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  1. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    So cute. Hello long time no see. Happy Chinese New Year.
  2. "All for One" VALOR flag cosmetic flag only?

    Afaik there have been two in total. The Military Appreciation Month flag, and the Alpha Tester flag.
  3. i love my kagero

    So you played 163 matches and are the current 12th best Kagero player on the NA server, but don't actually like her. Doesn't sound very convincing. I'm sure deep down Kagero is the smolbote for you.
  4. So far from alpha testing up to now WG has only shown that they have no clue how to balance CVs. They never have. How long has Graf Zeppelin been in testing hell now after the crapstorm it launched with? How can anyone have confidence that they'll get it right after years of trying and failing to make CVs balanced and fun? Don't expect too much. You'll be less dissappointed when the supposed USN CV rebalance ends up as an epic clusterfuck.
  5. Ishizuchi: bought it when it first came out and didn't enjoy it Texas: got it in a Santa crate, I don't use it. Marblehead: got it in a Santa crate, I don't use it. Aurora: Don't remember how I got it though I know it wasn't bought, but I don't use it. Oct Rev: Earned it for free, but my god is this ship awkward to play. Mikasa: Earned it for free but it's terrible. Blyskawica: super container prize, but I don't really use it. Honourable mention Yubari: I maintain that it's a weak ship that hits like a wet noodle. Mine though seems to be a lucky Yubari that keeps winning despite being pretty harmless.
  6. If US or IJN Lines Were Released Today....

    I don't play USN, but from the perspective of an IJN player. BB: I'd probably think they were kinda average neither excelling or sucking at anything. there would be some standouts like Fuso, Yamato, Kongo, but imho overall nothing to convince me that i MUST grind this line. CA: They would be underwhelming. Players would argue that Aoba does not belong at T6 and should be T5. Scream at WG to give the IJN CAs some WD40 for their god awful turret traverse. Dismiss the rear facing torps as an unusable gimmick. And be unconvinced at grinding a line of slow shooting heavy cruisers when rapid fire CLs like Kutusov and Belfast can pump out more DPS. DD: If the IJN DD line were to come out today, I would not grind up the line. CV: If the IJN (and USN) CV lines came out today, then it means that we would not have encountered aircraft carriers before save for maybe Graf Zeppelin. They'd be fine as such imho, and causing vast amounts of salt from crybabies to flow on the forums. Nerf CVs! Nerf TBs! I hate [edited] carrier players!... So imho business as usual.
  7. If you could only keep 1 premium per nation?

    USA: of the ships I own probably Texas, but I given the choice Missouri for profit. JPN: Harekaze, Kagero class ships click with me and I perform well in them. GBR: Belfast, there's really no contest. RUS: I only have the free Gangut so yeah... Given the choice, probably Kutuzov. GER: Scharnhorst. Most fun Kreigsmarine premium imho. ITA: Giulio Cesare. Only just bought her, but I like it. Fun and beautifully responsive for a BB. FRA: Dunkerque. Heavily powercreeped now, but I had fun back in the day facetanking the world. Pan Asia: Anshan. It was either this, Lo Yang which I don't own. POL: Blyskawica. Wins by default. Commonwealth: I never bought it but Perth to nobody's surprise. Not much choice for the Commonwealth.
  8. WiP changes to British cruiser smoke.

    As a British person, I'll take the ability to slam on the breaks in an emergency and smoke up, over stoically breaking out the stiff upper lip and praying I slow down enough before being deleted.
  9. Ashitaka now spotted

    Considering what WG have done with the ex Amagi and Nagato A-hulls, chances don't look good. RIP Yamashiro, such misfortune.
  10. Would this PC Work well for WoWS?

    I'd try and stretch the budget to get 8 GB RAM. 4GB really isn't enough nowadays, My PC uses about 3GB just for the OS and background programs. Memory usage is only going to get bigger in future.
  11. Still no Haida in sight????

    4th largest for a week or two at the end of the war, when the Kreigsmarine, Imperial Japanese Navy, Regia Marina, and Marine Nationale were sunk, scuttled, disbanded respectively. My understanding is that the RCN then shrunk rapidly as Canada began to demobilise back for peacetime. Not disrespecting the role the RCN played, but just wanted to add some context. Regarding Haida, WG is a company who wants money, so they'll go with what makes them most cash. I strongly suspect that Germans, Japanese, French, and Italian navies are in greater demand globally and Haida has more of a niche audience. The Pan Asia line is just there because of rich Chinese people. Just going to have to wait. At least it shouldn't take any longer than the RN DD line. WG just need a Tribal class to copypaste Haida from over a lunchbreak.
  12. My First Success in HSF Harekaze...

    This was how your Harekaze's helmsgirl probably felt.
  13. Your most played ship of each type?

    BB: Warspite with 162 games CA: Atago with 186 games DD: Kamikaze R with 245 games CV: Ryujo with 39 games My pattern is that my most played BB/CA/DD are all premium ships which were released early in WoW's life cycle and gave me a lot of mileage as crew trainers and credit earners. If I had never owned them before, and bought them nowadays, those ships wouldn't have the large amount of games played simply because there's more choice now. My Gallant only has 16 games, and my HSF Graf Spee has had 27 games. My Harekaze is doing well though at 67 games.
  14. So you can't find anyone on low tiers in 'the middle of the night'. What do you expect when you play during hours when people are doing more important things like getting some sleep? Nobody is going to stay up just for night owls like you. I'm in Europe, and I work hours where I miss EU's prime time playing hours. That's why I play on NA. Perhaps you should consider a switch to another server or something. The problem isn't with the game 'dying', which it isn't; it lies with you playing at justifiably dead hours.
  15. Your Best and Your Worst Purchase

    Best purchase: Atago. Purchased back in the day when it was the only IJN premium ship and the captain skill tree was simpler. Atago was the good all purpose captain trainer and everyman cruiser, that worked well with any (except CV) captain. This was in contrast to Atlanta which required its own specualised captain. Even now it's a solid ship to play. Worst purchase (with cash): Ishizuchi. This was pre-buff when the ship got shot to pieces by everything before it could get into firing range. Worst purchase (with game credits): Hakuryu. I had it unlocked for a long time but never bought it because I'm not good at CVs. I bought it today just for the super container. I'll sell it once the discount period ends. Honorable mention: Dunkerque. All the reviews said it was terrible. I bought it anyway after watching Yuro's 'how to dunkerque video', and something just clicked. It's now among my best performing BBs.