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  1. Super_Dreadnought


    No. World of Warships is commonly abbreviated as 'WoWs', to distinguish it from 'WoW' which is a widely used accronym for World of Warcraft.
  2. Super_Dreadnought


    I don't think World of Warcraft is a warship game.
  3. Super_Dreadnought

    HMS Medea and the Four-Goal Haul

    I tried Medea tonight and it seemed like a fun ship. imho it's not a good time to be playing low tier DDs however. The match I was in had 5 Medeas per side, and inevitably my team's Medeas were captained by zombies, whilst the red Medeas were all guided by the ghost of Lord Nelson.
  4. Super_Dreadnought

    What's your impression of the early release RN DDs?

    You need a 'meh' option. Acasta and Icarus are meh imho. Jervis and Lightning are good.
  5. Super_Dreadnought

    [DAKI] Because fluffy waifu's are all you need!

    A wild Enterprise appears!
  6. Super_Dreadnought

    Let’s Talk About "Update 0.7.10 British Destroyers"

    It will be a good time to be a cruiser imho. There will be a lot of players working their way up, but tbf a lot of the playerbase are crap at playing DDs and will be cruiser prey.
  7. Super_Dreadnought

    DevBlog: Clarification about "Black Ships"

    I wish WG just bolted these black camos onto the current ships and sold them for doubloons. If they did, I for one would have considered buying a couple for Atago and Asashio.
  8. Super_Dreadnought

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Perfect, another Soviet premium cruiser is exactly what the Russians and the game desperately needed. The USSR don't have enough of those, unlike the UK who are swimming in a sea of premium cruisers.
  9. Super_Dreadnought

    USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    Personally I think that both the original USN and IJN lines could both use a bit of a balance review. The game has moved on considerably from when they first came out.
  10. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I guess I should just turn the damn thing off. It causes more problems than it solves.
  11. Super_Dreadnought

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Phew, finally got enough to buy the oxygen torpedo. Not very impressive but I've been burnt out/tired recently. With luck maybe I can get the Reply too.
  12. Super_Dreadnought

    What gimmicks may be used for submarines?

    We're talking about Wargaming and their dartboard of random gimmicks. So I expect US subs to have DFAA despite subs having no real AA capability, German subs to be designed for secondary builds, Japanese subs to have Asashio DW torps for [edited] and giggles, and British subs to rebuild themselves twice over.
  13. Super_Dreadnought

    I Just Noticed that one of the Oldest Lines IJN

    Of all the nations imho the Japanese least deserve a specialised sub captain. The IJN's WW2 sub force were completely mishandled doctrinally, and largely ineffective. If anything the first sub specialised captain should be American for average tonnage sunk, or German for total tonnage sunk.
  14. Super_Dreadnought

    I Just Noticed that one of the Oldest Lines IJN

    I believe a more generalised captain is the way to go.I'd replace the improved TA with improved EM. Imho not all IJN DDs want TA, especially at mid tiers where the shrinkage of the stealth window is often unacceptable. Otoh there are a lot of CAs and BBs which could really use the WD40.
  15. Super_Dreadnought

    British Destroyer Acasta missing camo!??

    I assume it's some special event camo then. Because there's no option to buy a permanent camo on my Emerald.