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  1. 4th largest for a week or two at the end of the war, when the Kreigsmarine, Imperial Japanese Navy, Regia Marina, and Marine Nationale were sunk, scuttled, disbanded respectively. My understanding is that the RCN then shrunk rapidly as Canada began to demobilise back for peacetime. Not disrespecting the role the RCN played, but just wanted to add some context. Regarding Haida, WG is a company who wants money, so they'll go with what makes them most cash. I strongly suspect that Germans, Japanese, French, and Italian navies are in greater demand globally and Haida has more of a niche audience. The Pan Asia line is just there because of rich Chinese people. Just going to have to wait. At least it shouldn't take any longer than the RN DD line. WG just need a Tribal class to copypaste Haida from over a lunchbreak.
  2. This was how your Harekaze's helmsgirl probably felt.
  3. BB: Warspite with 162 games CA: Atago with 186 games DD: Kamikaze R with 245 games CV: Ryujo with 39 games My pattern is that my most played BB/CA/DD are all premium ships which were released early in WoW's life cycle and gave me a lot of mileage as crew trainers and credit earners. If I had never owned them before, and bought them nowadays, those ships wouldn't have the large amount of games played simply because there's more choice now. My Gallant only has 16 games, and my HSF Graf Spee has had 27 games. My Harekaze is doing well though at 67 games.
  4. So you can't find anyone on low tiers in 'the middle of the night'. What do you expect when you play during hours when people are doing more important things like getting some sleep? Nobody is going to stay up just for night owls like you. I'm in Europe, and I work hours where I miss EU's prime time playing hours. That's why I play on NA. Perhaps you should consider a switch to another server or something. The problem isn't with the game 'dying', which it isn't; it lies with you playing at justifiably dead hours.
  5. Best purchase: Atago. Purchased back in the day when it was the only IJN premium ship and the captain skill tree was simpler. Atago was the good all purpose captain trainer and everyman cruiser, that worked well with any (except CV) captain. This was in contrast to Atlanta which required its own specualised captain. Even now it's a solid ship to play. Worst purchase (with cash): Ishizuchi. This was pre-buff when the ship got shot to pieces by everything before it could get into firing range. Worst purchase (with game credits): Hakuryu. I had it unlocked for a long time but never bought it because I'm not good at CVs. I bought it today just for the super container. I'll sell it once the discount period ends. Honorable mention: Dunkerque. All the reviews said it was terrible. I bought it anyway after watching Yuro's 'how to dunkerque video', and something just clicked. It's now among my best performing BBs.
  6. Funny thing is that Atago was actually the Takao fron Alpha testing. So ARP Takao becomes Atago which is actually Takao, everything has gone full circle lol.
  7. A lazy person does not have to watch a Flamu video - which is not about afk-ing a match - to work out that they can get a super container by afk-ing a match. Even before the Flamu video, I was planning to yolo suicide charge my fresh stock Hakuryu I just bought in co-op. Sure, you may not like that Falmu made a video about how to cheese it with training rooms, but you should be blaming the laziness of sections of the general playerbase, not one guy in particular whose video isn't even about afk-ing a match at all.
  8. You're just making assumptions now. One doesn't need to install anything at all. It's literally changing one word, in one config file, which is already in the game, in notepad. It's like 20 seconds of work. It's in a link in the youtube video description. If you're noticing a lot more afk tier 10s in game, then I think it's more likely that the general playerbase is just concurrently deciding to take the lazy way out, and trying to afk their super containers. Imho you are overestimating the effect one youtube video which has only been out for hours is having, especially when it doesn't promoting afk-ing in an actual match, and the described method is a lot easier and faster than afk-ing matches.
  9. The training room trick to cheese the super containers does not use up the win bonus. All my tier 10s still have theirs despite having collected all the containers.
  10. ^ This. He's much better and actually authentic compared to the comedy dog crap that the game has right now. What GPU does that guy's laptop have to make WoWs look that good, and where can I buy one?
  11. Did you actually watch that video? Because there's quite a disconnect between that and your post. What Flamu is showing is 1) create a training room 2) start training battle with T10 of choice and a bot 3) immediately quit the training battle 4) profit. It has no effect on any other player, and it would not contribute to what you've observed. If anything the video would lead to less tier 10s trying to afk their supercontainers.
  12. Why not both? Verniy would play differently from a premium Inazuma/Ikazuchi, because of the Russian weapons. Verniy would have better guns in exchange for fewer, weaker torpedoes. Seems a good trade considering Akatsuki's characteristics. I'm surprised WG still hasn't made it yet tbh, considering that all they have to do is slap Ognovoi's gun turrets and torp launchers onto an Akatsuki, and give it Stalin flavoured camo. Getting back to the topic, honestly Inazuma/Ikazuchi wouldn't be my first choice anyway for t7 IJN premium DD. My vote is Asashio, which hasn't had representation, and is unlikely to for a long time since there are already 2 IJN DD lines. It would act like a T7 Kagero in effect.
  13. That would be a tragedy imho. Yukikaze earned her tag as the invincible lucky destroyer as an IJN ship. And Pan Asia already has Lo Yang as T8 premium DD. The Japanese tree has Harekaze, but that's a temporary collaboration premium which may never go on sale again after Sept 2018. Japan needs Yukikaze more than Pan Asia needs Tan Yang. and as for T7, I'd vote for Shigure which did far more than Poi. Or perhaps Inazuma or Ikazuchi. And there's also the Asashio class which hasn't been represented yet.
  14. The first problem here is that you are a beginner with no idea of how the game works. Looking at your record, the second problem is that you're going up the british CL line, which is very unforgiving to newcomers overall, and the low tier RNCL are all crap. All's that happening in all likelihood is that you've been facing players using better ships, who are way better than you and can actually aim.
  15. Well, this is what I did literally a few minutes ago. I know 4 of them are anniversary awards but holy crap, I've never managed 9 awards at once. That's basically my WoWs gaming finished for the day. I'm not going to top that, so better to end on a high.