8. Super_Dreadnought

    ...what is even happening here anymore? - The Current State of WoWS

    Chobittsu's motivation has been penetrated hard by big meaty Russian sausages.
  9. Super_Dreadnought

    AL Montpelier question

    OP I see from your stats that you have unlocked the Cleveland. So how did you like it? If you didn't like Cleveland, and it looks like you didn't since you seem to have played 3 games and skipped to Worcester, then you won't like Montpelier. Simple as that. How about buying back the Cleveland for a few games to see how you like it. That will tell you what to think of Montpelier better than forum opinions, and whether to buy it.
  10. Yearning is fine, so all the more power to you. I yearn for a lot of stuff too. I think it needs to be mixed however with a realistic understanding that a WoWs x KC collaboration is extremely remote for a multitude of reasons.
  11. The real Poi: Seriously Kantai Collection is one collaboration I never expect to happen. It'll be a cold day in hell before KC ever teams up with anyone outside of Japan.
  12. Super_Dreadnought

    😲Wowsers British cruiser Belfast '43, Tier VIII

    Well good for you. What are you trying to prove exactly? Of course it can be fun and identical looking. But that you are looking forward to it, hardly invalidates my point that in terms of aesthetic design, compared to the differentiation of OG Bel compared to Edinburgh, Bel43 is a low effort clone. As far as I've noticed Bel43 and Edinburgh look identical.
  13. Super_Dreadnought

    😲Wowsers British cruiser Belfast '43, Tier VIII

    Well duh... Yes, I'm fully aware of that. But compare the design of OG Belfast to Edinburgh, then the design of Belfast 43 to Edinburgh, and it's very clear which one had less effort expended on it.
  14. Super_Dreadnought

    😲Wowsers British cruiser Belfast '43, Tier VIII

    Don't get me wrong. It's about damn time that the Royal Navy got a new light cruiser. It's been nearly 3 years since OG Belfast was pulled from general sale and made gamble box only by our 'most ethical' of overlords, so a new CL is welcome. But part of me is disappointed. In all that time Wargaming has had a number of possibilities they could have explored such as the irl Minotaur/Swiftsure class, the Arethusa class. The playerbase even made suggestions for ships such as an AP only post war modernised Sheffield, Dido, or Sirius which is already in Blitz. How about a 1940 refitt HMS Curacao which could have been an intriguing low tier mini Atlanta? So what did Wargaming come up with after nearly three years?: Another Belfast. This time aesthetically looking like an Edinburgh copy/paste. It also slings HE as well so anyone looking for a AP only RN CL trainer is still s*** out of luck. Again don't get me wrong, a new T8 RN CL is welcome and for now she doesn't look like a bad ship, but this was pretty uninspired and low effort imho.
  15. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    @Blorgh2017 Now you have no grounds to complain that you can't put Belfast on a Belfast. Honestly I think it's kind of sad. The Royal Navy in WoWs has been waiting ages for a new premium CL after Belfast was pulled from general sale. WG after all this time, couldn't think of anything better than releasing Belfast again, and now looking more like a clone of Edinburgh than before.