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  1. 'Murica f* yeah! USA won the war! Iowa stronk! Iowa can fight alien spaceship in movie so who care about puny space battleship Yamatomato? No care about showing broadside because invincinble and freedom!
  2. Iirc Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee get the free exp boost on their camos.
  3. It's okay, at least you remember the most important historical commander: Steven Seagal. But with a whole bunch of anime girls and Steve, one has to ask if it has to be a historical commander. The historical accuracy puritans will disagree strongly, but I'd like to have Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because the thought of sailing my Scharnhorst around with Arnie's Austrian accented cheesy one-liners coming through the sound speakers would be hilarious.
  4. You forgot Jack.
  5. Poor Mogami. I guess it's time to sell her again. Atago 203mm master race! I'm okay with the smoke changes. The proposed IFHE looks like another case of Wargaming performing surgery with a chainsaw. No light cruiser player in their right mind is going to spend 4 points on this skill afterwards.
  6. One problem was of bad timing. The QE's construction came during the financial crisis not so long ago. And elected politicians - creatures eternally afflicted by short termism, were very allergic to military spending when teachers and nurses were being forced to take pay cuts. Not a single government official came to defend QE and argue the case that since these ships were going to serve for 50 years, it would be wise to invest more now for a more capable ship. All the noise was assuring the public that costs were 'under control'. At various points it was considered not to build Prince of Wales, or sell Prince of Wales, or to sell both of them and abandon carrier aviation altogether. The class never got the support to make them imho the best they could have been right out of the gate. Maybe it'll get a catapult in a mid life refit or something, but the way the RN is going I wouldn't be surprised if they were just scrapped early on cost cutting grounds. I want to like her, but find myself continuously thinking "if only..."
  7. I still think the UK should have put a catapult on her. It was considered at one point but shelved due to cost. So instead we're wasting our money on the F-35B instead... Catapults plus Super Hornets/Rafales/navalised Eurofighter imho would have given a more capable CV. In my opinion at least the QE is a missed opportunity.
  8. I agree with Flamu. HMS MegaZao needs more buffs.
  9. Planes will be inferior F-35B variant Actually it doesn't have any planes at all Runs on Windows XP UK has no destroyers which work to escort her because they break down all the time Could be worse I guess. At least she's not Izumo and Kaga crapping their anime panties at China's massive naval buildup.
  10. The 'Commonwealth nation' in WoWs represents ships which served with Britain's dominions, such as the HMAS Perth which was operated by the Royal Australian Navy, and very likely HMCS Haida which was operate by the Royal Canadian Navy. HMS New Zealand was funded by the New Zealand government, but spent her career in service to the British Royal Navy. Also the RNZN was not founded until 1941 well after HMS New Zealand was long scrapped. HMS Canada was a Chilean ship ordered by Chile as the Almirante Latorre class and built for Chile. It was purchased by Great Britain to shore up the numbers during WW1 and spent time with the British as HMS Canada. After WW1 it was sold back to Chile, where Almirante Latorre lived out the rest of her days. The Canadian government and the RCN had absolutely nothing to do with her. If anything Almirante Latorre should appear in a Pan South American line representing Chile, and not the Commonwealth line. HMS Malaya was funded by the colony of Malaya which was not a dominion or independent at the time. Malaya spent her life in the service of the British Royal Navy. The only choice for a Commonwealth battleship is just HMAS Australia.
  11. HMS New Zealand, HMS Canada and HMS Malaya never served with a Commonwealth navy. It'd be like saying that USS Winston Churchill was a British ship.
  12. I would put Hermes at tier 5, which frees up the name Eagle for use further down the line. Move Implacable and the Audacious class - which would be named Eagle down a tier. Malta gets a 'what if' fantasy armoured flight deck. Ark Royal becomes a premium.
  13. I would like more WD40.